Ten Commandments Monument Destroyed In Less Than 24 Hours. Just a couple of weeks ago on the day that they erected the monument it was run over and destroyed. However, Jason Rapert with American History and Heritage foundation is not only determined to rebuild monument in Arkansas, he is determined to build them across the country. Tune in now to hear the full story, the importance of knowing Biblical and Constitutional truth, and how you can help put Ten Commandment Monuments across the country. 

Air Date: 07/18/2017

Guests: Jason Rapert, David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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We’re here with David Barton, America’s premier historian and the founder of WallBuilders. Also, Tim Barton, national speaker, pastor, and president of WallBuilders. And my name’s Rick Green, I’m a former Texas state rep, national speaker, and author.

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David, Tim, we”€™ve got a guest coming on later. A state senator from Arkansas and he’s going to talk to us about the Ten Commandments monument that was run over just a couple of weeks ago, the day that they erected the monument. It just destroyed the monument and they’re going to have to replace it.

So there’s a battle going on over even this idea of acknowledging God publicly and certainly the Ten Commandments. Which, you would think the Ten Commandments would be a good thing to teach, especially to our kids, right? Don’t kill, don’t steal, don’t murder. But I guess some folks have a problem with teaching that to kids or to us.

Ten Commandments Incorporated In Civil Law


Well, they have a problem with teaching, which is really kind of crazy. And by the way, the original decision where the Supreme Court said that schools could no longer display the Ten Commandments after we’d had them for so long, the court pointed out in Stone v. Graham they said that- and by the way, the Ten Commandments just hung on the wall. That was not part of the classroom and not part of instruction.

A kid could go read them if he wanted to or just keep walking by and not read them if he didn’t want to. And the court said that if the students were to read the Ten Commandments they might meditate on, they might respect, they might even obey the commandments, and that would be “€œunconstitutional.”€ What’s ironic about that is we have on the website a brief on the Ten Commandments where we did in a number of state and federal court cases. It shows that every single one of the Ten Commandments was incorporated into civil law in early America. Every single one of them.

Even as recent as just a few years ago you still had courts saying that our laws against embezzlement and fraud are based on the Tenth Commandment. So, you still have the court saying that our civil code goes back to this.

Here you have a legislative assembly where you create civil code and they place outside there the greatest epitome of American civil code that”€™s there. “€œWe are so tolerant in America now we’re just going to take a car and run over it because we can”€™t have people seeing this.”€

Like the court said, if they saw it they might obey things like “€œdon’t steal,”€ and “€œdon’t perjure yourself,”€ and “€œdon’t kill.”€ “€œWe can’t have a civil society where people follow religious teachings like that.”€

Benjamin Franklin”€™s Thoughts On The Bible In School


The very thing that made America the greatest nation in history was following those things, right?


Yeah, but see, that’s assuming, Rick, that you know history, and you know the Bible, and and that you think those things are beneficial. But that’s the thing that even Ben Franklin pointed out. Franklin, nobody’s calling him a Christian Founding Father in any way, shape, fashion, or form. Yet, when folks like Thomas Paine attack the Bible and Christianity it was Ben Franklin who went after him and said, “€œAre you crazy? You said that you’ve got great behavior but have you forgotten that you learned that great behavior in your Christian education, even though you’re not a Christian now? And by the way, you point out how hypocritical people with religion are, but if men are so wicked with religion what would they be if without it?”€

You could say that religious people are hypocrites but look at France where all the atheists are and see how that worked out.  We can say the Soviet Union and look at China, Communist China. Look at Cuba and see how this communist, this atheism stuff works out.

So even Ben Franklin said, “€œYou’re crazy to take religion out of his side. That’s what makes civilized is when people live by things like the Ten Commandments. The other thing we taught in schools was not in the Ten Commandments we taught the Golden Rule. Jesus said, “€œDo unto others as you’d have them do unto you.”€ And we also taught the Good Samaritan.

If religious and non-religious people live by those three Biblical passages or teachings, man, you can have just a delightful nation to live in.

This Would Decrease The Need For Government


So what you’re saying is that even if you’re not a Christian I mean even if you don’t believe that God gave Moses the Ten Commandments, if you’re not Jewish or Christian, you could still benefit from most of the nation following those laws. You’d actually have less government even, wouldn’t you?


Well, if you think that people obeying a law that says, “€œdon’t murder”€ would help decrease government.”€ Or if you think that people obeying the law that says, “€œdon’t steal”€ would help decrease the need for government, then yeah, maybe following religious teachings would decrease the need for government. Yeah, of course so.


Benjamin Rush also wrote that if you remove the Bible, stop teaching and training young students in schools the Bible, you’d spend all your time and money trying to punish crimes that you could have prevented had you taught them the Bible.

So this was something fundamentally understood in early America is what the Bible would produce in behavior and therefore the problem is that you could resolve that. The money that you could save not having to spend money on large police forces, and larger prisons, and the judicial system, and all that you would have to do if you did not teach the Bible.

We understood fundamentally. Whether you loved Jesus or not the Bible was a moral code that would impact behavior and ultimately have a positive impact on society.


We live in a culture now where that when you display something has a positive impact on the culture, if it’s religious, “€œI’ve got to take my car and run over it.”€ This monument and the Arkansas State Capitol had not been up even 24 hours before they ran over it and just absolutely destroyed it so that it would not be there.

Senator Jason Rapert, good brother from Arkansas. He was in the middle of helping get it up and has a great update on what’s happening there.


Jason Rapert will be with us when we come back. Stay with us, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

American History

This is David Barton with another moment from America’s history. As Christians become more active in politics they must remember to elevate principles above party loyalty. Perhaps, the best illustration of this comes from the life of Founding Father Benjamin Rush, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and who served in the presidential administrations of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. Each of whom was from a different political party.

When Benjamin Rush was asked about his personal party affiliation he responded, “€œI’ve been called an aristocrat and a Democrat, I am neither, I am a Christ-ocrat. I believe all power will fail at producing order and happiness in the hands of man. He alone who created and redeemed man is qualified to govern him.”€ Like Benjamin Rush, we too must remain Christ-ocrats, regardless of our personal party affiliation. For more information on God’s hand in American history contact WallBuilders at 1 800 8 REBUILD.

The Man Who Ran Over The Monument


Welcome back! Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live! Our good friend Senator Jason Rapert is with us from Arkansas. Good to have you, Senator.

Senator Rapert:

Thank you, appreciate you for having me on, Rick.


Hey, in a way some good news and bad news. But it highlights a very important issue. First of all, congratulations for making it possible to have the Ten Commandments there at your Capitol. But such a terrible story of a guy, atheist I’m sure, who just wants to be tolerant and decided to destroy them. Tell us what happened, man.

Senator Rapert:

Well, first of all-


And of course, I was kidding about the tolerant part.

Senator Rapert:

Ok. I first of all just want to say thank you, to you, and David, and everyone over at WallBuilders for what you do to educate people on America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and history because it’s obvious across the country that there is a group out there, there’s a generation that really does not know our history.

That seems to be the root of most of the opposition. In terms of the gentleman, I don’t know if I should use the word “€œgentleman,”€ that drove halfway across the state the night after the monument was installed.

We don’t really know if he is mentally unstable or if he is, as some have said, I don’t like this term but has been told to me crazy like a fox because he has actually done this once before. Some believe that he’s intentional and knows what he’s doing and then some believe that he truly is mentally unstable. I don’t know, I’ve never met the person, but I know that something is wrong with a person when they would drive half way across the state of Arkansas and run over a ten commandments monument with a vehicle and at the same time claim that God motivated them to do that.


And you said he’s done this before, it’s not the first time?

Senator Rapert:

This is not the first time. This person actually is the very same individual that ran over the Oklahoma Ten Commandments monument a few years ago.


No kidding.

The Vandalism Was Planned

Senator Rapert:

Yes, in fact, I was advised by some in Oklahoma who feel that he knows exactly what he is doing. I’ve had some even indicate they wonder if he’s not connected with some of the groups that have been very vocally opposed and if they are sort of funding his efforts and urging him to do this. I have no idea about that.

What I do know is that in 2015 Arkansas passed at 12:31 the Arkansas Ten Commandments monument to honor the historical moral foundation of law. And we fulfilled that law. It was done with all private donations. The law stated that no public funds can be used for the Monument or the installation.

What we did Rick, is when we get to the point of wanting to install the monument there was no private entity out there that was really set up to make all that happen. So I called together some resources and we formed the American History and Heritage Foundation. I still can’t believe that that name was free, by the way. And so we incorporated as an Arkansas non-profit The American History and Heritage Foundation which is simply to educate Americans on history and heritage.

Obviously, non-faith based which was critical here in the environment today. So we put that together and raised the funds for the monument and installed that monument on on June 27 and then on the morning, very early morning, before dawn on June 28 this person in a well-planned attack on his own had set up a GoFundMe account to try to replace his damaged vehicle.  So this is a guy that had a lot of planning into this so I don’t know if he’s mentally unstable or not. And he did destroy the monument.

People From Across The Country Stepped In To Help

Within just about 48 hours donations began to pour in from across the country to rebuild the monument. Right now we have what we think is going to be enough to put the monument back in place and we immediately reordered it-


In fact, let’s give out that website again because even if you”€™ve got just enough to reorder the monument you guys are doing great work and I know people want to help you and be prepared to maybe even do more of these around the country or whatever you plan to do with the foundation.

It”€™s AmericanHistoryAndHeritage.Org. We’ll do a link today on WallBuilders Live to make it easy as well. But Senator, so you guys already paid for one now you”€™ve got to pay for another one. How long do you think it’ll take to have it made and get it back up on Capitol grounds?

Protecting The Future Monuments

Senator Rapert:

You know, this monument is an exact replica even down to the exact granite it was used in the Texas state capitol Ten Commandments monument.


I was looking at it online right now and I was going to ask you that. That was my next question was, “€œMan, that looks just like the one from Texas.”€

Senator Rapert:

It is. And obviously, dealing with a situation where you have radical anti-Christian forces across the country, the ACLU, the Satanic temple that continues to target me and attack me politically, as well as what’s called “€œThe Free Thinkers.”€ These groups attack anything trying to destroy an opportunity for us to honor the Ten Commandments.

So we went down to the level- it”€™s actually the same South Dakota granite that was used in the Texas monument. We were told it was going to be about two months for us to be able to get another one all etched and ready to go.

In addition to that, we need to know what kind of security measures that the state will put around that, and some barriers that will be aesthetically pleasing. It’s pretty sad that you’ve got to do that. But we’re in an environment right now where physically people are trying to tear down monuments across the country that honor history and heritage.

So the other day that we had a press conference immediately after the event. I actually called into question what responsibility the ACLU and these other groups like the Satanic temple, in particular, what culpability did they have for using very inflammatory rhetoric to tear this monument down?

It sets off sometimes people like this gentleman Mr. Reed who drove across the state. It was interesting, I was told that they were put on her heels really backpedaling a lot the next day because they do realize that their rhetoric has the ability to inflame people to take actions that are sometimes illegal. That’s what we see happening here.

No One Can Stop These Monuments From Going Up

I will tell you, I’ve been very happy, First Liberty I want to make mention of them, Kelly Shackelford and his group have been very supportive of us over the past couple of years. Actually, had them come up the other day, Pure Flix and the God’s not dead executive producers reached out to us. * Bob Katz with God’s Not Dead Media Group, Kelly Craine with Pure Flix, and they came and donated $25,000 from Pure Flix to the monument project.

I had him speak at that event and he cited three very clear cases three that we believe renders this monument legal in any other monument because as you said, we’ve already had many requests. I’ve got requests from Pennsylvania and from Maryland. We’ve had people want to put them up in every county in our state. So we’re committed.

I want to make this very clear, when the American Humanist Association sent me a letter and pointed out that because I was a Christian, and they said in their letter, “€œI should not be raising money to help put up a Ten Commandments monument.”€ I gave them an online video reply in which I said that just because I’m elected to serve in an elected office in America, in Arkansas in this case, I do not give up my First Amendment rights of free speech, and freedom of religion, and all those rights that are within that first amendment.

I told them that I can raise money for who I want to, how much I want to, in whatever purpose I want to. In fact, here’s what I found in the letter, and then I tore the letter up. And what I’m telling people is that you do not have to bend to these threatening letters from these groups, they’re not court orders, they’re not injunctions from a judge’s bench, these are letters meant to intimidate people in America and not to speak out in the public square, especially when it has to be anything that they say might be related to God.

We Want Monuments All Across The Nation

That moment I pledged they inspired me and we committed that American History and Heritage foundation that we will be happy to help anyone put up a monument in every state, every county, every city, every community across this nation that wants them.

And we now have the legal resources, we have the monument resources, and we have people that have done the construction to help them make those projects come to fruition.

That’s what we are committed to doing. Because if it’s good enough for the United States Supreme Court Rick, it’s good enough for the state of Arkansas, for the Capitol grounds of Texas, for the Capitol grounds of Colorado, by the way, which I”€™ve visited their Ten Commandments monument, and 180 other places that we’re aware of that monument similar to this one went up in this country over the past several decades.


It’s important, I think people sometimes even realize how much of our law is based on the Ten Commandments and how much of a foundation of society this is. Cecil B. DeMille even came out, when he released the movie “€œTen Commandments,”€ he said that was the reason he was doing the movie was that we were losing this piece of our foundation. So what better place to have it than at our state Capitols and at our County Courthouse to remind us this is what makes our system work so well and removing these things from our culture and not teaching them is what’s got us in the in the mess we’re in.

How You Can Help

You’re doing great work, Senator. I know millions of people around the country are pulling for you and I hope that they’ll go today and even if it’s a small donation do something to help. Because like you said, the more of these we can get out there the better and you guys are already committed to doing that.

So, I want to that website again, AmericanHistoryAndHeritage.org. Great way to get involved in this and respond in a peaceful loving way to this by saying, “€œHey, I’m going to donate to repair and restore the Ten Commandments Monument and also get some more around the country.

Senator, appreciate you, man. Keep up the great work! Not just this, all the other legislation and other things you’re working on. We appreciate you, a lot of people sometimes feel like you know we don’t have anybody out there in the political realm that believes like us and we know we’ve got a lot of great guys like you out there and we appreciate what you do.

Senator Rapert:

Well, I thank you for having me on and talking about this. And I just want to say again, personally, I have been a follower of David Barton WallBuilders, and you, Rick, and what you”€™re doing. I’ve taught in churches some of your curriculums and use that curriculum. And I just want to say thank you for what you do. Please keep it up. Don’t stop. And if I can be of assistance to any of the 7,383 legislators out here across the country as they”€™re willing to walk through the same sort of issues. I’m at their service and all they have to do is reach out.


That’s a huge point to make because as you said earlier, you’ve gone through the cases and you know what makes this perfectly legal and we do have a lot of legislators that listen and people that have good friends that are legislators. So they can take this idea to their legislators and say, “€œHey, what can we do to get a ten commandments monument put up at our at our state capitol and get a legislator that will champion the approval there and then work with your foundation to get it funded and get it up.”€

So fantastic idea, in fact, Jason we’ll put a link to your web page so that those other legislators can contact you.

Senator Rapert:

You bet. Just reach out to me, of course, I’m on Twitter and Facebook. Jasonrapertforsenate.com is actually my official political website and so it has all of our contact information there.

One last word, you were talking about the legality. I encourage every state legislator to go read the Van Orden versus Perry 2005 Supreme Court case and also read the Pleasant Grove City v. Summum case in 2009 because not only did they uphold the Ten Commandments in Van Orden versus Perry  but a unanimous Supreme Court in Pleasant Grove City versus Sammum said that you cannot force any government entity to put up a monument.

That’s key because the Satanic temple in some of these other fringe groups that are out there that say they’re going to put up a monument next to the Ten Commandments. That’s offensive, they have no grounds on which to stand on, and the Supreme Court’s already ruled on that.

So, I appreciate what you’re doing and we’re going to continue to stand up for what we believe is truly a part of our history and heritage and has been very fun to cover here. Thank you so much for doing that.


Well, keep up the great work, brother. That”€™s Senator Jason Rapert. We’ll be right back with David and Tim Barton.

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Why Perpetrator Ran Over The Monument


Welcome back, thanks for staying with us on WallBuilders Live! Thanks to Senator Jason Rapert from Arkansas joining us. Back with David Tim now.Guys, obviously, Jason is committed to not only replacing this Ten Commandments monument there at the Arkansas Capitol but saying, “€œHey, let’s get this done all over the country.”€ What a great way to respond to this whole thing.


What a great thing to hear that every county in Arkansas wants one of these monuments up. What a great thing to hear that other states are contacting them and wanting it up. This is where America is, really in many ways, headed back in the right direction.

You get these individuals and you get these radical groups who say, “€œWe don’t care what you want, we don’t care how good it is for the nation, we’re not going to let you do this.”€ Jason said he didn’t know whether this guy was an atheist, or a Christian, or goofy, or what he was. But really, the guy was pretty clear, he actually did Facebook Live where he talked about what he did.


Yeah, actually, if you guys haven’t heard this, and I know many of our listeners will not know this, but when he actually was running into the monument he did a Facebook Live right before he hits it.

And by the way, when he was on Facebook Live the last thing he yells before he hits the monument is, “€œFreedom.”€ I don’t know if he was trying to channel his Braveheart moment, the Mel Gibson freedom, I don’t know what he was thinking. Nonetheless, he yells, “€œfreedom”€ and it’s a monument.

Well, just a couple of days prior to that,I think it was maybe three days before that, he actually posted another Facebook video and in that video he said, “€œI am a firm believer that part of salvation is not only faith in Jesus Christ, but we also have to obey the commands of God, and that we confess Jesus is Lord. But one thing I do not support is the violation of our constitutional right to have the freedom that’s guaranteed to us that guarantees us the separation of church and state.”€

So he professes that he believes in Jesus. He loves the Bible. He thinks you should live like Christ, apply is your life. But he also is a fan of the Constitution and the Constitution guarantees us freedom and one of the freedoms is that freedom of the separation of church and state. Then three days later he yells, “€œfreedom”€ and knocks down the Ten Commandments there at the Arkansas state Capitol.

Knowing The Truth


This part of the problem we have with the thinking of some Christians. Here’s a guy who says, “€œI believe in Jesus Christ, I believe in salvation through him etc.”€ The Bible is the revelation of Jesus. Jesus tells us that in the book of John. Read the scriptures, “€œIn them, you’ll see Me, you’ll find Me. You search the Scriptures looking for salvation, that’s Me.”€ The Scriptures bring us there and it’s interesting that the Ten Commandments are part of the Scriptures. That’s what God Himself gave to the nation. Didn’t give it to the church, he gave the Ten Commandments to the nation and told them in Exodus 34, “€œThis is my law.”€

So here’s this guy saying, “€œI’m a firm believer in Jesus. And even though the Bible says that this is for civil nations, I believe the Constitution is more important than the Bible.”€ Which is essentially the choice he made here. He chose to go with what he thought the Constitution said, which it didn’t say, instead of what the Bible does say, which he doesn’t know it said.

That’s a pretty good picture of a where a whole lot of the church right now. Their beliefs are not necessarily Biblically grounded because he sure doesn”€™t know what the Bible says about the Ten Commandments. And he definitely doesn’t know what the Constitution said.

And to act like this though. Even if you disagree then go work your legislators and work the process to get it removed legally if you don’t like it, convince the majority to go the other direction. But just using your car, I like my truck too much anyway, I wouldn’t want to mess it up.


Oh, by the way, you heard what Jason said he’s already doing a crowd funding thing to get a movie for himself.

Thanks For Listening


Unbelievable. Well, thanks to Senator Jason Rapert from Arkansas for joining us today. Be sure to check out the link today at WallBuildersLive.com for his foundation and help him out in getting this monument replaced.

Also, getting them all across the country. It’s good for our culture to know those rights and wrongs and know these truths, what made the country great in the first place. Thanks for listening today to WallBuilders Live!