Election Audits, Finding Truth, And More – On Foundations Of Freedom

Election Audits, Finding Truth, And More - On Foundations Of Freedom: What happens if election audits show Trump won the election? How can pastors preach truth on current events? Why is understanding basic economics important? Why doesn't the United States have a standing military? Should you make your voice heard to your representatives...even if they are someone like Maxine Waters? Tune in to hear the interesting answers to these questions and more!

The Importance Of A Biblical Worldview – With Allie Stuckey At Patriot Academy

Standing Strong In Non-sensical Times - With Allie Stuckey At Patriot Academy: Should feelings take precedence over facts? Will fragmented worldviews be able to hold together in these times? How do you build a Biblical Worldview? What are helpful resources to understand what the Bible says about politics? Tune in to Allie Stuckey explain how to stand strong in crazy times.

The 2020 Election, Personality Versus Policy – With Wayne Grudem

 The 2020 Election, Personality Verses Policy - With Wayne Grudem: What is the Biblical and historical perspective on elections? Do you realize what is at stake in this upcoming election? How do Americans decide who to vote for? Should Christians vote for a third-party candidate? Tune in to hear this eye-opening interview with theologian and professor Wayne Grudem as he discusses his letter to an anti-Trump Christian friend.

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