Trump Lifts Funding Ban On Faith-Based Black Colleges And Universities: We call it, “Good News Friday” because it’s a chance for David and Tim to share some good news from across the nation and around the world. We don”€™t often hear good news from major media, however, here on WallBuilders Live, we love sharing news worthy of celebration! Tune in now to learn more!

Air Date: 09/27/2019

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Senate Confirms 150th Trump Nominated Judge

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This is Good News Friday! I love Good News Fridays because it’s a chance to catch up on a lot of the good things that have been happening that were definitely not covered in major media, and that I didn’t notice myself! 

David and Tim have been compiling all these stories, and today we’re going to fire through them as fast as we possibly can. I really appreciate these guys putting that together for us. Let’s dive into some of that good news! David Barton”€™s got the first piece of good news. David?


I’m going to start with an article that says, “€œHistoric Milestone, Senate Confirms 150th Trump Judicial Nominee.”€Â 

So we just passed 150 federal judges that have been appointed by President Trump and confirmed by the Senate. He’s nominated a whole lot more than a 150, but they have confirmed 150 of his judicial nominees. So we’re what? Three years into his presidency? This makes now 43 circuit court nominees, 2 Supreme Court Justices, and 105 lower court nominees.

So that’s in the first three years. Here’s the comparison—

Judges of High Quality


And by the way, David, this is not just process wise, right? It’s not just that he’s pushed through a bunch of judges. We just want to repeat we”€™ve said it so many times in the program: These are good judges. There’s only been a couple that we haven’t been too thrilled with. Almost all of them are religious liberty strong, good judges. So you’re you’re about to go through a comparison to other presidents, I’m guessing? 

I just had to say, it’s not just numbers, it’s quality.


No question about that. And you’re right, there’s been a few bad ones get through. But what’s been impressive to me is our senators on the Republican side have actually stepped up to stop some of the nominees from President Trump, a Republican president, from going through. So Josh Hawley, the senator from Missouri, freshman senator, he did a great, great job stopping one of the nominees that should not have gone through. Ted Cruz has done the same thing, and they’re not combating the president. This is not an ugly thing. The president’s like, “€œOh, well that’s not a good guy. Get him out of here.”€Â 


Yes. It’s always, basically, advisers around him who are giving him the name. 

“€œHey. This is our guy. He’s great.”€Â 

And the president, arguably, doesn’t really know hardly any of these people.

He’s just been given a list, or given a name in those situations. 

But, fortunately, there are some constitutional senators and other people around him saying, “€œOh, that’s not a good one because of this.”€Â 

A Comparison of Trump and Obama

And as we’re saying, even though he’s nominating good ones, there’s only been a few that haven’t been good. This is not a subjective feeling that we are imposing on these people. We’re talking about from a constitutional perspective with people that don’t uphold the original intent, that don’t uphold the ideals of the Founding Fathers with what they intended. That is the standard of measurement we are using, not just, “€œWe don’t happen to like this certain individual.”€Â 

No, it’s really about the fact he’s primarily appointed constitutional judges who believe and uphold the Constitution and have constitutional opinions.


So that’s what we mean when we say they’re good or they’re not good. We’re pretty comfortable saying that, to our knowledge, we know a whole lot about a lot of these guys. Not every one, but to our knowledge, somewhere between 90 and 95% of these judicial nominees have been really good guys.

I mean they’ve they’ve passed the test of the Senators like Mike Lee, and Josh Hawley, and Ted Cruz, and a bunch of other guys, and this is really an important issue for them.

So when you look at the 150 that Trump has now put in his first three years, here’s the comparison to where Obama was on this. 

So Obama, like President Trump in his first three years, was able to get two Supreme Court justices on the court. So both of them have gotten two Supreme Court justices. Where as Mr. Trump has put one 105 lower federal court justices on the bench, President Obama put 74 on. So 74 to 105, there’s a whole lot more for Trump, and whereas Obama put 20 circuit court judges on, President Trump has put 43 circuit court judges on. 

Constitution Friendly Judges

So we’re looking at a total of 96 at this point under President Obama, and 150 under President Trump. That is a massive massive difference. And the quality of judges is almost beyond comparison. I mean, it really is apples and oranges, the comparison  of the judges. So really, really good news on that. 

I’m going to throw one more little piece of good news in because it has to deal with what the president is doing in his confirmations. Tim, you were just talking about how they’ve been good guys. Well, here is the announcement of a new nominee for the 9th Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. We used to call that the Ninth Circus, and President Trump is really making it hard for us to call it the Ninth Circus anymore because he is getting to be a really reasonable court. So Lawerence Van Dyke has now been nominated for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which has the seven Western states, California, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii and Alaska, et cetera.

So 54 million Americans under the Ninth Circuit. And it turns out that this new guy is—not only was he a Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Justice Department, but guess what? Kelly Shackelford is getting a press release on him here praising him because, as it turns out, he was a network attorney for First Liberty. 

That’s the kind of stuff we’re talking about. Look at the kind of judges we’re getting. These are guys that have gone into court defending—in this case religious liberties and constitutional rights of religious liberty. So, in the Ninth Circuit, imagine having a judge on the federal circuit that is actually friendly toward religious expression because the Constitution is friendly toward it. 

Reversing the 9th Circuit?

That is so different from what’s been going on around the Ninth. Just another indication the good news that’s happening in the federal courts.


OK guys, we’ll take a quick break. We’ll be back with some more good news, and It”€™ll be Tim Barton’s turn to share some good news. Stay with us. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

A Moment From American History 

This is Tim Barton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history. Too often today history education excludes great black heroes from the American founding. Such as Lemuel Haynes. 

Haynes, though abandoned as a baby, pioneered churches across upper New England. He became the first black American to pastor a white congregation, to receive an honorary master’s degree, and to be ordained by a mainstream Christian denomination, The Congregationalist. 

He was a soldier during the American Revolution and in his churches on George Washington’s birthday he regularly preached sermons honoring George Washington. Even late in his life he expressed his willingness to go back to battle if necessary to protect America, which he called, “€œa sacred ark.”€

American history is filled with numerous examples of black heroes who are largely ignored by mainstream education today. For more information about Pastor Lemuel Haynes and other colonial Patriots go to

Trump Lifts Funding Ban on Faith Based Historically Black Colleges


Welcome back and thanks for staying with us on WallBuilders Live! This is Good News Friday. Let’s dive in some more good news from Tim.


Alright guys, I have an article that says, “€œTrump to Lift Ban on Federal Funding for Faith Based Historically Black Colleges and Universities.“€Â 

I did not realize how many of these historically black colleges and universities are, but President Trump came out just a couple of weeks ago and was talking about how there are more than 40 of these faith based historically black colleges, universities, and seminaries, who are not receiving any kind of government assistance because apparently they weren’t allowed to because, as I mentioned, some of them are seminaries. Because they are a faith based the government wasn’t gonna allow any funding to go to them and Trump says no that’s silly as we’re helping send funds to all these different universities. We’re going to allow the funds to go to these historically black colleges we’re not going to exempt them just because they believe in God.

Now, that is huge. I imagine that there will probably be some kind of a lawsuit against this because it, on the surface level, would seem to violate what a lot of the left believe is the separation of church and state. However this is going to be a really interesting thing if they do file any kind of challenge to this, because although they don’t like religion, and they don’t want the government to fund religion, how were you going to oppose if you’re a liberal? How were you going to oppose Trump giving funding to historically black colleges and universities? 

No More Descrimination

This really is some fascinating good news to see what happens from the other side. But the fact that Trump is saying, “€œWe’re not going to not fund or not allow funding to go to university just because they are faith based.”€Â 

One of the things we’ve seen from President Trump is he’s not into playing the politically correct game. If he thinks something needs to be done, or something needs to be said, he’ll do it.

This is a really, really good piece of news that he is is coming out and telling the Justice Department, “€œWe’re not going to do discriminatory restrictions that we have gone against these historically black colleges and universities.”€Â 

So anyway just really cool stuff coming from President Trump as far as him lifting the ban on the funding for these colleges and universities.


So this isn’t creating some new program and more federal funds being expended. This is money that’s already appropriated going to schools, and it’s just that they were saying, “€œOh, you’re a Christian school, so you can’t apply for this pot of money.”€Â 


That’s right.

The money is already there. We’re not talking about raising more taxes to collect more money to disseminate. No. The money’s already there, and it’s really divided and delegated between these schools that apply and that are approved, but certain schools were restricted from being able to be approved. So probably, many of them didn’t even apply knowing that they weren’t going to be approved. 

Trump says, “€œYeah, we’re not going to do it that way anymore. We’re not going to discriminate against somebody just because they are a faith based university.”€Â 

Trump is Not Racist

In this case it is for the historically black colleges and universities, which also is so interesting that President Trump often gets the slur against him that he’s a racist president. That is said about him very often if you listen to a lot of leftists in the secular media. This is not the move of someone who is a racist would do,  to say, “€œYeah, we’re going to give funding to these black colleges universities.”€

President Trump has done a lot for every American, and for a lot of minorities he’s done a lot of really good things. Anyway, really good news coming from the president.


  1. Quick break guys. We’ll be back for more good news. Stay with us, folks. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live. 

Bring A Speaker To Your Area


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Amazing Judge Appointed to Texas Court


Welcome back! Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live.

If you’re enjoying this program, and you’re liking the idea of getting some good—news not just bad news like you typically get from the from the media—then make sure you visit today, because we’ve got other Good News Friday programs there in the archives section, and we’ll load you up with some good news. 

David Barton”€™s got the next piece, David? 


This is going to sound like a repeat of the way we started this program, because I’m back to federal judges again. This is an article out of the Amarillo newspaper—Amarillo is a town in Texas, for those that don’t know—and it deals with the federal judge who will now be over that large section of Texas out kind of the Panhandle, and the northern part of Texas up through up toward Oklahoma, et cetera. The newspaper actually is kind of like an editorial, cause they are they’re saying the U.S. Senate recently confirmed Matthew Kacsmaryk to the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas. 

It says, “€œThe good people of Amarillo will be well served by this newest member of their community.”€Â 

So the newspaper likes him, which is kind of interesting. I don’t know if he’s conservative after all if the newspaper likes him—oh wait, it”€™s in Texas, so maybe it”€™s a good newspaper—but they go on to talk about the guy and what he did. 

An Amazing Resume

We find out that he attended Abilene Christian University, which is a traditional, conservative, Christian university. We find out that he is a co-founder of the Federalist Society in Fort Worth, and the Federalist Society is probably the most constitutionally sound legal group in the United States. They are the ones who actually believe in the original intent, and reading the Constitution, and following it. He founded that society for the attorneys there in North Texas. 

Then on top of this, here’s another one, he full time defended religious freedom for First Liberty. So here’s another Kelly Shackelford employee that has now been appointed to a federal bench. It says he’s widely regarded as an expert on constitutional rights, having written on the subject for leading journals. So, I mean, you read what the newspaper says about him, and my gosh. We like this guy. 

Just the fact that he used to work for Kelly Shackleford, you know Kelly has really, really good guys under him. 

So here’s another win. 

Then I’ve got another one on judges. This one says, “€œTed Cruz to Oppose Trump Appeals Court Nominee Over Religious Liberty Concerns.”€Â 

So here you have a Republican president, Trump, making a nomination, and instead of all the Republican senators lining it up and saying, “€œHe’s our guy, we’re going to do it.”€ Ted Cruz says, “€œWell, you know, I’ve really been supporting Trump in his nominees all the way through.”€

And Trump and Cruz are getting along great and they work closely together. President Trump is listening to Ted Cruz on so many issues with judiciary. And this is one that just apparently kind of got by Trump. 

So here Ted is weighing in and saying, “€œI’m going to try to stop this in the Senate.”€Â 

Ted Cruise Helping to Block Bad Judge Nominee

This is for an appointment to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, and the 5th Circuit handles all of Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Those three states are in the 5th Circuit. So this was apparently a federal judge in Mississippi who they are now trying to elevate to the 5th Circuit. 

Ted Cruz said, “€œNope, not going to let him get on the 5th Circuit if I can help it.”€Â 

Because of a case in in Mississippi where that when President Obama did the Affordable Care Act, and he mandated contraception coverage. 

“€œYou are going to pay for contraception, for abortions, et cetera.”€Â 

And the Catholic Dioceses in Biloxi, Mississippi, said, “€œNo, that violates our deeply held religious convictions about what the Bible says. We can’t be paying for abortions, and contraception, et cetera.”€Â 

So this federal judge at that level dismissed the case as not having any merit, and said it needs to be handled elsewhere. Well, saying that doesn’t have merit, this went all the way the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court thought it had merit in the Supreme Court dealt with this. 

So now this judge who made that bad decision on religious liberty and the rights of conscience back at the lower court, they’re trying to move him up to the 5th Circuit. 

So Ted Cruz says, “€œNo, we can do better than this. We need a better judge than this on the 5th Circuit.”€Â 

And again, it has not erupted into a war between Trump and Ted Cruz because, as Tim pointed out, the president is just moving forward what his staff is giving him, and he wants the best. If you can show him this is not the best, he wants somebody different. So we’ll see what happens with this. 

A Civil and Thoughtful Correction

But the fact that you have a Republican senator taking on a Republican president in a very civil, thoughtful way, and that you’ve had a president who has listened to this kind of input before this, is another great thing for keeping the federal judiciary as a really solid, constitutionally sound branch—maybe more so than any in our lifetime—I’ve got the white hair to prove that. I’ve had a lifetime. But we haven’t had this kind of attention that this quality of judges in my life time, and this is pretty significant.


Well, you mentioned at the beginning of the segment that you’re going to go back to the first segment on federal judges again. I don’t know if I could get too much of this. I know Trump said we were gonna get tired of winning, but on this subject we had bad news out of the federal courts for so long, I’m just happy to hear it.


Let me tell you, I have a lot of endurance, and it’s going to be hard for me to get tired of winning on federal judges. I don’t know, but I’m willing to try to outlast him. So yeah, I’m willing to see if he can stack the whole—what is it?—1,100 seats, or 800 seats, I’m willing to see if he can put them all in there and I’ll see if he can outlast me. But I don’t think I’m going to get tired of him nominating solid, constitutionally sound federal judges.


Let’s enjoy the victories as they keep going. We’ve got more good news coming up in our final segment today. Stay with us, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

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The Story of a T-Shirt


Welcome back! Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live for a little bit more good news. I think Tim’s going to wrap this up today. What’s our last piece of good news? 


Guys, this is one of, I think, the coolest stories I have seen in a long time. There was a student in Tennessee, and, with it being college football season, one of the things that many schools do is they will have a college gameday kind of situation where you can come wearing your college T-shirt. 

Well, there was a young boy who loved the Tennessee Volunteers, and he’s been waiting all year for a moment to support the Tennessee Volunteers, but he didn’t actually have a Tennessee Volunteers shirt to support the football team. But he did have an orange shirt, which is part of the Tennessee volunteer colors. So he took a piece of paper and he just wrote The University of Tennessee on this piece of paper with his hand, and then he safety pinned that piece of paper to his orange shirt. He was so excited to go to school and support his college and university that he really liked. 

Well, he’s only in fourth grade. 

When he got to school some of the other students began making fun of his shirt because, you know, it wasn’t an official shirt. This isn”€™t official gear from University of Tennessee, it”€™s not a volunteer shirt. 

A New Official T-Shirt

So they made fun of him, and the teacher said that he came back after lunch into the room—and apparently nobody else was in the room yet—but he came back, and he put his head on his desk and started crying. The teacher was really heartbroken for him. She had seen how excited he had been for this moment and now how devastated he was. So she had a picture of of the orange shirt with this piece of paper that he had safety pinned on the front of it, and she said, “€œI want to get him an official shirt for the volunteers. Can somebody help me?”€Â 

Well, somebody in Tennessee Volunteers noticed and they decided they wanted to help. She said that she received a box in the mail, and she opened the box up and it was full of of gear from the Tennessee Volunteers. It had a jersey, it had all kinds of T-shirts, all kinds of different paraphernalia. 

And she said, “€œSo I opened it up in class and gave some to this young man, and then the young man wanted to share with everybody in class. So everybody in class got Tennessee volunteer stuff.”€Â 

Well, what’s even cooler to me about the whole story is the picture the teacher posted of the shirt the boy made, the orange shirt with the pinned on paper. The University of Tennessee picked it up and decided that they were going to make that a T-shirt for this year, with the boy”€™s hand drawn logo. At the time this article was printed they already had received 16,000 orders for their shirt. 

An Amazing Story

Well, this article has now been out for a couple of weeks. The updated numbers I’ve seen are more than 50,000 people have ordered a design of this young man’s shirt. I think he’s going to be able to pay for college and anything else. 

And actually, the University of Tennessee—or somebody from their campus—was the one who did this shirt, so I don’t know if he’s getting a percentage of the profits. 


He should get a scholarship at least. 


Well, the University of Tennessee did offer him a full ride. I mean, guys, that’s such an incredible story. 

We don’t want any kid to be bullied ever, and for a kid to be in a position where he’s so excited about being able to wear college colors at school day, and he’s worked so hard to be able to do that, and he shows up, and in the devastation as all these kids are making fun of him, just the way that absolutely turned around, I am not a Tennessee volunteer fan, but I will give so much kudos to Tennessee Volunteers for supporting this kid. This kid has got to be a rock star in school now. He’s the one that designed the shirt that the Volunteers are wearing. Just a really, really cool story for this fourth grade boy.


We are out of time for today, folks. There is more good news at our website WallBuildersLive.scum. You can click on the archives section and you look past looking the past few weeks of our radio program. You’re gonna find other Friday programs where we’ve been diving into good news, so if you’d like some more of that, be sure to visit the website today. 

Trump Lifts Funding Ban and More on Good News Friday

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