The Battle For Religious Freedom Across The Nation, Part 1 – With Kelly Shackelford

The Battle For Religious Freedom Across The Nation - With Kelly Shakelford: This week we are sharing several important sessions from the ProFamily Legislators Conference. And today, Kelly Shakelford explains how we are in a war over religious freedom in this nation. Do most believers understand why religious freedom cases matter so much? What is the one thing totalitarianism never allows? How can we stop the marxist agenda in our nation? What message is being sent to woke corporations? Tune in to hear Kelly Shakelford share how we can win if we'll just show up!

National Security, Woke Corporations, And America’s Future – With Mike Pompeo

National Security, Woke Corporations, And America's Future - With Mike Pompeo: How should the current administration be handling Iran?  How did the Trump Administration facilitate peace in the Middle East? What can be done to prevent the dismantling of Trump's work in the Middle East? Will the Biden Administration try to protect American interest or persecuted Christians in China like the Trump Administration? Why are woke corporations favoring China when that country takes part in so much evil against their own citizens? What are the threats to our national security at home? Why is religious freedom a national security issue? Should we be proud to be Americans? Tune in to hear this eye-opening interview with former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo.

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