Election Fraud And The 2020 Elections – With Barry Loudermilk: Trump went to the Supreme Court yesterday over voter fraud in Pennsylvania. Should the election actually be finished on election day? Why are Attorneys General from other states, like Missouri and Kentucky, joining Trump’s lawsuit? Why is Twitter shutting Trump down again? How many times have they shut down Biden? Dead people voting in Nevada? Why were electronic counting machines connected to outside sources while counting? Should Trump really press forward with the case against election fraud? What could this mean for the future of our country? Will the Supreme Court have a decision to make? Tune in to get our latest updates as things progress in Decision 2020!

Air Date: 11/10/2020

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith and the Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. You found us at WallBuilders Live. You can check out our website at wallbuilderslive.com. I’m Rick Green here with David Barton and Tim Barton and man, the election news just keeps pouring in, still undecided and will be for probably quite some time. David, Tim, let’s just jump in and catch us up what happened yesterday and where are we as of Tuesday?


Well, there was a lot that happened yesterday. Late in the afternoon, President Trump issued a call for prayer. He asked that people pray because they were going to the Supreme Court at 5pm Eastern Time. And so at that point, they filed an amicus with US Supreme Court, asking the Supreme Court take up the issue in Pennsylvania, where that the state Supreme Court issued a ruling that you can receive those for several days after the election is over. 

Instead of the election being done on Election Day, they actually extended votes come in late. So that went to the Supreme Court. There’s other stuff going on in Pennsylvania as well, different kinds of lawsuits that are going there. You actually had Missouri and Kentucky attorneys generals joining the lawsuit, this one in Pennsylvania over mail-in ballots and that deadline extension. So you now have things going in the US Supreme Court asking for…


So, Attorneys Generals from other states actually joining in and saying how bad Pennsylvania got this?

Attorneys General


Yes. Because if that’s a precedent that’s allowed to stand, it affects every State. If that kind of precedent that we can change the elections the last hour, at the 11th hour, we can add more days or do whatever, if the law does not mean what law means, then it’s bad for the other States. So you now have several other states that have jumped in as well. In Nevada, and by the way, President Trump was issuing tweets today on what’s happening in various States. He was talking about Nevada and Michigan and other states, and Twitter shut him down and said, well, that’s not true information. I would think he knows what his lawsuit are about.

But nonetheless, Twitter shut him down, which now makes 111 times that Twitter has shut down President Trump and they’ve shut down Joe Biden zero. So Trump got pulled down for giving updates on this. But in Nevada, they have now found a number of dead people voting and they have recorded a Biden Harris van that came in from out of state with bags of mail in ballots in it. So they have that being delivered in Nevada, and that’s an issue that’s going on there that came up today.

There’s three stories out of Michigan that tens of thousands of unsealed ballots came to Michigan county and all work for democrats of those now lawsuit pending on that, because when ballots come in, they don’t all go for one candidate, especially when they come in a big bags like that. There’s now one, Pat Colbeck, and when we add on several times, he has documented and given sworn affidavit, so will be part of the lawsuit saying that he watched online as the computer counts.

Not only were they counting, but they were attached to outside online sources at the time. And that’s illegal because that means somebody from the outside can be dumping votes in while you’re counting. And so he has all the stuff on the affidavits to that how that he saw them and pointed out to them and recorded, that they were connected to outside sources online as they were counting ballots on the electronic county, so they can’t do that. That’s another part of the lawsuit.

Michigan Legislature

And now with all this going on the Michigan legislature on Saturday, so this weekend, they call themselves into a special session to start holding an investigation into all the irregularities that are going on in Michigan. So now the House and Senate have gotten into the fray there because they’ve had so many calls and so much evidence given by their own constituents that now the legislature is looking into it. So Michigan is still really kind of blown up, it’s still really early to say anything but lots of legal stuff going there.

The Trump lawsuit in Arizona is still going and the Trump campaign files another lawsuit over the rejected votes. So Maricopa County, which is a Democrat area, they were accepting Democrat votes that had the same kind of irregularities and thrown out the Republican votes that did not. So the selective, pick and choose, you know, which votes to count which they don’t and what’s been rejected, so they have a lawsuit now going on that in Arizona as well. So that’s what’s going on in Arizona.

Jumping into other election news, I got an update from California. Last night, that in Orange County, which has been blue for several elections, that every one of the Democrats had won until they’d finished counting the ballots and now all the Republicans have won, all of them switched and switched from Democrat to Republican because they counted the military ballots and they counted the mail-in ballots they had not counted yet, when they announced all the Democrat wins.

So you now have two congressional seats held by Republican women that were previously held by Democrats in Orange County. So that’s a real shift. The congressional balance of power as a black night set at 215 Democrats that have been confirmed elected and they need 218, half a majority and 200 Republicans. So Republicans have thus far had a plus seven gain in the house, so there’s 20 seats still out.

And right now Republican’s leading in 16 of those 20 seats. So if there’s no surprises, it could end up being 219 to 216. But if one or two of those Democrats are expected to win end up not winning, it could be the Republicans actually take the House. But at this point, they’re going to be very close, just side by side with the Democrats, almost even parity if they don’t take the house, which is the way things look right now.

Moment From American History


Man, it sounds like we’re still winning in a lot of ways. I mean, that’s what it sounds like to me anyway. Quick break, we’re going to talk to one of those congressmen, Barry Loudermilk from Georgia, get an update on the congressional races and on what’s going on in Georgia as well. Stay with us, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

This is Tim Barton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history. In 1963, the United States Supreme Court decided that voluntary Bible reading could no longer be part of the school day. Founding Father, Benjamin Rush, known as the ‘Father of Public Schools’ under the Constitution, pointedly warned that the Bible should be read in schools in reference to all other books. He specifically warned that if America ever cease promoting biblical principles in schools, then we would waste so much time and money and punishing crimes and takes so little pains to prevent them.

He was right. We now have 7 million Americans in prison, on probation or on parole, and the United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world. Sadly, this was unnecessary, but is the result of no longer teaching the morals of the Bible in schools.

For more information about the Founding Fathers views on the positive impact of the Bible in schools, go to wallbuilders.com


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. Our good friend, Congressman Barry Loudermilk of Georgia is back with us. Congressman, always good to have you, man.

Welcome Barry Loudermilk


Oh, it’s always good to be with you, Rick.


And why is it we seem to get you when times are crazy, what’s up with that?


Well, it’s 2020. I mean, anytime this year is just like that, you know.


That’s true. No doubt. Well, first of all, I’m assuming your election went really well?


It did. It did. It was a big turnout for Republicans across Georgia. And I had probably the most formidable opponent I’ve ever had, raised more money than any other opponent I’ve had on the Democrat side. But yet we won with a larger margin than we ever have in a general election. So it’s crazy and it’s really crazy.


Well, congratulations on that, for sure. And I’m sure being a Georgia Congressman, you’re watching the Georgia recount and election chaos that’s happening across the country, seven states still really, frankly, some sort of limitation on being able to say that they’re done when there’s a court case or a recount, or they’re not even done counting. So anyway, there’s chaos all over.

What’s Going on in Georgia

So we want to talk to you a little bit about the chaos and what you make of the Georgia situation. But also, man, I mean, Republicans clean House on the state legislative races, and the congressional races. You guys in Congress in the Republican caucus must be high fiving right now?


We are and we’re still going to gain some more seats. And it was amazing to me that by an hour after the polls closed in Georgia, I’m watching the television, and one of the news channels predicts that Democrats are going to gain 15 seats, and I’m scratching my head. How in the world are they claiming this when the results aren’t even coming in yet? It’s almost like they were reading a script. But yet, not only did Nancy Pelosi not gain seats, she’s losing seats.

We have already picked up a net gain of 7. There’s two more seats in New York that we are 99% sure we’re going to pick those up. There are even 3 in California that were highly positive we’re going to get. But all in all, we won’t have quite enough to get the majority it looks like, but it’s going to be just a within 2 or 3 seat majority for Nancy Pelosi, which is a really a huge gain for us.


And completely the opposite, right of what the polling support, you know, the media, they’ve been trying to feed us that all year long. You all prove them wrong, for sure. And we really across the board, the Senate races, the presidential race, it was all way off from what the media said was going to happen, which leans somewhat to this question of is the presidential race accurate from what people are saying?

How could you guys have gained seats in the House, you know, we held all those Senate seats? I mean, the legislative races across the country heavily when the Republicans way. They didn’t get any of the state chambers that they thought they were going to get. We got three of theirs. I mean, on every other side of the ledger, Republicans did incredibly well. And yet here we are on this presidential race with all these questionable ballots and questionable things happening.

If They’re Questionable, Resolve Them


And questionable is the word. And you know, I look at it, if they’re questionable, then we need to resolve it. But we have so many forces that are trying to stop us from even determining there’s a ballot legal, or is it not? The irony is that the morning after the election, I checked on the Georgia Secretary of State’s website to look at the map of the counties in Georgia and see which counties still had not reported their vote tallies.

And there was a little dozen or so and they looked very familiar to me, so I went and pulled up the map from the 2016 election. And would you believe the counties that were still counting ballots are the exact counties to the number that voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Now, how is it that the Republican voting counties were able to get their vote tallies done but yet the Democrats weren’t, and then, days later, they keep finding more and more and more ballots? So these are highly questionable circumstances that we need to get to the bottom of. And we’ve jumped in with the Trump team, and we’re helping them.

In Georgia, if you send in an absentee ballot, and it is rejected, you have up until three days after the election to go to the elections office and do what they call “Fear of the Ballot, which is resolve the issue if it’s a signature mismatch, or let’s say your ballot was damaged in the mail and couldn’t be read, you can come in and fill out a new replacement ballot. There were 8,000 Republicans in Georgia that their balance were rejected for some reason or another. So we put together our campaign team and several others, and we called all 8,000 Republicans in two days to get them to go fix their ballots.

During that process, so we found a mother of a soldier who was killed in Afghanistan three years earlier. She found out his ballot was received at one of the elections offices.

A Full Audit


Oh, wow!


Someone had hijacked his ballot. We’re getting reports of people who went to go vote in person, and they were being told no, you cannot vote because we already received the absentee ballot when they did not send in an absentee ballot. So we have several cases, individual cases of people who are willing to sign affidavits that they were victims of voter fraud. So we know it’s out there, to the extent is what we need to determine during the recount, and it needs to be a full audit.


Yeah, and I haven’t heard anybody say, you know, unequivocally, absolutely, there was enough fraud here to steal the election. What we’re all saying is, we just want to know for sure, you know, we just want transparency. We just want really for the peace of the country, right? I mean, I had a recount, Barry, years ago, and after I recount, you know, I’d lost on election night, 20 vote difference.

We had a recount, my opponent and I both, we watched every ballot, all 30,000 ballots, one of our team members was looking at every ballot. When it was all said and done, I won. And he didn’t demand another recount, like he could have under the law. He said, hey, man, we looked at every ballot, you won, it’s obvious. I mean, that’s what you want at the end of the day, is for both sides to be able to say, okay, you may have won, you may have lost, but you can have some confidence that at least it was accurate.



Exactly. And the question I have is not doing anything wrong in counting, but that was initially, why are we not allow somebody to watch what you’re doing? And we’re seeing that play out in Pennsylvania. I don’t see how the Supreme Court cannot overturn Pennsylvania’s elections, because they have violated even the opinion of the Supreme Court in the Bush v Gore, to where each county was treating voters differently.

And that was one of the key decisions that gave Bush the presidency back during that in early 2000s. And so Pennsylvania is clearly violating that. And so we may be looking at a situation, I just heard that, Real Clear Politics has just withdrawn their projection of Biden winning Pennsylvania, has taken back those electorates. And so…


That’s huge.


…put Biden back below the 270 mark. So we could end up with the House of Representatives making this decision on the House floor of who’s going to be the president.


And from what I understand, Barry, I know you guys are already looking at this. That is done by State and we have at least 26 delegations and could end up with 28 or 29, after all the recounting. But we have at least 26. Is that right?

Population Centers


That’s right. And you know, as more the races start coming in, we’ll get a better picture of it. But yes, Republicans hold the majority of State delegations. And so this is, you know, even though Democrats have a majority of the members of Congress, that’s because of New York and California and Illinois.

They’re high population centers, they just have a whole lot of Democrats, but very few Republicans. But republicans are scattered across the various States, and we do hold a majority, or is believe we will hold a majority of those States and it is one vote per state. So, you know, this is 26 votes and we’ve selected a president.


That’s right. And that’s not the first time it’s happened. So for all those people that would think, oh, you’re doing something that’s never been done, not at all, it’s been done multiple times actually. Is kind of the Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams battle of 1824 and other examples as well.

But I don’t know most people don’t know, and I’m sure you remember Mark Harris’s redo of an election whenever they couldn’t verify that those mail-in ballots and all that were accurate, they literally redid the election. Is that too much to ask of a state to do that? And is anybody in Congress talking about that?


Well, there is some discussion on it. But when you look, Georgia, okay, and it’s really you’ve got two races that are in question or possibly three. You’ve gotten the presidential race and then we’re in a unique situation where we actually have two Senate races going on at the same time, because of Senator Johnny Isakson resigning for health reasons before his term was up. So those are the only races that really may have been impacted by this, possibly one congressional seat up in the northeastern portion of the State. So it’s kind of a balancing act.

State Houses?

Do you redo the entire election which we were able to hold the State House and the States Senates? Were those elections subjected to the fraud, or was it just the presidential? Because obviously, when you look at it, there had to be a large number of ballots that came in just voting for the president, and possibly the Senate candidates and didn’t go down ballot.

So that’s, I think, they’re trying to avoid doing reelections, but you could see that happen. But if that does happen, then that’s going to be huge undertaking, especially to get an election done before Inauguration Day. That’s what you do with house candidates, you know.


Yeah, especially if it’s going to impact the House candidates. No doubt about it. And just to be clear for our listeners on the dates of all this stuff, you guys are sworn in on January 3rd, the counting of the electoral ballots by law is January 6th. That’s not a constitutional provision, but that’s a federal law that that’s done on January 6th, and Constitution gives Congress the power to do that. So it would be the new Congress that would make these big decisions. Right?


Right, it would be. And so that also is helpful to our side, because we will have a larger number of Republican members in the House of Representatives. And keep in mind with Pennsylvania, if the Supreme Court throws out a certain number of ballots, because one thing that my understanding is they did in Pennsylvania is when the question was brought up on certain ballots, those ballots were set aside.

They weren’t intermingled. So if those ballots are thrown out by the Supreme Court, we could be looking at actually winning three more House seats in Pennsylvania. So it’s 2020 all over. I mean, this just…



Oh, my goodness, Barry. So you’re saying, wait a minute, I didn’t know about this. So you’re saying that and especially if so all these other races that are still haven’t even been called, you guys could get to like 214 Maybe? I mean, and then if those three came, we’re looking at 218, 217. You’re giving me nightmares here, man!


Well, I mean, if you look at it, we’re looking at in reality somewhere between 10 and 12. You know, it’s 218 to have the majority, and people rotate out of Congress all the time. You know, there’s a lot of our members that are elderly, you have some that die in office, you have some that resigned, some they get caught doing bad thing, and they’re pushed out of office. When you’re looking at, if we’re seating it 212 and 215, the majority to flip in the middle of Congress at some point.


Yeah, wow! Man, what you’re really telling me is 2020 is never going to end. Is that what you’re saying, Barry? No…


That’s right. It’s going to be 100 different ballgame in Washington DC this coming year, because one thing you also have to reflect upon is does power of your majority often determines the makeup of different committees. So the committees are ratioed by the number of seats each party has.

Republican/Democrat Ratio

So we’re going to see a much closer ratio between Republicans and Democrats in some of these committees. And moderate Democrats that are still Left that have been upset about the socialist move that has taken over the Democratic Party, you may see a little more cooperation with Republicans from that side and may even be able to see some legislation moves through committee that we’ve been set down in the past


Interesting. Very interesting. Alright, brother, I kept you longer than I said I would. Before we go, how important is it for people to help in Georgia over the next 60 days if you end up with those two runoffs?


Extremely important, there’s so much. There’s even talk right now, some of the Silicon Valley billionaires and Wall Street billionaires paying people to move into Georgia and votes. There is a little loophole in the law that if the only way you can vote in a special election, a runoff election is if you had already registered to vote for the November election. So you can’t come and just register and vote for just to be able to vote in that runoff election unless you’re 17 years old, and you turn 18 before that election.

And so there’s already efforts out there by some of these billionaires to pay young people to actually move into Georgia. They’ll pay for their apartment just so they can register and vote. I mean, this is how desperate these folks have come to take over power. So we need people working. We need people helping.

You know, our candidates are going to have to raise all this money again, and I can tell you millions and millions of dollars from Democrats are getting flew into Georgia. And I’m not just talking about run of the mill Democrats, I’m talking about far left socialists are going to be trying to take these two Senate seats and that could clip the balance of power in the Senate.

Kamala Harris


Yeah, yeah. No, it could be the whole ballgame, especially if Biden is actually president, that means Kamala Harris is the senate president and breaks that 50-50 tie if we were to lose both of those seats in Georgia. Which I mean, I literally could see a billion dollars being spent in 60 days. I don’t think that’s outside the realm of possibility especially we talk about moving people in like that. So man, alright, brother.

Well, we look forward to having you back, excited about your reelection, really excited about the number of victories, and a lot of good people come to help you. There’s a lot of, Barry Loudermilk types that got elected this time. And so there’s some really good conservatives coming, a lot of prolife ladies, I mean, there’re just a lot of good stuff that happened. Everybody’s down out there. They need to know we got good people like you in Washington fighting for us. We appreciate you, man.


Well, thank you, Rick, we appreciate all you do to keep the people engaged and informed.


Well, stay with us, folks, we’ll be right back. That was congressman Barry Loudermilk. We’ll be right back with David and Tim Barton.

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We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. And thanks to the congressman Barry Loudermilk for joining us as well. Alright, David, Tim, obviously still close, as Barry said, there’s still congressional seats out there that we don’t know like you were saying earlier, David. But on the congressional side, it looks great, and even on the presidential side, things are starting to move the other direction.



Well, guys, the fact that so much of the corruption is continuing to come forward and be exposed when the argument against so much of what President Trump has been doing, saying, let’s investigate, let’s find out these lawsuits, you know, people have said, look, these voter fraud doesn’t happen. There’s not widespread voter fraud. And yet you’re finding these battleground states continue cases coming forward.

And so certainly, even what we’re hearing with some what’s happening in Georgia, these other places, dad, even as you mentioned before, Barry was on in this interview, and what’s being found, it’s very telling. But I was so encouraged when congressman, Loudermilk talked about the fact that and this was something I had not really thought about till he brought it up, and dad, I mean, certainly you pointed this out too.

But the reality that if we’re looking right now where the election is, and certainly looking at Trump and going, man, it’s so sad that things haven’t turned out better yet, we still think a lot of that might change in court, we’re still very prayerful, we’re optimistic.

But looking at the House, and looking at the fact that Nancy Pelosi possibly could start as the Speaker of the House because she’s a leader from the majority, and somewhere in the middle of this term of Congress, she might lose that position because of three or four seats change, then all of a sudden Republicans and Barry pointed out, right.

Election Fraud And The 2020 Elections – With Barry Loudermilk

I mean, sometimes people, they retire, they stepped down, they’re forced down, they die. Guys, this is a crazy thought, which gives me so much encouragement with what’s going for with the lawsuits with the Senate. And even the House, going back just a couple days ago, never thought we could possibly be where we are right now. This is good news for potentially where we can go forward.


Folks, you got to tune into WallBuilders Live for an update on this. Tomorrow, we’re going to take a break from the election because it’s Veterans Day and so we’re going to honor our veteran, we got a special guest tomorrow on the program. But then Thursday, we’ll be talking about Foundations of Freedom with regard to what the Constitution says about all of this; Good News Friday, we’re going to highlight some more of these victories across the country. So don’t miss it. Check it out at wallbuilderslive.com or listen to a station near you.

You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.