Woke Policies are Failing on Good News Friday!

Today is Good News Friday, which means we’ll be working through David and Tim’s stack of Good News articles. First one is about a girl who was persuaded by her school counselor to consider herself to be a boy. She won a lawsuit against the school, sending a message that these transgender policies won’t be tolerated. The Biden border policy has changed to allow more southern border security. California’s woke policy of banning government employee travel to conservative states and boycotting their products is failing as funds can’t be appropriated. In Virginia a new Christian school as opened allowing parents a wholesome option for their children’s education. Tune in, today, on Good News Friday!

Values Still Exist – on Good News Friday

Today is Friday, which means we’ll be working through David and Tim’s stack of good news articles. Students at Oregon State University refuse to give a survey on “identity” any real consideration. After a man was forbidden from talking to mothers outside an abortion clinic, a law suit was filed and he won his case. A journalism professor, moving from the University of Texas to Texas A&M was given a more limited position because of her woke policies. The 6th circuit court of appeals ruled that minors should be shielded from cross-sex procedures. Viewership on late night TV programs is reflecting a more positive trend in values. All of this and more, on Good News Friday!

College Professor Fired for Teaching Basic Biology – with Dr. Johnson Varkey

A college professor was fired for teaching basic biology, and that X and Y chromosomes alone determine a person’s gender. The college claimed that this was an “ethics violation” and that he was “preaching” in the classroom. We have Dr. Johnson Varkey on with us today to share his story, as well as attorney Kayla Toney from First Liberty to inform us about the lawsuit they are filing, and what they expect to happen with this case.

Good News from All Fronts – on Good News Friday

Today we’ll be working through David and Tim’s stack of good news articles. High school Christian football teams, after being told they couldn’t pray, get their prayer back after a new law in Florida has been passed, opening prayer back up. Courts rule that the Satanic temple is not to be considered a religion. A federal judge rules that the Biden administration cannot work with big media to censor viewpoints. Backlash continues against Target for their transgenderism policies. Trump promotes conservative principles and policies surrounding the possibility of a second presidency. US Citizenship and Immigration Services plans to make the criteria for immigration stricter as it pertains to English proficiency. Ben and Jerry’s gets further push back for their comment saying that US land was stolen from Native Americans. All of this and more, today on Good News Friday!

Good News in the Courts – on Good News Friday

Today, we work through more of David and Tim’s stack of good news articles- The cases against Jack Phillips have made their way to the Supreme Court and a victory for him sets precedent for future cases. Also in the Supreme Court, affirmative action and race-based selection in education is being shut down. Public polling is showing LGBTQIA+ favorability is down after many Americans find there agenda so off-putting. After a postal carrier loses his job over having to work on Sunday, the Supreme Court rules in his favor.

San Francisco Paying Transgenders for Being Transgenders – with Bob McEwen

The city of San Francisco is paying transgender individuals $1,200 a month to support their lifestyle. These funds are coming directly from the tax payers. Today, we have former Congressman Bob McEwen on to talk to us about it. With his insights and background in economics, he explains to us why this is unsustainable and an all-out bad idea. By promoting this behavior San Francisco is continuing to send the culture into a downward spiral. What can we do to set things right? Join us today for the answers.

House Rules, Healthcare and Women’s Sports – on Good News Friday!

Today is Good News Friday! We start off with the history of Deputy Marshal Bass Reeves, followed by more good news from David and Tim’s stack, including more news related to the updated House rules. Now there is more time for bills to be reviewed and congressmen and congresswomen on the House floor can propose amendments to bills. The New York Supreme Court strikes down vaccine mandates for healthcare workers. In Massachusetts, physician assisted suicide is now banned. And in West Virginia, women are now protected from men who want to participate in their sports. All of this and much more today on Good News Friday!�

School boards, Marriage and Christian Nationalism? – on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

Can school boards overrule state laws, regarding transgender and abortion policies? What does Christian Nationalist mean? And how do we respond to it? There are low marriage rates. How do we bring the opinion back to marriage as a sacred institution? All this, and more today on Foundations of Freedom Thursday!

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