Navigating Faith, Homeschooling and Entertainment: An Engaging Conversation with Sam Sorbo

Curious about how movie-making could foster faith and education? Prepare yourself for an insightful conversation with Sam Sorbo as she spotlights the intersection of Christian values, homeschooling, and entertainment. As we traverse hot topics such as the tangled Speaker of the House drama, the value of responsible news sources, and the ramifications of negative rhetoric on politics, the Sorbos generously share their experiences - from their upcoming film, Miracle in East Texas, to their dedicated homeschooling ethos. Continuing on this fascinating journey, we'll navigate the intriguing history of the East Texas oil strike - a pivotal event that serves as the backdrop for the Sorbos' forthcoming film. Be prepared to be regaled with tales stranger than fiction and full of miracles, all served with a dose of humor and a sprinkle of forgiveness. We'll also engage in enlightening discussions about the curriculum developed for homeschoolers and the potential of entertainment as a tool to generate healthy conversations in families. To cap this engaging discourse we talk about Glenn Beck's plan to produce more movies that reflect Christian and conservative values. In light of recent faith-based cinema successes such as 'Facing the Giants' and 'Jesus Revolution', we'll delve into the potential of our contributions in supporting various trainings and initiatives. So, join us on this enlightening journey, and be inspired by people who are unrelenting in their quest to instill Christian values through homeschooling and entertainment.

God’s Way Works – On Good News Friday

It’s Good News Friday, so lets take a look at some good news from around the nation that the media doesn’t report. First on our list, we talk about some recent archaeological discoveries in Israel affirming, yet again, the truth in the Bible. Next we switch gears and discuss Disney’s decline in light of their woke agenda, showing us that when you follow God’s ways, you prosper, and when you don’t, you don’t. Finally, A winner of the Ms. America Pageant states that being a mom is her greatest calling. Lets follow a Biblical model. We also talk about Biblical discipleship and the great commission. All of this and more, on WallBuilders’ Good News Friday!

Truth will Prevail – on Good News Friday!

Today is Good News Friday, so we’ll be working through David and Tim’s stack of good news articles. A church in Arkansas puts up a pro life billboard in direct response to the Satanic Temple’s pro abortion message. The Sound of Freedom has surpassed big movies in box office sales, such as Mission Impossible, Indiana Jones and Transformers. Pro life individuals who were arrested for writing pro life messages in chalk outside an abortion clinic, (in the midst of BLM vandals being pardoned), won their lawsuit. In Florida, strong leadership is yet again standing strong. DeSantis removed a Soros supported district prosecutor. Tune in today, you don’t want to miss it!

Nefarious Movie Turning Culture – with Steve Deace

Today, we have Steve Deace on to tell us about his new movie, Nefarious. This movie will turn the culture in the direction of understanding that there is a world beyond that which we can see. There is true light and darkness. This film takes that knowledge to a level not yet addressed in any Christian production to date, and it fills a void when it comes to understanding the spiritual realm.

Christian Filmmaker Named Chief Creative Officer of Pixar Animation! Good News Friday!

Christian Filmmaker Named Chief Creative Officer of Pixar Animation! Good News Friday: We call it Good News Friday because it's a chance for David and Tim to share some good news from across the nation and around the world. In this episode, we talk about new law lets parents veto schools' sex ed. Professor defends student’s marriage views. Studies show an abortion increases risk in getting blood clots. And more!

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Samson Is Coming To The Big Screen! A New Movie Coming Out With Eric Wilson

Samson Is Coming To The Big Screen! Entertainment and the Culture - The New Samson Book and Movie with Eric Wilson: We’ve got a great entertainment program for you today!  First, David, Tim, and Rick do some fun Hollywood trivia and we discover some amazing facts about old-time actors and actresses. We learn about some of the striking differences between Hollywood then and now in the things that actors and actresses used to support, such as our military, compared to the sad lack of support today. We also learn about the number of Bible movies there used to be compared to the lack of them now. And then our special guest, Eric Wilson, talks about the exciting new Samson book and movie that is coming out soon!

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