Trump Inauguration:  Emotional mob mentality at the protests after the Trump Inauguration.  Pastor Tim Brooks talks about his encounters with the protesters at Trump Inauguration.  After engaging with the protestors to understand why they were there, he was unable to get even one clear answer.

Air Date: 02/21/2017

Guests: Tim Brooks, David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton

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We”€™re here with David Barton, he’s America’s premiere historian and our founder and president here WallBuilders. Also, Tim Barton, national speaker and pastor. And my name is Rick Green. I’m a former Texas state rep.

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David, Tim, we got a really fun interview coming up later. It actually stems out of y’alls trip to Washington for the inauguration.

Protesters Protesting What People SAID Trump Was Going To Do


Yeah, we were there for the inauguration and we were also there the day after when they had the huge protest march and people came in from all over the nation. The inauguration itself was reported to be one of the largest in history, but at the same time, that demonstration was not a small demonstration it was massive.

So, as we were trying to get to the check in places for the inauguration the protesters would block off the entrances and block off the ways so we couldn’t get in. They got there a day early trying to block the stuff off.

It was interesting, as we go from one gate to another trying to find a way to get in, because they would block one gate, and then we would go to another. You read the signs they had and the signs they had about what they didn’t like about Trump actually weren’t anything Trump had said. It was what people had said Trump was going to do.

So the protest was built around not what Trump has done or said he was going to do, but what the critics said about Trump. So it was really interesting.


There might have been one or two signs that had quotes from him. But the vast majority were things that, you”€™re right, not directly that he had said.   Again, there was one or two signs that had something like that snid bit of when he was on a bus and said something. But most of it, they were upset because “He doesn’t want women to have rights.  And he’s going to take away all the homosexuals rights.”€


“€œWe won’t have another immigrant ever come into the nation.”€

The Skewed View Of The Left


I mean, just ridiculous stuff that they’re saying. But it’s kind of their tone, their emotion, their appeal. And by the way, we got cussed at many times because we were wearing nice clothes and were polite.  We didn’t say anything to anybody.  We weren’t being rude to anybody, but just because we were there for the inauguration we got cussed at and we’re told how offensive, bigoted, mean, and hateful we were.

And I thought, “€œWell, that’s kind of ironic, that I’m being cussed at being told I’m hateful and I’ve done nothing to you. But yet you’re hate spewing all over me.”€ But there were a lot of interesting things there that that next day, not just protesting the inauguration the day of the inauguration, but the following day with the women’s rights protest.

And women’s rights being very loose because we’ve identified even on the show that there were pro-life women that weren’t allowed to march in the women’s march because it’s not rights for all women. “€œThese are just rights for the progressive liberal left women not the conservative women. You don’t have rights.”€ So really skewed, but interesting stuff to see, nonetheless

When Tim Brooks Talked With Liberals


And what happened was we stayed the day of the protests as well and went home the next day. So we were there for all the protests. And Tim Brookes was with us, Pastor Tim Brooks out of Arkansas. He is my horseback riding buddy, cowboy, and just common sense guy.

I love him.  We’ve had him on the program several times. Love listening to his sermons and podcasts. And so Tim that day spent the day engaging these women with these signs, engaging the women in protest, and it just asked them questions.

So at the end of the day when we got together and we all sat down for dinner that night and Tim Brooks was telling us all this stuff, we hadn’t been there for the protests, but he had and he had engaged. He was telling us what he did and the questions he asked, and it was hilarious! I mean, we were just cracking up saying, “€œOh man, that would have been fun to see.”€

So, I thought, “€œWe’ve got to get Brooke’s on here. Got to have Tim tell that and some of the questions he asked and what it did to the other side.”€ It was really hilarious.


Pastor Jim Brooks, he’s our special guest today.  He’ll be with us when we return right here on WallBuilders Live.

Moment From American History

This is Tim Barton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history. After the final victory at Yorktown the Continental Army awaited the outcome of peace negotiations with Great Britain.

Pastor Israel Evans, a chaplain in the army, proposed to George Washington that they build a structure where church services can be held during the months of waiting. Washington approved the plan and urges officers to ensure that the soldiers attend that service.

Pastor Evans further knew if we were to secure the liberties they had fought for, sound education would be crucial.

He declared, “€œEvery parent and every friend to the freedom of his country ought to be attentive to the improvement of our youth and the principles of freedom and good government. And then the people will stand fast in their liberty for a long time.”€ Our schools today need to return to teaching the principles of freedom and good government in order for America to survive and prosper. For more information about Pastor Israel Evans and other colonial patriots go to

Changing Lives


Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live. Our good friend Pastor Tim Brooks with us from Christian Ministry Church in Hot Springs, Arkansas. A lot more than what you think of than just a church. These folks reach out.  They do so many programs throughout the year including a lot of youth programs.

Which have had a great impact on my kids as well.  So Tim Brooks, I just always love to tell you, I appreciate your ministry! It’s impacted my family and I know thousands and thousands of others out there.


Well, Rick, it’s always thrilling to be with you. I can’t appreciate and thank you enough for all that you do. And with this WallBuilders Live program, my goodness, the tens of thousands of lives you’re reaching with this program. I’m always blessed to be a part of it, I’m just thrilled to be here with you today.


I wish we had been running alongside you at the inauguration with a microphone picking up some of these fun times you had. David said that he just couldn’t believe the conversations. First, the boldness you had and the questions that you asked in the way people literally just sometimes fry their brain and get them to even change their position based on the questions that you were asking. It sounds like you and Barton had had a good time at the inauguration!

My Inauguration Experience


Well, I”€™ll tell you Rick, I hate to use the word, “€œawesome”€ because kids today say, “€œ is awesome, is awesome, is awesome.”€ But really, it was awe.  I was in awe of the inauguration. Rick, my goodness, thanks to my congressmen we had seats right up in the front center.

Then just countless people standing all the way back to the Washington Monument and it was just awesome. During the inauguration six different ministers, I believe it was, prayed and quoted scripture. Our president gets up there to give his speech and he quotes and refers to scripture referring to the authority of the Bible that he’s going to hold in his life.

Trump Inauguration

It was just an awesome experience. It was powerful. Then, we went to a gala that night and heard from different pastors and their input in their conversations with our new president with our new vice president. I went to bed that night just thrilled.

The very next morning, I mean this was Sunday morning, Rick.  I wake up in our hotel.  It was right there by the Capitol. I looked out my window and could see the Capitol. The streets were filled with women with signs protesting.

I mean the guy hadn’t been in office 24 hours yet.  Protesters were everywhere.  And you know me, I just had to get in the middle of the protest.


Well, being the shy, reserved, really hesitant, insecure guy that you are, I’m shocked.

Questioning Liberal Trump Protesters


Well, I just I couldn’t help myself. I just got out there and I walked up to the lady, “€œMa”€™am, I’m from Arkansas and I just come here and I don’t know what’s going on. I want to be involved. What are we protesting?”€

She said, “€œWomen’s rights!”€

I said, “€œGreat! What about that?”€

She said, “€œAll of them being taken away.”€

I said, “€œOh, no. You mean this new guy in for 24 hours is taking away all the rights of women? I mean this morning you can’t vote? You can’t go to school? My wife’s not going to leave the house unless her heads covered? I mean, overnight all the rights of women are gone?”€

“€œWell..Well…It”€™s bigger than that!”€

I said, “€œWhat is it?”€

“€œWell, health care is the real issue.”€

All of a sudden, I asked a question and all of a sudden, “€œWell it’s health care.”€


It went from, “€œAll of women’s rights to health care.


Yeah, all women’s rights being taken away.  I said, “€œ24 hours? They’re all gone?”€

“€œWell, it’s bigger than that! Health care.”€

I said, “€œI’m for sure ready to protest that! I’m with you. All the insurance companies in Arkansas all been regulated out. We only have one option for me to get my insurance from. And in the last two years it’s gone up three times, ma’am. I can’t afford it.”€

“€œOh I see, you’re one of the lucky ones who can buy it. I’m standing up for all the people who can’t buy it.”€

I said, “€œWoah, woah, woah, there is nothing lucky about me buying my own insurance. I work my tail off. I work three jobs. I work 90 plus hours a week.”€

And she said, “€œWell, you’re obviously a Republican.”€

Protester Demands To Impeach TrumpFor What He Might Do


Ok, so what am I left with?  I mean, first it was women’s rights. Then I asked her a question about that.  Then it was health care. Then I told her that I had three jobs and so I”€™m a Republican.

What”€™s the conclusion? That if I was a Democrat I wouldn’t have a job? I don’t know, what was I supposed to get out of that?


Right. So she was not impressed by you, is what you’re telling me?


Well, evidently.


Because it sounds like that was an insult to say that you must be a Republican.


Well, I mean she put me down right quick.




I mean, another lady was holding a sign that said, “€œ Impeach him.Why is it taking so long?”€

I said, “€œMa’am I love that sign. Because I can tell you right now I am for impeachment. We”€™ve got to start impeaching some of these overreaching judges.  We”€™ve got these overreaching judges that are legislating from the bench. We ought to kick them out. We’ve got to hold them accountable. I am for impeachment. But what did he do last night?  Your sign says “€˜Impeach him. Why is it taking so long?”€™ What did he do last night?”€

“€œWell I’m afraid of what he will do,”€ she said.


Oh, she wanted to impeach him for what he might do.


Yeah, “€œWell I’m afraid of what he will do.”€

So I said, “€œWell, I’m not for impeaching on what he might do. I’m still mad about what Clinton did using his male dominance to coerce an intern in the Oval Office. Now that guy should have been impeached. He should have been kicked out for sure.”€

Give Me Just Once Case That Proves Your Point

Boy, her face turned red. So I said, “€œReally though, what did he do last night that you are so mad about? I said, “€œDid he get one of those young aides in the Oval Office last night?”€

She said, “€œWell it’s not that! This is about not stopping police from killing our young black men.”€


Right, he”€™s been in office how long?


Well, wait, her sign said, “€œImpeach him.”€ I”€™m trying to figure out about impeaching him. She said, “€œIt”€™s not that. This president’s not stopping the police from killing young black men.”€

So I said, “€œWell I can tell you right now, I’m for that!”€  I said, “€œThis this is ridiculous. A police just drives by a black man and he’s out there on the job welding, working, hanging sheetrock, laying block, or putting a roof on a house, or I mean he’s out here working hard and the police just roll down their window and sticks a gun out and shoots him right off the roof because he’s out there working on it. Yeah, that’s got to stop.”€

She stared at me and I said, “€œDo you know a case where that’s happened? Where a police just shot a guy on the job?”€ Well, she just started yelling at me.

I said, “€œMa’am has there ever been one case? The ones shot were robbing, looting, or were somewhere where he wasn”€™t supposed to be doing something he wasn”€™t supposed to be doing and someone told him to stop and he didn’t.”€

What About The Justice For Trayvon Martin

Then she just went into a rant and said, “€œWell the courts are so messed up they didn’t even convict the guy that shot Trayvon Martin.”€

I said, “€œWell I can agree with that. Now these liberal courts not putting people in jail for breaking the law. That’s got to stop.”  I said, “Ma’am could you believe they just let Hillary go when all the facts showed her guilty?”€ She starts yelling at me and she just turned and ran off.


So what you really were doing is you were just clearing out the crowd.


Hey, if we going to protest, I want to protest. I’m in for the party!


You know what”€™s crazy Tim? I bet those two already that you engaged with came all the way from wherever they came in the country and they had probably not been, I’m going to use the word challenged, but really challenged with reason by anybody. They never actually had somebody ask what you were asking and actually had to think about what it was they were so riled up about.


It was shocking. I told my wife, my wife was staring at the floor and pulling on my arm, bless her heart. I said, “€œBabe, I’ve never been to D.C. to protest. I’m not saying I won’t. I may fly up there and get me to sign and protest one day.  But I”€™ll dang sure know what I’m up there protesting.”€

Women In Their Own March Didn”€™t Know What They Were Protesting

Not one of these people could just articulate. I played it like, “€œLook, I’m from Arkansas. I just came into town. I don’t know what we”€™re doing. What are we protesting today? I mean, fill me in. Give me a sign. Tell me what we’re protesting.”€ And I couldn”€™t get an answer.




How much money did they spend to get themselves there?




I can tell you I know exactly what my hotel room cost a night during that weekend.


That was not a cheap week. Even to come in the day after I’m sure was still hundreds and hundreds for one night at a hotel anywhere in town. That”€™s part of why I ended up not going. I mean every little thing was just outrageous. I’m not a rich Republican like you, Tim.


Yeah, I’m rich Republican, “€œBut you’re one of those rich Republicans.  Yeah.” But I”€™m telling you it was just-  when you would just ask a question, and I didn’t do it confrontationally. I did it like I was on their side. “€œWhat we mad about? Where can I get me a sign? Where do they have those signs? What”€™s that sign mean?  I’m going to get me one.”€

I was shocked, you know Rick. I was there all day. I don’t know how many I talked to. And literally, I did not get a clear answer. One lady, we were sitting in Union Station having lunch, and she was sitting at the table right there next to us. So this was just a friendly conversation of me trying to get her to explain what we were doing. I kept using the word, “€œWe.  What are we so mad about? Where do I get my sign? And before I carry that what does that sign mean?  So I will know what I am doing.”€ And no one could tell me.

How Were You Actually Affected


That it would have been nice if you could have found one of them that you could’ve at least had an intellectual, reasoned discussion about the issue itself and then actually talk.


You know, I’m not going to say there wasn’t one there. I’m just saying I never found one. Another lady walked by me and I was sitting there, this was in Union Station. I remember this. I was sitting there and we were eating and she was standing there in line right up where I was sitting.

She was holding a big sign that was around her neck and it hung all the way to her knees and it said, “€œKeep your tiny hands off my underwear.”€ That’s what sign said. “€œKeep your tiny hands off my underwear.”€

And I just leaned over and I said, “€œExcuse me, ma’am, are you having trouble with that?”€ “€œWhat?”€ I said, “€œYour sign. Are you having trouble with that?”€


I said, “€œYour sign. Are you having trouble with that?”€

She didn”€™t even know what to say. I said, “€œWell, ma’am, who is that about?”€

She said, “€œOh well,  Trump has tiny hands.”€

And I said, “€œOh no. Has that man been touching your underwear?

She said, “€œWell, not mine.”€

I said, “€œWell ma”€™am, that’s what your sign says.”€  I said, “€œI’ll help you protest if he touched your underwear.”€

“€œWell…Well… Well..”€

And I said, “€œMa”€™am, has anybody touched your underwear? Why are you walking miles carrying a sign about something that’s never happened?”€

And she said, “€œWell, you clearly don’t understand.”€


Yeah, clearly I don”€™t.


I said, “€œApparently, I don’t. But I’m sure trying to. Your sign says, “€˜Keep your tiny hands off of my underwear,”€™ and want you to tell me who has touched your underwear. I’m assuming that it’s President Trump because that’s who we’re protesting today.”  And she just turned and just kind of snubbed me.

Mob Mentality, Leaving Things Worse Than Before


So she didn’t run like the other lady?


No, she was in line. She didn’t want to lose her place in line.


Well, then you weren’t doing your job.  You were supposed to be clearing out the people. I thought that’s what we figured out you were doing.


Rick, keep your tiny hands off my underwear. But nobody touched her underwear.




And she couldn’t tell me. Oh, I forgot this, she said, “€œWell it’s a metaphor!”€ I said, “€œMa”€™am, I didn’t do real good in English. What is a metaphor?”

And that’s when she said, “Well, you can”€™t understand it anyway.”€


Oh, it was too much for you. It is amazing, though. These encounters are good reminders of why we’re a republic, not a democracy. That mob mentality where people just get riled up and they just go without understanding what it is they are, therefore.

You see it usually in the results of after they’re there. Like did they do damage to property? Did they leave the place worse than when they got there?

The ones that are usually thinking through what they’re there for and really want to make a statement usually leave the place clean, don’t damage anything.

But that mob mentality, we are seeing more and more that in the culture. And it does get violent.  We saw a lot of that over the last few years. But man, by you just asking key questions, I bet the ladies you did encounter you ruined the rest of their day, Tim.  Because they couldn’t just you know wave the banner without actually thinking about what you had asked.  And I bet flying home they felt a little deflated going, “€œNow why did I go do that?”€

They Have To Change The Conversation


Well, they would have to. And you know, Rick, I’m not a very smart guy.  I’m just from the country and all I was just asking was just a simple kind of clear me up here, little clarification on what we’re all mad about.

Like I say, I don’t want to put everybody up there that was protesting in one box.  But I’m just telling you I was there all day and I don’t know how many encounters I had but I was yet to get an answer.

Even a half answer or even one that I could remotely.  They could not in their mind articulate what they were mad about.

When I would ask them one or two questions, then they saw that there was no answer to that. I guess the foolishness of that, “€œWell it’s about something else. It”€™s about other issues.”€ Or “€œYou couldn’t understand.”€ Well, I’m trying.  Tell me.


Once the foolishness of that one issue was obvious to them they had to keep shifting looking for another reason.

If You Lock Your Door Why Would You Oppose A Wall


Yeah, one lady, “€œWhat are we protesting? What are you mad about?”€

“€œI’m protesting the wall.”€

“€œMa’am, do you lock your door at night?”€ I mean, she just stared at me.  

She said, “€œWell of course.”€

“€œWhy? Why do you lock your door when you go to sleep?”€ And she just stared, like was the dumbest question.   She just stared at me, no remark. And I just kept staring her, long silence.

And I said, “€œMa”€™am, you lock your door at night.  You do that to keep uninvited out when you’re not there looking. Now the next day when you’re awake you unlock it because you’re there to go to the door, meet the one wanting in.   And then at that point, you make a decision whether you’re going to invite them in or you going to tell this salesman, “€˜No I don’t want any,’ and close the door.  You”€™re there to make a decision as to whether you want that person in your house or no you don’t want that person in your house. And then you lock the door at night.”€

You’ve never seen such a blank stare.  Just glared at me and then just wheeled and turned and walked off.


But I tell you what, Tim, I will say, that is a gift you have of being able to zero in on the real issue at hand, the heart of the matter. With common sense analyze that heart of the matter issue and ask the right questions to make the other person reach the conclusion themselves.

I mean, that’s why those ladies, people I’ve been in debates with or whatever get so mad is when you ask that question it changes their opinion. They’re just not ready yet to admit it. But if you’ve shown the fallacy of their logic and they’re sitting there feeling like they’re empty-handed. Like you just took the weapon out of their hands.


Well, first of all, I’m not smart enough to get into any deep philosophical debate with anybody over anything. But I’m talking just simple questions that you would ask a first grader in school and expect… I don’t know, Rick, I was really taken by how mad these protesters were and could not tell me why. It shocked me.  It really shocked me that’s they had to let themselves get.


Yeah, no doubt, no doubt. Well, man, I wish we had more time. I’d love to hear more stories. You need to just do a do an entire book on your experience at the inauguration.


Well, I’m telling you it was it was really awesome, Rick.  I’m so excited about what’s going on in our country. I’m so excited about what I see happening. We’ve got a brand new future. And I’m so encouraged about the role of the church in these coming days.  And I’m so encouraged about the role of the church in these coming days. We’ve got a bright future ahead of us and I’m seeing God hand turning America, and I’m excited about it.


Amen, I agree with you, brother. It’s a great time to celebrate the changes that are taking place in the positive direction. Just a lot to be very thankful for God has given our nation a reprieve. We need to be excited about it, we need to take advantage of and say, “€œThat’s an opportunity for us to press that advantage and get involved.”€

Now your efforts will pay off even greater. In past years we’ve said, “€œHey, let’s get involved in the culture. Let’s go out there make a difference.”€ Sometimes feel like you’re beating your head against a wall. Well, now you’re at a point where you can really gain ground in influence in the culture in a positive way and move things right direction. So, it’s a great time to be an American.

Tim Brooks, God bless you brother. Appreciate your coming on.  Let’s get back again soon!


I look forward to it always! God bless you and God bless WallBuilders Live. I always enjoy being with you.


Thanks for listening today, folks! You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live!