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Biblical Citizenship in Modern America – Wk. 2, The Separate Spheres Of Government

Biblical Citizenship in Modern America - The Separate Spheres Of Government: Does God care about civil government? What can we learn from history about the effects of not applying His principles in a society? What does the Bible actually say about God's purpose for creating man?  How should the separate spheres of government work together? Do we have a Biblical mandate to be involved in government? Tune in to discover the important answers to these questions and much more as we continue sharing from our Biblical Citizenship in Modern America course!

Barnstorming Georgia – Is America Really Worth Saving?

Barnstorming Georgia - Is America worth saving?: Is American history just the history of white men? Did you know that of the 12.7 million slaves that were taken by the North Atlantic Slave Trade (out of Africa) , only 2.5 % went to the U.S. Was America the first nation in the world to sign a law banning slave trade? Truth is vital to any nation; and, when people don't know the truth, it's easier to believe a lie. And, when we believe a lie, it diminishes our life or can even be dangerous.  So, tune in to hear some important truths about Biblical citizenship, American history, and more!

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