The Election Continues In The Spirit Of 2020 – Anything But Normal: Did over 40,000 people in Nevada vote early and often? Why is the Supreme Court Judge in New York so frustrated over their congressional race? What could the repercussions be from the legislative hearings in Georgia and Michigan? Will Gretchen Whitmer be impeached? How is big tech suppressing truth? Should social media giants have special protections? Tune in to hear the latest news as we near the end of this crazy year!

Air Date: 12/03/2020

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith and the Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. This is WallBuilders Live, where we’re talking about the hot topics of the day on policy, faith, culture, and of course, election seems to be dominating everything for the last couple of weeks at least, and may still do so for a few more weeks until we know the final outcome of the presidential race and even some of these congressional races.

My name is Rick Green, I’m a former Texas legislator, and America’s constitution coach. And I have the privilege of being here with David Barton, he’s America’s premier historian, and our founder here at WallBuilders and Tim Barton, national speaker, pastor and president of WallBuilders. You can learn about all three of us at, that’s our radio site.

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David, Tim, let’s dive into the election. Okay, so last 24 hours or so, hearings all over the place. We got a lot of catch up on, let’s start in Nevada.


Alright, guys, so looking at the state that has Las Vegas in it, and I’m saying that because I feel like I always get corrected by saying whatever the State’s name is incorrectly, but I know Las Vegas is there, as this power amp, which is where we do some Front Sight training, so I know there’s at least two cities there, but also Carson City. So yeah, I feel like I can name more cities and I can actually pronounce correctly the State. Anyway, I digress.

Nevada Lawsuits

Guys, you know the adage that you’re supposed to vote early and vote often, apparently that happened out in this State. It’s alleged now by the Trump campaign that 40,000 people voted twice in Nevada. And so there’s a lawyer for the Trump campaign that came out, and they’re filing a lawsuit now alleging that there’s at least 40,000 plus people who voted twice in the election. And certainly, if you’re enthusiastic about your candidates, you want to do well, you just keep going back to the poll, keep voting in.

You know, with this, I’m curious, certainly when you have mail-in voting, and certainly if there are elderly people in the population, there could be some situations where people unintentionally just forgetful, whether it’s for some of us listening, whether it’s the parents or grandparents or great grandparents, and obviously, if you’re doing mail-in voting, and you send a mail-in ballot a month in advance, and then you can’t remember, did I do it?

And now you’re thinking, man, is it really going to count? You might show up and vote in person just to verify to make sure, but 40,000 times, and I’m also curious, and this is part of what the lawsuits going to discover is, were those votes counted twice? But at least that they’ve been able to identify that there’s 40,000 plus people that at least attempted to vote twice whether or not those ballots were counted twice. We don’t know yet.

Nonetheless, this is more of the stuff that’s coming out. So more of what’s being discovered, and so we’ll definitely try to keep people up to date as we get more information. But that’s what’s happening so far right now in Nevada.

Vote Early…And Often??


And 40,000 is, you know, if you have 40,000 Democrat votes duplicated, that’s exactly the margin they needed, right, that Biden supposedly won by 33,000 votes, something like that?


Yeah. So it is enough that this could be a difference in the race in Nevada based on what happens with these votes. So it definitely is something that needs to be investigated, to get transparency to figure out what actually happened. And so that’s what this lawsuit is doing.


Now, one of the States we haven’t talked much about is New York, because it hasn’t been one of the ones that play on the presidential race. But David, you found some other races there that they’re still deciding?


Yeah, we talked a couple days ago about how that a Supreme Court justice in New York was just fed up with what’s going on in the congressional race there. It’s now been over four weeks, and they’re counting, they’re recounting, the lead goes to Democrat, it goes to Republican, no way, it goes to Democrat, no way, it goes to the Republican, he was so fed up and we even kidded about maybe it’s New York’s Common Core math.

He said, I want you guys, all eight counties, to bring your tally sheets here in front of me, I want to see your math, because you guys apparently can’t add or can’t do anything, because you keep coming up with different numbers every time you go through it.

Finding More and More Votes

So he gave them a deadline to do it. And they didn’t show up at the deadline and they say oh, by the way, we just found 55 more ballots that had not been counted yet. So what it was out of hundreds of thousands of ballots, what we’ve got is the Republican has a 12 volt lead over the Democrat. Now, the Democrat, when this all started on Election Day, the Republican led by 28,000 votes, that’s a 10% lead.

But then, they started finding absentee votes and affidavit ballots and all this stuff and all of a sudden the margin shrank to only 12 votes. So it went from 28,000 votes to 12 votes and now they’ve come up with another uncounted group of votes, 55 votes, we’ll see what that does. That Judge’s got to be frustrated. Man, they keep coming up with new math and keep changing the numbers and whatever. But New York, we had called it a couple days ago for the Republican now, it’s not really called for the Republican anymore.


You know, we used to call this the “Smell test”, right, it doesn’t pass the “Smell test”.


Yeah and it does make a difference too, when you look at the congressional lineup where right now the Democrat majority in Congress is shrinking significantly. And so if Republicans do pick up the seats, then you’re talking about Nancy Pelosi being only a couple seats or a couple of votes ahead on what’s going on. And it’s also very possible that even with these Democrats having a few more votes, there’s some issues that Democrats are going to side with Republicans on some of the stuff that’s going on.

Does It Pass the Smell Test?

And so, Rick, is you’re mentioned has it passed the “Smell test”, right? It makes you very suspicious when every ballots that’s found happens to be for the Democrat candidates, and the Democrats are trying to increase their margin to secure whatever kind of proposals they want to do, it doesn’t smell right, and what’s going on. But that does seem to follow precedent with what we have seen so much in this election.

Guys, in the midst of that, one of the things also going on is in Michigan and Georgia, they are holding hearings, where people are able to come in and testify to what they saw. Now this is significant, because we’ve already seen hearings in Pennsylvania, in Arizona, but here’s the difference. In Pennsylvania, in Arizona, they had hearings where people could come and testify, if they saw something that was suspicious or they thought it was fraudulent behavior activity, and so some of the people who’ve already given sworn testimony, their affidavits, they came forward and said, here’s what I saw. But the difference is in Pennsylvania, in Arizona, it was a group of legislators that were kind of holding an independent hearing, it wasn’t necessarily the legislative body.

In Georgia and in Michigan, they are holding hearings in the Senate. So this is an actual official state government process, which now can carry a lot more weight with what potentially they uncover with what might come forward. And then it is for maybe Arizona and Pennsylvania, where you had a few Republicans who were wanting to probably honestly and properly get news attention to some of the allegations that it certainly seemed too far as, if they’re true, are very, very bad. But at this point in Georgia, in Michigan, it’s different, because it’s before the Senate body, and now there can be some legal repercussions that come place from these hearings.

Will Gov. Whitmer Be Impeached?


You know, we’ve seen a lot of things in a lot of these hearings, I didn’t get to watch all these Michigan one. But I saw some clips of one of the ladies talking about seeing people put ballots through the machine 8 to 10 times each. I mean, that’s significant testimony.


Yeah, that’s significant testimony. Now, the deal is if it’s in a court of law, which Nevada we talked yesterday, they’re taking depositions. Now, both sides get to come out and say, could it have been this? Maybe you saw it this way, whatever and now you go to the veracity of the witness. So we’ve got the one side there, and that is, we’ve seen that from a number of affidavits where that they saw ballots being counted multiple times or cards inserted multiple times or whatever, and we’ve seen that even in some of the affidavits from the forensics experts, s some of the stuff has multiple runs on it.

So I mean, it appears to be evidence. It’s definitely in the hearing. It’s definitely enough to raise questions in the state legislature. And the reason that significant is the state legislature is the one that really assigns the electors and what they’re going to do. So if the actual state legislature thinks there’s really something as Tim said, nefarious here, then you can see a change in the way the electors are distributed or assigned, so that’s why this is a big deal.

And also in Michigan, this is unrelated to the election news, but it’s kind of in the news now. You have three Republican lawmakers that have filed impeachment charges against the Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and they’ve done it really not over election stuff, they’ve done it over COVID stuff. They just kind of had it like a lot of Americans had.

They’re kind of fed up with it. It’s interesting. The stuff that they list, they says she’s violated the constitutional rights of the people in Michigan, she’s exceeded the constitutional authority. She’s issued orders that are not in the best interest of the people of the state and she’s used the pandemic as an opportunity to reward political allies. And so…

Ban Indoor Gatherings?


Here, Amen to all of that.


Yeah. And it says her decision is to ban indoor gatherings of more than two households Thanksgiving, and a three week prohibition on in-person high school and college classes, she’s crossed the line. I’m sure she has, I’m not sure that’s impeachable. I mean, you can impeach over anything if you want, but that’s kind of like what happened with Trump impeachment in the house charged with him?

So the other Republican lawmakers are not lining up behind this. But this is just a good illustration of the frustration that’s out there, not only with citizens who are falling in lawsuits, but even with legislators who want to get the attention to their governor and have her back off if possible. So don’t expect this to go anywhere. It’s probably not going to go anywhere, but it is in the news and it is something worth noting.


Yeah, I’m actually glad to see that, just because as Legislators, they should be incredibly frustrated with the dictatorships around the country and legislators not being able to do their job, which is to make these laws instead of letting the governor do it by themselves. So this is actually a good thing to see.

Kate Brown and the Extreme Lockdowns


Yeah, and guys, speaking of things that people are doing, because they’re frustrated, but likely won’t go anywhere. Up in Oregon, or what could be Idaho, potentially, although not likely, there’s a couple counties up in Oregon who are very frustrated with what’s been happening with the State, both from the radical policies of Governor Kate Brown with some of the extreme lockdowns that have gone on because of the fears of COVID-19. But also looking at the lack of activity and the lack of leadership from people like Portland Mayor, Ted Wheeler, and in the midst of Portland having so much chaos, so many riots, so much destruction, and with the Mayor not stopping Antifa, not stopping some of these people that are claiming to be supporting Black Lives Matter going out and destroying things. People in the state of Oregon have become very frustrated.

So there’s a couple, actually, Oregon’s one of those states we talked about, there’s many States like in Illinois, even like in New York, where if you took out the major city, much of the State is very, very conservative. Well, there’s some very conservative people up in Oregon, and they’re very frustrated that some of these liberal policies are infringing on so many of their rights, that they are starting a motion to have these two counties secede from Oregon and join Idaho, which is actually a conservative state. Now, this is one of those things that this is really not likely to happen at all, because you have to get the approval of both state legislators and then US Congress has to approve it, because you’re changing State boundaries. So the odds that’s happens are basically 0.001.


Well, I don’t understand why they can’t just identify as Idahoans. I mean, if we can choose our identity, if we could just identify and we can make reality on what we choose for our identity, why can’t they just choose the state with which they want to identify? Why can’t that be reality?

The Liberal Double Standard


Well, there’s this thing called a double standard that Democrats love to use against Republicans or Conservatives or Christians. But yes, it should be that easy, saying, here’s how I identify and here’s what truth means to me. And I don’t identify you as my leader or truth or authority, so I don’t recognize your authority. It’s just that’s not exactly how it works. Although it would be interesting to see that discussion.


You know, when we seeing these types of things, some in Northern California was looking at trying to do some of that as well, and I think, same thing in Washington State and other places, and I bet we see more movements like this in the coming years, just because we do seem to become more and more split in the country. And so people are going to be looking for ways to either make red States more red and blue States more blue, or even potentially trying to get some of those red areas out of blue dominated States and vice versa. Who knows where it all goes. Let’s take a quick break. We’ll be right back, folks, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

The American Story

Hey, guys, we want to let you know about our new resource we have here at WallBuilders called The American Story. For years, people have been asking us to do a history book, and we finally done it. We start with Christopher Columbus and go roughly through Abraham Lincoln. And one of the things that so often we hear today are about the imperfections of America, or how so many people in America that used to be celebrated or honored really aren’t good or honorable people.

One of the things we acknowledge quickly in the book is that the entire world is full of people who are sinful and need a savior, because the Bible even tells us that “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” And yet what we see through history and certainly is evident in America is how a perfect God uses imperfect people and does great things through them. The story of America is not the story of perfect people. But you see time and time again how God got involved in the process and use these imperfect people to do great things that impacted the entire world from America. To find out more, go to and check out The American Story.


We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us today. Be sure to visit our websites today at and, catching up on a lot of the election news still coming in fast and furious on a daily basis. Probably will be this way for at least a few more days, maybe a few more weeks, and even possibly, I don’t want to scare everybody, maybe into January, especially since that’s when the electoral college votes will be opened on January 6. But let’s take a look at some of the other things that are happening around the country that aren’t necessarily election related.



Well, something that even though it’s not election related is very political, is looking at what President Trump tweeted out this weekend and actually, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany talked about it is the NDA which is a National Defense Authorization Act, which is what funds the military. And guys, we’ve talked for years about how crazy it is that you have a bill that covers a very specific topic and yet there are so many add-ons to this bill, because people generally know that well, and the National Defense Authorization Act just if anybody is not aware is what funds the military. Even though it looks like we have a permanent military, we don’t the military is funded every two years.

One of the things Constitution tells us that we will not have a standing army and that actually goes back to the Declaration of Independence, when Britain all the way back in the American Revolution used to force Americans to house British troops and they said, but we have to have an army there for your protection, but you’re going to have to pay for them, you’re going to take care of them and feed them, etc. And so they said, look, we don’t want a standing army; we want an army formed when we need it, and so this was part of the state militias, a lot of things that grew from that.

But we recognize in the world in the era we live in, it’s always good to have an army on call, so we always want those soldiers trained. So every two years, we do new funding for the military to make sure that we are staying ready and diligent and our training is proficient, etc. So in the midst of this, we want to fund the military because they help protect our freedom, they help protect and uphold the Constitution, but also our livelihood, etc. Well, Congress has found that because we want to support the military, generally, as an American nation, we like being safe and having freedom, that they will stick anything they want into this package and get all kinds of crazy funding done, and so it’s not unusual this happening.

Section 230

But one of the things President Trump said is that looking at this NDAA that’s coming out, he’s very serious about vetoing this unless…


Which is a big deal, because Trump has been pro-military, he’s rebuilt the military. He’s done everything he could to help the military, give them pay raises. He loves the military.


Absolutely, he does. Now, that’s not what the media will tell you, because I’m sure if he comes out against this or says they’re going to veto, they’re going to say, oh, Trump hates the military, which is obnoxious, outrageous, and ridiculous, right, throw in more adjectives because it’s all of those things. But Trump said, unless there is a repeal of Section 230, and for those people who’ve been paying attention, Section 230 is what protects the big tech industry, social media giants.

Right now, when you have the censoring on Facebook, or Twitter, or the suppression on Google and all these different places, what they identify as that well, wait a second, we are just a platform, we are not content providers, necessarily. We’re a platform that allows people do it.

But the problem is when they begin editing, now, they’re not just the same open space that would be protected under Section 230, so there’s a lot more details in the midst of it. But essentially, the big tech industry is protected like nobody else in America, nobody else in the market, no big business, small business, nobody else is protected like these guys are in Section 230.

 Social Media Giant Supression

And, Trump’s recognizing like this is ridiculous that people are receiving fact checks put on them for saying things that are true, that people are being censored, that people are being limited and stuff being taken down, and so he is very strongly in favor of repealing Section 230. So that will certainly be a discussion going forward. At this point, no idea what’s going to happen with it. But it will be interesting to see what Trump does even with the National Defense Authorization Act related to Section 230 protections dealing with social media.


And part of the way we can even explain this better is if you’re a platform, if you’re a news platform, you’re just like a bulletin board, anybody can go up there and post something on the bulletin board. You see this in a lot of cities. Just look at telephone posts, they put every hand bill up they can on a telephone post that nobody says oh, that hand bill has to come down. They just leave it up, so that’s a platform.


Now, let me pause for a second. Hey, what’s a handbill?


Oh, there you go.


What are we talking about right now?


Different generations, there you go.


Are you talking about like the pictures that we put on Instagram? Just helped me clarify for a second.

There Should be No Filter


Yeah, there you go. It’s a printed piece of paper that comes out of a copy machine…


What’s a copy machine?


Oh, yeah, that’s too, oh, man, man, I’m digging a deep here. Yeah…


Well, no, but obviously, we understand you’re communicating and what used to be very, very common, where there’d be a wall and you stick up your information you’re wanting to add, whatever you’re doing, and everybody had access to it. There’s really no filter, so to speak on that wall and that’s what these social media platforms were supposed to be. And that’s not what they’re doing.


And that’s why Section 230 is so what you’re seeing now is they are taking sides. And if you didn’t have the ability to sue because of really wrong or attacking kind of content, look at Nick Sandmann, Nick Sandmann got attacked by the media, he went after them. He’s held him accountable. He’s been able to settle losses, because they lied about him on air and hurt his reputation.

That’s what the social media giants are doing. They’re altering the news in such a way that you can’t really get the news. And so take that protection away out of Section 230, make them just like NBC or CBS or ABC, that you’ll get sued if you take over the news and start reinterpreting things. Just make them accountable.

Controlling Christian, Conservative Content


And it’s totally fine if they want to do that. They just have to be a different kind of programming platform than what they are, because if they’re going to be an open content platform that they can’t edit or they can’t monitor and even the fact checkers are using are extremely left leaning organizations. And so the fact checking they’re doing it is predominantly,

And, I’m not going to say exclusively, although I probably accurately could say exclusively of Christians and Conservatives and people on the opposite side of the political aisle, but they’re not fact checking some of these communist leaders and dictators. You don’t see that on Twitter, even though they’re putting up very obscene, incorrect, inaccurate content, they’re much quicker to fact check a Conservative, Republican, or a Christian than anybody else.


And I’ve been personally exposed in a very real way to the way they’re controlling content right now. So we had finished a book that we recently did called “The American Story”. It was a book that went back and looked at American history from essentially Columbus through the end of slavery. Well, we’ve got another one that’s going to be coming out from essentially the end of slavery on through the space race and more of the American story.

And so as I was working on a number of stories this week, one was Cecil B. DeMille, the great Hollywood guy. He was nominated for 12 Academy Awards. He produced 81 movies.

I mean, the mega movies, he was really the father of these Hollywood epics, where you have thousands and thousands and thousands of the cast. And he’s a strong Christian. He’s one of the guys who helped direct 10 Commandments monuments all over the United States, about 4,000 monuments at the time of the 10 Commandments movie. And so he’s a strong Christian.

Which Search Engine Should You Use?

So I was looking on Bing, which was my typical search engine, I looked on Bing for Cecil B. DeMille, Christian, couldn’t get anything to come up. I thought I know better than that, there’s lots out there. And so I just switched to another engine, I just picked DuckDuckGo, and I put the same search terms in and all of a sudden, dozens of articles pop up on Cecil B. DeMille, the Christian. Now, it couldn’t get on to pop up on Bing. So I tried some other stuff as well.

I went to some other things like John Clum, who’s an Indian agent, he’s the guy who actually captured Geronimo. But he’s an Indian agent that was a Quaker guy, he was a Christian guy, he was really on the side of the Indians, but he was also on the side of justice. So really good story out of the Old West. And so I was thinking for Christian John Clum, this Quaker guy, and again, on Bing, nothing pops up. I get on other search engines, and I get the information. So I’m finding that even when I searched for terms where I want the content, I want that Christian content, I can’t even find it on some of those search engines. It’s amazing.


And especially when you know the stories are there, right? Because we you already know a lot of what you are looking for, you’re just trying to find the right sources, so you can document it for the new book that we are working on right now. And when the sources are obviously there, because other sites bring it right up for you, this is where there’s that suppression and that monitoring or filtering.

And it is interesting that some of this content that’s being suppressed was related to the Christian faith. And it’s like, now, wait a second, why would you suppress somebody’s Christian faith? And we were even talking about looking back at so many of the heroes that we highlighted in the first book, The American Story: The Beginnings.

Suppressing Searches

And, the fact that so many of these guys were noted people of faith, which is why we wanted to tell it some of their story, how remarkable it was and how God used them in really special ways, and they were doing things very innovative and promoting all kinds of great moral values at a time when it wasn’t always the norm where they were or for the world or culture, whatever else.

And if you do some basic searches, even for those guys, and like you mentioned on multiple different search engines, you won’t find any mention of their faith, although it was very, very apparent not only from the writings, but even early biographies used to talk about how they were people of faith, or they were Christians. And so not only are you seeing political suppression and political fact checking, you’re seeing suppression of Christianity, and even people who were well-known and professing Christians, even that information is being suppressed by a lot of this big tech kind of industry.


Well, one of the other things I searched from Bing, now, you understand that when a big story comes out, a lot of news outlets are going to cover it. But what’s unique is every news outlet has its own headline for the story. So if I take the headline off the Washington Post, and type it in, it’s not going to pull up an article by the Washington Times or by the New York Times, or by the LA Times, that title, if I use that title off their article, it will pull up the Washington Post.

So, I was looking at the Blaze, which is one of the conservative networks out there, Glenn Beck started the Blaze. And so I was looking for an article title there and I just typed the article title in on Bing, it would not even bring up the network of the Blaze, it wouldn’t even show us an option. And so it redirected me to all of the combinations of words. It would not bring up the Blaze even when I typed in a phrase that would normally leads there.

It’s Crazy!

So I was talking to Glenn Beck about that this week, and he said, yeah, because of what they’ve done in changing that, they’re down 25 million page views a week, is what it has dropped them, because the search engines Just don’t let them go to Conservative news outlets anymore. It is absolutely crazy what these big tech guys are doing, in controlling the content in controlling the political viewpoint, in controlling the philosophical, the faith viewpoint.

I mean, it’s crazy. So what President Trump has threatened to do is actually a good thing to threaten to do. Now whether he can actually get it done or not, that’s a whole different thing.


And I got to admit, guys, I mean, that’s why I want how to win this win, because I’ve been like most people, I mean, I’ve searched on Google since, I’ve been on the internet, right? And so I just now in the last week said, okay, that’s it. I’m done with these guys when I saw some of the testimony, and I mean, I’d heard this stuff, and I know crews had those hearings as summer.

But, when I saw just how bad they were manipulating, even the searches I’m doing, you know, when I’m doing my research for our show, and things like that, they’re limiting the information that I’m getting. So I finally said, forget it. You know, and I put out a call to people, I said, what can I use?

The Election Continues In The Spirit Of 2020 – Anything But Normal

You know, DuckDuckGo or what? That was the one everybody came back and said. But how do we get people to do that? I mean, if I’m just now doing it, we really got to wake up, people, to realize your data research is being manipulated.


Yeah. And guys, this is one of the reasons that we actually do the show. It’s the reason that we exist. And Patriot Academy and WallBuilders and all the things that we are doing is to help provide information so that people can make better informed decisions, obviously, from the historic, the biblical, the constitutional perspective.

And so I mean, Rick, this is a journey that I think a lot of us are walking on, but now enough people are getting frustrated saying we’re going to do something, we’re not putting up with us anymore. And so I think we will definitely see some transition and change going forward.


Yeah, well, that’s a good reason folks to keep tuning in on a daily basis. We’re going to have some good news for you tomorrow, our Good News Friday program coming up tomorrow. Be sure to check it all out at, and again, that’s the place to make that donation, we’re a listener-supported program. So thank you to all of you listeners across the country that continue to donate on a monthly basis and you one-time donors as well. We really appreciate you coming alongside.

Thanks for listening today to WallBuilders Live.