Evangelical Pastors Are Pandering To Marxist BLM – With Dr. Everett Piper

Why Are Evangelical Pastors Pandering To Marxist BLM? - With Dr. Everett Piper: What matters more--objective facts or subjective feelings? Why is BLM tearing down statues of Civil Rights Leaders? Are pastors ignorant or caving to cultural pressure in their support of the BLM organization? Are we dividing the nation rather than uniting the nation, thus moving backwards instead of forwards? Tune in to hear this eye-opening interview with Dr. Everett Piper.

What Is The “Freedom Of Conscience” Government Jurisdiction- Foundations Of Freedom Thursday

What Is The Freedom Of Conscious Government Jurisdiction: In today's episode, we are interviewing Patriot Academy alumni and Alliance Defending Freedom attorney, Caleb Dalton. What are the jurisdictions that the government has? Should we have a limited government? Has the government crossed a line? Tune in now to find out! 

Girl Athletes Being Pushed Aside By Boys Competing In Female Sports

Girl Athletes Being Pushed Aside By Boys Competing In Female Sports: All across the country boys are participating in girl's high school athletics. In today's episode, we have special guest Attorney Denise Harle who is representing girls who have worked very hard to become champions that are now being pushed aside by male athletes. Tune in now to learn more! 

Former Transgender Warns of Gender Hysteria Harming Children

Former Transgender Warns Of Gender Hysteria Harming Children: Today, we are interviewing Kevin Whitt who will be giving us an insider view of what is going on with children transitioning. Kevin Whitt has come out of this lifestyle and has devoted his life to shining a light of understanding of the damage that is done to these kids. tune in now to learn more!

Specific Things You Can Say To People Who Disagree With You Politically

Specific Things You Can Say To People Who Disagree With You Politically: Do you ever feel stuck and don't know what to say on political and cultural issues? Donna Lippoldt is on with us today to share strategies on how to answer tough questions. This is to equip you to encourage every single individual out there to engage in conversations that will move the culture to a positive direction.

Holocaust Education Required By New Legislation! Good News Friday!

Holocaust Education Required By New Legislation: We call it Good News Friday because it's a chance for David and Tim to share some good news from across the nation and around the world. We don’t often hear good news from the media but here on WallBuilders Live we are about to share with you just some of the good things happening right now!

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