The Truth About Monkeypox – With Dr. Syed Haider: Is monkeypox new? Is this really a “health emergency” for the majority of the population? What do you need to know about this disease?  Where did we go wrong on Covid, and how do we avoid making the same mistakes? Tune in to hear Dr.Haider explain the answers to these questions and more!

Air Date: 08/31/2022

Guest: Dr. Syed Haider

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Alright, David and Tim, we’ve got Dr. Syed Haider with us later in the program when we come back from the break. He’s actually a medical doctor, internist hospital doctor that dealt with thousands of patients during the whole COVID thing and going to be interesting interview to see what he has to say about monkey pox, which is now the big scare.



Well, and I think it’s important for our listeners that we point out the reason we had to find a new medical expert was because Dr. Fauci announced his retirement, we didn’t know where to turn anymore. So we thought, okay, we’ll have to find a new medical person to give us guidance. And obviously, we say that tongue in cheek. 

It’s crazy that we talked about monkeypox, that the US government, the World Health Organizations are coming out pretending like this is a brand new problem and a brand new deal. And they’re just looking for things to make a bigger deal than they actually are, which we now certainly know with COVID. And we know the policies that were enacted by medical professionals are part of what prolong some of the issues with COVID, what made some of these things worse for a lot of people.

But certainly, with monkey pox, it’s nowhere near what COVID was. And yet, we are on the verge of another what the government is declaring to be a health emergency, which just allows them the opportunity to have more unfettered dictatorship kind of control. So it is something that is worth addressing so that individuals can know what are we really dealing with and how do we maintain some semblance of liberty and freedom in the midst of tyrannical government and leaders and officials.


Yet, they seem to love emergencies, don’t they? It’s like the new thing. It’s the new fad, that if we can declare an emergency, we automatically have power. Whatever that emergency needs to be, it gives us power to tell you what to do. And that is definitely the new tool of those in the state that want to control you. Dr. Haider will be with us when we come back from the break. Stay with us, folks, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


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Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us today. We have with us Dr. Syed Haider and he’s been really an outspoken voice on COVID for being rational about what we’re dealing with and now dealing with the whole monkeypox thing. Dr. Haider, thanks for your time today, sir.

Dr. Haider:

Absolutely. Thanks for having me.

Welcome Dr. Haider


And of course, the website And I guess before we even jump into the monkey pox thing, it’s impossible, but I’m going to throw it at you anyway, in just a couple of minutes, your summary of where we went wrong on COVID and how we avoid making the same mistakes again?

Dr. Haider:

Yeah, I think that’s a great question because we’re seeing it’s like deja vu all over again with monkeypox. So with COVID, we did everything wrong. It seems like the lockdowns were ridiculous and stupid and they ended up killing more people than the virus itself.

The masks were useless and ridiculous. And obviously, not using repurposed drugs that worked great to prevent and treat the infection and then to prevent and treat long COVID from developing. And then with the vaccines, the vaccines, they’re just like a slow motion disaster, it’s still playing out right now, just tremendous amount of adverse effects and deaths attributable just to those.

So all the same mistakes I’m afraid of with this monkeypox scare that were working and why because the plan is already written, right? The plan for COVID was pre-written before COVID hit, right? So people may have heard of event where one happened a few months before, we first heard about COVID. 

And the same exact thing happened with monkeypox. About a year before monkeypox started spreading around the world, this particular variant, there was another tabletop exercise similar to event where one with COVID. But this time for monkeypox. so in March, I think of 2021, so over a year ago, there was this exercise and…

A War-Gaming Exercise


And this is like a war gaming exercise where you’re playing it out and seeing if this happened, then this would happen and this, and this is how we’d respond, and if we respond this way, it’s all theory, but they basically plan it out so that if you have this catastrophic event, then boom, you get all the governments to respond in in this way?

Dr. Haider:

Exactly. I mean, very well said, that’s exactly what it was. And so when you look at that exercise, you see that just as with COVID, they plan on having lockdowns and masks and vaccinations. And what ended up happening during that kind of preparation exercise, during the exercise in the timeline, they discovered that it’s resistance to vaccines, it’s resistance to therapies, but it was actually spread by a terrorist group that had done gain of function in the lab.

And so it’s very concerning, because this particular variant has evidence of gain of function already in its genetic coding. It’s a very slow mutating virus in nature, and it’s gained so many mutations, since its last known variant in Africa that it seems almost impossible that it could have been developed naturally…


And you’re talking monkeypox or COVID? You’re talking monkeypox here?


Dr. Haider:

So monkeypox, yeah, so I’m talking about monkeypox. Normally, monkeypox is on an STD, yet this variant is clearly an STD. It’s spreading amongst gay men. 99% of the cases are amongst men, which is not being highlighted in the mainstream media. 95% declare themselves to be gay men. So 95% of cases are amongst gay men. And so…


With an exorbitant like 10 or more partners is what I read it and so these are actively going to gay orgies, that kind of stuff? Yeah.

Dr. Haider:

Yeah, we’re not talking about somebody who has a single partner. We’re talking about somebody who’s very promiscuous. And so, the messaging really should be if you’re a gay man don’t have promiscuous, unprotected sex, right? Like, we could stop this thing in its tracks tomorrow, or today or yesterday. It could have been stopped a long time ago. And so, the CDC and other government organizations like that don’t have the political will to stop this thing.


Wow! Yeah, just the political correctness of oh, my goodness, we would be blamed for being “gay bashing or whatever”, they’re not even willing to just say here scientifically what’s happening and who it’s happening to. But these are supposed to be the ‘we are science’, I thought that Fauci was a synonym for science. I thought the man who embodied science, that’s what he claimed? 

I mean, how is it that they are so unwilling to follow the data? And do you think the scare of monkeypox has been stopped because that’s gotten out enough, like have enough people heard that it’s only in this small segment of the population and if you stay away from gay orgies, you’re probably going to be okay for this thing, has that stopped the scare or do you think they’re still going to use this to push a big another lockdown?

False Positives

Dr. Haider:

Yeah. I think that in the past, there’s been evidence of case dynamics occurring, it wasn’t just COVID it happened earlier too. So in the last 20 years, we’ve had outbreaks, it may have just been due to testing, right, so they’re just really artifacts of testing. And so they’re not real cases. So you can actually manufacture a pandemic, you just set the cycle count to high rollout country-wide test or worldwide testing, like you send out hundreds of millions of tests and just have everyone being tested, right.

So the same thing could very well happen in the next few months as we head into the winter with monkeypox. It could happen with COVID. It could happen with polio, it could happen with anything, right. You can just manufacture an epidemic out of thin air; it’s just because the tests have a certain rate of false positives. 

So if there’s enough tests, you can scale up the number of false positives as high as you want until you get to the limiting factors as to how big the population is of the world. If you test everyone, you’re going to have hundreds of millions of false positives for monkepox. So you can have almost as big of a pandemic as you want.


I’m so sorry to interrupt you, Doctor. I just think that’s been so underreported. When the obsession with testing started in 2020, some people were warning against that and saying, wait a minute, you’re basically stacking the deck here. But boy, that was a few and far between voice, almost everybody bought into this out of fear, you know, I got to get tested, I got to get tested, everybody’s got to get tested every day. 

Has that ever happened before? I don’t remember that ever been the testing for a virus flu or anything becoming so obsessive at least in the US? Was this a new thing and who created that?

The NewsCycle

Dr. Haider:

Yeah. So this was something on the scale that it happened with COVID is never happened before. There were a couple of isolated cases where we suspect in retrospect that the cases were really manufactured by the test, they were just an artifact of testing. There was really no infection spreading in the community. I don’t remember which diseases they were, I have to look it up.

But it’s happened a couple of times in history, yeah, on a very small scale. No, it’s like with COVID, it never happened to that scale before. And so really, at some point the mainstream media just took off with COVID, and it was 24/7 coverage, and they were either being directed, or they were directing kind of like the governmental narrative in the direction the government was going. So I don’t know, it’s like the chicken or the egg; I don’t know who started it.

But from somewhere, somebody got the message that we got to just run with this and just continued 24/7 for like, a year and a half straight, until the people were just sick of hearing about COVID. And now finally, they’re lightening up, especially when the war happened in the Ukraine, all of a sudden, the narrative shifted, and we weren’t worried about COVID anymore, it was all about like nuclear war in Russia. But now that’s kind of cooled off. The media’s looking for the next big scare.

And so people, they keep telling me, oh, we’re not going to fall for it again. But people were coming to me and they were frightened out of their minds from COVID, right, like, people who were at zero risk were masking up like they were walking in the snowball to go grocery shopping, right? I mean, they were wearing gas masks to go to the grocery store, parents were concerned for their kids that we’re at zero risk for COVID.

And so people are going to get frightened again, even if they are at zero risk, that’s what we saw with COVID, we saw people at zero risk, frightened either gourd for this virus, they had carried no risk for them. I mean, it’s like being frightened of flying or something, right. Like, we know theoretically you could die in a plane crash, but it happens so rarely that you don’t even lose any sleep over it, you just take the flight. You go swimming, you don’t worry about shark attacks. You walk outside, don’t worry about being hit by lightning.


Obviously, these things happen very, very rarely. But it’s not common enough for any sane or reasonable person should be worried about them. And so this is what happens when the media really takes off running with this. And that’s what can happen very easily with monkeypox.


I was worried when things went so off the rails. My first concern was okay, we’re going to lose so much faith in the “experts and professionals” and just actual medical doctors like yourself, we’re not going to heed warnings when they’re needed. I was worried it would go to that point. Unfortunately, it stayed over on the other end of the spectrum where everybody’s just still total faith in the “experts” to the point that they don’t think for themselves and they just immediately go into this total fear mode, like you’re talking about as a doctor. 

I mean, what do you see on that? Have you seen people losing faith in the medical profession because of the lockstep just everybody rubber stamp the insanity? Or do you think that that the number of people like that, which I would put myself in, is negligible?

Dr. Haider:

No, I think, it’s a significant percentage of people, maybe half, maybe even more have lost faith, and they don’t really believe the mainstream narrative anymore. But there is a significant amount of people like maybe it’s 30%, who knows, that have just bought it in completely right hook, line, and sinker, you can tell them anything, and then you can tell them the exact opposite thing 10 days later, and then another thing that’s like diametrically opposed 10 days after that and they’ll just continue to believe you. Well, whatever you say, there’s oh, science changes, new data comes out and whatever.


So we see those people too. And those people just seem to be completely brainwashed. It’s like, you can’t reason with them, you can’t present data or facts to them and be like, hey, your belief doesn’t make sense because of just reality, like the facts, argue against it. And they just won’t listen, like the fear center has taken over so they can’t think straight. And I think everyone had an experience of trying to talk to your family or friends and they’re just like, sorry, let’s not talk about this, you know.


Yeah, the fear part, like you said, takes over and then logic is just out the window because they’re so consumed by that fear. You’ve got a totally different platform and skill set and everything else to respond to this stuff as a doctor, how do we as individuals respond to this, as we’re watching the same thing happen? Has Biden already declared monkeypox a public health, I mean, they’re going down the same path, what do we do?

Dr. Haider:

Yeah, the World Health Organization declared an emergency kind of by fiat, just the head of it, Tedros, he declared it an emergency even though his board or whatever voted against it. Biden also declared a national emergency. So we are headed in that direction. And what can we do? I mean, other than what you’re doing, what I’m doing right now, I think everyone on a personal level needs to do the same thing. 

And they need to try to get ahead of this and warn people, hey, based on what happened with COVID, we need to be careful not to let the same thing happened with monkeypox. And maybe just planting those enough of those seeds in people around you, maybe that will help them kind of like become immunized to the mainstream media-induced panic when…

Keep Warning People


I like what you did there, man. I like that. Yes, doc, sorry. Go ahead.

Dr. Haider:

Right. So, I mean, that’s the best we can do. I mean, you just got to try to keep warning people. And if you can end up looking prophetic, eventually, some people are going to start thinking again and thinking twice and maybe they’ll take you seriously.

But you can look back at the same thing happen with COVID, there’s these viral videos of people predicting everything that was going to happen with the COVID pandemic, and it came true, right? And so people who started off sounding like tinfoil hat conspiracy wackos ended up looking like Nostradamus at the end of the day.


So true. Man, well, I’m thankful for you. I’m so thankful you’re willing to speak truth. I wonder how much it bothered you that so few in your profession were willing to buck the system. And a lot of it was quite literally government pressured, people losing their licenses losing. I could not believe what state governments were willing to do to doctors and people that were actually treating COVID on the frontline, that’s what I couldn’t understand. 

I was like, you have these I’ve retired people over here at the State agency that aren’t actually seeing patients and then you have actual doctors treating patients and trying to speak out about what they’re learning and they’re stopping you from… I just couldn’t believe that. But were you disappointed that there weren’t more of your colleagues willing to do what you were willing to do?

A Big Wake-up Call

Dr. Haider:

I was really shocked, okay. I would not have believed somebody who told me that that could have happened in America, or in most places in the world. It was really, really shocking. It was a really big wake up call.

And we need to, again, look to the future and see, we need to prevent that from ever happening again. And unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like we’ve done enough at all, not nearly enough to try to prevent that from happening.

We have to take back medicine from the medical board, from these big giant corporations, from the federal government, we need to seize our physician and patient autonomy. It’s a kind of freedom, freedom of speech, and then the freedom to decide what goes in your body, like, the freedom to put what you want in your body and to accepting what treatment you want with your personal doctor.

And so the removal of freedoms, what is that? It’s slavery, right. We need to remember that. Like, what does it mean when you lose freedoms? It means you become more and more of a slave, right? So we need to take back our freedoms. We need to insist on our freedom.


And it’s like every policy question we discuss here on our program, it always comes down to those two words, who decides and whenever you hand over that decision making power to these bureaucrats, you’re in slavery, I mean, you’ve given it up. And I remember when all this was first started going to an event with some friends of mine and close to our community here and my congressman Chip Roy saying, look, medical freedom is going to be the fight in the next few years and he was spot on. 

I mean it we’re in the middle of that for sure. I sure appreciate your time today, Dr. Haider. Thank you very much for what you’re doing. Keep up the great work. I look forward to having you back again soon.

Truth is Not Objective

Dr. Haider:

Thanks. Yes. Thank you very much. Have a good one.


Alright, that was Dr. Syed Haider. We’re back with David and Tim now, and boy what a breath of fresh air rare for a medical professional these days, to be willing to buck the system and go with common sense instead of as Tim was saying at the beginning of the program, the science, Dr. Fauci, whatever he says goes, boy, if we’d had more like Dr. Haider would have been a lot better position?


You know, one of the things that has really come out in this thing is that truth is not the objective. You’re not after truth. And there’s a lot of people who now substitute science for truth. And as you get more secular, you move away from actually loving the truth. And 1 Thessalonians says, if you don’t love the truth, you’ll believe a lie and be damned. And damned is in the sense of you’ll be condemned, and you’ll suffer consequences.

But I thought it was so interesting when he said, look, the monkeypox could have been stopped in his tracks by the simple message of don’t have unprotected, promiscuous gay sex. Now, there’s no way you’re going to get the mainstream media to say anything that would be negative about LGBTQIA+, even if it’s true. 

And this is one of those things I thought it’s such a simple message, so easy to do this. But look how they’re trying to put a pandemic on all of us when it’s caused by just one segment of a population and they want every one of us to be under this new directive. It’s crazy.

God’s Ways Work


Well, and it’s worth noting, as you’re saying, this advice of don’t have this unprotected, multiple partner, not committed relationship gay sex, well, the Bible actually gives some pretty good indication where God told us that there are certain things we should do. And Deuteronomy says that everything I’ve commanded you is for your good.

God’s ways are the best ways. And when God said that sexual relationships should be between a man and a woman in a lifelong covenant relationship, and everything outside of that is bad: well, it’s not just bad, in the sense of it doesn’t please God, there’s actual consequences we see here in this physical reality and not to minimize the fact that pleasing God is the most important. 

However, there’s indications God gives us right here when you look at sexually-transmitted disease, or when you go down the list of some of the unintended consequences from people that live the sexually promiscuous lives.

And specifically, when you look at people that are committing acts of sodomy, having homosexual encounters that are having anal sex in these scenarios, it is a very, very unhealthy thing for the body, almost as if that’s not what the human body was made for, almost as if we could have just read the Bible and come to the conclusion of what the Bible said and been better off for it.

So with all that caveat, certainly, he’s saying we could have stopped this in his tracks. Well, following what the Bible said also would have stopped us in his tracks. But if we’re discounting the Bible, we could at least acknowledge what is scientifically relevant in the conversation, even in a secular world. And yet, they’re discounting what is identifiable in the medical and scientific world because it doesn’t fit the agenda and the propaganda they’re promoting.

It’s About a Political Agenda


Already, the Left doesn’t like us, and they monitor our programs, and they got critiques on the programs we do. But we’re going to get called be called gay-haters for that. But let’s just be real clear here.

The Bible is really clear that sex is to be confined to a man and a woman inside a lifelong relationship. So it doesn’t matter whether it is homosexuality, or whether is adultery or whether it is fornication, sex before marriage, all three are wrong, and all three lead to really bad consequences. 

You don’t get STDs when you have sexual relations the way God tells you to do it. And that doesn’t matter whether it’s homosexual or heterosexual. It’s just no difference. God did this for our own good. He said, here’s how you do it, here’s the boundaries. You stay within the boundaries; this is a really healthy thing.


Yeah. And we say it so many times in the program, God’s way is not only right, it works best. And like you’re saying, whether heterosexual, homosexual, whatever, the emotional side of it, not just the physical side of it, so you got the physical side that you’re talking about the STDs and everything else, but even just the emotional strength, the confidence and not having that lack of being able to build relationships and have trust and faith, I mean, there’s so many things that go with this.

Get Some Backbone

But this whole monkeypox thing is just glaring right in your face, in terms of what’s good, what’s bad, what’s going to be healthy, what’s not. And then, as you said, to literally, yeah, pun intended pox on all houses here to say that everybody’s part of this pandemic instead of the one group that it’s actually affecting just tells you truth doesn’t matter; it’s all about the political agenda.


Well, I thought a significant he said, the way you get ahead of this, you have to get ahead of this by warning others about this, telling others what this is all about. I thought that is such a good point because that’s the one thing that’s not been happening in the last two or three years.

People have been being silent about things because they don’t want to get beat up, they don’t want to get attacked, they don’t want to be called names. And the way you get ahead of this is you get some backbone, and you start telling other people, here’s what’s going on, here’s what the issue is and here’s what the solution is. 

And it doesn’t matter whether it’s this or sharing our faith as believers or Christians, or sharing conservative ideas or talking about the Constitution. There’s so many things that you get attacked for now. And I love the fact that he said the way you get ahead of this is by telling other people what’s going on with this.

The Truth About Monkeypox – With Dr. Syed Haider


And guys, obviously, this is something we do encourage people to do in love, as the Bible says.  One of the great things about the message of the gospel is there as redemption, there is hope, there’s restoration that is offered from scripture. And so the Bible doesn’t leave us in sin. And we’re not condemned eternally in our sin if we turn, if we repent, if we have a Savior in Jesus Christ. So there is openness.

And so standing up and speaking the truth, make sure we speak the whole truth, not just that sin is wrong and has negative consequences, but that there is a better way and there is someone who wants to have a relationship with these individuals. And so there’s a lot more to that message. But certainly, when we come to the medical arena, this is not as complicated of a topic as people are pretending like it is.


Alright, folks, we are out of time for today. Thanks for joining us on WallBuilders Live. Once again, visit that website, you can make a one-time or monthly contribution there, you can get access to our archives. And you can also check out becoming a biblical citizenship coach or what we call it constitution coach, we got a lot of different versions of the course available to you, but we give it to you for free. How’s that for a good deal?

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Sure, appreciate you listening today. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.