A New Wineskin For A New Time – With Theresa Barbale

A New Wineskin For A New Time - With Theresa Barbale: What if you could help save someone's life? How is Planned Parenthood reaching the next generation...and what should we learn from them? What new tools can be used to reach youth who are depressed or seeking significant answers? Click the link to hear Theresa Barbale explain the "new wineskin" she's developed to bring truth that is saving lives!  

Worldview And Millennials, Part 3 – With George Barna

Worldview And Millennials, Part 3 - With George Barna: Why do most Millennials feel they have no purpose in life? What do most Millennials really believe? What percentage of Millennials struggle with mental health issues (anxiety, depression, etc.)? Are Millennials the most tolerant or the least? What do Millennials think of Jesus? Tune in to hear this enlightening session with George Barna from the ProFamily Legislators Conference!

Empowering Warriors To Find Purpose & Be Resilient – With Lt. Col. Damon Friedman

Shield Of Faith Missions - With Lt. Col. Damon Friedman: Do you know all Trump has done to help our Veterans? Do you know where your veteran can go to find a wholistic approach to healing? Do you want to be a part of helping those who have served our country? What are the four major pillars you need to be successful in igniting a movement?

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