Terrorist Attacks: 7,712 FBI documented terrorist attempts were made in the USA just last year.  And only 250 were reported.  Congressman Louie Gohmert (TX), U.S. Congress talks about radical Islamic terrorism and how we are fighting it in the face of resistance from our current presidential administration.

Air Date: 1/4/2017

Guests: Congressman Louie Gohmert (TX), U.S. Congress

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Thanks for joining us today at WallBuilders Live! Where we’re discussing today’s hottest topics on policy, faith, and culture all from a Biblical, historical, and  constitutional perspective.

Your hosts today are David Barton, America’s premier historian our founder and president here at WallBuilders, Tim Barton, national speaker and pastor.  And my name is Rick Green, former Texas state representative

We’re sure glad you’re with us today! David, Tim, we got a great guest coming up later our friend Congressman Louie Gohmert. He”€™s talking about some of these terrorist encounters.  I had no idea how many times our law enforcement agencies have actually come in contact with terrorists that we don’t even see reported.

Terrorist Encounters


Oh there’s a lot of them! I’ve talked to Rick Perry about that because he gets the numbers down off the border and he was telling me how many different nationalities of terrorists that they’ve encountered at the border coming in, how many from Yemen and how many from from all of these radical Nations in a short period of time.

But just just in thinking about it because Louie Gohmert is one of the best guys in Congress on the terrorism issue. And this has got to be such a different time for him having a new administration that actually thinks that the Muslim Brotherhood is not your friend.  That they”€™re any enemy. To actually have real generals around him giving advice to the president.  Rather than political advisers from Muslim Brotherhood who think everything’s great and fine.  And the Arab Spring is a good thing.  And turning against Israel is a good thing.

For Gohmert this has got to be a Christmas gift for him. He was supporting Ted Cruz throughout that time. But still to have such a change because he is so passionate about this issue of terror.


And think about all the times we’ve had him on the program where you could hear the frustration in his voice.  And almost the sense of despair because so many times, it’s almost like he’s been the one guy standing up for some common sense in this area.  And fighting against an administration that  had their fingers in their ears singing you know,  “€œBlah, blah, blah.”€  Acting like they couldn’t hear the warnings that were coming. So you’re right.  For him this is a new day.


Well, that’s just what you got on radio.  I’m with him pretty often.  And at times, I think he’s kind of like Eeyore out of Winnie the Pooh. I mean he is just dragging the ground.  Because he will say things like, “€œYou wouldn’t believe what we just had in this hearing. You wouldn’t believe what the administration is doing.”€

It”€™s like man, I am going to have to have an intervention with Louis just to keep him from slashing his wrist, you know?   It’s really bad stuff.  So if it comes through the radio just think when you see it in real life. Because he’s up there surrounded with the nonsense on a regular basis.

But even before we get into that…


I will say about him that he never grew weary in well doing. He continued to fight all these years.  And now hopefully will be able to gain some good ground.

Terrorist Attacks Since 9/11


We’re going to have the opportunity.  And hopefully, we’ll do something with that opportunity. You guys, think of all the terrorist attacks you can think of in the United States since 9/11. Alright, 9/11– we had the terrorist attacks, What else have we had?  How many more do you know of?


Well, right here in Texas, we had that one at the Air Force Base down in San Antonio.


That”€™s Fort Hood.


The gay nightclub shooting.  You”€™ve had the Boston bombing.  We”€™ve had university stabbings and shootings.  There”€™s…


San Bernardino deal out there with the guy running over people and stabbing him.


Yeah, you know there’s probably a couple dozen that we might could identify. Certainly some significant ones the news carried and covered.  But probably I couldn’t think of more than a dozen or two dozen at the most.  I would think.

Only 250 Terrorist Attacks Reported Since 9/11


About 250. Things you may not remember is in Tucson, Arizona.  A 60 year old man is gunned down by Muslim snipers on a golf course, in Denton Texas.  Muslim snipers kill a man as he works in his yard, in Los Angeles, California. A Muslim man pulls out a gun on the counter of Israeli airline kills two people.  In Atlanta, Georgia a Muslim terrorists gunned down an employee at a liquor store.  Montgomery, Alabama Muslim snipers shoot two women.  You have in Baton Rouge, a Korean mother shot in the back by Muslim snipers.  And in Wheaton, Maryland Muslim snipers gunned down a program analyst in the state store parking lot.

Just about 250. We don’t get all that. I guess Obama calls that workplace violence.  But when you have snipers involved?

So there is a lot more than most people think.  We do the news regularly around here all the time. And Tim you’re just saying, “€œMaybe a couple of dozen or so.”€ However, we’re really looking at about 250.  And it makes you wonder how many of these things that we didn’t hear about that were thwarted that we didn”€™t hear about?

So you think about 250 that happened.  How many didn’t come off? I mean those numbers are probably pretty high.


Right! Quick break, guys.  We’ll come right back to the same topic. Stay with folks.  Later in the program, Congressman Louie Gohmert, our special guest.  Well, stay with us.  You”€™re listening to  WallBuilders Live.

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More Than 7,712 Attacks


Welcome back.  Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live! David and Tim Barton with us here. I’m Rick Green.

Guys, we were talking about the number of terrorist encounters and Tim, between two of us I think we’ve figured about a dozen or so we could come up with.  David, you said there’s like 250. And then there’s also other encounters where they actually, you know, run into these guys but there’s not an actual attack.

NYC Car Bomb Attempt


Yeah, remember in New York City where the guy was trying to set the car off and it didn’t work? The guy who tried to blow up a shoe, the underwear bomber, and all of the stuff that didn’t work. So there’s a bunch that don’t work.  And we hear about some of those.

But what happened back in September.  And yes, I know that’s months ago.  But the election gives a new complexion on older news.

FBI Documented Terrorist Attacks

We were talking about Louie Gohmert, how he’s been fighting this thing for eight years and banging his head on the wall.  Or they’ve been banging his head on the wall just frustrating him. But Breitbart Texas back in September 26th came out with this report.  They had been given FBI leaked data.  And that leaked documented the terrorist encounters within the United States in the last year?

I think it was from June of of 15 to July 16.  So over a 12 month period of time.  And when they documented the encounters using FBI data in that 12 month period time– just last year –it was 7,712 terrorists encounters!  Now that’s a whole lot of terrorist and for the public not to have been told anything about it, whatsoever.


You said thousand.  Seven thousand?

What Are They Hiding?


7,712 –in one year. Now, we were talking about in the last 15 to 16 years there have been about 250 incidents where there have been terrorist attacks within the United States. But in one year, the FBI documents 7,712 terrorist encounters inside the United States. Are you kidding? And we’ve heard nothing about that?

And we’re teaching all this stuff about how great Islam is.  And how it”€™s a religion of peace and so on.  And the radicals that are out there.– Well, radicals are out there.  When you’re looking at a religion that has about 21 % of the world’s population, you”€™re looking at about 1.9 billion people. Even if it is only 2 % you know how many hundreds of thousands that is? That’s a really huge thing!

Christianity leads the way, I think. Christianity has 32% of the world’s population.  And here’s Christianity 21 % to Islam. Yeah, try going across the world and find out how many Christian terrorists there are.

You could argue that Northern Ireland between the Protestants and Catholics for a while.  That was.  But I mean, you just you don’t find that. So you find in the religion of peace even if it is 2 %. And people say, “€œWell it’s only 2 %.”€  Well, how many hundreds of thousands is that? And by the way, 7,712 in the U.S. last year, alone. And we don’t think we need to control immigration of the border?  You know, what kind of nonsense is that?

Border Control Is Crucial For Our Safety

So that’s a good reason for the administration not to put those numbers out.  Because then there would have been a clamor to shut down the borders and what’s coming across the border. And then the kind of numbers that I talked about earlier, that Rick Perry had would make a whole lot more sense.  Where we’re having all these encounters with terrorists coming across the southern border. And why shouldn’t they? Because we’re not doing anything to shut it down.


Well, at least some of these guys have been calling for us to do something about it. As a big part of Trump’s campaign message was the whole border deal.  Not just being about immigration but being about fighting off terrorism.

Fearful To Speak Up


Those two items were two of the big ticket items in exit polling on why people voted for Trump. So despite the FBI not wanting to release this information, despite having to come out through leaks. You do find that this is where the people are.

This makes a whole lot of sense to them.  And they finally had a candidate that was saying what they believed.  That nobody else was willing to say.  That they were all kind of scared to talk about. So there really is something big going here.  But man, 7,712 in one year?

So Louie Gohmert is going to be the perfect guy to talk to about this.  Because this is the kind of stuff he watches and knows about before the rest of us do. And that’s part of why he has been so frustrated for eight years and hopefully he’ll have a lot more encouragement now.  And we’ll hear a lot more pep in his voice and a lot more enthusiasm because I think he’s got a real opportunity to be able to see some things changed with this terrorism stuff.


Former state judge and currently congressman from the great state of Texas, Louie Gohmert, with us when we return. Stay with us on WallBuilders Live.

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Radical Islamic Cells In Every State


Welcome back.  Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live!

Our good friend, Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas is with us again. Always good to have you, Sir! Thanks for your time.


Great to be with you, Rick! Thank you.


Last fall, there was a leaked FBI data that showed just how many terrorist encounters we’ve had in the USA. It’s not 1 or 2.  It’s thousands according to that report.

I wanted to get your thoughts on that.  You’re the vice-chair of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime Terrorism and Homeland Security.  So you see a lot of this stuff. Are we really having that many attempts?


Well even Comey, FBI Director Comey admitted long ago that, “€œYes, we have radical Islamic cells in every state. There are investigations in every state.”€ But he didn’t go on to say what we now know from the documents that over 7,700 encounters with terrorists, in just one year. This is from July 2015 to July 2016.

Terrorist Encounters In Every State

If we”€™ve had 7,700, plus, in that amount of time and we know about them, then think about the ones that we didn’t find out about. The report indicates that the largest numbers have been in California, Texas, Florida, and Arizona has had a lot.  But so has New York, Michigan, Illinois, and even Washington D.C. But Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, surprisingly Missouri, Colorado, Nevada ,Oregon, and Washington.  Those are all in 100 to 300 range.

So this is a national problem. And in fact, Rick, I cannot find any states that didn’t have somewhere between 1 and 100 terrorist encounters, according to the the terrorist screening center.  And they’re supposed to be the ones that know.

USA Has Been Helping Terrorists

So it’s really what so many of us have been pointing out.  When we have Muslim leaders in the world like Egypt, UAE, that have declared the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.  And in private meetings in North Africa and in the Middle East, I”€™ve have had Muslim leaders say, “€œWhat is wrong with you guys? Why do you not understand it”€™s the Muslim Brotherhood that’s been at war with you for decades.  And yet, they’re the ones you keep helping!”€

Well, I’m encouraged that that’s about to change come January 20th.  When we’re going to have a new president come in who’s not going to be enamored of having radical Islamists giving advice.


Yeah. It seems like for that many encounters–




–and to have had as few successful attacks as there has been.  Says that despite the lack of help from the top and sometimes the undermining from the top with this current president, our law enforcement agencies have done a fantastic job. How much better they’re going to be able to do when they have someone in the White House that fully supports them and understands what we’re up against.

Phil Haney Forced To Retire


Well, and when they have local and state law enforcement that is allowed to help.  They have been helping.  And they have done a terrific job.

Still though, the feds have had handcuffs on by this administration. The quickest way to get a demotion in this administration is to you know, take steps against radical Islamists that are trying to come into the country. There’s been no better example of that than Phil Haney who was trying to educate everybody.  

At first, just trying to go through his bosses at Homeland Security.  But as a result of exposing so many terrorist ties, thousands, he ends up being demoted and put in a closet and eventually forced to retire. But I think he may be coming back in the new administration.  I’m hoping and praying.

Trump”€™s Appointments


I was going to ask you what you thought about some of the appointments. Trump seems to be pointing generals that have been unapologetic in their understanding of of what we faced with radical Islamic terrorism. That’s that’s a great sign that this administration knows what we’re up against.


Well, even during all those months I was supporting Ted Cruz I took great consolation in knowing that Donald Trump was listening to people that I trusted.  And that were good, solid, smart Americans that understood the threats that were facing in this country.


Before I let you go, is there any particular legislative agenda or whatnot that we should be watching for?  That you think will help in this fight against radical terrorism?

Local And State Law Enforcement Has Done A Good Job, Even With Hands Tied


Well, it’s what a number of us have been pushing for a long, long time.  Would be to do what some of our Muslim allies have done and that is to declare the Muslim Brotherhood to be a terrorist organization. Once we do that, then we can go after and eliminate some of the top advisers the administration has used.  Who have been advising the president, “€œOh, no.  Look the other way.  Don’t worry about what’s behind the curtain. The radical Islamists don’t exist. Muslims, there are just a few crazies.”€

Well, maybe 10% of the 1.5 billion or so Muslims.  But even so, we have as many as over 7,700 terrorist encounters in our own country in one year”€™s time. So it’s time to take these things serious. And I know law enforcement has tried to do a good job.  Federal law enforcement has local and state law enforcement. Most of them, except for sanctuary cities, have understood the threat but they’ve been handcuffed.

Federal Law Enforcement Has Not Done The Job They Should Have

But federal law enforcement has not done the kind of job they should have.  Because their bosses like Palatino or Jay Johnson or Eric Holder or now Loretta Lynch.  They have prevented them from doing the job that was necessary to protect America.

It”€™s About to Change

Thank God, that’s about to change!


No doubt! Looking forward to Jeff Sessions as attorney general.  So many of the appointments!  It”€™s going to be —


Yeah! We”€™ve got to have Republicans and concerned Democrats in the Senate step up and do the right thing. And from Jeff Sessions, they had mistreated him horribly in the 80s.  And we don’t need another bigoted review of Jeff Sessions in the coming year. We need that done very quickly to get this country back on track.


Congressman Louie Gohmert, appreciate you being with us again, Sir!


Always good talking to you, Rick.  Thank you!


Stay with us ,folks.  We’ll be right back with David and Tim Barton.

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Common Sense Immigration Laws Upheld


Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live! Back now with David and Tim Barton. Thank you to Congressman Louie Gohmert for joining us today.  I do hear a little bit of hope in his voice, David, that a new day is coming.


Well you know as you said if we get the Muslim Brotherhood counselors out of the White House that’s going to make a big difference by itself. And so if we can get this illegal immigration fixed and have people in there who actually understand the nature of ISIS and terrorism.  We’re going to get a lot of problem solved at the same time.

It’s going to help our issues with Israel that we’ve had in this administration. It will certainly help the legal immigration issues.  It”€™s going to help the terrorism issues.  It is going to help spending issues.  You know, all the documentation that’s out there and how much is spent for those who are here illegally and the way of state and federal assistance.

I mean there’s just so many things that trickle down from this. There’s a reason we had laws and I think most people want to see those laws upheld.  Commonsense stuff.  And it sounds like we’re going to get some common sense starting to move again into the right direction.

Direction Is Encouraging


If we have any indication of that it would be the appointments, right? The type of people that he’s putting in place. These generals are unapologetic, that I’ve seen on his appointments.  Some of the you know, friends of ours that have been on the program several times. Some of these other guys that clearly know what we’re up against with Islam.  And they’re going to recognize the steps that need to be taken in the very things Louie is talking about.


Rick, that is a great point. One of the encouraging things has been so many of the appointments.  How they recognized that the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islam, terrorism, and even want to defend Israel.  And the position that Israel has a right to exist.  And so many things that are contrary to where we are.

Stop Being Politically Correct

And as you guys have mentioned it should be common sense things.  This is not that complicated. It’s not that confusing. And yet, we’ve complicated and confused it for the last eight years or so. And it is very encouraging to see we we might be going in different direction.  

And certainly with the appointments that Trump has put in place for some of these military guys. And I would think really, at this point, one of the considerations is that will the senator even be able to get these guys through? Because certainly–the idea that you can identify a radical Islam and this terrorist idea as a major threat, is not politically correct.

So when you come out and say, “€œHey, these are bad guys”€¦”€

More Republican Influence For The First Time Since 1920


I think the Senate’s going to get through a lot more than people expect.  Because since– was it 1920? Democrats have the greatest exposure in the U.S. Senate since 1920. Was it 34 seats up this next election, two years from now? And I think 28  Democrats are up in this next election. And if they if they start trying to step on the people’s toes after this election, you may see 60 Republicans in the Senate.


I was going to say. On top of that, one of the positive things could be is you’ve also never had a president who was potentially so willing to call people by name or use media to his advantage. One of the things Trump did so well was use the media and social media as his avenues for communication.

And certainly, if you have Democrat senators that are trying to stop some of these common sense people from being appointed to positions. I certainly think they will be thrown under the bus. Although, you will have the CNN, The Anderson Cooper’s, and these people trying to defend them.  I don”€™t think…

CNN”€™s Numbers Are Down


But Tim, those three viewers really don’t matter in the overall scheme of things. You know, there was a time when CNN was was rising rapidly back in the primaries because they were doing a balanced job. But as they got past the primaries after it was down to 2 candidates.  Man, their numbers now.  

They’re back to just carrying the rag for the Democrats.  And they’re not even trying to be neutral. And so they’re struggling again.  Which they were before the election. So it’s interesting but you know don’t worry about Anderson Cooper’s three viewers.  It”€™s alright.

Look At What”€™s Happening Around the World


That’s right. But the positive takeaway is even though there’s reason for concern.  Because of all the states that have some of these Muslim terrorist activities going on.  We now look like we’re turning a corner.  Moving in a direction we might actually address head on some of these issues and put ourselves in a better position going forward.  To protect our border, protect our states, and even be better friends with allies who recognize this is a problem also.


And with all the international incidences as well.  I think it’s caused people here to have less patience for some of the ignorance that we’ve dealt with.  And you know, the the rhetoric that has just been ridiculous.

We’re saying, “€œLook at what’s happening around the world, man.  We’ve got to toughen up.”€

So anyway. Lots of good news there.  And thanks to Louie Gohmert.  Really appreciate Congressman Gohmert for the good work he does and for joining us today.

Thank you for listening.  You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.