Trump Administration Restricts Abortion Clinic Funding: We call it Good News Friday because it’s a chance for David and Tim to share some good news from across the nation and around the world. We don”€™t often hear good news from major media, however, here on WallBuilders Live, we love sharing news worthy of celebration!

Air Date: 03/29/2019

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Record Breaking Shift Towards Pro-Life


I’m going to pick up with something Tim talked about last week. In the wake of what happened with Governor Cuomo and New York doing abortions all the way up to the birth point and then having a governor out of Virginia saying, “€œHey, even after they’re born, infanticide is ok.”€

In the wake of that, Tim talked about how the polling had turned around. I’ve got a poll that went even deeper, and it looked at partisan beliefs on this, and I find this absolutely astounding. It may be a wakeup call, and it may have substantial consequences for the upcoming 2020 presidential election. I’m just going to read part of this article.

So this article says, “€œThe new polling data from Marist University shows one of the biggest pro-life shifts in history. Americans move toward the pro-life direction on abortion by 17 percent margin, in one month, after Democrats defend allowing babies to die and infanticide and legalized abortions up to birth in the state of New York.”€

Now here’s where they start getting into the numbers.

“€œIn a substantial double digit shift, Americans are now as likely to identify as pro-life, 47 percent, as pro-choice, 47 percent.”€

So a huge shift toward pro-life being now equal to pro-choice. Just last month a similar survey conducted by the Marist poll—same polling group—found Americans more likely to identify as pro-choice than pro-life by a 17 percent margin. It was 55 to 38.

It is now 47 to 47. Democrats moved in their pro-life identity from 20 percent to 34 percent. We’ve talked before on the program about how you just don’t have pro-life Democrats anymore, they’re all gone away.

The Gap Between Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Democrats Cut in Half!


Well, at least not at the federal level. A couple at the state level, although it is very unique. Generally speaking, the Democrat Party has become the party of abortion.


Yeah, you’re right Tim. I should clarify that having an elected pro-life Democrat is a very difficult thing at the federal level. Very unusual. But apparently they are there in the Democrat ranks, because they’re now coming back. So they’ve gone from 20 percent to 34 percent of Democrat followers being pro-life.

It says the shift was led by Democrats under 45 years old. Here’s the numbers.

“€œAmong Democrats, the gap between pro-life and pro-choice identifiers was cut in half from 55 to 27 percent. The number of Democrats now identified as pro-life is 34 percent, up from 20 percent last month. The number identified as pro-choice fell from 75 percent to 61 percent. Younger Americans also moved dramatically, now dividing 45 percent pro-life, 48 percent pro-choice.”€

So even in that millennial range they are now identified as much more pro-life after seeing where the Democrats want to go with this. I want to grab this for younger Americans. One month ago the gap was almost 40 percentage, with only 28 percent identifying as pro-life and 65 percent as pro-choice. So it is a shift from a 40 point difference to a one point differential among 45 and down. So really big stuff, really big shift in there.

This Could Seriously Impact the 2020 Election

Now, it will that have consequences politically. Well, I think it’s very likely, if you get Democrats concerned about where their party has gone and they have a pro-life candidate, they might start saying, “€œYou know, our guys have gone too far on this. We don’t like where it is.”€

That may really mean something for President Trump and re-election two years from now.


Well, generally you want to elect people that that best reflect you and your values. And oftentimes, for many voters, they don’t know the position of people very well that they vote for. But generally speaking, you’re not going to elect or to vote for somebody whose thinking is totally different than yours. If you see the nation becoming more pro-life, it is only logical that the elected officials are going to become more pro-life because that’s the people they’re representing.

You’re going to vote for people that best reflect you, and your values, and your beliefs. Certainly you would think this is going to have some real consequences when it comes to the people being elected, and the fact that we probably will see more pro-life people being elected.


Well, it’s interesting that on the Democrat side now, as they’re lining up all their candidate against President Trump, I don’t know a single candidate out there who does not support abortion all the way through birth.


From the Green New Deal all the way up to the abortion policies that Governor Cuomo and the governor of Virginia were promoting—


And Vermont. Vermont just adopted it as well.

Hopefully the People in the Middle Will See How Extreme this is


That’s right. Very extreme positions out there, and it’s almost as if in trying to show that the chasm of contrasts between the two, they’re going so far the other direction it’s one of the reasons that—I think we’ve talked about on the program, maybe on the Foundations of Freedom Thursday—where the people that honestly, to us at least, would have the best chance of getting the Democratic nomination be somebody much more like a Beto O’Rourke, who does have a greater appeal because he doesn’t seem crazy right now. Granted, some of his policies and things he supports are crazy, but he doesn’t outwardly hold crazy positions like some of these other ones do.

It really seems like the Democrats, in trying to contrast their position to President Trump, are going so far in the wacky crazy direction that it’s going to be hard for the American people to support most of their positions, although in the midst of polarization the people that don’t like Trump are likely support whatever the other side is, even with their ridiculous positions.

But hopefully there’s enough people in that middle ground who looking and going, “€œOh, wait a second. The Democrat position now is so crazy, I can’t support that.”€

I do think they will go too far and they will lose some of their base.

Republicans Elected to Connecticut for the First Time in 25 Years


Well, it’s interesting that we just had a special election in Connecticut. They’ve got a new governor in the building, and his administration reached down in the legislature and pulled guys out the legislature. But in the special election in Connecticut, for the first time in 25 years, the Republicans have gained some Democrat seats in that special election, and that just doesn’t happen. That’s a very blue state. Now you’re seeing some Republicans elected in special elections. Maybe that’s in the aftermath of the shift that’s going on.

We’ve talked before, and special elections aren’t as impressive to me as other elections because you have a smaller turnout, so it may mean nothing or on the other side it could be the the forecaster of how Democrats are starting to shift saying, “€œHey our party is getting too radical.”€

We need to try something different, but no matter what it is, the polling is very good news that there’s a shift with young people and with Democrats toward a more pro-life direction.


Very good news. Quick break guys. We’ll be right back with more good news. Stay with us on WallBuilders Live.

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More Restrictions on Abortions


We’re back on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us on this Good News Friday. Next piece of good news will come from Tim’s direction. Tim Barton, what do we have for good news now?


All right guys, this is something from President Trump where, actually, specifically as an administration, they issued a rule just in the last couple of weeks, maybe a month ago, dealing with federal funding for groups like Planned Parenthood that not only offer abortions but would refer people to abortion. So there might be certain clinics that don’t offer abortions, but they will tell you, “€œHey, you can go to this clinic and get an abortion.”€

Well, the administration proposed a rule—actually the Department of Health and Human Services had even gone this direction last year, this is going a little further with it this year—in restricting funding to groups.

The restriction of funding they’re giving them is, “€œNot only are we going to restrict the facilities that get money because they’re now limiting the abortion facilities getting money,”€ but now they’re putting restrictions on saying, “€˜If you refer people for abortions, you don’t get money.”€™”€

So you only get money if you’re not doing abortions, and if you’re not referring people for abortions.


Now, you can imagine for Planned Parenthood, this is kind of their industry, they”€™re in the abortion industry, and a lot of what they do deals with abortions.

So they were not happy with this. In fact, their president came out and said, “€œThe gag rule,”€ meaning the ability for them to be able to refer people to abortion clinics, they’re calling that a gag rule. The idea is you’re not allowed to talk about this, so you can’t refer them. They”€™re saying it’s the gag rule, and it’s unconstitutional.

Here’s what the president of Planned Parenthood said.

“€œThey gag rule is unconscionable and unethical.”€

I just want to pause there for a second and let the irony sink in. People that are murdering babies are going to say the fact that I cannot tell someone where to go murder their baby is unethical. I would love to know how you define ethical, Miss president of Planned Parenthood.


Well, Tim, you and I, this morning, were invited to be on a call with the White House. And part of that discussion was, “€œAre you going to prosecute Planned Parenthood for selling baby parts and all the unethical stuff they did?”€

That was part of the discussion this morning.

So it is ironic that she would talk about what’s ethical and etc. when they’re facing the prosecution they’re facing.

The Left in Intolerant

Now, that liberal mantra where, “€œWe’re going to talk about what it means to be loving and be tolerant,”€ as they’re completely intolerant and unloving of people they disagree with. This is kind of just the ironic position in the contrast where there is not the integrity from the left when they say, “€œWell, we believe in tolerance,”€ as they are intolerant.

Well, no, no, no. Then you have no integrity. If you’re going to say you believe in tolerance, then you have to practice tolerance, and that means with people you disagree with.

They’re generally not tolerant of people that have different positions. So this is where you have a great irony from the president of Planned Parenthood talking about limitations on referring people to abortion as, “€œUnconscionable and unethical.”€ Nonetheless, this is really good news coming from the Department of Health and Human Services saying, “€œNo, we actually care about the health of the family, the health of the unborn children, and we want to promote healthy babies, and we want to promote healthy families.”€

So it is a very positive direction coming from the Trump Administration. Very good news dealing with the limitations and the funding, specifically for groups that are practicing or trying to promote abortion.


We are going to take a very conscionable, very ethical break, and they’re going to come back and get more good news. Stay with us folks. David Barton is up next with more. You”€™re listening to WallBuilders Live.

America”€™s History

This is David Barton with another moment from America’s history. Often today it seems that the federal government has become too intrusive in the local matters. And federal micro-management has now, unfortunately, become the norm in education, law enforcement, religious expressions, and even on what is and is not moral.

Strikingly, the Founding Fathers had intended that the federal government never intrude into any of these issues. As Thomas Jefferson explained, “€œTaking from the states the moral rule of their citizens and subordinating it to the federal government would break up the foundations of the Union. I believe the states can best govern our home concerns and the federal government our foreign ones.”€

According to Thomas Jefferson, the original plan was for the federal government to direct foreign affairs but for the states and local communities the domestic and the moral ones.

For more information on God’s hand in American history contact WallBuilders at 1 800 8 REBUILD.

Roe v. Wade to be Overturned?


We’re back on WallBuilders Live. It”€™s Good News Friday today. More good news at our website,, just go into the archives and look at those past Friday programs to get some more good news.

David Barton has got some new good news for us. David?


We talked last week about how the Supreme Court appears to be signaling very clearly that it wants to address some cases and readdress cases it’s had in the past because it wants to to reverse those cases.

It wants to go back and make things more constitutional and get rid of the political activism that’s permeated the court for a number of years. It certainly appears that Roe v. Wade is in their crosshairs. We’ve seen a number of studies come out recently where the science is now really against Roe v. Wade.

They’ve gone back and looked at the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, and even the 92 Planned Parenthood v. Casey decision, and said, “€œLook, here’s what the court said about science, and it’s just wrong. Here’s what the science actually is. Now if the court’s going to do abortion, don’t use science the way you’ve done previously.”€

There have been these studies coming out, not necessarily by pro-life groups, there are university studies and others, that come out just looking at the science involved.

There is this rumble that’s going on, and when you look at Roe v. Wade, it has definitely been whittled down over the years as the court has said, “€œWell, we’re going to uphold parental consent and parental notification, and we’re going to uphold informed consent, and other things.”€

Liberal States Pushing for More Abortion Rights

So what happens is the court has been whittling away allowing states to restrict Roe v. Wade, and because of that there’s a lot of folks who believe that Roe v. Wade is headed for its demise.

Frankly, I believe that’s what caused New York and the governor of Virginia to say and do what they’ve done, is because they think Roe v. Wade is on the way out.


And I think there’s actually around 13 states that are working to promote and pass legislation to support abortion, and to defend the right of their state to have an abortion. It’s actually a pretty interesting thought, because the federal constitution has limitations.

And actually, the tenth amendment says whatever is not in the Constitution does belong to the right of the states. The states”€™ going to make that decision. It will be an interesting discussion for another time about how this really unfolds.

Nonetheless, you are seeing states be proactive, very liberal states be proactive, in trying to uphold this idea of abortion because maybe they too sense that something could be changing in the Supreme Court, and they want to have their state on record as saying, “€œWe support abortion.”€

Conservative States Pushing to Ban Abortion


Well, it’s not just the more pro-abortion states.

I’ve got an article that says Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson signed a bill to ban abortions once Roe v. Wade is overturned.

So on our side, we’re seeing that it is probably coming down, and when it comes down we don’t want to be an abortion state.

Here’s another article that says: Missouri joins important list of pro-life states with the strongest pro-life bill in the country.

They just voted to end abortion and ban abortion in their state. Roe v. Wade is overturned, and it looks here like Louisiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, Arkansas, all these states have already voted to ban it.

Then Kentucky, Tennessee, and Missouri have bills pending, Texas and other states never took their anti-abortion bills off the books, believing that if abortion ever got overturned we still got the laws on the books.

So there is this thing by both sides, that they’re looking at this, and they think something’s going to happen with Roe v. Wade.


So states really are taking a fairly active position anticipating this U.S. Supreme Court is going to make a decision, maybe to eliminate the current position of Roe v. Wade and allow the states to decide. If that happens, states are gearing up for whether they’re going to be a pro life or pro death state, so to speak.


I guess a lot of good news on the pro-life front. Even more coming up, so stay with us. We’ve got more good news for you here on WallBuilders Live.

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Moment From American History

This is Tim Barton with another moment from American history. As the American War for Independence began, the president of Yale was the Reverend Naphtali Daggett. When New Haven, the home of Yale, came under attack about a hundred citizens rushed out to meet the British.

The Reverend Daggett galloped by them on horseback, his clearable robes flowing behind him in the wind. He took up a solitary position atop a hill. The 2,500 British soon put the townsfolk to flight but the Reverend Daggett continued to stand alone firing down on the advancing troops.

A British officer confronted him, “€œWhat are you doing there you old fool? If I let you go, will you ever fire again on the troops of his majesty?”€ Nothing more likely was the preacher’s reply. America’s early pastors personally confronted danger and courageously led their communities.

For more information on Pastor Daggett and other colonial Patriots, go to

A Ridiculous Ticket


We’re back here for our final segment of good news today, and Tim Barton’s up. Tim?


Hey guys. This is from Washington state, and this is actually a judge overturning something a city had done.

Pacific Justice Institute is one of the religious liberty law firms we talk about on occasion who do great work to defend the rights of individuals, specifically their first amendment rights and their religious conscience rights.

There was a preacher who was outside an abortion clinic, and last year he was confronted by a police officer who gave him a ticket.

The citation litigant said, “€œFor a loud and raucous and frequent repetitive or continuous sounds made by the amplified human voice.”€

So, not made with any kind of electronics. Not a megaphone. Simply his voice. He got a ticket for being on a public sidewalk, using his voice, and they call this a disturbance.

It was because he was outside an abortion clinic, and this pastor is known for his involvement in the community.

So in the midst of this, Pacific Justice Institute got involved and said, “€œWhoa, wait a second. You can’t tell a man that he can’t talk out loud in public. That’s ridiculous.”€

The city does have some code in place about noise violations, although it does not mention the human voice anywhere in the noise violations.

But in the midst of this, this judge came back and the judges from Benton County District Court dismissed a charge stating the city’s noise ordinance violates the U.S. Constitution with its restrictions on free speech.

The First Amendment Protects Annoying Speech

He emphasized the city cannot restrain speech just because the message annoys the public, which ultimately is what this was about. He’s outside an abortion clinic talking about whether it’s the evil of abortion, or whether it’s God or God’s love, or judgment, or I don’t know what he was saying.

The judge made the point that just because somebody annoys you doesn’t mean you can give them a ticket and tell them they’re not allowed to talk anymore. The judge even pointed out that the city’s noise ordinance policy doesn’t even list the human voice as one of the things that violates the policy.

So it really was good that you had a judge from Washington state, which is not known as a bastion of conservatism.

So it’s very positive that you are having a judge recognize, “€œHey, this shouldn’t have happened.”€

This pastor had this ticket removed and this is now something the city knows he’s allowed to do. It is a little silly that you had an officer who didn’t recognize that this was ridiculous, or unconstitutional, or whatever the situation, the officer still gave him a ticket. So that seems a little silly, but it is good that this was overturned and now he is free to go back and continue to preach outside this abortion clinic.


I like the way you put that, Tim, that the First Amendment protects annoying speech.


Well, absolutely. When you think about the British, any time you said something that the king didn’t like, he could silence you.

So we said, “€œOK, in America, we’re not going to let somebody silence speech they dislike or disagree with, which in this case would be annoying.”€

So absolutely, the First Amendment protects even annoying talkers.

Trump Administration Restricts Abortion Funding and More on Good News Friday!


Good stuff. Thank you for sharing all that with us today. There”€™s more available at

Part of the theme that I got from today and the stories that you were sharing is in the pro-life movement. All these different victories that are happening, things are happening generationally as well.

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We just want to get you equipped to be a good citizen.

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