Economic Principles From the Bible – With Stephen McDowell

Economic Principles From the Bible - With Stephen McDowell - Why should Christians talk about money? What are the "true riches" Jesus spoke of? How do our personal choices impact the economy of a nation? How does your worldview impact your economic choices? Understanding stewardship can empower you to make a positive difference! Tune in to hear Stephen McDowel discuss his new book Stewarding the Earth, a Biblical View of Economics!

Covenants, Treaties, Digital Currency, And More – On Foundations Of Freedom

Covenants, Treaties - On Foundations Of Freedom: Are treaties biblical? What did George Washington think about treaties, and why does it matter? Did you hear about Biden's unconstitutional executive order concerning digital currency? Tune in to hear the answers to these questions and much more on today's Foundations of Freedom program!

Constitution Alive, Section 5, Part 2 – The Enumerated Powers Of Congress

Constitution Alive, Section 5, Part 2 - The Enumerated Powers Of Congress: What is Congress actually allowed to do? Where are the jurisdictional lines? Are there areas Congress was meant to stay out of? What is a Constitutional Republic all about? Our Constitution is still alive and applicable today! As citizens, we all have a duty to study the Constitution, to understand where our rights and our freedoms are laid out in that document, and how our government structure should work. The reason our government continues to overstep its boundaries is because, “we the people” don’t know what those boundaries are! Tune in now for the second part of our three-part series!

The ProFamily Legislators Conference – Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Part 3

The ProFamily Legislators Conference – Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Part 3: What is the three-strand cord necessary for cultural resurgence? Today Rabbi Lapin explains how faith, marriage, and money are at the core of a society. Tune in today to hear why it is important to understand how the world really works!

Israel Apartheid Week Investigated and Confronted, Good News Friday

Israel Apartheid Week Investigated and Confronted, Good News Friday: We call it Good News Friday because it's a chance for David and Tim to share some good news from across the nation and around the world. In this episode, we talk about how a sheriff took down a shooter in Great Mills High School. How new legislation requires Tennessee schools to prominently display, “In God We Trust”. We talk about how we are on the verge of using presidential impoundment. How Palestinian lies are being combated on a university campus. And more!

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The Failure of Higher Education, Part 3 of our Higher Education Series

The Failure of Higher Education: Are we educating or indoctrinating? What are our schools teaching about equality and freedom? Are we teaching a one-sided story? We need to pick wisely where we send our kids to college. We want to find universities that teach absolute truth. David discusses how sunset laws should be applied to universities, more about the indoctrination our kids are receiving at these institutions of higher learning, how we’re lacking in graduates in our STEM fields, how liberal ideology is rampantly taking over.  Tune in now to find out if your college of choice is the right choice!

2018-10-03T09:53:04-04:00December 28th, 2017|Education & Schools|0 Comments

Why Recognizing Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital Matters With Pastor Jim Garlow

Why Recognizing Jerusalem As Israel's Capital Matters: Should President Trump recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel? What is the significance of making it the capital? In this episode, you’ll learn why recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital matters.   Israel and Palestine: Two Claims to the Land With Pastor Jim Garlow: In this episode, Pastor Jim discusses President Trump’s recent move to switch the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. We learn about how Palestinian claims to the land really don’t hold up. We also learn about the importance of being Pro-Israel and the negative things that have happened to nations that have tried to divide the land. Tune in now to learn more!

2017-12-21T23:36:55-05:00December 20th, 2017|Government & Policy|0 Comments
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