Worldview And Millennials, Part 2 – With George Barna

Worldview And Millennials, Part 2 - With George Barna: What is the dominant worldview in America today? What is wrong with Evangelical churches in America? What percentage of American adults think they have a Biblical worldview? What percentage actually have a biblical worldview? What happens when you have a nation full of people who believe they are something that they are not? Tune in to hear George Barna discuss the trajectory of Biblical worldview in America!

A Week of Thanksgiving, Day Two – With Garritt Hampton

A Week of Thanksgiving, Day Two - With Garritt Hampton: How did one 8 year-old entrepreneur prove the free-market system actually works? What is TN Gov. Bill Lee doing about vaccine passports? What are studies showing concerning natural immunity? What can we learn from the New Jersey election? It's "Good News Friday" all week long this Thanksgiving week! Tune in to hear these stories and more, as well as a special interview with Garrett Hampton, director of Schoolhouse Rocked!

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Beaten Black and Blue And The American Way – With Brandon Tatum

Beaten Black and Blue - With Brandon Tatum: Should police be bashed to the point they're afraid to do their job? What is a key to safer communities? What does the future of policing look like and how will it affect you? Should we teach American values in America? Tune in to hear this enlightening interview with Brandon Tatum to understand how the Marxist movement is affecting law enforcement and what the solutions are to the disastrous agenda!

Socialism And The Trump Card – With Dinesh D’Souza

Socialism And The Trump Card - With Dinesh D'Souza: Do you think most pro-socialist college students know that socialism is about creating a forced conformity across culture? Why are Christians buying into socialistic ideas? If socialism were going to work with any group of people, it would've worked with the Pilgrims. The election before has had such a clear distinction between ideas with such drastic consequences. Why do radical Muslims and transgenders work together? Is socialism a form of slavery? How did such a discredited ideology like socialism be taken seriously by intellectual people? Tune in to hear Dinesh D'Souza discuss his new movie Trump Card, a manifesto against socialism.

Patriot Academy Session: Cultural Marxism, Part 1 – With Voddie Baucham

Patriot Academy Interview - With Voddie Baucham: Is Christianity just a "Western" religion? What does it look like to disciple nations? How can we practically pray for our leaders? What does it mean to think critically and biblically about government roles? Has "whiteness" made America what it is? What do the freest, least-corrupt societies in the world have in common? Where are minorities the freest and women the safest? Tune in to hear an eye-opening interview with Voddie Baucham!

Evangelical Pastors Are Pandering To Marxist BLM – With Dr. Everett Piper

Why Are Evangelical Pastors Pandering To Marxist BLM? - With Dr. Everett Piper: What matters more--objective facts or subjective feelings? Why is BLM tearing down statues of Civil Rights Leaders? Are pastors ignorant or caving to cultural pressure in their support of the BLM organization? Are we dividing the nation rather than uniting the nation, thus moving backwards instead of forwards? Tune in to hear this eye-opening interview with Dr. Everett Piper.

China Crackdown on Christianity… and in the U.S. as well!

China Crackdown on Christianity... and in the U.S. as well!: Persecution is heightening for Christians in China. What does this look like? How has persecution affected the church across history? What are the differences between the church in America and the Church in China? How committed are we? Does this all go back to government control? Tune in to hear the discussion today!

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Sex Education Out of Control In Public Schools And What We Can Do About It

Sex Education Out of Control In Public Schools And What We Can Do About It: People are shocked at what's actually being taught in schools. They are pushing leftist philosophy on our kids, specifically with sexuality. They're now suggesting that your gender “assigned at birth” may not be your actual gender. Parents have got to stand up. Tune in now to learn more! 

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Southern Poverty Law Center Exposed As A Hate Group

Southern Poverty Law Center Exposed As A Hate Group: General Jerry Boykin is with us today to talk about the Southern Poverty Law Center and why they are now being called a hate group. The Southern Poverty Law Center is a group that calls out organizations as hate groups, that is why it is an interesting paradoxical situation in which they find themselves. Tune in now to learn more!

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