We Will Not Be Silenced – With Erwin Lutzer

We Will Not Be Silenced - With Erwin Lutzer: Did Erwin Lutzer write his new book to reclaim the culture or to reclaim the Church? Is social justice a Gospel issue? What is the ultimate desire of Marxism? How does propaganda work? What should you do if your pastor is going woke? Are there any solutions to the problems we face? Click the link to hear Erwin Lutzer discuss his new book: We Will Not Be Silenced!

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Patriot Academy Session: Cultural Marxism, Part 1 – With Voddie Baucham

Patriot Academy Interview - With Voddie Baucham: Is Christianity just a "Western" religion? What does it look like to disciple nations? How can we practically pray for our leaders? What does it mean to think critically and biblically about government roles? Has "whiteness" made America what it is? What do the freest, least-corrupt societies in the world have in common? Where are minorities the freest and women the safest? Tune in to hear an eye-opening interview with Voddie Baucham!

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