What Happens Next – How To Still Stay Engaged In The Battle For Liberty – For two months the outcome of the election has been uncertain, but now it has been decided. Many are asking, “what happens now?” Trust In God. Stay engaged in the battle for liberty!

Air Date: 01/11/2021

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Alright, David, Tim, it is January 11th where we are two months past the election and we can finally say the election is over. I mean, we’ve had how many shows every day where we said we don’t know yet what’s going to happen, what’s going to happen. Not happy with the results, but at this point, the election was certified last week by Congress. And so let’s just start the day with a reality check.

I feel like I’m Liam Neeson in the movie taken and I’m saying you’re going to be taken, but I’m coming after you. So let’s give everybody a reality check and say Joe Biden is going to be your president in 10 days or 9 days or whatever it is, and then Kamala Harris at some point, we got to get our heads wrapped around that and then say, okay, what next? Where do I still stay engaged as a good citizen? But we need a good dose of reality this morning, don’t we?


Well, yeah, reality is the thing. There’s a great passage in Isaiah 8:11-13 that says don’t call conspiracy, everything they call conspiracy. And even yesterday, I was texting with some guys that were in Trump’s administration high up and they are saying is this true, is this right? And there’s all these new claims coming out about, you know, it’s like the Lone Ranger is going to come in and save the day. We got this new DNI report and this DNI reported going to the Congress and President signed it has invoked Intelligence Act, and no, he hasn’t and that report is not there. And by the way, it wasn’t a satellite. And there’s so many other things that just keep popping up. It’s there’s got to be something else than Biden being president. And at this point, no, Biden is president, we’ve exhausted…


Wait, wait, wait. Are you sure Trump wasn’t whisked off to a bunker in Texas, and then there’s going to be 8,000 troops that he’s not going to swing down from a helicopter and repel into the White House to save the day?


Exactly. And so the scenarios are, look, just, this is not where we want it to go and we worked really hard that it would not go this direction. But you know what, everything doesn’t always go the way we plan it. And I remember the Bible verse that says, have faith in God. We prayed for this. We believe in this. We believe that all things work together for good, because God’s called us, he’s called the nation. This is not the plan that we’ve chosen. But I can’t say the beginning from the end and I don’t know how this thing is going to end up. And this may be a better deal five years down the road than what I want. I just don’t know, but I’ve got faith in God.

And so this will not dissuade me. I think we’ve talked from previous programs about we’re going to have to develop backbone. Well, I think we’ll get a good chance to develop backbone. Because I think we’ve already seen targets, crosshairs placed on several conservative areas that we haven’t seen before. So I think we’re going to get a dose of that and maybe that’s what turns the nation, who knows. You know, maybe I didn’t realize these guys were this mean, and, wow, I’ve never had to do this. Who knows what’s going to happen?

But we got to get off the conspiracy stuff and we got to get off keeping finding every possible loophole, because we’re past that. As you said, Rick, it was certified last week. We had our battle there in Congress. It did not go the way we expected. I think it went the way we expect it, it didn’t go a way we’d hoped. But I was one and several of us were that we really didn’t think we had much of a chance, but it was worth taking the chance, the opportunity. And so as you said, this is a reality check, and this is where we are.


Well, and speaking of reality checks, Tim, you’ve been warning about the whole big tech censorship thing for a while. We’ve talked about it on the program. We saw that, boy, escalate big time in the last 72, 96 hours, it’s been remarkable, I guess, because they know they’ve got people in the federal government that will be in power that will not drop the hammer on them, going to protect them.


Yeah, one of the things that we saw on Friday that certainly was troublesome is when Facebook and Twitter came out, and they said that essentially, President Trump is a dangerous figure, that he’s inciting violence, and therefore, he needs to be silenced. And now he’s been officially banned from these platforms. And initially, President Trump went to some other government accounts and he was tweeting from them and then they banned those accounts.

And you saw a crackdown happening over the weekend where different social media platforms were identifying people that apparently they thought were a threat, in fact, I have several friends who had many of their posts that were blocked. Rick, I know that even for you, you had some stuff that was blocked and the censorship we are already seeing happen. And one of the arguments we heard from people was that well, Facebook and Twitter are private companies, and the freedom of speech, protecting the First Amendment is designed to keep the government from shutting down your free speech, not private businesses. And we’re totally in favor of private businesses having the freedom to operate their business as they want, because the market will help regulate. If somebody has bad behavior, the market, generally speaking, is going to help regulate that bad behavior.

With that being said, these social media platforms, these big tech outlets, one of the things they enjoy is government protection, government funding, government benefits, tax breaks, etc. And part of the reason they get this really kind of sweetheart deal with the government, as far as tax breaks and tax incentives, is because they claim to be, they profess to be an open platform for all people to come and be able to enjoy the platform. But when you now have people at Twitter and Facebook or these other social media outlets, and we haven’t even gotten to the fact that they’re canceling Parler now, they’re shutting that down, but let’s go back to Facebook and Twitter first.

When you have people there who are arbitrarily getting to determine what is dangerous or what free speech is, that President Trump is saying dangerous things, he’s inciting violence. Let’s just back up a year. Remember all the riots happening last year, throughout so many states and there were many liberal politicians, there were many liberal news outlets who came out and defended that bad behavior, and…


And encouraged it.


Oh, absolutely. Right. I mean, Kamala Harris, hey, let’s raise money to get these people out of jail who have broken the law in these riots, not peaceful protests, mind you, these riots burning down destroying cities. But many people protected or defended that behavior, saying that, actually, that behavior is protected in the First Amendment, because that is that behavior is part of their freedom of speech. So all of a sudden now, behavior is speech. But for President Trump, they’re saying that his speech is worse than this bad behavior from these rioters and all these cities last year that has speech is dangerous. So behavior is not bad or dangerous. But…


Yeah, violence is speech when it’s BLM, and speech is violence when it’s Donald Trump.


Well, but this is one of the ironies about one of the first things they pulled down on Trump was his call to condemn… He condemned the violence on Capitol, and he called for peace, and that was one of the first ones they wouldn’t post that he did, was the one said, hey, what’s it the Capitol is… Absolutely wrong, stop it. And that’s the first one they wouldn’t put up and then they went further and stopped the rest of it.

But it’s not just even that. We saw even in Forbes yesterday that Forbes has come out and say, hey, anybody associated with Trump, anybody was in that administration, we’re going to try to keep them all from getting a job, we’re going to do our best to shut them down wherever they go, we’re going to follow them, we’re going to hound them, we’re going to try to keep them from having income, essentially. And then I saw also yesterday that now, all these different prolife groups are saying they’re being shut off the platform as well. So, you know, is that because you’re a Trump supporter or is it because you’re prolife? Well, both of those two things tend to go together.

But nonetheless, the prolife groups are being targeted. And then we’ve seen a number of the conservative groups starting to be shut down on even web platforms. So well, you know, Amazon hosts a web platform. And so there are folks like that, that are finding themselves kind of on the outside and now they’re having to look for other things. So this really is a crackdown that is really obviously very concerted, is very coordinated. It is an anti-free speech. We talked about this in program, I don’t know, two or three weeks ago where the Democratic voters in the seven battleground states had not heard what were major news stories, the Hunter Biden story, they hadn’t heard about; they hadn’t heard about the peace in the Middle East and the nations that have signed on peace in the Middle East, they had not heard about the upturn in the economy, etc. And when asked…


That was no, David, that was new. When you say all the presidential elections you’ve been involved in, at least the news typically report, even if they spun it a little bit, you knew the major stories about the two candidates because they were talking about it 24/7, this time, you didn’t.


No, this time, spin is the right word. That’s what previous elections did. And so you take out ads and say, oh, no, they told you two plus two equals four, here’s why two plus two equals five. So there was all sorts of spin. But this time it was as flat shutting it down. And so what we see is this massive collusion going on with media and high tech and everything else, and they want to shut down that message. Now, that’s a big deal. But this is not the first time that that’s happened.

I mean, that the opposition always wants to shut down messages. And this is something we face throughout our history. We faced it with the Founding Fathers, because the British wanted to shut down their message, Founding Fathers came up and said, well, let’s create committees of correspondence. And so there’s ways of getting around this, and we’ll have to think of ways and look at ways to do it. But what we can’t do is change our message because we’re afraid that we get kicked off Twitter or Facebook or anything else.

We cannot back up from the truth. You have to stand for truth. And there’s no reason to be inflammatory and be accusatory and whatever. But you don’t back off from what’s true, and you don’t back off from being prolife, because they’re censoring prolife groups. You don’t back off from your convictions simply because they’re after you. That’s where we just have to get united and say, okay, we’re going to stand and by the way, people I haven’t talked to before, now I’ll talk to them one on one. I may not have my social media platform, but I still have a circle of acquaintances that I can talk to, and I’ll just give them my opinion in person rather than having to do it through social media. There’s ways of getting around this.


Yeah. And that’s exactly how we’ve got to be thinking right now, and people are, I mean. There’s already other outlets popping up and literally from ground to cloud in ways for people to connect. And that’s one of the reasons we encourage people to do local classes in their home or at church. Start doing one of these biblical citizenship or our Constitution classes. Great way to get together and communicate but also online, and certainly get on our email list, that’s one of the ways we can make sure we continue to communicate with you. So sign up for that email at wallbuilderslive.com today, and we’ll keep giving you good news too, even in what feels like dark days right now. And yes, there’s bad things happening right now, but we’re going to show you how those giants in the land can still be defeated.

Stay with us, folks, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


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Welcome back WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us today. It’s Monday January 11th and we’re doing a bit of a reality check today, but we’re also looking at some of the crazy stuff that’s happened in the last few days with regard to the censorship and the shutting down. I mean, these are fascist tools that are being used here to not allow debate, not allow discussion. And as you were saying before the break, we’re acknowledging that, we realize that’s what’s happening, and so we’re looking for ways just as the founders did in the founding era, to have our own forms of committee of correspondence and communication. And I think, you know, guys, I mean, who knows my wife was saying this because she got banned from Facebook over the weekend and several of our team members, I can’t believe I haven’t been banned. I mean, you guys know, I’m the troublemaker out of our group. But she was saying, Rick, what if out of this kind of chaos and stuff, there’s going to be even better technology developed, there’s going to be better ideas developed as a result of the competition that will happen.


Yeah, one of the things that is historically true, is that oftentimes in moments where at least let’s reference Christianity first, so in moment of persecution, actually, the church grew and times that are challenging times is when you really see a lot of people rise above those challenges and find unique solutions. And just kind of a point in case.

If you look at the Daily Wire, they have this new film that’s coming out, and I think it’s called “Run Hide Fight”, I’ve only seen the trailer at this point, I’m very interested to see the whole production. But one of the things that the guys at Daily Wire said is, we have for so long lived in a culture in the last several decades where we look at Hollywood, and we’ve been grieved by the fact there is not better content coming out of Hollywood, not better messages, and the kind of moral values being portrayed out of Hollywood.

And so they said, instead of just continuing to complain for the foreseeable future, the decades coming, why don’t we do something? And so they’re now making some films, and you’re seeing more and more people go that direction. And I definitely think you mean, we actually have talked to several individuals who are working on creating other kinds of platforms. When you look at Parler, Parler was supposed to be the option for Twitter, that was the free speech option. And a lot of conservatives were going on Parler, I mean, it kind of became known as a conservative site. But the people at Parler, had the leaders, the executives for even Parler itself said, look, we’re not any kind of political outlet, we’re just a site that believes in the freedom of speech.

But at this point in the juncture, that’s becoming much more of a conservative value. So I understand why people would think it was a conservative outlet. Well, now, Parler has being told that they’re not going to have what they need to have this outlet, this app anymore, because Amazon’s taking the servers down and whatever else in Google, and all this is going on. But all that’s going to happen is you’re going to have a lot of really creative people who are now going to get fired up and say, okay, we’re going to do something different. And not that it’s at all the same kind of scenario., but like you a minute ago, you reference taken and you’re like, okay, this is bad, right, but we’re going to come, we’re going to save you.

It almost reminds me even of like the patriots, right, where you have this guy who doesn’t want any trouble and just leave me alone, just leave my family alone. But once they come and start messing with his family, he’s like, alright, if that’s how we’re going to play, I’m going to get involved. And I really do believe we’re at a time where there’s a lot of awakening happen where culture is really slapping a lot of people on the face and they are being awakened. Because people are being awakened, I really do believe we’re going to see some very positive things coming out of this, but it’s going to take people waking up.

And dad, even as you pointed out before we go on the break, we have to start more so than ever standing up and defending truth. And for those of us who know what truth is, it’s important that we’re not so scared of being canceled, that we’re not so scared of being persecuted, that we don’t say what’s true.

For us as Christians, you look at Jesus, and Jesus was persecuted an awful lot. There were a lot of people that did not like Jesus. Everything Jesus did, he didn’t love. You could argue, right? I mean, Jesus was the nicest guy that ever was, but he also was pretty tough and rough when he had to be, when you get in front of the Pharisees, when he opened the temple, and he stood over tables. Jesus certainly was perfect, and he’s our example. But he never backed away from speaking the truth.

And so we need to continue to courageously, boldly speak the truth, we speak it in love, but we need to have the courage to continue to say what is right and what is true. Because what our nation needs the most is the truth of the Word of God. And if we as Christians don’t speak it, then there’s no way the culture is going to get it.


The other thing I think goes with it, Tim is being sure that we know what’s true before we speak it. Because even once we started the program, we talked about all these rumors that are out there, and all these conspiracy theories and whatever. We’ve got to get back ourselves to finding out and confirming what’s true The Bible gives us several guidelines on that: it says in the mouth of two or three witnesses, is something established. Which is why the Constitution does not allow certain criminal penalties to be imposed on just the testimony of one witness, you got to get two or three credible sources.

And so even as I was looking yesterday, this is one particular conspiracy that’s out there, but it’s only on a certain genre of website. It’s not in any of the mainstream news sites, even the conservative site. If you were to say FOX is conservative, okay, but FOX and Epic Times and Victory and things like Newsmax, none of them were carrying this story, and it’s just running all over conservative circles. Okay, guys, let’s do a reality check here. Where did it come from? Is there more to this story than what they’re putting out of the conspiracy? What’s the evidence? Where did it come from? Is it even plausible? And we have to start asking ourselves those questions before we start passing on an article or forwarding something that we got. Or you know, there’s a satellite in Italy that broke to the voting machines and changed all the… No. No. No. No. No. Backup. And by the way, only a few of the Dominion voting machines were connected to the internet, so how did a satellite even get connected to all the other voting machines? And you can’t even do that from the satellite. Come on.

So we really have to be careful what the truth is before we start speaking out our opinions, because our opinions are not necessarily always true. And so finding truth and identifying truth and confirming truth and digging it, a verse we’ve used on here a whole lot in the last two months is proverbs 18:17, one side sounds good until you hear the other. We need to be people that go look for the other side, and then look at all the evidence and then say, okay, I’ve looked at it and here’s where truth lies in this particular story. Here’s what the truth is. And so we have to individually start developing that habit as well.


Yeah, and guys, one of the things that we teach at our leadership training program we teach at Patriot Academy, there are two very simple questions that should be the foundation of starting place. And there’s many more questions that we can ask along the way that actually we probably should, but everything that we look at, we should always start with these two basic questions. Is it true? And how do we know? So if somebody sends me a text or a message on social media or an email about look, what just happened, President Trump is about to take over and do all this. Okay, is that true? What evidence do I have that is true? And dad, that’s where you were saying in the mouth of two or three witnesses. Right? If this was true, right, do I see this on Daily Wire? Have I seen this on the Victor channel, on Newsmax, Epic Times? And where is this shown that this is true? Right. And that’s the follow up of how do I know this is true? Is it true and how do we know?

And when we don’t have the basic confirmation that something is true, and then a lot of times just having logic and common sense can help resolve this very quickly. Somebody will send a video that somebody took on their phone, and it was somebody high up in the Trump administration, and they don’t want people to know this yet. But we’re sending it out to all the patriots so all of you guys know. Now, wait a second, you’re telling me that President Trump got banned from Twitter because he was saying all kinds of crazy things, and yet he was able to keep this one thing a secret that only one person in the administration has come out and said this? Like something’s just don’t make sense, if this actually was true. And that’s why we have to just start asking the basic questions. Is it true? And how do we know?

And I’m saying that even in the context of things that people are sharing on social media, on texts, on email, whatever else, I mean, this is true every time we watch the news, this is true when I have conversations with friends, is you always want to factor and evaluate is what I’m hearing true. And how do I know if it is true or not true? And that’s where we have to start with everything. Because dad, as you point out, before we start promoting truth to others, we need to confirm it is actually true. And this should just be bottom line simple as Christian, that we recognize truth does exist. It is rooted in God, it’s rooted in Jesus, because what the Bible tells us. And beyond that, we’re supposed to be lovers of truth.

So we want to make sure that before we are spreading out something that could be gossip, or conspiracy, or whatever other kind of attitude you want to give to it, we want to make sure that what we are taking in and believing for ourselves is confirmed to be true, and then we always want to see it from the biblical, scriptural perspective, because some things are true that are not necessarily the most edifying thing. So we want to be careful how we handle the news that we get. And this is where, right, we might talk about Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, being the next leader of the nation, that might be true, but it might be discouraging for people. So we want to make sure that we keep the truth of God’s Word in that, that even though situation might be going a direction we don’t want to do, we still know that God is in control, that God is on the throne, and that God has plans and purposes for our life that will prevail in spite of who is the leader of our nation.


And by the way with that Tim, with God is in control, I don’t want people to hear that the wrong way. That doesn’t mean that we check out and don’t do anything because God’s got it. That’s not what we’re saying. God is in control, we know that, but we put our hand to the plow, and we work really hard. We still have to plow the fields. We have to work the pasture. We have to work all the crops. Just because God’s in control doesn’t mean we sit back. And that’s not what Tim was saying. So don’t even think about taking it that way. Now, this actually means more work than we’ve had to do in a long time, because we’re now having to defend our worldview against hostility that we’ve not seen in our generation. And so, that doesn’t mean you check out, now’s the time to step up and counted.

You know, this is where Jesus was talking, hey, if you’re ashamed to confess me, then I’m going to be ashamed to confess you before the Father. This is where you got to have courage and boldness. And this is where you may get some people ticked off. You’re not trying to take them off. As Tim said, Jesus had all sorts of hard things to say, but he said them in love. It wasn’t that he was trying to offend people, it’s just that he was telling them what was true.

And so again, the thing is, stay engaged. It is not a sit back kind of thing and leave this in God’s hands is we’re going to pray for rain, but we’re also going to go out and plow the fields. So there’s lots that we can be doing and that we need to be doing. And I really do think that this is going to be a time when we’ll have to do more than we’ve done in our generation, more in the way of defending truth because It is coming at us aggressively we talked last week about oh, my goodness, look, even in Minnesota, this new proposal to take out nearly every aspect of American history that we’re used to, we’re going to have to defend that, we’re going to have to resist that and say, no, let’s not go there. We’re struggling to teach the Holocaust and we’re still going to teach World War I and World War II and Civil War and the American war for independence. You know, we’re going to have to stand up and fight that fight. So don’t back down in any way, shape, fashion, or form.


And that’s exactly the kind of fight that we need to be fighting on the local level, and we’re going to need to fight all across the country. This is no time to say oh, it’s all over. We’ve lost everything and say the system’s too broken. Don’t believe any of that stuff. You know, it’s kind of like CS Lewis said, don’t start by exaggerating the novelty of our circumstances. It is a tough fight. No doubt about it. The Left has won some big battles and they’ve taken over a lot of the control in the federal government, but at the local level, we can still make a big difference. There’s a lot we can do.

And that’s why you need to listen to WallBuilders Live, we’re going to give you specific action steps. We’ll be talking about those things in the coming weeks and definitely a great time to host a class and get your friends and family together. They need encouragement too. So you may be listening to us here on the program and getting a little bit of encouragement each day, but your friends need it, so you need to share it with them, as well. So be sure to go to wallbuilderslive.com today, make sure you’re on our email list. Start thinking about hosting a biblical citizenship class there in your living room or at your church, but get engaged. Don’t let them convince you it’s all over. It’s not. We got some tough fights ahead and we need you in that fight with us.

Thanks so much for listening. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.