Soros Agenda Is Being Funded With YOUR Tax Dollars!

We're joined by special guest, Tom Fitton, from Judicial Watch today as we talk about how George Soros is funding the leftist agenda around the world. Not only that, but did you know that he is doing this with your tax dollars?! We talk about the importance of being aware of what's going on as well as what we can do about it.  It's important that we give like the founding fathers did - our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor, to persevere our God-given, constitutional, liberty for future generations! 

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Oil World Turns Upside Down As U.S. Sells Oil In The Middle East, Good News Friday

Oil World Turns Upside Down As U.S. Sells Oil In The Middle East: We call it Good News Friday because it's a chance for David and Tim to share some good news from across the nation and around the world. We don’t often hear good news from the media, but here on WallBuilders Live, we are about to share with you just some of the good things happening right now. In this episode, we talk about Wisconsin Union membership plummeting in the wake of worker freedom laws and the amazing budget savings! An Illinois university rescinding policy that restricted speech to less than 1 percent of campus! A California court ruling the Second Amendment extends to gun sales that could ease zoning laws on gun stores! The U.S. Selling oil in the Middle East! And more!

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Pro-Life Movement Rapidly Growing, What Caused The Pro-Life Shift?

Pro-Life Movement Rapidly Growing, What Caused The Pro-Life Shift: We’ve spent a lot of time on Good News Fridays over the last year just talking about victories in the pro-life movement because there's been so many. In fact, it has really dominated our Good News Friday programs! But in today’s program, we wanted to discuss the why, and how to continue this movement! Tune in now to learn more!

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