Trump Overhauls Crucial U.S. Appeals Courts At Record Pace: We call it Good News Friday because it’s a chance for David and Tim to share some good news from across the nation and around the world. We don”€™t often hear good news from major media, however, here on WallBuilders Live, we love sharing news worthy of celebration! Tune in now to learn more!

Air Date: 05/17/2019

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith And The Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. This is WallBuilders Live! Where we”€™re talking about today”€™s hottest topics on policy, faith, and the culture, always doing that from a Biblical, historical, and Constitutional perspective.

We’re here with David Barton, America’s premier historian and the founder of WallBuilders. Also, Tim Barton, national speaker and President of WallBuilders, and my name is Rick Green, I’m a former Texas state legislator, national speaker, and author.

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Today is Good News Friday, so we’re gonna be talking about some of the good news stories from across the nation. David and Tim collect these over the week, and then they share them with us on Friday. I’m looking forward to the day, guys. So, let’s dive into some good news. David’s up first.

Trump Overhauls U.S. Appeals Court


OK Rick. I’m going to start with an article. The headline says, Trump Overhauls Crucial U.S. Appeals Court at Record Pace.

Quote, “€œIt’s a generational change.”€

Now, that title in itself, that headline, is really good news. The generational change, I think, is significant.

That’s a statement that was actually given by U.S. Senator Josh Hawley out of Missouri. Good guy. He’s the former Attorney General of the State, but he was just commenting on how many of these judges have been confirmed just this past week.

They reached 100 judges confirmed since he’s been in office, and usually 100 judges confirmed is what most presidents get in four years. We’re now at three years, and Trump’s got about what others are usually getting at four, so it’s a much faster rate.

It’s interesting, the nominations he’s been making, so many of them have focused on the Circuit Courts.

A Shift in the Courts

Now, the Circuit Courts, There a number of the Circuit Courts in the United States, and they’re kind of like the supreme courts over regions of the United States. It’s really rare when cases make it all the way from the ground to the U.S. Supreme Court because they go from the ground to the District Courts, and then go from District Courts to the Appeals Courts, and then from the Appeals Courts to the U.S. Supreme Court.

While there may be 100,000 cases a year, only 60 or 70 are actually going to make the U.S. Supreme Court. Most cases are decided at the supreme-court-kind-of circuit level. And I say that because, like in the 9th Circuit Court, which is in charge of seven different western states, and 99% of the rulings the Ninth Circuit makes becomes the final word for those seven states.

So what you’re looking at is, already this year, Trump’s nominees have flipped control of the Third Circuit Courts and has gone from Democrats having a 7:4 advantage over Republicans to now Republicans have a 7:6 advantage over Democrats. So it’s much more conservative. These are younger judges that should be there for a while.

We’re looking at the same thing about to happen on the Second Circuit.

Now, the Second Circuit is where you have Connecticut, New York, and Vermont, and that is now about to flip as well. The Ninth Circuit, which handles 53 million people out in the western seven states, as I mentioned, that’s on the verge of at least getting a break even.

So it was radically—

Ninth Circuit Court Flipped?


Oh, wait a minute! The Ninth Circuit could be made even? Now that’s a big shift! I would not have guessed that one. We’re always making fun of the Ninth, it being in the most liberal court and getting overturned more than anybody else, and all that good stuff. He’s gotten some appointees through at the Ninth Circuit, and potentially could even it up?


Yeah. It’s about even, and it’s going to get to where I may not be able to call it the Ninth Circus anymore. I may actually have to call it a Circuit Court again. So it is huge changes that are going through, and it’s really good stuff.

Overall, here’s how the circuit courts were when Trump came in, based on Obama nominees. The Democrats had a 90 to 71 advantage with all the circuit courts. So Dems were leading by about 19 judges over Republicans. As it is right now, it has flipped and it’s a 90 to 83 margin with Republicans over Democrats, and again, most of these circuit court judges, we’re talking about strong, constitutional guys. We’re talking about conservative guys.

This is a generational change. Josh Hawley is right. I love this, because of what we see in Isaiah 1:26 where the Scripture says, “€œThe righteousness of a land is based on the judges in that land.”€

We’re in the position now of having judges that will give us a whole lot better rulings constitutionally, and those constitutional rulings so often lineup with biblical values as well. So it just gives God a whole lot more material to work with.

Trump Continues to Surprise

We say, “€œGod Bless America,”€ but now we may get some rulings that He can actually say, “€œOK, I can bless that. That lines up with what I’ve said, what My position is, and certain values I have.”€

I really do like the changes that are happening in the courts. Now, just this last week, reaching 100 judges confirmed, that’s a good milestone.


I know we’ve said this a lot on the program, but we get new listeners every week and whatnot, but just transport yourself back. Get in the time machine and go back to summer 2016, when we didn’t know what was going to happen with Trump, and we knew that Hillary’s appointments would be 100 percent leftist activists. It would have been horrific.

We kind of just figured, “€œLook, if even half of his are good and half are bad, that’s still a whole lot better than all of hers being bad.”€

We kind of went into it really hoping and praying for essentially that, and man, here we are with ninety five, ninety nine, I don’t even know if we can put an exact number on it, but phenomenal results in terms of those appointees.

So this is what we need to just remind ourselves of. What a blessing and reprieve this is when it comes to the courts, and the fact that Trump has, not just once or twice, and not just randomly, but straight across the board done a fantastic job on the quality of judges, and the constitutionality mindset of these judges that he’s appointed. Great, great news. People should be excited about that today.

All right. We got to take a quick break. Tim Barton’s up next, he’s got some more good news for us. We’re right back with WallBuilders Live.

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More Good News from the White House


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live on this Good News Friday. We appreciate your staying with us. More good news at our website,, where you click on the archives and go on to previous weeks where we’ve had these Good News Friday programs.

Tim Barton is going to bring us some good news right now. Tim, what do you have from your stack next?


The top of my stack is something coming from the White House. We’ve already talked about some good news with President Trump with the courts. This one actually relates to young people going to Washington D.C., specifically looking at college students who are often looking for internships. You have all kinds of law students, and political science majors, and across the board people that are wanting to intern with people up in Washington D.C., with Congressmen and Senators, and at the House Representatives or the White House specifically.

Under the Obama Administration, generally kids coming from conservative schools did not have the opportunities that most other students did because there were people saying, “€œNo, we don’t want kids coming from these Christian universities. We would rather have kids from these major universities who might more fit our ideology.”€

The difference now under the Trump Administration is you have schools like Liberty University, Patrick Henry College, Hillsdale College, schools that are recognized for being conservative or being Christian, and they now are having a lot more students that are getting internships up in D.C..

For example, Liberty University explained that during the Obama Administration they only had 2 interns at the White House, while already, under Trump, they’ve had 11 that have had internships at the White House in two years.

No More Biased Choices on Interns


Obama was 8 years, so we’re talking two terms and two internships, two interns from Liberty over those eight years, and they’ve already at eleven there.


When you look, in general, at Capitol Hill and the students that maybe got an internship with a Senator, maybe with a Congressman from the House of Representatives, during the eight years of Obama, only 37 students were able to get internships up on the Hill. During the first two years of Trump, they’ve already had 78 internships up on the Hill.

It’s similar responses from Hillsdale, saying, “€œOur numbers are very similar and they were very limited. Now we’re having much more.”€

Patrick Henry College was able to get no interns in the Obama White House for eight years, although under President George W. Bush they had 11 interns during that time. Well, now they’re getting students back there.

What’s interesting to me is the White House administration came out and they openly said, “€œLook, we are not targeting conservative and Christian schools and marking them, saying they”€™re ours, we are actually just looking at all applicants, and we’re just taking the best candidates based on the merit of the students.”€

What’s really refreshing is that we’re no longer saying you have to be part of a certain group, or you can’t be part of a certain group.

If you’re one of those people who supports Chick-fil-A, if you support traditional marriage, if you believe that sexuality should be limited to the confines of marriage between a man and a woman, these were certainly standards that were used as a negative criteria.

Now we’re saying, “€œNope, we’re not going to have these biases. We’re gonna say, “€œwho is the best candidate?”€”€

Raising up Leaders

You’re seeing a lot more Christian and conservative students being able to go up, get that experience, and be able to have an impact and do some valuable things.

So, overall very positive things coming from the White House, where we’re no longer biased against conservative and Christian students, but giving them an opportunity as well as other students who want to come and be part of the learning and intern process.


That speaks to the impact of having someone like Trump in office, not just for those four years, but generationally. We get the impact of the judges we talked about last session, that’s for decades to come, and here you’re talking about young people that, Lord willing, they’ve gotten a good education at these Christian universities with a good foundation. Now they’re getting their foot in the door on the political side, potentially going to be leaders for us in our state legislatures, and in Congress, and other things over the next few decades.

So man, that’s good news for today that they get that experience, but that’s good news for 10 years from now, 20 years from now, and the investment it makes in the next generation as well.


Yeah. And Rick, we can’t underestimate how important White House fellowships and internships are. It’s not just something like an internship where you have at a business where you go grab coffee for people and you bring in papers when they need it. This is actual working stuff, and this is very prestigious, these internships at the White House and congressional internships.

A Generational Impact

I can’t tell you the number of people that I know that have had these internships and are now elite leaders in so many industries, communication, business, military, and elsewhere. This really, really, really is a pipeline for having recognized that these kids are leaders, and then training them and taking them to the next level.

So this is really good news for the future, because we’re not just talking, “€œHey, there’s a cultural shift here where now they’re actually letting Christians come into the White House.”€

We’re talking about a level here that is producing leadership that will have significant impact. So this really is good news, not only on its face, that more Christians are getting in, but the fact that they’re getting into the level of internships that is this significant.


Yeah, it means raising up leaders in every area of the culture as well. Quick break guys. David Barton will have the next piece of good news. Stay with us. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

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Good News from D.C.


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live on this Good News Friday. We”€™re bringing some good news from across the nation, so far both of them out of Washington D.C.. David Barton is next with good news. Where’s this one coming from?


It’s actually coming back to Washington D.C.. That’s so strange to say, “€œGood news coming out of D.C..”€

We go a long time without being able to say that sometimes. It really is fun saying that, and it deals with another biblical perspective. I mentioned in the first segment that it’s the Bible that talks about how important judges are, and we”€™re getting the kinds of judges that are giving us decisions that God can actually bless in the same way Genesis 12 tells us about the covenant that God made with Abraham and with the nation of Israel.

God made it really clear.

“€œAbraham, I’m going to make a nation out of you, and whoever blesses you and blesses that nation, I’m going to bless them. Whoever opposes you and opposes that nation, I’m going to oppose them.”€

So God has drawn a litmus test around how we treat Israel and what we do with Israel. If your policies are not promoting Israel—and that doesn’t mean that Israel is without flaw and that you close your eyes to everything and say, “€œOkay, we do anything Israel wants to do.”€

It just means that it is God’s nation that He chose, and just like all kids, they make mistakes. We love them, but they make mistakes and sometimes God has to discipline Israel. But the position remains that you can’t oppose Israel.

You can’t say, “€œWe call for the extinction of Israel, and we dislike Israel, and we think the Palestinians should have the land.”€

Israel is God”€™s Chosen Nation

You can’t do that and expect God to bless that.

I’ll point out that just last week, people may or may not have seen the news, but there was an imam who opened the the session of the House of Representatives, and he is known for calling for the destruction of Israel.

He opened with prayer.

So an imam who actually is on record supporting Hamas was saying, “€œIsrael should be destroyed, and it will be glorious when the Muslims who have committed these acts of terror are seen as martyrs for dying for this great cause,”€ things that are are pretty plainly showing his position.

Yet he was invited. Nancy Pelosi allowed him to come and to do the opening prayer, which it seems like, in a culture where, for sure on the left, they want to look back at what people have done and say, “€œWait a second, if you’ve ever said something in these regards then you’re never allowed to speak again.”€

It seems they like to do that a lot to Christians or conservatives. If you’ve ever come out in support of traditional marriage, if you’ve ever said that you don’t think homosexuality is right, they want to hold that against you. Yet this imam, who’s calling for the destruction of Israel and the killing of Jews, well, that’s forgivable to somebody because they thought it was acceptable for him to be the one to come in for the opening prayer, which was kind of interesting.

I can guarantee you that based on biblical teaching that’s not going to be a prayer that God’s going to bless.

Trump Recognises the Golan Heights as Belonging to Israel!


If you’re taking a position calling for the destruction of Israel and Jews, God’s not going to show up on your side and work in your defense, regardless of what your personal theology may say. If you believe the Bible, that’s not going to be the case.

So, along that line, that opening prayer was not the news story, but it’s an example of how the Bible does apply to public policy.

So in addition to that news story, let me also point out and this happened a couple weeks ago. I’ve talked to several people who had not heard about it. So let me just mention now that, under the Trump Administration, they have come out with the maps that show the Middle East, etc., and what’s really different now is the Golan Heights is no longer shown to be occupied territory by Israel. It is shown to be Israel’s own territory.

If you don’t know what the Golan Heights is, that”€™s the northern part of Israel that’s bumped up against Syria.

It had been Syrian occupied land, but they kept launching attacks against Israel out of the land.

It is the highest—some of the highest land in Israel. So they’re sitting up there just launching rockets down on top of Israel. In the 1967 war, Israel took that land away from the Syrians and they’ve had peace up there since then. Well, we’re looking now at 52 years that Israel has held that land. They keep saying, “€œIt’s occupied land, Israel occupied that land.”€

Hey, time out. What happens in war is if you go to war, and you lose the war, and you lose the land, you don’t call that occupied land.

You call it, “€œYou lost the land.”€

The History of the “€œPalestinian”€

Well, Syria went to war against Israel, as did all the other surrounding nations. Now the Trump Administration is saying, “€œNo, no, this is Israel. This is not occupied territory.”€


And it’s worth pointing out that Israel did not get that land because they won the battle, Israel had the land for thousands of years before that.

You can go back to some of these other records like the Roman Empire and other people that came in and conquered them, and took the land away from them.

No, no, no. That was Israel’s land way, way, way before this Palestine notion ever existed. In fact, there’s a lot of fun kind of Biblical understanding that you can gain. Look up where the Palestinians come from.

Palestine was named after the Philistines, who were one of the great enemies of the Israelites from the Bible. The Romans named it that, kind of like sticking a thumb in the eye of the Jews, they say, “€œHey, we’re going to really make it seem like you’re despised, so we’re going to choose your enemy and name your land after your enemy.”€




But the biblical Philistines actually were from Greece. They were Greek. They weren’t an Arabian culture.


I thought they were Arabs. Are you sure it wasn’t a Middle East Persian rebel group?


This is where there’s some humor even once you start studying, “€œWhere did these names come from? Where did this originate?”€

This is something you can look up. Do a little research on this, it”€™s rather interesting. But Israel didn”€™t just get this land because they defeated Syria and many other nations in a war.

Israel is Just Retaking their Home


Let me throw out that it’s not like the Palestinians are descendants of the Philistines, because the Philistines are all gone out of the land by about 600 B.C.. So they’re all gone, and those that call themselves Palestine today, that’s fine, they can call themselves that, but they are not the descendants of those who had the land way back when they took it away from the Jews thousands of years ago.

So really what the Trump Administration has done is something that God can bless, because God is the one who said, “€œIsrael, here’s your borders.”€

God laid that in the Bible, and this part called the Golan Heights was part of what Israel originally had before it was taken away from them, and then the enemies eventually used that land to attack them. Israel simply has some of their land back, and the attacks have stopped. It’s a much quieter, more peaceful time as a result.

So that’s, again, looking at the stuff that God can bless. That’s a move God can bless, but having an imam pray when he’s been praying for the destruction of Israel, that’s not likely to be something God will bless.


But good news out of the Trump Administration with Golan Heights, and not only good news, I got an education today. Guys, that was good stuff. I didn’t know half of that about the Palestinians, and the Philistines, and all this good stuff. We should do a whole program on that sometime.

Check Out the Book This Precarious Moment


Actually Rick, we’ll just send them to the book This Precarious Moment, because there’s a section to that book that goes to the history of this, and the politics of it as well as the history with Israel and its existence in previous centuries and millennia, and where it is now.


Well, folks you can Google that and find places to buy it, or you can go to the website as well.

It’s called This Precarious Moment. Check it out right there at our website. We’ve got time for one more segment of good news today, guys. We’ll be right back. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

Moment From American History

This is Tim Barton with another moment from American history. As the American War for Independence began, the president of Yale was the Reverend Naphtali Daggett. When New Haven, the home of Yale, came under attack about a hundred citizens rushed out to meet the British.

The Reverend Daggett galloped by them on horseback, his clearable robes flowing behind him in the wind. He took up a solitary position atop a hill. The 2,500 British soon put the townsfolk to flight but the Reverend Daggett continued to stand alone firing down on the advancing troops.

A British officer confronted him, “€œWhat are you doing there you old fool? If I let you go, will you ever fire again on the troops of his majesty?”€ Nothing more likely was the preacher’s reply. America’s early pastors personally confronted danger and courageously led their communities.

For more information on Pastor Daggett and other colonial Patriots, go to

Iowa Cuts Funding for Planned Parenthood Sex ED Course


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. We have time for one more segment of good news, and I believe Tim’s up with our last segment.


Last one I have, at least that I have time for right now. I have many more in the stack, but the next one, probably the last one today, is coming out of Iowa.

It deals with education. Governor Kim Reynolds, who is the first female governor of Iowa, she is also pro-life, she just signed a piece of legislation that says that the state of Iowa—this actually is coming down from the Health and Human Services budget bill, “€œThe state of Iowa will no longer fund sex ED instruction to be taught, or funded, or the curriculum to come from an organization that is an abortion based organization.”€

Now, that’s actually targeting Planned Parenthood. One of the things that I think we’ve pointed out on the show on previous occasions is Planned Parenthood actually is considered one of the largest providers of sexual education in schools in America.

In fact, according to a CBS News article, they are in 31 states providing sexual education. So 31 states get some of their sex education from Planned Parenthood, and of course, Planned Parenthood, one of their top agendas is the abortion of unborn children.

But what’s staggering about this is that the article lists some of the things that were being taught which, of course, caused many concerned parents to go, “€œWhat in the world are we teaching our kids?”€

Planned Parenthood was instructing things like this statement.

“€œThere’s nothing bad or unhealthy about having a big number of sexual partners,”€ so encouraging that you can have sex with as many people as you can. Big numbers are great.

Why they are Cutting Funding


Also, by the way, let me point out that this is one of most popular sex ED curriculums across the United States, including in very red states and very local areas.



So another thing they said is, “€œIt is the human right of an individual in a sexual relationship to not tell their partner if they have HIV.”€




Now, that used to be one of the biggest “€œNos”€ there was. Part of how you have safe sex is you make sure that your sexual partner is not having lots of STDs.

But now they’re saying, “€œNope, it’s your right not to tell people if you have an STDs.”€
OK, we can go down the list of the problems with the Planned Parenthood curriculum. The good news is that Iowa has now said, “€œYeah, we’re not going to let you have any funding to do this curriculum. We only are going to fund sex ED from organizations who do not promote abortion,”€ which is at least a really good step in the right direction.

“€œWe would rather have a very different idea and emphasis of sexual education because we think it’s healthier and better to go more to a biblical perspective, but at least we’re saying we’re not gonna let people that promote abortion be the ones teaching our kids about sex education.”€

Trump Overhauls U.S. Court of Appeals and More on Good News Friday!


Good news today from Iowa, from Washington D.C., from all across America. We’ll have more of it available to you right now at While you’re there on the website, be sure and click on that donate button. Come alongside us. Make that one time contribution, or maybe a monthly commitment, to help us plan out the year, add radio stations, add leadership programs for pastors, legislators, and young people. You are part of it when you contribute to WallBuilders or check it out there at Thanks so much for listening. This has been WallBuilders Live.