Trump And Churchill, Defenders Of Western Civilization – With Nick Adams: Who is the man who saved the world from Nazi tyranny?Do college students today even know who Winston Churchill was? How are Trump and Churchill alike?  Tune in to hear an interesting thought comparison from Nick Adams, author of the book Trump And Churchill, Defenders Of Western Civilization.

Air Date: 06/30/2020

Guest:Nick Adams

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Alright, David, Tim, later in the program, Nick Adams with us, we’re going to be talking about his book comparing Trump and Churchill. So, we’re reaching back into history a little bit here. I was shocked to see some people that were protesting the Churchill statue, had no idea who he was. But that’s where we are in our history and frankly, you know, people in Great Britain as well. But anyway, so we’re going to reach back a little bit here to Churchill because some people are comparing Trump to Churchill.


Well, that’s a good comparison if you know anything about Churchill and if you know anything about Trump. Tim and I this past weekend, we were in Philly in New York City, doing some taping for TV program that would come out 4th of July weekend and there were events being covered on the news in those cities. And while we were in those cities, we were watching news.

Incorrect Reporting

I was watching some of the news channels and I was seeing those news channels cover events with which I am very familiar. I know the people involved in these events. And as I watched them being covered on the news channels, I didn’t have a clue what they were talking about, because they were portraying those events in a way that I know it’s completely false, because I’ve been involved in some of these things. And that’s really where history has gone now, is we’re omitting so much. We’re presenting things differently because we’re not giving the full story.

So even like, you can tear down a statue of Churchill if you haven’t told people who he is. You can tear down a statue of Caesar Rodney or the 54th Massachusetts regiment or Ulysses S. Grant or anybody else that we’ve seen the statues torn down if you don’t know the history of who they are and that omission of history is really key.

One of the things that I really look for most when a number of states have asked me to go over their history standards and help them with that State boards, education, etc, the first thing I look for is not what’s there, but what’s not there. What are they not covering? What are they not telling you?

Did they even cover the civil rights movement? Did they cover any of the things in reconstruction? Did they cover the abolitionist forces? Did they cover all the colonial States and colonial Founding Fathers that were antislavery? I mean, it’s what they don’t cover that is so significant. And that’s kind of where we are with the way the news is going today, certainly, that’s why education is going today. And that’s why really, so few of us can make a connection between Churchill and Trump because we’re just missing so much of the history.


Well, and one of the things too, I mean, obviously, these guys come from very different places. And so, I can see just at an outward glance from people who are not familiar with either one of their lives to a great degree, that they would go okay, these dudes were nothing alike. You know Winston Churchill was a little bit of the military, but predominantly, he was in politics for like most of his life.

Two Flawed Individuals Used by God

You know, Trump is a business guy, I can see where they would see the disparity. But when you study their lives, you realize both of these guys were really rough around the edges. They didn’t always play by the rules. They were very principled people, driven by kind of core gut, had some morals that were different than other people. And in some regards, they both had said and done some pretty dumb things at points in their life. Both very flawed people, but both, you could argue were used by God and really impressive ways.

Certainly, Churchill would make that argument; Trump, we’re still praying that to be the case going forward. But it’s a really interesting thought comparison. And I haven’t read this book yet, but I’m super excited to see this book from Nick Adams.


Yeah, it’s going to be fun to have Nick on the program today to talk about it. Nick Adams, our friend that is from Australia, but really appreciate American freedom. He’s an American citizen now and has had several bestselling books and spoken at Patriot Academy several times. When we return from the break, Nick Adams with us here on WallBuilders Live.

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Welcome back to WallBuilders Live, thanks for staying with us. I am excited today to have one of my good friends on the program that is doing great work for America. He is just a great American, came to us via Australia and has been a blessing to Patriot Academy and just continues to encourage Americans to recognize the blessings we have and to make the most of being an American citizen. Nick Adams, great to have you with us, brother.


Rick, it’s always a pleasure.


Hey man, you have so many bestselling books, ‘Green Card Warrior’, ‘Class Dismissed, ‘American boomerang’, you did with our friend Allen West, ‘Retaking America’ and now. I love the concept for this book, I’m so glad you did it, ‘Trump and Churchill’. I mean, the comparisons to Churchill, in fact, it was a British guy that first told me that; back when Trump first got elected, he said he’s like Churchill, not pretty on the outside, but exactly what we need on the inside and it’s turned out to be right. Is that what you found when you did your research for the book?

Consequential, Unique, Historic


Absolutely, very much, so Rick. Look command like President Trump, consequential, unique, historic has existed in the past, in the form of Winston Churchill. Churchill, of course, was the great wartime Prime Minister of England, the greatest figure in my mind that the 20th century. He’s the man that saved the world from Nazi tyranny. Now, on the surface, Rick, you wouldn’t really think that they were all that similar.

One was five foot six and love to drink, the other is a six foot three peak toddler, one nap every afternoon and every opportunity he possibly could in his pajamas, the other by all accounts, barely sleep. One began his career by opposing tariffs, the other by introducing them. One is great, compelling soaring [inaudible 08:07] the other, not so much. One, a life-long politician; the other, a billionaire businessman.

But as soon as you look a little deeper, Rick, you find the two men are actually remarkably similar. Neither conceal their true self or conform to expectations. Both were confident, love their country. Both intensely disliked, even hated, clear thinkers and plain speakers, alpha male, busted down their enemies. Both have acrimonious relationship with the media. Both endured battles with the political establishment wanting their destruction.

Both followed monumentally weak leaders. Of course, Churchill had Neville Chamberlain and Donald Trump had Barack Obama and decided Chamberlain and Obama had the spine of a jellyfish would be to the same jellyfish. So, that really just serves to kind of heighten the qualities, the leadership traits about Trump and Churchill.


What do you want people to take away from the book in terms of their view of Trump and actually, if I could complicate the question, also their view of Churchill, because you’ve got a generation that they don’t have a clue who Churchill was, they have no idea that he literally saved not only England, but in many ways, the key figure to save the entire world, as you said, from Nazism? And so, I’m hoping that the book also not only, you know, defends Trump as a great leader in a Churchill style, but also brings awareness of the greatness of Churchill.


It most certainly does. Rick, we really dive pretty deep in the book into Churchill, into his early life, into both his failures and his successes. And one of the things that I found so amazing while researching this book was that both men, you know, when you look at their lives, their failures, often stunning failures, their successes, often stunning successes, every single thing that happened to them or that they did or that they went through was perfect preparation for the moment that they would find themselves in as Prime Minister and as President respectively. That’s really what’s amazing.

Churchill’s Unbelievable Knack

And Churchill has this unbelievable knack, that also Donald Trump has and it’s what I call prescient. I mean, they’re almost always right. They always turn out to be right. They’ll come out or make a statement though. They’ll take an action and they’ll be roundly criticized, Rick. They’ll be derided, they’ll be mocked, they’ll be ridiculed, scorned and then a little bit of time passes on, and all of a sudden, guess what, they were right. They had it correct.

And we saw that with this invisible enemy that we’ve been fighting for. You know, President Trump came out in March and he was right about the number of ventilators, he was right about the numbers receding when the warmer weather would come. And he was accused of peddling this false optimism…


He was right about what percentages in terms of deaths, in terms of hospitalizations and in terms of it being more like a flu. He was right all along. And you’re right, man, everybody just lambasted him over it.


Exactly. Yeah, that’s exactly right. And they accused him of peddling this false optimism. That’s what Bill de Blasio did and that’s what Wolf Blitzer of CNN did. And it’s funny because that’s a charge, Rick, that was leveled at Winston Churchill repeatedly throughout his tenure as Prime Minister.

But he was too uplifting that he wasn’t selling the truth to the British people that he was being too motivational. And both men as I write a bit that extensively in the book believed in the power of positive thinking, something that I know is close to your heart and mine, as well, which is why I think we’re drawn to leadership seekers like them.


I got to take you down a little bit of a rabbit trail on what you said a few minutes ago, in that their stunning failures and tough times were setting them up perfectly and preparing them perfectly for their finest hour and most importantly, leadership hours, because that’s a personal lesson we can take from what you’re teaching in this book as well. Right?

I mean, for people that are going through tough times, even now, some of the things that that we’re facing to not get doom and gloom about it, but realize, hey, God is doing something here and he’s probably preparing you for something that you may not have any idea what it’s going to be. But he’s got the puzzle pieces all put together and he knows what’s coming and so he needs you to go through this tough time to be prepared. That’s a mindset we need more in America today.



It absolutely is, Rick and that’s one of the reasons why I enjoy speaking with you so much, because we both kind of straddle that line with political guides. We like talk politics. We love talking about the freedom and the Constitution and individual liberty and all of that stuff. But along with that, and I think it dovetails beautifully, is this mindset of achievement and success and optimism and God’s plan and all of that kind of stuff.

And if you go and have a look at Winston Churchill in the First World War, Rick, there was this event that happened in Gallipoli in Turkey and to this day, we celebrate in Australia and New Zealand, people celebrate ANZAC Day. And it’s always with mixed feelings, because it was essentially a massacre and it was one that Churchill had kind of organized. He was the brainchild of this military maneuver that just went horribly wrong and so many Australians and New Zealanders lost their life on that day. And I mean, you know, that really hit him hard, but then he was able to bounce back from that.

And in the second world war when the stakes are even bigger for his country, I mean, he was just brilliant in how he managed the military and his strategy was just on point. So, it just shows you that, you know, we learn from our mistakes and every setback is a setup for a comeback.


How did you take the, you know, for Churchill I mean, obviously he had success on the national scene and then basically thrown out and then success on the national scene and even saves the world and then he’s thrown out in the, I guess, 51 or whenever it was, maybe sooner than, I can’t remember the date. But how do you see that with Trump? Like, I mean, he stays the course even when it seems like everybody else is against him. What do you see happening with him in terms of nationalism opinion towards him even after he’s given us the greatest economy we’ve experienced in our lifetimes?


Well, Rick, look on number one, I’m very say going on at that the President’s prospects in November. I do think he’s going to be reelected and I actually think he’s reelection could be even with a greater margin than last time, even despite everything that’s been thrown at him and particularly, these unexpected things like COVID and there’s riots and all that stuff.

Trump, a Van Gogh President

But I do believe that Donald Trump will be very much a Van Gogh president, that is to say somebody that really isn’t appreciated in their life time. And one of the points that I make in my book, is that I believe that as time goes on and it’s a big call, Rick, because we’re pretty early in the 21st century, but I do think particularly if he gets another four years, I do think that he could very well go on to become the Churchill of the 21st century. That is to say, one of the greatest figures going down as someone that saved America.

And we know that if you save America, Rick, you saved the world, because the world fought several with America and America was teetering on the precipice. I mean, I don’t need to tell you. I mean, we were on the cusp in 2016 of going down that Europeans path, that socialist path. And in income, this most are more likely by who, you know, tells us that America can be great again, would voting for and really on blind faith, more so than anything else. And he ends up rescuing the country, building this incredible economy. And, Rick, I think he’s going to build it up again.


I do too. And you know, I think the table is set. I mean, like you said, he came in on the heels of eight years of such a move to the left and towards socialism and kind of a soft socialism and now he’s facing literally hard left Marxist theology and psychology in the streets at this point and literally, our cities are burning. So, I mean, the table is set for him to have a Churchill type stand, to not give up on the principles of liberty and to not cave into those things. And you know, the next few months are going to be very, very telling. What do you see in regard to his steadfastness on those principles and stay in the course?


Well, Rick, look, if there’s one thing we know about Donald Trump, it’s that you can say anything you want to say about him, but he has been saying the same thing for a long time. I mean, there are interviews of him in the late 70s, in the early 80s, saying almost word for word, what he has said as a candidate and he said now and acted on in the last four years.

So, I don’t think we have to worry about Donald Trump. I think the left is going to and they were already doing it. But as we get closer to the election, they are going to be throwing everything at him, Rick. I mean, it’s going to get uglier, it’s going to get worse, it’s going to get crazier.

These are people that know that if President Trump gets another four years, that means he gets another Justice on the Supreme Court and boy, oh, boy, do we need, you know, another Justice on the Supreme Court? But you know, he is a transformational president. He is a Reagan. He’s someone that, you know, didn’t just go there to kind of be a good manager, he went there to transform the place and he’s done that.

Trump and Churchill: Defenders of Western Civilization


No doubt. And you know, tell me if you think I’m exaggerating here. I mean, effects of the book titled Trump and Churchill: Defenders of Western Civilization. I mean, I wouldn’t have said this two months ago, but I definitely would say it now seeing what we’re seeing and seeing the type of people, good people that are falling for the leftist propaganda right now. I mean, this election feels like Western civilization is on the line. Our concept of American values and blind justice and all those things that we hold dear seem to me are basically on the ballot this year. And this election is that important. I don’t like to exaggerate and I don’t like to use hyperbole. So, I mean, is that over exaggerating this thing?


No, Rick, it’s not hyperbolic at all. I mean, our identity, our values, our culture, everything is on the line. I mean, I just saw a video earlier today and you know, full disclaimer, I love Chick-fil-A, I love Chick-fil-A. But to see Dan Cathy on his knees polishing a black rapper’s shoes and saying that, you know, we all should be doing this and I mean…


Oh, it’s crazy man. And in that same interview, Louie Giglio, big faith leader in America saying that white privilege is just white blessings, you know, it’s that we have had, I mean, just buying into this narrative that separates us based on race. And it’s faith leaders, it’s business leaders, it’s conservatives, everybody is so afraid of being called a racist, that they’re actually parroting the leftist propaganda that’s been fed like a poison to our children for 40 years.


Exactly. It’s terrifying, because that’s how you lose a country, that’s how you lose your value system and that’s how you lose everything that you know. And Rick, I know that you agree with me, I don’t want American to change. You were really blessed in that you were born here, you’ve got to spend all your life here.

I chose to come here and I came here because it was a certain way. And the last thing I want is this place to change into the place that I left or how everywhere else is. And yet there are some people in America that want to change it into something that has never been, something that it isn’t and quite frankly, so It should never be.


Yes, yes. Well, in fact, I want to recommend not only the Churchill book, Nick, but also ‘Retaking America: Crushing Political Correctness’, because that is what’s allowed for this massive shift right now in the mindset of Americans about America suddenly being bad, is because of the political correctness. That’s the underlying thing that allowed for this, so, both books. And I guess, where do you want to send people, Amazon or to your flag USA website or where?


Rick, for sign personalized copies,


Alright, We’re going to have a link at today. And they can get both Trump and Churchill book and ‘Retaking America’ there?


They most certainly can.


Man, I wish we had more time, because also your ‘Class Dismissed’ book also addressing this very issue, because the colleges are the ones spewing this poison more than anyone else and why college isn’t the answer. Another great book. Anyway, folks, go get all the Nick’s book.

And I do recommend the kids’ books that he’s done on the Constitution for our kids. In fact, we distribute those as much as we possibly we can and those you can get at and great organization to support as well. Nick, God bless you, brother. I believe God is using you in a mighty way to help save our nation. And I love locking shields with you, let’s get you back on again soon.


God bless you, Rick. Always a pleasure. Thank you.


We’re back here with David and Tim Barton. That was Nick Adams. Thanks for joining us today, Nick. And we’re certainly going to put links to the book today on our website at and encourage folks to read it, at the very least, to learn more about Churchill.

This is such a great leader in our history that had such an impact on preserving freedom, for not just England but for the entire world. And so, David, Tim, great book for folks to get and I love these comparisons. Man, I learned a lot about Trump and Churchill just in the interview and I can’t wait to read the book.



Yeah. And going through the interview, I was struck with one of the things that you and Nick were talking about and they both made decisions for which they were derided, they were scorned, but which turned out to be right. And because we have such a short memory, most people don’t remember how right Trump has been on the things he said about COVID and the way it turned out.

Because every day CNN has got a new take on it; every day, it’s like they’ve got amnesia and they wake up every morning with something brand new and they don’t remember anything that happened prior to 10 minutes ago, especially with Trump.

But there were so many good parallels and I thought it was really significant that you guys to talk about how they were both well prepared for this very unique time. I mean, this is a time that you really need a guy like Trump, who can push back and who can stand firm. And if you want to yell at him and yell about him, that doesn’t seem to faze him at all. It’s like water off a duck’s back. And the same way with Churchill.

So, they’re real unique individuals that probably could not have been elected at any other time or chosen in Churchill’s case, at any other time in history and done well. But right now, they’re exactly what we need. And I thought the other thing and Rick, to kind of allude to something Nick said, he said, we need another Justice on the Supreme Court.

And for folks who don’t know, that goes back to a decision that just came down from the court. Neil Gorsuch wrote the decision and from where I’m sitting, this is the first really bad decision he’s had and now almost three years on the court, but this is a really bad one.

He took a 1960s law and redefine the words in that 1960s law to use 2020 definitions. And if you’re going to do that to a law, if you’re going to rewrite the words of a law of what they mean today, oh, my gosh, everything is out the window, I mean, the Constitution becomes a thing of wax. And we’re very hopeful that this is just an anomaly by Gorsuch and we don’t see any more of this. But nonetheless, this was a case we thought we would win hands down without it being easy win and as it turns out, we lost this thing and Gorsuch was a real surprise on this.

Trump and the Court

So, even if he got a justice you think is really good, we still need more Judges on the US Supreme Court, and this decision from two weeks ago really points that out. And that’s why getting Trump back in there, he’s had very, very, very few Judges we can point to that have made bad decisions. But this one decision by the one Justice is a reminder that everybody is fallible, everybody is human and so we need as much backup as we can get. We need more of the kind of Judges that Trump has been given just for the last three and a half years.


What a difference it’ll make if he has a few more appointments on the US Supreme Court and certainly another couple hundred at the district court level and the Court of Appeals level. It would be massive for the next few decades, actually, I would say it’s even essential, it’s vital that that happens.

So, folks, let’s be educated about this. Let’s make good decisions going into the fall. Be sure and get this book, ‘Trump and Churchill’, in fact, have Nick Adams in to speak to your church or your group. He’s just phenomenal. We’ve enjoyed having him at Patriot Academy, check out his website, He’s got some great kids’ books as well for the little ones and just a great way to start teaching on the principles early.

Trump And Churchill, Defenders Of Western Civilization – With Nick Adams

Also, I want to encourage you to start teaching the Constitution yourself. You can get Constitution Alive at our website,, the DVD sets available there, the workbooks are available there. Or if you want to become a coach, actually get signed up to host the class in your home or at your church, you can do that at

Very easy to sign up, totally free by the way. We’re giving that away for free right now because of how essential it is in the precarious situation our country is in. You can learn more about all of that at, check it out today.

Thanks so much for listening. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.