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The Christian Left – With Lucas Miles

The Christian Left - With Lucas Miles: How do Christians slide into Progressive Christianity? Where has the Progressive Christian viewpoint hijacked traditional (and Biblical) Christian beliefs? How do we counter dangerous heresy?How is our faith being used as a political weapon? How did Hitler use "Positive Christianity"?  What is TRUE Christian unity? Historically, what has happened when Biblical beliefs are applied to a society? Tune in to hear this timely interview with Lucas Miles discussing his new book The Christian Left.

2021-08-11T09:25:53-04:00August 11th, 2021|Popular & Christian Culture|0 Comments

Unmasked 2020, Colorado’s Radical Left Turn And A Warning To America – With Kevin Lundberg

Unmasked 2020, Colorado's Radical Left Turn And A Warning To America - With Kevin Lundberg: How did our nation get to this point? Could it be because the Left has been showing up for training camp and practice, while we just show up for the big game? What happened in Colorado when the far Left took over the local government? Tune in to hear former Colorado State Senator Kevin Lundberg share what you can do to get your state going in the right direction!

Interviewing Dennis Prager on the Movie No Safe Space

Campus Snowflake Coddling Will Have A Big Negative Impact: Every year in Washington D.C many speakers, including President Trump, gather for the Values Voters Summit. We wanted to share with you some interviews we had at the summit. Today, we are interviewing Dennis Prager on the lack of freedom of speech on college campuses today. 

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