Giving Our Veterans A New Opportunity – with General Bob Dees

Our black history segment today is on Bridget Mason, the story of a former slave who goes on to become very successful and start churches in California. Our interview segment is with General Bob Dees to talk about their Valor Farm program, taking Veterans who need help becoming re-acclimated to society. It’s a one-year program where patriots can learn new trades and get plugged back in to society.

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Remembering Veterans with Christmas Wreaths – on Good News Friday

Today on Good News Friday, David, Tim and Rick share some great news for this Christmas season- Professional Soccer player shares Christ and brings 18,000 people to Christ; protection for federal contractors against a vaccine mandate; remembering veterans with Christmas wreaths; and abortions drop 97% in Texas!

Code Talkers – With Peter MacDonald

Code Talkers - With Veteran Peter MacDonald: It's Veterans Day, and we want to honor those who have served our country by telling one of their stories. Today we reveal a little-known strategies that was vital to our victories in war. What was the only military code in modern history never broken by an enemy? Tune in to learn of the unique legacy the Native American tribes left, as Navajo Peter MacDonald shares his World War II experience!

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Censorship Against Conservatives And Christians – With Lt. Col. Oliver North

Censorship Against Conservatives And Christians - With Lt. Col. Oliver North: What is going on in the publishing industry with the continuation of cancel culture? Can you get published in America if you have the "wrong" political view? These are challenging and dangerous times as our precious freedom of speech is being shut down. But the free market offers a glimmer of hope. Tune in to hear Lt. Col. Oliver North share about his new publishing company and more!

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Empowering Warriors To Find Purpose & Be Resilient – With Lt. Col. Damon Friedman

Shield Of Faith Missions - With Lt. Col. Damon Friedman: Do you know all Trump has done to help our Veterans? Do you know where your veteran can go to find a wholistic approach to healing? Do you want to be a part of helping those who have served our country? What are the four major pillars you need to be successful in igniting a movement?

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Militias, Voting By Proxy, Autonomous Zones, Federalism And More – On Foundations Of Freedom

Militias, Voting By Proxy, Autonomous Zones, Federalism, And More - On Foundations Of Freedom: Exactly what constitutes a militia? Do proxy voting plans violate Constitutional principles, or even the rules of the House? Are we sacrificing principles for party? Does the President have a right to protect against zones like Chop? Tune in to hear the answer to these questions and so much more!

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