Top Ten Pro-Life Victories Since The Trump Administration Took Office: Special guest Father Frank from Priests for Life is joining us on today”€™s program. There have been more pro-life victories than we can count in just the short time since the Trump administration but today we are going to highlight the top ten most significant victories so far. Tune in now to learn more!

Air Date: 10/29/2018

Guest: Father Frank

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith And The Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture.  This is WallBuilders Live! Where we”€™re talking about today”€™s hottest topics on policy, faith, and the culture, all of it from a Biblical, historical, and Constitutional perspective.

We’re here with David Barton, America’s premier historian and the founder of WallBuilders. Also, Tim Barton, national speaker, pastor, and president of WallBuilders. And my name is Rick Green, I’m a former Texas state legislator, national speaker, and author.




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Later in the program, Father Frank Pavone will be with us from Priests for Life. They got a great new video out. We”€™ll have links to that video as well.

David, Tim, he’s going to be talking about some of the pro-life. I don’t think we can cover all of it in our short 30 minute program. All of the pro-life victories that have happened in the last, what 18—what has it been? 18-20 months now of the of the Trump Administration—but they highlight some of the most important ones. We’re going to talk about them today.

The Most Pro-Life President


Actually it”€™s been 22 months now, Rick.  There’s been a lot of good happening, and he is certainly one of the most pro-life presidents we’ve had. There’s no question that Ronald Reagan was, Ronald Reagan actually wrote a book against abortion while he was president. So his book Against Abortion is a great book to read. It is well done. It is very tasteful, very optimistic.


Now we have to remember that would change, even when he was governor of California. He actually changed positions a little bit, and he was very pro-life. President Reagan did believe in the exception of if there was a rape or something that happened, which is less than 1 percent of the people that go to have abortions claim that”€™s the situation that led them to the abortion. He definitely—one of the things even about his life in general—when he went to become President, faith became much more significant, and even some of his positions that he had held an earlier political life seem to certainly change as he got to be the President.


He was a great pro-life president. George W. Bush was a great pro-life president. I think under George W. Bush there were five major federal laws that were signed. Cheryl and I got to be with them when he signed two different pro-life laws, we were there at the signing, which was really cool to be part of those.

What Trump Has Been Doing For the Pro-Life Cause

He was a very pro-life president. But he didn’t have the same focus on making sure judges were pro-life. He did some good things in Cabinet level departments to move some pro-life bureaucracy in the right direction. But I would say that no one has come close to what Donald Trump has done, in being overtly pro-life, than the other presidents were. But what has happened under Trump, is he has made a dedicated, concerted effort to make sure the judges in the courts are pro-life, that the justices we put on the U.S. Supreme Court, two of them, that they are pro-life.

He’s made dedicated, concerted efforts to make sure that the deep states start becoming pro-life. What he’s done inside the cabinet level departments, creating entire departments that are there just to protect pro-life type of principles, and the rights of conscience related to pro-life as he’s done in HHS. The depth of what he’s done in helping drive the pro-life culture down into the deep state is significant.

What he’s doing at the U.N., what he’s doing with funding—and defunding Planned Parenthood, not able to get it done on the federal level, but what he’s been able to do to help get it done at the state level and elsewhere is really significant, what this president has done in helping move the pro-life values forward into public policy.

The Top 10 Pro-Life Victories During the Trump Administrations


Well, Father Frank Pavone from Priests for Life put together a video highlighting the top 10 pro-life victories during the Trump Administration. Of course, part of the message here is if you want to continue that pro-life record, if you want to continue to get judges that are pro-life, if you want to continue to get policy that is pro-life, then you better be showing up to vote in the election this year. That determines who the Senate is that approves those judicial appointments that determine what Congress does.

So make sure that you’re voting, and part of the reason is to continue those pro-life policies.

Father Frank Pavone will be with us later in the program to talk about that video and those top 10. We’ll be right back with David and Tim Barton here on WallBuilders Live.

America”€™s History

This is David Barton with another moment from America’s history. Often today it seems that the federal government has become too intrusive in the local matters. And federal micro-management has now unfortunately become the norm in education, law enforcement, religious expressions, and even on what is and is not moral.

Strikingly, the Founding Fathers had intended that the federal government never intrude into any of these issues. As Thomas Jefferson explained, “€œTaking from the states the moral rule of their citizens and subordinating it to the federal government would break up the foundations of the Union. I believe the states can best govern our home concerns and the federal government our foreign ones.”€

According to Thomas Jefferson, the original plan was for the federal government to direct foreign affairs but for the states and local communities the domestic and the moral ones. For more information on God’s hand in American history contact WallBuilders at 1 800 8 REBUILD

What do You think the Top 10 Pro-Life Victories Are?


We’re back on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. Father Frank Pavone will be joining us later in the program to talk about Priests for Life”€™s new video that’s out: Top 10 Pro-Life Achievements of the Trump Administration.

David, Tim, what are your guesses on what the top 10 are?


I’m going to put Supreme Court Justices as part of the top 10. I would think that would be a big deal.


I would say so, that’s two right? So you got two—would that be two of the top 10 in one?


I think that’s probably one.


Then you got all the other justices too.


Yeah. You have 84 judges that have been confirmed, and I don’t know that every one of them is pro-life, but I’ll guarantee a higher percentage of them are pro-life than we’ve had any administration in my lifetime. So I think that judges is probably one of them.


I’m struggling, because judges would have been the number one thing I”€™d choose, recognizing that there are people there, whether it be from the Supreme Court or all the way down from a Trump Administration, or now—Let me back up. Some of the people he’s put in cabinet level positions certainly have been very pro life. Some of the things we’ve done, even with other nations, tied to their funding being Life and Religious Liberty things, but those two things have gone together some, like being part of it that we know. Now I’m just guessing because those judges were the thing I’ve noticed. We love having someone on who”€™d do tracks and measures saying—and Father Frank has done a great job for years tracking this, as you know apart from judges that would be my primary thought.

A Complete Turn Around


Well, I would guess also that what they’ve done in HHS, and HHS is where all the Obamacare kind of stuff came from. They were requiring the Little Sisters of the Poor to have abortion coverage, and that’s where they were going after the Christian colleges. You know, Everett Piper with Oklahoma Wesleyan had to sue the government, and it’s all those lawsuits are coming against HHS.

The fact that they have created, in HHS, an entire department just to protect religious liberties over the abortion issue, I would say that’s probably a big thing that would be on the list. It would be my guess.

I remember also that they came out with an official position that, for purposes of law, the federal government defines life as beginning at conception. I thought that was massive, to have that statement made by the federal government, which affects what happens in courts and elsewhere.

So I can think of a few things.

It’s interesting to see what Father Frank came up with, because there’s more than 10 things for sure, but some of them might be a little more obscure than others. So I”€™m kind of with you, Tim. I’m kind of curious as to what is there.

We”€™re Bringing In An Expert

By the way, Father Frank would know. He is the guy that, for years, has been specifically designated within the Catholic Church to keep the pro-life issue out there. He has access to every diocese in the United States, every parish in the United States. What those guys have done in keeping up with pro-life issues, keeping the church involved and informed, and helping them get out to vote on life issues.

Frank has just been a wonderful leader in the pro-life movement, and has been a great ally for years, and as Protestants and Catholics we’ve linked arms on so many issues together. He’s a great friend, a great brother, and just does a great job on this issue.


Father Frank Pavone, our special guest. Stay with us you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

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Welcome Father Frank Pavone


Welcome back. Thanks for being with us here on WallBuilders Live. Father Frank Pavone is back with us from Priests for Life. Always good to have you, Father. Thanks for your time.

Father Frank:

Oh, it’s always a pleasure to be with you.


I really enjoyed the video you guys just put out on the accomplishments of President Trump in the life movement. A lot of people got out and voted for President Trump two years ago specifically for the life issue, but not knowing for sure where he was going to be. We just knew how pro abortion Hillary was, and yet two years later the payoff has been tremendous.

Father Frank:

Well, Rick, that’s what we wanted to emphasize. There has been tremendous pay off. All the sacrifice, the risk, the effort to push back a lot of people got for supporting President Trump two years ago, it really has all paid off. We want people to know that because those Trump voters need to come back to the polls now, so that what they elected the President to do can actually continue to get done in the next two years. That’s the importance of this midterm election.

We Need a Republican Pro-Life Congress


Well, in the video you highlight so many different things that, honestly, just haven’t been covered much. A lot of these accomplishments for the life movement, so many lives saved and so much funding taken away from the pro abortion movement, is really kind of behind the scenes sometimes. A lot of it is agency implemented, or some of the accomplishments you mentioned were international, so a lot of people haven’t heard. Could you just run down the laundry list of what you think some of those most important pro-life accomplishments have been?

Father Frank:

Yes, and that’s absolutely right. They don’t always get the headlines. You know the workings of the government can be fairly complex, so it’s not easy. What we tried, in this video, to do is get it down into sound bite size. For example, you mentioned funding. Sometimes people think about funding the abortion industry, or Planned Parenthood, as just one faucet that could turn on or off. The reality is there are many different faucets, and they are controlled in many different ways.

So for example, what President Trump has done is he’s given the states new freedom and new authority to divert funding away from Planned Parenthood, both through Title 10 and also through Medicaid.

Then the international abortion industry, whereas previous pro-life presidents deprived them of about half a billion dollars because this was family planning money that was going to agencies that perform or promote abortion in other countries. What President Trump did was he expanded it to cover all government global health care spending. So therefore not just half a billion, but eight point eight billion dollars, are now taken away from the abortion industry overseas.

Cutting Almost 17 Times As Much Funding From Abortions Worldwide


And that’s— Father Frank, I’ve got to stop you on that one because I’ve got to do the math in my head on that. So you said even former presidents who were pro-life, so obviously pro abortion presidents like Obama were spending as much of that money as possible supporting abortion around the world. Even pro-life presidents, in the past, when they took that money away and didn’t spend money on abortion around the world it was usually about 500 million, half a billion. And what President Trump has done, is if my math is right, 16 to 17 times that amount.

Father Frank:

Yes exactly. Now some of these actions, like for example, again also the Department of HHS has been a fantastic place for pro-life progress. He put a new office in that particular division of the federal government whereby doctors and nurses, for example, who are feeling forced to participate in abortions the law protects their conscience. They don’t have to participate, but this office will take complaints when pressure is being applied and will act on it and actually protect these people.

Then, also in the HHS, he actually had them put in in their strategy memo that talked about Health and Human Services. Well,which humans are we serving? It made clear humans means a human life starting at fertilization, and so little things like this are actually big things that wouldn’t happen unless Trump were in office.

A Reversal From the Obama Administration


So sorry, I got to zero in again on that first one from HHS. So that’s a complete reversal, right? Because under the Obama Administration they were actually saying to doctors, and and pharmacists, and others, “€œIf this violates your conscience, too bad. You’re in the public sector, or you’re a doctor,”€ or whatever excuse they gave. “€œYou’re going to participate in something that violates your conscience,”€ so they were being forced to do this.

Father Frank:

Yeah, because Obama and the Democrats, they have a rigorous and dogmatic allegiance to the abortion industry. You know, “€œNever mind religious beliefs.”€

Remember when Hillary Clinton said something about, “€œOh, we have to change our deeply held religious beliefs,”€?

They have absolutely no regard for where most Americans are at. Which is, “€œHey, I should be able to live my life as an American according to my faith and not participate in immoral activities.”€


Yes. So that flipped. That”€™s a complete reversal from where they were forcing people to violate their conscience. Now Trump’s administration, through Health and Human Services, has this particular division in there where these attorneys are out there to defend your religious conscience and defend you from having to violate your beliefs.

A Friend on the Other Side of the Table

Father Frank:

Well, that’s right. And the other thing along those same lines, we entered into this Trump Administration having a lawsuit against the Department of HHS together with many other groups. Priests for Life had the federal lawsuit against this mandate that was telling us we had to include abortion in our health insurance plans.

It went all the way up to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court said, “€œYou guys are right, but work it out with the administration.”€

The Obama Administration refused to understand our objections, but then when President Trump came in, then we had a friend sitting at the other side of the table, and that thing got fixed real fast.

Now that mandate is no longer requiring us to do anything objectionable.

This is so much progress, and you know our point here is this, that much of this progress does depend on the President having a supportive Congress, but some things are under his executive power to do alone.

He has done those, but now we’ve got to give him a strong Congress in this current election so that he can continue. There is much more progress to be made where this came from, especially taking away all the rest of the funding from Planned Parenthood. That measure has not quite made it through Congress yet because we don’t have enough of a majority. We need more of a majority of pro-life Republican members.


So the pro-life accomplishments that Trump has made as President, he’s not on the ballot, obviously, but those congressional members, those members of the House and the members of the Senate that would be pro-life, and that would support that pro-life agenda, that he and Vice President Pence would be pushing through, that is on the ballot.

Don”€™t Waste Half Your Vote

So even people that only came out, or only tend to vote in presidential elections if they like the direction of where we’re going on these pro-life issues, they need to show up this year in the midterm elections.

Early voting is happening right now, and make sure you show up to vote now, and on Election Day because that’s what’s going to equip President Trump to continue to accomplish these pro-life things.

Father Frank:

That’s right. Otherwise they should think about it this way: their vote from two years ago will be half wasted. I say half because these next two years the President could be sitting in the White House pen in hand ready to defund Planned Parenthood, ready to protect babies in the womb from late term abortions, ready to do all kinds of things, but unable to. Unable to use that pen, because the Congress can’t put a bill on his desk.

If the Democrats take over, there’s not going to be any pro-life bills coming to his desk. So those Trump voters, and everybody else, all the other voters, we need to come out and support these Republican candidates in Congress.


OK last thing Father Frank, the number one. So you, in your video, count down from the top ten down to the number one. Your number one was that he kept Hillary Clinton out of the White House. How different would the world look right now to a Hillary Clinton presidency on the life issue?

Think: What if Hillary Clinton had Won?

Father Frank:

Can you imagine? The two Supreme Court justices that President Trump has given us—President Trump and the Republican Senate we should say—has given us. Can you imagine if they were Hillary appointees? Imagine, instead of defunding Planned Parenthood, she would have made Planned Parenthood an agency of the federal government.

It would have been unbelievable what she would have done. So if President Trump had done nothing else, that’s his biggest gift to the pro-life movement: Keeping Hillary out of the White House.

People should watch that. I hope they watch this video. As you know, it’s at We have this short video, and it will motivate voters. I’m confident.


All right,, we will have an easy link today at,  so you can get it there. And also, Father Frank, your website for Priests for Life?

Father Frank:

Yes. Well, is a new domain that we have. It points to our same website, but it’s easier for people to remember.


And then you can go watch the video as well, we”€™ll have links for that. Father Frank, appreciate all your hard work. Thank you so much for your time today.

Father Frank:

Oh you’re most welcome. Great to be with you, Rick.


Stay with us folks, we’ll be right back with David and Tim Barton here on WallBuilders Live.

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America would be Very Different


We’re back on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. Special thanks to Father Frank for joining us as well. Be sure to visit today, we’ll have a link to that video that we’ve been talking about, Top 10 Pro-Life Achievements of the Trump Administration. This is why it’s important to vote this November to make sure we have a Congress that will support that pro-life legislation and pro-life judges as well. David, Tim, we were guessing at what some of the top ten would be.

Did you think that would be number one? Because that really is number one if you think about the fact that it kept Hillary out of the White House, because the world would look very different today.


Isn’t that the truth. You remember when Hillary was Secretary of State? One of the things she did was create the Office of Global Women’s Initiatives. As far as her world view goes, what is the important thing for Global Women’s Initiatives?

That office was created for one purpose. The purpose was a dual purpose, the statement of the office was that they exist to promote abortion and homosexuality worldwide. At that point in time, that office was created using federal funds through the State Department. I talked to people in other countries who said that the State Department came in and said, “€œLook, unless you add homosexuality and abortion to your constitution, we’re going to cut off all of our foreign aid to you.”€

I remember they went into Kenya and told them they had to take the pro-life clauses out of the Constitution. The pastors rose up and said, “€œWe’re not going to.”€

It was this big tit for tat. That was the way she defined it.


It Would Have Been Very Hard to Come Back From

So if she’s doing that just as Secretary of State, just in the State Department, imagine what would have happened if she”€™d had 15 Cabinet level positions to work through? Not to mention all the power of the purse and everything else?

If she has executive orders?

Trump has issued a number of pro-life executive orders reinstating Mexico City policy, and the Hyde Amendment, and other things. I did not think of Hillary, but that’s got to be number one. What she could have done in that office as opposed to what Trump has done. Man, it’s unimaginable. You would not want to think of what that would mean if you’re pro-life.


And if you had 16 years in a row, let’s say she had one and then she got re-elected. You get eight years of Obama and eight years of her. the entire judiciary at that point is pro abortion.

It would have been very hard to come back from.


Over the period of eight years a president usually points about 40 percent of the judiciary. So over a period of 16 years, you would have probably been looking about 80 percent of the judiciary, and how much time it would take to recover that and all the rulings that would have been handed down. Thousands of rulings in that period of time that would have really made it hard for any pro-life citizen to move forward rights of conscience. We would have been set back for decades. Yeah you’re right Rick. Just the judicial aspect of it is massive.


Well, and the fact that it made such a big difference keeping Hillary out of the White House and then having someone that did in fact push for, not just reluctantly sign, but push for. He and Pence have done a great job of leading on the life issue as well. That holds true for the election next week too, right guys? Because Congress is on the cusp right now, it can go either way. If you get the Democrats in charge it’s going to be back to a very pro-abortion congress that won’t have any pro-life legislation coming through.


Well, if you want to see a rollback to the philosophy of Obama, just stay out of this election on Tuesday and let the Senate flip over.

Two Republicans get beat, then there goes the judges. If you let the House turn over, then there goes all the stuff we did on pro-life measures and bills and funding that went through your, say, Planned Parenthood, they’ll start working to get them massive amounts of money.

So this coming Tuesday election, time for citizens of traditional values, citizens who are pro-life, this is the time to show up and bring all your friends with you. Get to the polls and make sure this thing does not turn back in the wrong direction.


One of the best places to go for information on the elections that are coming up is That’s We have a link today at, but you just go click on the map. Click on your state.

It’ll pull up voter guides for a lot of your state elections, the federal elections, and even some of the local elections, so be sure to check that out.

Pro Life Victories and More at WallBuilders Live

Whatever you do, set aside time next Tuesday to go vote. Don’t be one of those people that sits back and says, “€œOh, that was a close race in my district. Oh, look where the nation went. I could have made a difference, and I didn’t. You don’t want to be that guy. Be someone that actually can say, “€œI let my voice be heard. I used the talent that God gave me. I’m not the wicked and slothful servant that buried the talent and didn’t use it, this talent of freedom that he’s given me. I participated with it, worked it, and multiplied it.”€ That can be you. Make sure you show up next Tuesday, take your voter guide posted on Facebook. Be a force multiplier by increasing your vote and by getting other people to know who to vote for as well. You can do all those things so easily in just a few minutes. Go to To learn more, visit today so that you can get those voter guides. Thanks for listening. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.