The Department Of Labor Protects Religious Freedom: We call it Good News Friday because it’s a chance for David and Tim to share some good news from across the nation and around the world. In this episode, we talk about how a Dallas woman rescues her toddlers from a carjacker! How the free abortions at all college and university campuses was turned down. How the Department of Labor protects religious freedom. And more!

Air Date: 10/19/2018

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith And The Culture


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We are here with David Barton, he’s the founder of our team, the founder of WallBuilders, and Tim Barton”€™s with us, he”€™s the President of WallBuilders and a national speaker and pastor. My name’s Rick Green, I’m a former Texas legislator. You can find out more about all three of us at the radio site.

God Looks on the Inside, We Look on the Outside

Now, the site I gave you right off the bat was, that’s our main website. We also have a radio site, and that’s where you can get archives of the programs. You can go back and listen over the last few weeks or months. You can get a list of our stations across the country, and also some good news there on the website. We’ve got a lot of good news for you today in this program because it’s Friday, and we call it Good News Friday around here. We’re going to start with America’s premier historian David Barton sharing some good news.

David, what have you got first?


First, well, I want to start with just making a comment. Let me start by just hitting labels for a minute. I don’t like the generalization of labels. That’s a tendency in the political world. That’s part of how we tend to polarize people as, “€œThey’re from this group, or they”€™re left, or they”€™re right, or whatever.”€

You know, labels can kind of indicate some tendencies, but they’re not a perfect fit. People are individuals. God looks on the inside. We look on the outside. We prefer to label people by races, or by age, or whatever, and that’s just not what God’s after.

It’s not the way He does it.

Common Cause and League of Women Voters

So, having said that, even though labels are not always an accurate indicator in our culture, they kind of indicate tendencies. So, having said that, I’m not a fan of sticking somebody with a label and holding to it. There are nonetheless what we call left, or those that would be more of what’s generally considered liberal, or progressive. They are often secular. Those that are on the right tend to be a little more conservative, a little more faith oriented, a little more pro constitutional. Those are tendencies that are out there from polling.


That”€™s just statistically speaking, right? That’s not, “€œWe are self attributing values to people,”€ and saying, “€œWell you believe this.”€

No, just statistically speaking. So this is the only time you really can speak very well on generalizations, is if you have statistical and the analytical data that would confirm that what you are saying, more times than not, is accurate in this position.

But as you mentioned, even with the data and analytics, there can be, and often are, exceptions to the rule. So you can’t just generalize people, nonetheless you can find statistical or analytical data and information that gives an indication of a group of people if they lean a certain way or another.


If you look at that general leaning of left versus right, from really liberal to really conservative, if I throw out League of Women Voters, or if I throw out a group like Common Cause, where would you guys put that on the spectrum?


League of Women Voters, I would definitely say, and my only experience with them is local in my home counties, but definitely moderate to liberal.


And Common Cause?


Common Cause, same thing.

Gut and Replace Legislature


Yeah. They tend to be on the left, and actually closer to the far left side of the spectrum. Definitely left of center. Last week I felt like I was having some kind of crazy attack because I actually said something good about the State Department, which really felt kinda uncomfortable, and I’m not used to doing that.


It’s just been a while since you’ve been able to do that.


It has been so long since I could say anything good about the State Department. So this week I’m in the same fix, because I’m about to say something good about League of Women Voters and Common Cause.

I don’t know. Are my values shifting here? I don’t know what’s happening here, but I really support what these guys are doing.

They’ve got a lawsuit filed in Hawaii, and the lawsuit they have filed in Hawaii is what’s called—they’re actually trying to stop what’s called, “€œGut and replace legislation.”€ That’s where you file a bill, and the bill says, “€œI want to widen the sidewalk from 4 feet to 5 feet along all the roads between A and B streets on the south side of the city.”€ You file it that way. That’s what the title is on it. Then, once you get a file, you go in there and chop it out and say, “€œActually, I want to fund 22 planned parenthood clinics on the other side of the city.”€

This is Gut and Replace stuff, you have a title on it and you file it a certain way, and then after you get it in, you just gut it and you replace it with something totally different.


Basically, very deceptive, right?

This Lawsuit Could Open the Government to be More Transparent


Very deceptive. So they’ve got a lawsuit against it, and the head of Common Cause there in Hawaii explains—she said, “€œPeople should be able to participate, and their voices should be heard and counted.”€

And I say, “€œAbsolutely. Amen.”€

I’m 100 percent in support of not having a bait and switch of transparency, of being able to know exactly what people think is in that bill is actually being there. So I think this is a great, great, great move to have transparency in government. I don’t think this should be a left or right issue. I don’t think anybody should take sides on this issue.

If you’re going to take sides it’s because, “€œI want to keep things hidden and I don’t want to be transparent.”€

But on this I say kudos to Common Cause and to League of Women Voters for stepping up and trying to keep transparency in government. This is a really good move on their part.


And that was in Hawaii?


That’s in Hawaii.


  1. So it”€™s their local state legislature where that was happening?


It”€™s the state legislature. It goes in other places as well, but they filed suit at Hawaii on bills that are happening there. This bait switch kind of stuff, or Gut and Replace—if that lawsuit is won in Hawaii, I think you’ll probably see suits going in other states where they do similar type of tactics. But that’s a really good deal. What the sticker price says is what it should be, using the analogy out of car buying. That’s what they’re trying to get done, which is really good news.


Very good news. We’ll be right back with Good News Friday on WallBuilders Live. Tim Barton is up next.

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A Mother Protects Her Children


We’re back on WallBuilders Live. Tim Barton’s got the next piece of good news, Tim?


Alright guys, this is something that happened in Dallas, Texas, and it was something from the summer. It’s just been sitting in my stack of good news for a while, and it’s actually an interesting piece of good news, at least in the title of calling it good news.

It’s great news, in the sense that a mother rescued her children from a very dangerous situation. It’s a tough piece of good news because she actually shot a man to do it.

She was buying gas at a Shell gas station in Dallas. She walked in to pay for the gas, she walked out and the man was climbing into her vehicle.

So, as you can imagine, a mother with two toddlers in the vehicle, very frantic, emotional moment. She runs over. He shut the door, she jumps in the passenger seat. She’s screaming at him and he’s driving away. Probably shouldn”€™t leave your keys in the car while you’re going to pay for gas at night in that downtown city.

You know, hindsight.

I’m sure she recognizes every bit of this, but she’s screaming for him to stop. He won’t.

She reaches in her purse, and she actually happens to possess a firearm. She pulls out the firearm and tells him to stop. She wants to save her two boys. He does not stop, so she shoots him.

She says, actually after the fact, she says, “€œI should have just emptied the whole clip, but I didn’t.”€ So you can imagine, very emotional.

We Live in a Broken World

She said, “€œI didn’t want to give him a warning shot. I’m not a killer or anything like that, but I believe in defending what’s mine,”€ was a statement that she released.

This is a situation that, as a parent, I can only imagine what’s going through your mind. Especially as a mom, when your kids are there, and somebody is driving off with your kids in your own vehicle.

This is something, Rick, that I know we’ve talked about on the show before. One of the things that you and I do, and actually our whole families have gone and participated in and we encourage other people to do, is the Handgun Training.

We go out to Front Sight in Nevada. Rick, you do several of these throughout the year. You invite people to come, and it’s one of the—if not the—top training facilities in the United States. Just phenomenal the people they have there and what they do.

It’s because, in real life, there are sometimes these scenarios where no parent ever wants to be in that position or situation, where your kids are there or where you’re even required to have to defend them. If you ever are in that sort of situation, this is where you pray to God that you have enough training and know how, that you are able to do what you need to do to protect your kids in that situation.

And this is a great example of someone who says, “€œLook, I didn’t want to kill anybody. That wasn’t my intention. It’s not what I was trying to do. But I was going to protect what’s mine.”€


You Can”€™t Have a Cop With You Everywhere

I think that’s how, probably, every parent would feel. This is where, again, we’d encourage parents. Really. We encourage everybody legally, who is able to do that, to possess a weapon and to get training in how to use and to be competent with that weapon. Because, although we would love the idea of living in a completely moral and loving society, we do live in a fallen, broken world. Sin does exist, and you can’t have a police officer travel with you everywhere.

If I had my own personal bodyguard, I might not carry a gun because I wouldn’t need one, right? You”€™d have your own security detail.

But if you’re not the President of the United States and you don’t have your own personal Secret Service, it might be worth looking into to say, “€œOK, what do I need to do to get personally trained, to be able to defend myself or my family?”€

In this case, and again, Rick, that’s where you’ve been promoting Front Sight for a long time, and they do a great job at helping equip people to be able to defend themselves and their family very much within the boundaries of gun safety, so there’s no gun accidents. You’re only stopping bad guys at a time when you have to stop bad guys.

This Training Can Save Your Life


Yes such good news that that this lady was able to save her kids, and to handle the situation. We don’t know, necessarily, what kind of training she had, but Tim, I know for me, I had a license for 10 years and didn’t carry for fear of an accidental discharge, or what we called negligent discharge, or something. Maybe not even having mentally being—I”€™ve always thought of myself as a type A guy, but I still had that little gnawing thing in the back of my mind asking, “€œWould I step up? Am I even willing to take a life to save the life of my family?”€

Going through the training changed all of that for me. It allowed me to get through that mental process, that emotional process, know that I was well-trained, be put in the situations where I had to use that training.

It definitely, for me, made a huge huge difference in being willing to carry. Now having that confidence that if a situation happened, Lord willing, that training would be there to be able to deal with it.

But I think, for a lot of people, sometimes think, “€œIt’s not going to happen to me.”€

And that’s why you have the stories like this that are important, because like you said Tim, there’s evil in the world. It just is. Over a million times a year in America, there are violent crimes.

It can and does happen in your neighborhood, my neighborhood, happens all over the country.

Front Sight Can Give You the Training to Protect Your Family

So thank the good Lord that this lady was armed, that she apparently lived in an area where the government had not taken that right away.

One of the things we talk a lot about on this program are all the parts of America right now where government is preventing people from protecting their families. This is why we need that national reciprocity law.

But yeah, very good piece of good news, and folks that are curious about all that, please come with us to Front Sight. Go get this training. We go almost once a month, now once every two months or whatnot. It gives you a chance to go and you can hang out with with the Bartons and the Greens, and learn how to protect yourself and your family. Then we also do our Constitution class, so you get some second amendment knowledge and intellectual ammunition while you’re learning how to use that other ammunition as well.

So if you’re interested in going with us and signing up for one of our classes in the fall, or even next spring, be sure to visit and it”€™s right there on the homepage. It’s got information on all the upcoming days. Stay with us folks. We’ll be right back with some more good news. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

This Precarious Moment Book


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Good News From”€¦ Governor Jerry Brown of California?!


We’re back with WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us on this Good News Friday. David Barton has the next piece of good news. David?


For this piece of good news, I’m going to California. OK I’m waiting for the comments. Anybody got a comment on that?


Well, we’ve had good news recently from the Department of Justice and things from Baltimore. So there has been a lot of places where, maybe over the last couple of weeks, we wouldn’t have expect good news, so…


There”€™s been like three weeks in a row, yeah, three weeks in a row of good news from places that were all just going, “€œOK, this is Twilight Zone material here.”€ Department of State, we had some from them. It’s crazy. But California? Seriously?


And we do know. We say that obviously in jest. We know some great people in California. There are some very conservative pockets in California. They’re more frustrated than anybody with some of the nonsense in California. So we totally get it. It’s just fun to pick on things, and California is just an easy target a lot of times.


What do you tell the millennials we train all through the summer?


We tell them that our love language is sarcasm, and if you don’t get made fun of it’s because we don’t like you. So you can just embrace—so California, you know we really like you. OK? That’s really what that means. There are some people we must really love, because we pick on you a lot. But yeah, obviously it’s in jest and good humor.


So, good news from California. Good news from Governor Jerry Brown in California.


Pro Abortion Bill Blocked in California

Now that seems weird. Did he make a mistake? Did he know he did this?


He actually vetoed a bill that mandated free abortions at all college campuses and universities in California.




Seriously. He is pro abortion, and they had a bill that every college campus in California has to provide free abortions. And he vetoed it.




Wow. What was his reasoning? That’s… That’s impressive.


He said it was not necessary. There is an abortion clinic within five to seven miles of every university in California, apparently, and it would require millions of dollars to do this. He just said it’s not necessary.

So the pro-life people have been lobbying very hard, even the universities themselves did not want that because they don’t want the legal liability that goes with it. Now if they’re doing abortion stuff on campus, they really want that legal liability? So the good news is that a very hardcore pro abortion governor vetoed a pro abortion bill, and that’s just”€¦ that’s just…


That’s… man David. That’s like”€¦ that’s like the Democrats version of Trump. He’s standing up against his own, doing the right thing here, in this case, when his own party was probably very upset with him for that, I would think.


You would think. There was nothing in the article on how they responded, but there was certainly something in the article on his beliefs. You know how unusual this is for that. And for California to take a position that is apparently pro-life, even if that”€™s not a pro-life bill, it at least vetoed something that would have moved abortion further forward. That is good news coming out of California, particularly when the bill was signed by Governor Jerry Brown.

More Good News from Idaho


Well, I was OK with good news out of California. I was not expecting good news out of the governor of California currently. So that’s very good news.

Tim, what’s next on our good news list?


All right. So we have one from Idaho, and this is something that came out at the end of September. The picture is so cool.

So there are fifth graders who are tasked with helping take down the American flag at their Idaho elementary school.


Wait a minute. They’ve got a school with the flag?


You know, it’s Idaho. Maybe they”€™re country enough, they respect it. And actually saying that, they actually do respect it. The picture—and you really should look this up if you’re in a place where you can, if you’re driving make a mental note to look this up later.

Fifth graders in Idaho, there are two fifth graders who are, I guess, apparently trying to properly fold the flag up.

5th Graders Guarding the Flag


When it comes down the rope you’re supposed to grab one end and walk out with it to protect it and start folding it, and to keep it off the ground.


So two students have the flag. It’s not attached to anything, so they’re doing the standard fold, which is the way you’re supposed to properly put the flag up. There is a third 5th grade boy, lying on the ground, underneath, in between these two. He”€™s underneath the flag to make sure that if one of the boys drops the flag will not touch the ground.


Kudos to him!


So the picture is just super cool anyway, but it is really a cool piece of good news where you have some boys who are learning flag etiquette and learning respect for the flag and, hopefully, respect for the nation they live in. But it’s just really a fun piece of good news from Idaho. Again, you can Google that: fifth graders protecting the American flag from touching the ground.


A cool story. I love it. All right, quick break guys. We’ll be right back with our final segment of good news today. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

Constitution Course at Front Sight

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How to Support WallBuilders With”€¦ A Piece of Coffee?


Welcome back. Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live on this Good News Friday. Before we get to our last couple of pieces of good news, I encourage you to visit and come alongside us and help us to get more good news spreading across this country. You can do that by being a partner to WallBuilders, even just five dollars a month, give up one big expensive piece of coffee—a piece of coffee. I’m the only coffee drinker on this program.


I don’t know what a piece of coffee means.


I just insulted coffee by calling it a piece of coffee… that’s just crazy.


Have you considered it a piece of something?


That’s the way the Cowboys make coffee. You cut it in cubes and suck on it. It”€™s pretty strong.


I could see you guys saying that, but that’s just terrible that the one coffee drinker here said it.


That was embarrassing.


Yeah. Get rid of one of those wonderful cups of coffee a month, and just five dollars a month really helps us, and also helps us plan. When you become a monthly donor we can look at adding stations, look at additional leadership programs, all the different things we do here at WallBuilders. We’d love to have you as a part of our team, do a one time donation or monthly right there at We got time for maybe one, maybe two more piece of good news. Who’s got it?

The Department of Labour Now Protects Religious Liberty


I’ve got it Rick. We’re going to Department of Labor. Man, we’ve spent a lot of time in Cabinet level departments that we didn’t expect, and Common Cause, and League of Women Voters, and the Department of Labor is another one of those heavily left leaning departments, or it has been. It’s got deep state and bureaucrats and whatnot, it’s just a massive thing.

They have now created a whole new office, and the office is focused on protecting America’s religious freedom in the workplace.

So they have this new initiative, where if you’re dealing with the Department of Labor, or if you’re in some some business that has labor, they’ve got this initiative now to work on religious liberty. So if you’re going to get federal grants, or federal monies, or whatever, you’re going to have to comply with protecting religious liberties.

We’ve seen, in recent years, people putting a bible verse up on their computer and getting in trouble for having a bible verse on their computer or whatever. This will deal with that. I was recently down talking to the Texas Attorney General about something totally different and found out that the guy who is now running this new department is one of our friends.

He is a great friend, great ally, great attorney, and a religious liberty specialist. He has 27 attorneys under him in this office. So we’re talking a major religious liberty initiative going on here at the Department of Labor. 27 attorneys focused on making sure we get religious liberty protected throughout the workplace across the country.

The Department of Labour”€¦ What a Turnaround!

That is the caliber of the First Liberty kind of folks, you know the Kelly Shackelford kind of person that we’ve got in there, and it is just… What a turnaround is going on in Washington D.C. over the last year and a half.

There was all sorts of questions about whether Trump would be any good. I don’t know whether we say he is good or not, but I will judge a tree by its fruits and say right now, man, the fruit he is turning out and what is happening is the entire federal government being pointed in a different direction at the bureaucratic level, is just absolutely phenomenal. It’s a great piece of news from the Department of Labor.


And to imagine, some people may say, “€œWait a minute, y”€™all are celebrating, at some levels, a growth of government?”€

This is actually a constitutional function of government, to protect our religious liberty and to make sure that the First Amendment is not being violated. So this is actually great news from our perspective, especially when you see how much it has been violated and how states are even violating it with some of the cases that we’re dealing with, and headed to the Supreme Court.

So very good news coming out the Department of Labor, man. We’ve had Department of Labor, we had the State Department, we’ve had good news from all kinds of places we don’t normally expect. If you want more of that, go to and listen to some of those previous Friday programs.

Really be listening all throughout the week. We get great interviews Monday through Wednesday, Foundations of Freedom Thursdays, and the Good News Friday. Thanks for being a part of WallBuilders. Thanks for listening to WallBuilders Live.