Former Transgender Warns Of Gender Hysteria Harming Children: Today, we are interviewing Kevin Whitt who will be giving us an insider view of what is going on with children transitioning. Kevin Whitt has come out of this lifestyle and has devoted his life to shining a light of understanding of the damage that is done to these kids. tune in now to learn more!

Air Date: 09/10/2019

Guest: Kevin Whitt

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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The Tough Transgender Issue

David, Tim, tough topic today. We kind of want to make sure parents out there know, if they’re listening in the car with little kids, we’re going to be talking about the transgender issue today. And, there’s a lot of hysteria going on around the country with some crazy things happening in libraries, right there in our own backyard.

So, I mean, it’s a topic that we absolutely have to tackle. And, we’ve got an interesting guest later in the program that has an interesting perspective on this. But, the Family Research Council recently had an article about this.

And, it’s about a clinic in London, if I understand correctly–or somewhere in the UK–where employees of the clinic actually went public and said, “€œThis is child abuse. Every kid that comes in with a question, they’re starting to go in with drugs and even surgeries, to do things to these kids that that can’t be undone.”€

What Am I Doing? Gender Hysteria Takes Its Toll.


Yeah, the article from the FRC is called What Am I Doing? Gender Hysteria Takes Its Toll. And, it follows the story of a 17 year-old girl who decided she wanted to go through this process of sex change surgery to become a man because she felt better about life that way.

And, she goes and has the surgery. The surgey”€™s botched. She feels terrible.

She said, “€œIt was the first time I really ask myself the question What am I doing?”€ Then, she started looking deeper. And, a lot of the individuals who were associated with this clinic in the U.K., were coming out and saying, “€œThis is bad; it’s wrong. So, many of the kids who are having these operations are coming out traumatized, not the same, but devastated.”€

And, she says, “€œWhen these people who work for the clinic are coming out, they’re being destroyed in the media as being insensitive and intolerant.”€ And, “€œHow can you look at people who are the ones seeing this happen firsthand and are wanting to raise valid concerns. Yet, we’re going to bash them.”€

Patients Are Being Lied To.

Also, she says that one of the things that was being exposed in this clinic is that the doctors were saying, “€œThere are no side effects, no harm or danger,”€ to all of these kids that were coming in and telling the kids and their parents, “€œNo, it’s totally fine for you to have these sex-change operations and take all these different hormones, gels, and everything”€¦there are no side effects,”€ even though we know statistically that’s not true.

{For example,} some of the highest suicide rates come from people who have had these sex-reassignment surgeries. But, this article from the FRC did kind of bring some of this back to the forefront, to people’s attention, just reminding them that there’s more to the story. And so, from someone who was inside of that, who had a sex-change operation”€”or, at least in this case, this girl had a breast reduction done, which was botched; she has a terrible scarring now.

But, in the midst of this, we’re seeing these different organizations that are promoting things that are fairly vile things, happening in libraries and elementary schools. And, nobody stop and ask the question What is this going to do in kids? And, a lot of times, we don’t know people with answers.

Except, today we interview someone who’s been part of that lifestyle and can give us a little bit of an insider view into what’s going on.


Kevin Whitt”€™s story is amazing. He came out of that lifestyle, saved five years ago, and has devoted his life to shining a light of understanding on the damage that is done to these kids. And he’s going to be with us to talk about it when we return.

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Welcome Our Special Guest


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live! Thanks for staying with us today. Kevin Whitt is with us. Thanks for your time today, man.


You are welcome.


Hey, we’re excited to share your amazing story of redemption and what God’s doing in your life now, and also just want to get your input on an article that we share today on that the Family Research Council had on this whole issue of what is being called, at least by the article anyway, “€œgender hysteria.”€ And, kids are getting surgeries and being given all kinds of drugs. And, it’s just growing like crazy, not just here in America; but, the article zeroes in on the U.K.

So, anyway, lots of things to talk about. But, Kevin, first let’s let our listeners get familiar with you. Your story is absolutely amazing.

We got to spend some time with you at the Texas Capitol a few weeks back. And, you’ve become a major voice here in Texas for at least waiting until 18 before these things can be done to these kids. But, you have a very special perspective on why that’s so important.

Tell us a little bit about your story.


Well, I came out of the closet at 15 years-old as gay. Then, soon after, I began dressing as a female and started doing drag shows and living my life as a transgendered woman for 20 years off and on. And, I got involved heavily in the LGBT lifestyle and culture.

Then, after being involved in that lifestyle for so many years, I started to see how that lifestyle was not healthy. And, even from a non-biblical, non-Christian standpoint, from a secular standpoint, you can easily see how unhealthy the lifestyle is.


Now, you’re saying some really interesting here: that even before you found Christ, you saw the detrimental effects and knew this is not healthy for you and for the people that you were around.

An Unhealthy Lifestyle


Yes; in fact, that’s what led me to even consider Christ, consider another way, or just to start thinking that There has to be another way in life, because I started seeing within–about the about a year before I came out of the lifestyle, I had about seven friends pass away in one year. And, it was due to drug overdoses, suicide, HIV, and all sorts of different things.

And, I started seeing that this was not healthy. I mean them, the amount of suicides that took place in that lifestyle were a lot. And, that suicide rate is about 40 percent of post-op transsexuals, meaning those who have had the sex change; about 40 percent of them commit suicide.

So, that is a huge number. And, it really just shows that no matter what surgeries they have, what the hormones they take, no matter what they do to their self, at the end of the day, they were still created as men and women who were they were assigned that gender by God at birth. And, there’s nothing they could do to change that.

So, what we really need to treat is the root cause of these issues, not [inaudible]. The gender therapist, what they treat is the symptom of the issue. But, they need to get to the root cause of the issues and see why that person feels that they were born in the wrong body to begin with; and, that is something that they never address.

A Story of Redemption


For you, what it has been? Five years? Six years since you came to the Lord?


It’s been five-and-a-half years, almost six years.


Your salvation message is remarkable. And, I want to share a link today so folks can hear that or read that full story. We don’t have time for that today.

But, I do want to know how it changed you once you did come to the Lord. I mean, what was that was that like to have such a drastic change in your lifestyle?


One of my friends invited me to church on Easter, and that’s when I got saved and gave my life to Christ. Well, whenever I did that, I was like What does this mean? And I thought, “€œAm I going to just be a gay Christian,”€ because that’s all I ever knew.

And so, I was thinking that day when I accepted Christ, that I would. But then, I went home and started reading the Bible, though no one was influencing me to read the Bible. I read the Bible on my own, in my own quiet time.

And, I read the Scriptures where it says, “€œHomosexuality is a sin.”€ And, I was like, “€œOh my God, I can’t be gay and Christian.”€ Then, I started to–Dallas is the Bible Belt.

So, we have church service–you can find a church service any given day of the week. I would go to church service every day, sometimes twice a day. I didn’t care what denomination it was but wanted to know more about Christ.


And, you would do this on your own. Nobody was like taking you, saying, “€œGo to this church.”€ You were seeking them out on your own.


Yes. In fact, my mother was pro-gay. So, she was not really supportive of me at the beginning of doing all this.

Revelation and Transformation

And so, I was going to these churches and reading the Bible. Then, I just started praying, saying, “€œGod, if You’re so powerful and have this much power to take away these desires that I have, then I pray that if You don’t want me to be gay {please} take away the desires for homosexuality, desire to be a woman, and this gender confusion.”€ And, He did.

And, it was not it was not instantaneously but was over a period of time. I just started noticing that my desires for men were going away. Then, I went to church, and they had II Corinthians 5:17 on the board.

And I was like, “€œOh my God; this is what’s happening to me. I’m a new creation in Christ; the old man has passed away.”€ So, it was really exciting.

And, all these things that were biblical started happening to me; but, I didn’t even know they were in there because I was just learning the Bible. But, I would tell my friends. And, they’re like, “€œOh Kevin, that’s in the Bible.”€

Created to Be a Man in His Image

What really began my healing was learning my identity in Christ and that I am a man who God created to be the man that I am. And, all men don’t have to go hunting, fishing, and watch football on Sundays and all this stuff. That’s not what makes a man a man.

So, what makes a man a man, is a man who can speak truth into chaos and these types of things. And, God showed me that I was created in His image and that I am a man who may not be as masculine as the next man, but I’m still a man, who is the man God created me to be.


Amen. And He is using you to speak truth into chaos. I love the way you said that. I mean, you’ve been extremely bold, and God’s really giving you some divine appointments at this time in our in our culture where  chaos is definitely there.

And, this article that we read was”€”it”€™s actually in a clinic in England. Some of the staff there have been the ones to actually say, “€œEnough is enough. We”€™re watching children literally be abused in this way.”€

What is your opinion on this, having come out of that lifestyle and seen so many people that were affected by it? How should we approach children that are now confused and wondering if they are male or female? They’re asking for help, and counsellors are literally changing their chemistry with these drugs and even moving towards surgery at a very young age.

What do you recommend to legislators that are grappling with how to handle this?

Confused or Curious?


Well, I personally think that’s child abuse and what’s happening to these children is child abuse. Also, I think that  parents will see their son who puts on the mom’s high heels and run around the house and say, “€œOh my gosh; he’s supposed to be a girl.”€

No he’s not supposed to be a girl. That is a curious child, and all kids do these types of things; they’re just curious.




So, what we, parents, Christians, and legislators need to do, is teach that just because a child has these experiences, does not mean that they are battling with gender confusion. It just simply means that they are curious like all kids are. And, to put a child through gender reassignment surgery or therapy, is just child abuse.

It is a legal form of child abuse taking place in America. And, it’s all for the indoctrination of children into the LGBT culture and transgender lifestyle.

So, what these parents need to do and understand is that these kids”€”first of all, they should never be allowed to transition before they’re the age of 18.




After they are the age of 18, if they want to transition, they are adults then”€”whatever. But, at least try to protect your child until they are the age of 18.

These Are Children!


Right. Obviously, we probably ought to have you back for that topic because we’re gonna run out of time here. But, even for those over 18, you can speak to the dangers, pain, and all of those things.




But, right now the hot topic is definitely These are kids. How do they know?


And, this is not just happening in the UK. This is happening right here in Texas. In Texas, we have three pediatric gender clinics.

One is in Dallas; one is in Houston, and one is in Austin. And so, we have these pediatric gender clinics going on right here in Texas. And, it’s legal, so there is nothing that anybody can do about it until legislators pass laws making it illegal.

Legal Child Abuse in Texas

Right now we have legal child abuse happening at these clinics. And, to put a child on puberty blockers at a very young age does–it destroys their life. They will be destroyed for the rest of their life.

Then, when they get over 18 and say, “€œOh my gosh; I made a mistake,”€ their life is already destroyed because of something that happened whenever they were so young, that could have been prevented and avoided.


Yeah, and of course, there are the exception redemption stories, like yourself. And, God can work miracles, no doubt about it. But, why would we want to put those kids through that to have them have to start with that at 18 years-old when, like you’re saying, it’s the curiosity.

And a lot of it is exposing them to all of these things at a young age, like these Drag Queen Library Hours. What’s your thought on those? I mean, how dangerous is that to plant that in the kid’s mind?

Drag Queen Library Hour


Well, I protest these Drag Queen Library Hours and go speak out against them, because a drag is an adult form of entertainment. We would not have a stripper story hour. So, why should we have a drag queen story hour?

This is not just someone dressing up as a character and reading a book to your child. This is an adult entertainer dressing up as a character and reading a book to your child. And, no child needs to be exposed to drag or drag culture.

And so, that is just the indoctrination that the American Library Association has. They are very liberal and have come into agreement with this.


They bought into it.


Yeah. They bought into it and are using the library to indoctrinate children, tax payers money to indoctrinate children. And, that’s not okay.

As long as Christians sit in their churches and pray about it and don’t do anything about it–because many Christians who I try to get involved in activism are like, “€œOh, I’m just called to pray about it.”€ Well, you are called to pray about it, yes; and, we all should definitely be praying. But, we should also be putting our feet into action and doing something about it.

Is There Hope?


Yeah, yeah. And, Kevin, last thing before I let you go. Let’s go to the other end of the spectrum: the hope for those that are caught up in this lifestyle. What would you say to them about God’s love but also, just the practical side of the hope that is there, that they are loved and God does have a plan for them?


God loves everyone. If you read the Bible, it’s very clear God loves everyone and wants a relationship with everyone. But, we have to deny our flesh.

We have to deny our flesh daily and turn away from our sin, the ways of the world, and our fleshly desires, and follow Him. But, if you choose to follow Him–because we all have a choice; we all have free will. But, if you choose to follow Him, turn away from your flesh and the ways of the world, and follow Jesus, He will give you life and life abundantly.

And, let me tell you. I thought a Christian life would be so boring. My life is not boring at all.

God has blessed me. And, I’m telling you, it is far better than anything I’ve ever lived before.


I remember reading one of your statements about–since you’ve been set free by Jesus, your life has been so much better than ever. You’re happier than you ever were.




I mean, that’s the kind of joy that actually everybody’s seeking in sin. We think we’re gonna get that joy and happiness in sin, so we chase it. And, what you’re saying is, “€œLook; you chased it.”€

You went down that road and found nothing but pain. Here’s where the real joy is.

Here”€™s Where the Real Joy Is.


Exactly. And, my desires for what I want to do with my life and all of that stuff, have all been changed because God transforms everything. When He transforms you, He transforms all your desires and makes you a whole new creation.

It’s like your old person died; and, my old person died. So, He makes you a new creation and wants to have a relationship with you. No one’s ever too far gone.

I hear people all the time say, “€œOh, if I walked into the church, I would catch on fire or the ceiling would fall.”€ And I’m like, “€œNo, nobody is ever too far gone for Jesus.”€

And, it’s not even about going to church or doing the right thing. It’s about a relationship with Jesus Christ and having a relationship with Jesus Christ.

And, once you develop this relationship–and it’s an ongoing relationship–you will see that God can transform your life and make your life new, whole, and better than ever. So, if anybody out there is struggling with their sexual orientation or gender identity, just know that there is hope to change, because  I never thought I could change.

I never even heard of anyone changing. But, it is possible through Jesus Christ.

How Can We Be Part of the Solution?


So good. Kevin, listen; I know a lot of our listeners around the country that are either involved in legislation or a church that’s looking for a way to address these issues and have ministry–as you’re saying, looking for activism to make a difference in their in their communities, are looking for how to do that.

And, I asked you before we went on the air, so I want people to know I’m not just going to give out your e-mail without your permission. But, if you would, give out your email for people to be able to contact you. I know you’re starting a new ministry right now to be able to do this full-time and help people address this all across the United States.

Could we give that out and do a link at today for people to be able to contact you?


Yes it’s really simple, very easy. It’s just [email protected]


All right, we’ll make it an easy link today: KevinW[email protected]. Kevin, God bless you, man. Appreciate your time.

Appreciate you coming on and sharing with us today.


Well, thank you so much for having me. It’s been an honor to be here. Thank you so much.


We’re back in studio with David and Tim now. Guys, as we said the beginning, tough topic. A phenomenal story of what Kevin is now experiencing as he goes to state legislatures across the country and tries to explain to legislators why they have to do something about this.

And, at least wait until kids are 18 before any of this is it is attempted. I mean, that seems like a very logical first step in handling this situation.

Powerful Points


He made some powerful points, not the least of which is: just because a kid is curious, doesn’t mean they’re battling with gender confusion. Just because you put your mom’s shoes to run around the house, doesn’t mean you’re gender confused; it”€™s curiosity.

So, we’re creating solutions to something that is an impulse and really not an issue. And, I say “€œsolutions”€ in air quotes there, because it’s not a solution. We saying, “€œOh, they”€™re running around in mom”€™s shoes; therefore, they need to be a different gender.”€

Not at all.


And, for many of them before they even hit puberty? So, this is a kid just playing and, “€œOh, no, no. If it’s a guy wearing girls clothes, then you know what? Let’s let you pursue what it means to be a woman.”€ And, they haven”€™t even hit puberty yet.


The other thing I thought was so significant was, just because you don’t fit the stereotype of a male–and he said, “€œI {don”€™t fit the stereotype}.”€ Just because you don”€™t go camping, play football, or do martial arts, doesn’t mean you’re less of a man. And, that’s a really, really, really important message.

You don’t have to fit the stereotype to be a man. That’s a great understanding for him to communicate to others, because that stereotype is really what drives and puts pressure on. “€œWell, because this kid doesn’t like this sport or activity, he must not actually be a man;”€ that’s not true at all.


We want to thank Kevin Whitt for joining us today. Thank you for listening to WallBuilders Live! today. This is, as we said, one of those tough topics.

It’s got to be addressed. We would’ve never thought we would be at this point in our country, where even the American Library Association is on this radical agenda. And, we’ve–you got to become a voice in your community.

Former Transgender Warns Of Gender Hysteria Harming Children

But, you’ve got to become an informed voice as well. So, we really appreciate Kevin coming on to help educate all of us on the issue and for being a solid, Biblical voice on the topic as well.

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