The True History Of Thanksgiving – What Did The Pilgrims Do?: Are there blessings we enjoy in America that can only be traced back to the Pilgrims? Should Thanksgiving be a day of mourning or feasting? Are there any new updates on Election 2020? Tune in to learn the answers to these questions and more!

Air Date: 11/25/2020

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith and the Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. This is, WallBuilders Live, and we’re talking about the hottest topics of the day from a biblical, historical, and constitutional perspective. My name is Rick Green, I’m here with David Barton and Tim Barton, you can find out more about all three of us at our website,, that’s also where you can get archives, especially the last few weeks and as we’ve covered the election and as things have developed in each of these battleground states where the outcome is still unknown, and even up to today. So here we are, guys, we got Thanksgiving tomorrow, we’ll get to some great history on Thanksgiving as well. But I bet some of our listeners are wondering if anything has happened in the last 24 hours that could potentially impact the election results.


I would say, oh, my goodness, yes. There’s some really significant stuff in the last 24 hours. I’ll cover some of it. I was reading some affidavits conversation with some guys today that are involved in the lawsuits and reading some affidavits. I’m not going to give their name. But I am going to share the information that they said was appropriate to share. And it goes with what we talked about yesterday, there’s really kind of two tracks that the Trump train is running on.

One is the immediate stuff that can be dealt with probably going Supreme Court quickly. The equal protection Republicans were treated differently than Democrats and the way they counted and rejected ballots and what they use as the level of verification for signatures. 

So the equal protection argument and also the argument that several state laws were changed by officials that were not the legislature right at election time or after election or before, right there, they were changing the rules. And so those were the two things that Trump is moving forward with and that’s what we talked about yesterday is in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals on an expedited basis, getting to the Supreme Court.

Sidney Powell

The other track was Sidney Powell going after the software and the hardware, Dominion, etc. And that was the one that’s probably going to take longer, and so it’s going as a separate track But today, got to see some of the evidence involved in that some of the affidavits that will be followed in courts, and it’s interesting to see what’s there. 

And talking with one of the guys, he said there is definite scientific evidence of what happened. He said, they’ve been able to identify the algorithm that was used, the one that that was claimed to add a certain percentage of votes for every, I don’t know, thousand votes cast, that you add three or whatever it is? But they have found that algorithm identified that, they’re able to show that the votes were counted.

And another affidavit I was looking at from a guy that we know, he talked about the fact that over in Wayne County, particularly in Michigan, and we’ve all talked about what we saw is this huge ballot dump two or three times in the night. Where’d that come from? 

You know, nothing’s happening, and suddenly you get 138,000 votes for by just showed up. And so he went through and showed that when you consider the number of machines that were used, that’s a known finite number, how fast those machines processing go, he said that there were 233,000 more ballots reported than the machines can physically process in that period of time. So that only comes with the ballot dump.

He indicates there were five ballot dumps, points to when they occurred, but he said physically, the machines cannot count the number of votes that were reported that night. It can’t be done. And so he shows five spikes in the chart that he has. These five spikes were huge numbers were just dumped and still they in, and that suggests they were not counted. So, big stuff on that level for the Sidney Powell kind of approach that they’re taking on the machines.


And by the way, it is interesting that part of this affidavit pointed out that this was known back in 2018 and this is why Texas refused to use Dominion machines because of this very difficulty. There was litigation in Texas, and at that point in time, this tendency of the machines and the vulnerability was shown. And so that’s why Texas did not use Dominion machines this year. So that also goes to help point out what was Sidney Powell was trying to argue. So that’s a big one.

So what we have right now is from the official Trump campaign, they have litigation going in four States. Now there’s litigation going in other states as well, a lot of citizens have sued, but you have outside groups as well. 

But the four States where the Trump campaign has active litigation is Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and Nevada. The other states, Arizona, etc., they’re not doing anything and all those suits are still moving forward.

But it’s interesting that today, a US Congressman, Democratic New Jersey, filed charges against all the Trump lawyers in five States and he says his charge was Trump has done great damage to these nation and these lawyers are enabling his treachery and they’re harming our Democracy. So he has filed charges with the legal groups in five States to have all of those attorneys disbarred.


How dear you use the Constitution. How dear you actually use the courts that are set up for us to be able to actually find out…? Oh, my goodness, you’re kidding. He’s literally going after the lawyers, this guy doing their job.

Democrats Want to Change Their Votes


This got to be the craziest thing ever, because lawyers are hired by plaintiffs or defendants, whoever it is, and they represent. And now for representing the other side of an argument, this Democratic congressman has gone to the disciplinary boards with the State bar in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and New York trying to get these attorneys disbarred. I mean, it’s just amazing that he would do that.

And the other thing I thought was big news today was a national poll came out, and it was done by the Media Research Center. The polling company is what did the poll and that’s a large national polling firm that does a lot of polling. And they went into the battleground states, they specifically went into Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, the seven battleground States. And they asked only Democrats, they polled only Democrats and said, hey, there were eight stories that were pretty big before the election. Have you heard about these stories?

And if you had heard about them, would it have affected your vote as a Democrat? And so the eight stories that they threw out that we all knew were being buried pretty much was the “Hunter Biden’s story and then the former staffer, Tara Reid, the sexual assault charges against Biden; VP nominees, Kamala Harris, her extremely liberal voting record out of California; the great jump in the US economy in the third quarter with millions of jobs added; the other story was America’s energy independence; then the successes, Operation Warp Speed, which is the vaccine stuff; and then the fact that Trump arranged all these peace negotiations and peace settlements in the Middle East. So they asked them about those eight stories.

And amazingly, 17% of Democrats said, if they had known about any one of those eight, it would have changed their vote on Biden. So just the media complicity in getting Biden to the point where he was, I mean, without the media having carried water for Biden, you had 17% of Democrats who said if they’d known any one of those eight stories, they would not. And by the way, just the Hunter Biden, the story 9.4% of Democrats said they would not have voted for Biden if they had known about the Hunter Biden story.

A Dis-Service By the Media

So you know, obviously, the information is out there, but the average voter is not going to dig deep on stories, and they rely on mainstream media and mainstream media just buried those stories.


Oh, yeah. David, I disagree that the stories were out there. I mean, only in the echo chambers, you know, of conservatives, because it was literally blackballed. I mean, completely…


Well, that’s what I mean, they were out there. If you want to go to conservative sites, or if you want to read the Epic Times, if you go to Newsmax or, you know, even Fox had it…


Yeah, which is what percentage of the public, the voting public…


Exactly, right. The stories were out there if you dug for them. But if you’re a normal, mainstream media news person, you get home from work at five o’clock, you turn on unto six o’clock in Texas, national news, NBC, CBS, ABC, whatever, if you flip on CNN, you didn’t hear any of those eight stories. And that’s what I thought was significant, the significant complicity. So not only are we going after your attorneys who tried to bring the stuff out, we’re now seeing the media had a huge role in this as well. We speculated that before the election. So looking at some…


We’ve always thought the media was biased, at least in my lifetime, to some extent, but they didn’t literally quash these huge national stories that are so important, at least they would report on them, even if they spun it a little bit. This was different this year, at least it felt that way to me.

Disputed States


I was recently on a news program and we were talking about the news media in general. And it is not a news source anymore. It is, they have a very specific agenda and so they’re apologists for their viewpoint using the media for their viewpoint. So no longer does the media give public news, it gives the viewpoint of those who are involved in that institution.

We’ve seen the same thing already going with the big tech social media: they have a viewpoint and they’re going to kill anything that disagrees with that viewpoint, or at least tried to undermine it, or at least stop the reach that you have of getting other people. So we know it’s out there, and so we really don’t have the traditional media that we had in America that would report the news and then you got to decide. I mean, that’s not what’s happening. So that’s real different.

And we talked about that the Trump administration has lost its going in four States. Here’s a few other States where other groups have stepped up. Wisconsin, for example, the Thomas Moore Society and we talked to these guys and how have them on the program and they do great legal work.

They filed an emergency lawsuit directly to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and they say that they have identified some 150,000 potentially fraudulent ballots, and that would definitely change the election of Wisconsin. But what they pointed out specifically was they found 10,000 Republican ballots that were not counted, they found 10,000 Republican folks who requested a ballot, but the ballot was filled in by someone other than that Republican.

And you’ve got 100,000 illegal ballots that were counted anyway. They didn’t comply with state law, and yet they were still counted. So they filed a 45 page brief going through all that, we’ll see what the Wisconsin Supreme Court does. But that’s enough to change Wisconsin. Again, these are not the Trump attorneys doing this, but it is an outside group saying, hey, we’re looking for fraudulent votes and we found them pretty quick.


Michigan, we talked about, just a couple days ago, maybe this last part of last week how that two of the canvases in Wayne County, they agreed to let the canvas vote go forward, they agreed to approve it. And they were specifically told that if you do that, we’ll do a ballot audit, and we’ll do a recount, and then that didn’t happen. And they also said that they were harassed.

Well, now the Michigan attorney general has gotten involved in this. And here’s some of the specifics that have come out about this. In addition to the two members who tried to rescind their vote for the harassment, there was another member who did not vote at all for certifying the results, because they wanted to see a recount, they wanted to see the things looked at.

But for example, one of the members, while they were in the canvassing meeting, one of the Democrat officials release the name and the address of that lady, and she started getting pictures and on her phone of dead naked women, pictures of her children’s school, pictures of her daughter getting sent to her while she’s in the meeting. S

o all this stuff to terrorize her. Others got death threats in the meeting while they were meeting. Somehow their numbers got out and they’re getting all these death threats. And that was the coercion to try to get them to agree to canvass the votes.

So apparently, is enough smoke that even the Michigan Attorney General is looking into this, because it certainly is over the pale. And this is not suggesting that you want a nice, fair election. I mean that that certainly stinks. Couple of stores from Georgia, and then we’ll wrap up here.

We now have in Georgia, there is now a lawsuit filed. Because the group filing the suit says that they have found somewhere around 15,000 votes in Georgia so far, where that the address for the mail-in ballot was actually the physical address of the post office. And so nobody lives at the post office and they chose businesses like Home Depot.

You know that put address, I don’t know, Home Depot, whatever it was, they put a dress for the business, nobody lives there. But to make it look good, they would put apartment number three as if it were an apartment complex. And so they have identified thousands of votes that the address given for the ballot to be sent back was actually not a residence, and that violates Georgia law.


So there is now some new stuff coming out in Georgia. We’ll see where that goes. Georgia certified the results. We’ll see if this has any effect or not.

But then I saw an article that is really interesting. No, Jay Sekulow, well, he’s the President’s attorney, he and I’ve been friends for 30 years. And his son Jordan, we’ve had on the program a number of times WallBuilders Live.

And Jordan just put out a piece that said they’re going to be filing a new case in Georgia, it’s coming very soon, and it is going to deal with issues that have not been raised in any other venue. And I can’t figure out what that would be. What in the world are you going to have a suit on that hasn’t been raised in other venues? But apparently they’ve got something that’s kind of blockbuster they think that is coming back into Georgia.

So even though Georgia we kind of thought was over, it’s not over, they’re still arguing over the recount how that goes forward. Now you got this new evidence of bad addresses, and now you got Jordan Sekulow saying, hey, we’ve got a big blockbuster lawsuit coming. So that’s kind of catching up just the last 24 hours things that have come out and there’s a lot pop in here for sure.


You know, Newt Gingrich may be right. He had an article yesterday, “The Thieves Who Stole Our Election Got Sloppy”. And you know, it may be true, he’s basically saying there’s a lot of these mistakes that they made in the way that they conducted their iced of the election and it’s coming out, man. I mean, we’re finally getting to the point of the legal cases and the evidence and all of those things. So, you know, folks, don’t give up, keep praying and keep tuning into WallBuilders Live each day, we’re going to catch you up on each of these things that are happening across the country.

Rick’s Article on TheStream


You know, one of the things that throw out, that Pauline that showed that if people had known any of those eight stories, that would have changed the result of the outcome, do you imagine that any of those news outlets that didn’t tell those eight stories are going to cover any of the stuff that’s going on now with the fraud, what appears to be fraud, what appears to be bad numbers, what appears to be…

I mean, if the State’s reverse, and even if they vote to reverse in a bipartisan manner, I mean, the chances that most people hearing, the folks that voted for Biden, the 17%, they’re not going to hear that story either. And I mean, this is not a good situation for the news media to be silent at a time when it should be reporting news.


Alright, guys we’re going to take a quick break. As we’re going to break, folks, you might want to check out the article I just put out today on the stream. And it basically points to this obscure constitutional phrase that I think might become a household thing in the next few weeks.

If any enough of these states, two or three of these states get thrown out by the court with all of these things David was just talking about, which are valid claims, I mean, even if the fraud isn’t proven, if you just show that they broke the law, and they had enough illegal ballots that can’t be separated, the court’s going to have to make some tough decisions here.

They’re either going to have to throw those ballots out and figure out the outcome without that, and in that case, they’re actually disenfranchising all the people that thought they voted legally, or they’re going to have to throw out the whole election in that particular state. And if the state does not name electors, what happens?

And so in this article, I break down what we talked about in the Constitution, the whole number of electors, so think about that, the whole number of electors. Is that 538, or if a couple of states have their electoral votes not counted, does the whole number drop by that number? And if it drops, then Joe Biden wins.

Possible Cenarios

If it doesn’t drop and 538 stays the number, President Trump’s going to win, because the House will be the one making the decision. So it’s a very important question, nobody’s asking it yet. But in a couple of weeks, everybody could be asking it if in fact, these lawsuits make their way to the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court throws out a few of these States. So interesting question to answer.

Stay with us, we’ll be right back. Let’s talk a little Thanksgiving before your wonderful family time tomorrow. And don’t forget big gathering. We want big gatherings in your home with lots of pictures to send all these tyrannical governors. Stay with us, you’re listening to WallBuilders?

The American Story

Hey, guys, we want to let you know about a new resource we have at WallBuilders called The American Story. For so many years, people have asked us to do a history book to help tell more of the story that’s just not known or not told today.

And we would say very providentially in the midst of all of the new attacks coming out against America, whether it be from things like the 1619 project that say America is evil and everything in America was built off slavery, which is certainly not true or things like even the Black Lives Matter movement, the organization itself, not out of statement, Black Lives Matter, but the organization that says we’re against everything that America was built on, and this is part of the Marxist ideology. There’s so many things attacking America.

Well, is America worth defending? What is the true story of America? We actually have written and told that story. Starting with Christopher Columbus, going roughly through Abraham Lincoln, we tell the story of America, not as the story of a perfect nation or a perfect people, but the story of how God used these imperfect people and did great things through this nation. It’s a story you want to check out, The American Story.



We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. The day before Thanksgiving here. So yesterday, guys, we started talking a little bit about the Pilgrims kind of leading up to Thanksgiving, encouraging folks to get together with their family tomorrow and hopefully share a little bit of what we’re going to talk about these last few minutes.

But then also tomorrow, we’ll have more on Thanksgiving. So let’s kind of pick up where we left off yesterday, as we were telling a little bit of the story of how the Pilgrims got here in the first place. And why Thanksgiving became such an important holiday here.


Well, and Rick, also just remind to people, one of the reasons that we’re talking about this is because there’s articles out, USA Today had an article about the midst of Thanksgiving and that the Pilgrims really weren’t that religious and that they really didn’t have good relations with the natives and several things that you say you might know that really aren’t true. And a lot of what they say is just very factually inaccurate. We’ve had the new book come out, “The American Story” just a couple weeks ago. And we go through the history of Jamestown, the history of Plymouth, we go through the history of the Pilgrims.

And certainly, when you look at American history, not every people group that came to America had good relations with the native. That is a fact. And there were moments when the leaders from American history had very bad policies toward natives. And I mean, across the board, right, we had leaders sometimes who were racist, who were sinful, who certainly had faults and failings and failures.

The Pilgrims

With that being said, when we look at American history, one of the tragedies today is that people oftentimes paint with so broad of a brush that they accuse every American especially of people’s faults, failures, sins, shortcomings or crime. And that’s just not the case. And that’s the reality with the Pilgrims. When you look at the Pilgrims, we talked to them yesterday, about just the unfolding of why they wanted to come to America to practice their biblical faith and enjoy their religious freedom.

And when they get to America, the reality is when they land in December, and they’re up in New England, this is winter. And for us being in Texas, this is not something that we really can wrap our minds around, and the understanding and expectation of what that mean, because we don’t really get snow on the ground. And winter for us is when it gets below 50 degrees, that’s not really what it was for the Pilgrims when they land.

And as they’re navigating the snow on the ground, they don’t have homes, they’re mostly out of their food, the food that they still have is rotting, and so they’re trying to get food to stay alive. They’re trying to get fuel for fire. They’re trying to build homes, all the things they’re doing navigating trying to be in the new world. It was so challenging that over that first winter, half of the Pilgrims died, which is just mind boggling. Well, after…


So only slightly worse than COVID then, not a lot worse just about 5,000 times were? Just checking.


Yeah. So it really good comparison, right, looking at COVID, looking at the Pilgrims first winter, yeah, they were nothing alike when half your population die from the brutal conditions that first winter. And the Pilgrims really didn’t know how to live off the land. They didn’t really know how to hunt in the new world. They didn’t know how to fish or even grow crops because the soil where they were was different than the soil back in Holland or the soil in England.

God’s Providence

And this is where providentially God brings him a couple of natives. The first one is Somerset who speaks little English and he starts talking with them. And he tells them of other Indians and other natives. And some of these people are fierce and some are warring and some are good and friendly. And I’m going to go and I’m going to bring back some people you need to meet and another native who speaks even more English than I do and this is where Squanto enters the scene.

And this is part of really the amazing unfolding of what happens is first year for the pilgrims. This is leading up to Thanksgiving, we haven’t done Thanksgiving yet. And by the way, for those of you who are up on your history, we have skipped over the fact that when they’re coming across in the Mayflower that their main beam broke, and so now their ship is crippled, and what are they going to do, and they just so happened to have brought with them their printing press. Because of big jack screw, they’re able to get the main beam back up into place and help their ship be operational. And there’s these amazing stories along with guys like John Howland who was swept overboard by this massive wave.

And when you’re in a ship that’s being guided by these winds in the mass and you have this rudder, it’s not a vessel that’s easy to make a quick turn and go pick somebody up. And there’s some people that have estimated it could have been 30, 40, 50 minutes for them in the storm in the conditions they ran to be able to turn around, maybe even more than an hour before they could get back in.

And John Howland really wasn’t a swimmer and so it looks like he is doomed to death, except there was a rope dragging behind and he’s able to grab on the rope, and eventually, people were able to pull him back up on board. And John Howland descendants are more than 1 million people in American history. And some of those include presidents or presidents wives, and Hollywood actors and movie stars, really notable people. God providentially saved him and that life made such a difference. Well, this is all part of the journey.


So they get here and they don’t know how to plant crops, they don’t know how to hunt and God brings in Squanto, and Squanto shows them, how to hunt, how to fish how to grow crops. All of this is just helping the pilgrims survive long enough to even get close to the first Thanksgiving because we’re not even going to Thanksgiving yet.

But even in the midst of this, when people talk about, well, the pilgrims weren’t religious, or they didn’t have good relations with the natives, with the Indians, you have to completely discount the fact that if they didn’t have good intentions, if they weren’t honorable people, if they weren’t doing right by the natives, or by these Indians, then why was Squanto so willing to help them? Squanto stayed with them, mentoring them until he died, he died in their midst, in their presence. And when he died, his last wishes were for their wellbeing. It really is remarkable.

And when we hear these accusations today about the Pilgrims not being good or honorable, they weren’t religious, they didn’t have good relations with the natives. The only reason again, that people can believe that is because they don’t actually know the story of the Pilgrims, who they were, what they did, what they went through and how they acted once they got to America, basing their life on the Bible. This is all stuff that we cover in “The American Story” which is available at, and certainly is worth finding out more of that.

But as we look at Thanksgiving, this is something that we can celebrate the tradition in America of taking time to thank God and as Rick you pointed out, this ought to be a time we get together with our family and we say you know what, we’re going to spend time with family, loving on each other enjoying the fellowship, maybe we’re doing some athletic events together. But we’re going to get together this Thanksgiving with family and we’re going to thank God for His blessings and benefits, even in the midst of a tough year with COVID.

The True History Of Thanksgiving – What Did The Pilgrims Do?


Well, it’s a great time to get that book, “The American Story”, because I mean, these things have been so under attack in America this year. So get the truth. get the facts, “The American Story”, it’s available at and talk about it with your family tomorrow. What a great time to get together. Don’t let those governors keep you alone. Don’t let them keep you from gathering with your family. It’s a great time for civil disobedience. If you live in one of those states where they’re telling you can’t even leave your house, or socialize with anyone, that suggests good time for civil disobedience, live the Constitution.

And if you’re wondering what is constitutional and how do you do good, peaceful civil disobedience, take our constitutional live class, you can get that at as well. And you can even host a Constitution class, even better come out and do a live class with us. Our last constitutional defense course of the year is going to be December 13th.

It’s an opportunity for you to come, train with us intellectually in the classroom on the Constitution, and then on the range physically, learning how to defend your family, get a good handgun defense course so that if you have that concealed carry license that you can carry with confidence knowing that you can do it safely and effectively. You only got a couple of days, that class is going to fill up and last day for registration is Friday of this week. So check that out at, look for that constitutional defense Corps.

Thanks for listening today. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.