More Election News Updates In The Last Twenty-Four Hours – Join us as we focus on encouragement and truth regarding this election. Tune in for more news updates that have taken place in the last twenty-four hours.

Air Date: 12/18/2020

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture as well. It’s WallBuilders Live where we’re talking about today’s hottest topics on policy, faith, and the culture and of course, the election. But we’re looking at all of those things from a biblical, historical and constitutional perspective. We’re so glad you joined us. My name is Rick Green. I’m a former Texas legislator and America’s constitution coach. And I am here with America’s premier historians, David Barton and Tim Barton. David Barton is founder of WallBuilders, Tim Barton is president of WallBuilders, international speaker and pastor.

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Guys, let’s dive right back into the election. We’ve had some of the Georgia barnstorming recordings this week, but now we’re going to dive back into the election and catch people up on what’s happening there.


Okay, let’s start in Michigan. Michigan is one of the states where they have been doing hearings, the legislature itself is doing hearings. And I really like what some of these states are doing. They’re saying, look, the people in the state don’t have confidence in the election. And we in the legislature need to step up and have hearings, hear from both sides, hear from Republicans and Democrats, and to see if there’s anything that we need to fix going forward so that everybody can have confidence in elections in the next election.

So this is not a thing of whether there’s fraud or not fraud, although they’re looking for that. If they find it, they want to know, but it’s not a witch hunt. They want to [inaudible 02:01]. So I’ve really respected that few states that are doing this. And so Michigan and by the way, just let to you know, there’s other lawsuits have been decided the last couple days that have been thrown out of court. And I think that is now 55 lawsuits that the Trump team has lost. But that’s not the issue, is how many they’ve lost, because all they have to do is score on one. So there’s still three sitting at the US Supreme Court. There was a change in status of one of the last 24 hours with Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania was refiled with the Supreme Court of the case that the court turned down for injunction. Now, they’ve gone back and said, well skip the injunction, let’s just go for the meat of it.

So, you know, this case is still there, but I think there’s 55 cases now that have been lost in the state courts. And so the Michigan legislature has stepped up and said, well, let’s just see if there’s anything out there. Let’s see if there’s things we need to do to repair the process. And so as part of it, the committee that’s hearing the election stuff, they asked for the Secretary of State, the chief election officer to come testify to the committee, just tell us what’s going on and what’s there.

And in a surprise move, she refused to come to testify. And she issued the statement, I’m going to read the statement because it’s really kind of condescending, a really turns into kind of a partisan fight. But she says, “I am aware of the hearings the committee has conducted, and I’m concerned that contrary to your desire to, ‘get to the bottom’, of election questions, they are instead amplifying already debunked conspiracy theories, and previously disproved clients of people who lack basic knowledge of election administration, and in doing so, undermining the integrity election and wounding our democracy.”

It just keeps standing out, we’ve commented before. But Republicans keep calling it a republic. Democrats keep called a democracy. And there’s such a fundamental difference between it. Republic is the rule of law, democracy is the rule of whatever the whim of the people is. So anyway, she goes on, and she then started Attorney General William Barr, who says, well, investigators haven’t found any fraud in scale that could have affected the outcome of the election. And then she also referred to a statement by Homeland Security Cybersecurity Agency, and they called it the most secure election in American history and so she sighted all this stuff.

And then she says, “Given these findings at the federal level, in addition to the factual reputations, disproven, fraud, and allegations by elected official and Judges, of both sides of political parties across the state, I believe the committee has a responsibility to state unequivocally and publicly that the results of this election are an accurate reflection of the will of Michigan’s voters.” That’s her response.

Now, what made it interesting was she had told the committee she would be willing to testify. So they asked her to come testify, and then she does this. And so it’s really, in some ways, it’s got [inaudible 04:48], because she told him she voted now she gets to put the statement out. She says, you guys just need to line up and get behind it and say that the election was good. No, no, that’s not the purpose of the hearing. The hearing is to see if there’s anything we can fix. So I love what does the chairman of the committee put out. He says, well, she said she’s got to testify. Then he said, “But when the rubber meets the road, it came time to answer questions about her work, she refused to take questions. Benson’s flip flop makes it clear that she would rather hide under a rock than help the people in Michigan build trust in their state’s election process going forward”, he said. “Legislators are hearing these concerns, and we’re taking action to address them. But this needs to be a collaborative effort to deliver trust. The House and Senate oversight committees have previously heard testimony from multiple county clerks from both parties on what they saw and what can be done to better Michigan’s election system in the future. And those conversations and ideas were extremely constructive and helpful.”

So the legislators are looking for a way to secure trust, make sure going forward that they’ve got this thing they’re hearing from both sides, they’ve heard good stuff, and they asked the top elected official to come in and testify like she said she would, and then she puts out this statement just kind of slamming down, and quoting how that everybody else says the election’s over. That’s not the purpose. So but I really thought what went on in Michigan today was a pretty good contrast of the partisanship that still exist, that should exist, especially when their objective is to try to clean up the system.


Well, I think there’s no doubt looking at this, that if you were trying to be someone in a nonpartisan position, that you could look at this and go well, it does seem that Republicans are running this committee, and they’re trying to find fault with the election and I won’t support that. But the very nature of what she’s doing, she’s making it more partisan. But instead of just showing up and saying, hey, guys, here’s what we know, here’s what we’ve seen. We haven’t seen election fraud. It doesn’t seem like there are these major issues. And so instead of deescalating a situation, it certainly seemed that she’s added fuel to that fire.

One of the things I feel that happened this week up in those Michigan testimonies is the CEO of Dominion testified John Poulos. And one of the things that came out in his testimony is, in fact, those Dominion voting machines that some of them are, in fact, Wi-Fi capable, and some of them were, in fact, hooked up to a router. And this was one of the things that guys like Ramsland and some of the other, I guess, forensic data specialists that came in to have review these machines, one of the things they said and actually, Patrick Colbeck, former state senator up in Michigan talked about that if these machines were up on the internet, it makes them very much susceptible to being hacked, it does not make them as secure as they should be, etc, etc.

And so now the CEO of Dominion came out and said, actually, there were some machines that were hooked up to various Wi-Fi and different routers, and some routers connected to other routers. And so this hearing the string of these information, it does make you suspicious that the Dominion machines were not as safe as initially the Dominion company had alleged they were. At this point, who knows what’s going to happen with that information. So these machines being hooked up to the internet was kind of new information, at least as far as the acknowledgement from the CEO. But we have yet to see from the committee that new things can change because of it, or that the Trump team is going to be able to do anything with it. Nonetheless, that is still new information coming out that there is reason, may be even from the CEO of Dominion to think that it’s not quite as secure as they initially allege their machines to be.


And of course, you know, Dominion machine thing continues to be a big question, not just for this election, but for future elections as well. And that’s why any of these people that are saying, you know, we shouldn’t even be looking into this, is all conspiracy theory. If they cared about election integrity, they would say, yeah, let’s reassure ourselves before we do this again in 2022. So I’m glad they’re continuing to investigate this. We’re going to take a quick break, guys, we’ve got some Georgia and other state updates, Arizona. We’ll be back in a moment, folks, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


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Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us today. It’s Good News Friday, but we’re kind of catching up on the week, a little few things have happened in several of the states in the last couple days, we haven’t had a chance to catch up on some of these states. So let’s continue to do updates. Guys, I think Georgia and Arizona both had some things happen. So how about Georgia first?


Yeah, let’s start in Georgia for right now. And by the way, as we’re talking tonight, if my voice sounds a little fuzzy, it’s because I am in a bus traveling down the road in Georgia, because we’re having six pastors’ conferences here in Georgia to make sure that the boat gets turned out, because the elections on January the 5th, the two Senate races here. So what’s going on the news and Georgia happened right here today where we are, we’ve been having a number of pastors’ conferences across the state to make sure that the pastors and churches are equipped to turnout on January the 5th, which is the election for the two senators here in Georgia, which will decide what happens in the Congress and US Senate. And so, being in Georgia, Georgia news, you know, obviously important. And so we had three of those conferences today and get news that what’s happened in Georgia is a federal Judge has denied a request from some people who said, let me come to set this up.

What happened was, a lot of people said, look, if Georgia had really good stuff elections in the general presidential election, we’re coming up now here, just you know, a month or so later, having another election, we better get this thing fixed. We break in the voters list fixed, etc. And so what the Secretary of State did was he removed 200,000 voters on the voter rolls in Georgia. He did that because they had moved, they had changed their address, and they don’t have their old address. And of course, the voter registration, you have to have an address. And this is a process have been happening for months, he didn’t just suddenly do this.

So before the voters were removed, every person was sent a letter instructing them to return an attached postcard if they want to stay registered. In general, when they have postcard is a change of address postcard. If you still want to be registered, gives you the address, we’ll get it registered. And so they sent a similar [inaudible 12:02] four years ago, and saying, hey, you’re listed as inactive. And if you don’t get this change of address, then we’re going to take you off the rolls.

And so what happened, this has been going on for months, and even for up to four years. And so now between the November election, this election, they removed 200,000 people off the rolls. So here comes the lawsuit and the ACLU joins up with a group called Black Voters Matter Fund. And they filed a suit saying hey, he can’t take those 200,000 names out and apparently, they’re alleging that these 200,000 black voters that are taken off, included they’re not. But ACLU said that they will being removed, and that they hadn’t really moved, but they’re being removed off the ballot list, even though they haven’t moved. And they’re claiming that this violates national Voter Registration Act. And this is their quote, “There are tens of thousands of Georgia voters who have registered properly maintain the registers in county and nevertheless had their registration deleted by the state.

Well, the Judge listened to that, he says no, that’s not true. They’ve been notified. They’ve  been given all sorts of opportunity to change address. And it could be that many of them have reregistered after having moved, they went through a different thing, they’ve used a postcard. So he said the plaintiffs have not shown that this targeted ad group. This removal of 200,000 was for all groups. By the way, in Georgia, over 1 billion requests have already been sent in from mail-in ballot. So it’s pretty high here. But nonetheless, they have cleaned up the [inaudible 13:36], which means less chance of fraud by having those people off the list since they’re not where they’re supposed to be.


Yeah, this is what we’ve been asking for, guys, is that they’ll just continue to investigate, even if it’s after everything’s decided in January 20th, and all that, that we continue this process, again for future elections and for upholding the rule of law. Another quick break, we’ll be right back. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

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We’re back in WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. Few more states to cover. Tim, let’s talk Arizona a little more movement there as well.


Yeah, one of the things that happened this week is in the State Senate, they announced there are two subpoenas that are going forward and related to the both audited ballot, the scanned ballot and the voting machines and software. And so this is a big deal. Looking at some of the major counties in Arizona where stuff has happened, and they’re going back, and specifically Maricopa County is where we’re looking. But it calls for a forensic audit of ballot tabulation equipment and software that was used in the 2020 general election.

And so this is something that looking to the Senate Committee Chairman, he said that they have a couple of days to comply and get the information back that has been requested. And this is where, again, just because something’s been subpoenaed does not necessarily mean that that it’ll determine evidence of voter fraud. But it is great to see state taking accountability, responsibility for the different Senate Committees or House committees to come in and say we want to make sure that what happened in our state was not fraudulent. We want to make sure that there is transparency, that there was integrity, and that the people can have confidence in what happened. And so even the subpoena process, to me is very encouraging, that they’re making a very conscious effort to bring truth to light and make sure that if there was something fraudulent, they catch it. But at the end of the day, it can give people confidence and whatever result comes out, knowing that, again, there was transparency, that justice will prevail on this system.

And so, good news coming from Arizona with just even from the subpoena process for them to be able to investigate, and further determine if there was fraudulent behavior or not in some of these significant counties in Arizona.


Yeah, I think it’s really interesting. You know, we’ve talked in previous programs about how we’re not seeing the courts looking for evidence very much. And that’s been the complaint of the plaintiffs is they didn’t ask for evidence. We had a one hour hearing, and they wouldn’t ask for evidence, wouldn’t let us submit it. And one of the things we’ve commented on in previous programs, and one of the things we’ve seen is a lot of the plaintiffs that were in court say, hey, we really didn’t get to present any evidence. They didn’t ask for forensic stuff. When we asked to go get forensic audit, they wouldn’t approve that. We had a one hour hearing, and they just wanted to hear the process arguments and they weren’t saying what’s your evidence? What do you have to prove for all? They were saying, we’re not going to do this, we’re not to overturn the election, whatever.

And so it’s interesting that at that level, it wasn’t like the Judges were wanting to have a trial and let both sides present their evidence, they were just having a one hour hearing. And so that’s what was frustrating for a lot of these plaintiffs says we think we’ve got some real stuff here. We got these affidavits. We got these sworn affidavits. And they weren’t even able to introduce a lot of those and a number of these four cases, some they did, some they didn’t. But it’s interesting that the legislature is looking into this.

So here you have the Arizona legislature saying, okay, we want to see the hardware and the software. We want to see the ballot scans. We want to see the signature verification. We want to see the balance and the electronics. We want to verify this stuff. And this is what a lot of the groups have been asking for. And so they issue this subpoena to Maricopa County, which is the bluest part of the state, that’s Phoenix.

And interestingly, the Maricopa County people say, well, we want you to have it, but we’re not going to give it to you now, because there’s still litigation going on and we’re not going to do anything until after litigation’s all over. And so, you know, the Senate chairman has already said, look, what we’ve seen so far gives evidence of tampering. And that’s why we want to subpoena fulfill, because we’ve had enough testimony. You know, the leader of the GOP Chairwoman, she said she personally stood there in Maricopa County and saw votes for Trump going in as both for Biden in the Dominion machines. And so that’s why they’ve subpoenaed the machines and the software and all the stuff. Let’s see if this claim is really true or not. Let’s get some evidence.

So I think this is a fairly significant thing that’s happening, and now you’ve got a kind of a spit match going back and forth between the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and we’re really not going to deliver the machines. The legislature says hey, we want them out. So we’ll see where this ends up. But it is cool, Tim as you said that the legislators are trying to dig in and get to the bottom of the story, see if this is hearsay stuff, see if there’s anything really to it, know what affidavit said. They saw stuff, but that doesn’t mean necessarily that was fraud or fraudulent. Let’s see if there is. And so that’s a good thing going in Arizona.

One more shot from Arizona, I think this one’s just fascinated me, it’s not significant, except it is significant. So here’s the story. There’s another election suit has been tossed in Arizona. This was tossed for lack of standing. And it was because the public school board president brought the lawsuit, and the public school board president brought the lawsuit on the election and challenge that fraud occurred in the election. And she said, on the basis of the electors, the way they were chosen, that’s not right, because you had all this fraud in the election and this fraud caused the wrong outcome. And so she’s challenged in the election. Here’s the problem.

She was not even registered to vote in this election, and she did not vote in this election. And so the Judge pointed out, wait a minute, how do you have standing to bring a lawsuit to overturn the election when you did not even vote in the election? Oh, my gosh! You know, come on. If you’re going to be concerned about the outcome of elections, why don’t you at least register to vote and maybe go vote? And you’re the head of the school board there in the county and you’re not even registered to vote? And I don’t know, that one just struck me. You know, it’s another one of those lawsuits that beat the dust and people think to try and to help, oh, my goodness, get involved with the process.


Yeah. Wow. Okay. So guys, let’s take this to essentially Congress. I mean, it’s somewhat still state news, because state’s senators elected from states have got to be a part of this January 6th process. And is there a chance that something will happen on January 6th to refuse certain electors?


Well, one of the things that we’ve talked about even off air, we’re now seeing some in the news, where we do believe that there will be some congressmen, some US congressmen who will oppose what happens with the electors and where their vote goes, just based on the way the election process happens with what appeared to be a lot of fraud and even places.

But if there’s nobody in the senate willing to protest what happened with the election in the sense of arguing that there was fraudulent activity behavior, and therefore maybe we can’t trust the numbers we saw, even related to electoral voting, etc. well, there haven’t been senators coming at this point, saying that they would join with any of the Republican congressmen to challenge the election. Except now, there is a senator from Alabama, who has now come out, and this is Tommy Tuberville, the coach from Alabama who’s elected he is, I guess this point, Senator-elect until he is sworn in, but he’s coming out and saying that he might be willing to stand up and challenge what’s happened in this election.

Because to him, what appeared to be a lot of fraud, a lot of fraudulent activity and behavior, and so that might be that one vote in the Senate is all it takes to really challenge the election on some levels. And so it looks like there could be a Senator challenge that which could be a very different election going forward. Now, it kind of back to the Rutherford B. Hayes, even almost the John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, where they go to the House and Congress, it has a lot bigger role in determining the president, than what we’ve seen, certainly in any of our lifetimes.


Yeah. And you know, it’s interesting, like you said that this is coming from a new Senator, someone that is not a professional politician, a football coach. He’s been used to leadership and probably having to take tough stance. And so I was thrilled to see this, guys. And I got to tell you, I think we should be calling those US Senators and congressmen and saying, if you’re not part of the objection to these states where you know they broke the law, even without the fraud, they broke the law, it was unconstitutional to change the rules, if you don’t object, then you are signing off on breaking the law, you’re basically saying it’s okay with you that these rules were changed and that the election was stolen in this way.

I think every Senator that doesn’t want to be a part of that and signing off on that should be objecting and we the people need to be telling them, we want to see those objections, even if they lose the vote, right, even if the Republican senate says no to some electors and the Democrat houses, yes and there’s a big knockdown, drag out on how to deal with that, or even if you’re only five Senators objecting, man, they need to be objecting. If they don’t, they’re basically saying they’re okay with what happened.


Yeah, it would be nice to see some leadership in the Senate. You’re right, Rick. And by the way, here’s the great outrage of the week for me. Do you remember when Texas filed the lawsuit and said, hey, what’s happened in these other states changed the law that’s going to affect every other state, so Texas were filing a lawsuit, and the Supreme Court didn’t receive it? But we talked about the fact that 126 Republicans in the House signed on with that lawsuit and said that the Supreme Court looked, you need to look at this, because this affects our elections as congressmen.

So here’s what happens. 126 African sign on, and lo and behold, US Congressman, Bill Pascrell, a Democrat has gone to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the House Administration Committee Chairwoman Zoe Lofgren, both from California and ask them to refuse to see those 126 elected Republicans who signed on to the Texas lawsuit. Don’t let them be part of the House. Don’t recognize their election. Don’t let them be seated as members of the House. And he said “Simply stated, men and women who would act to tear down the United States government apart cannot serve as members of the Congress. And he says they are attacking the text and the spirit of the Constitution which each member swears to uphold.”

Now, I didn’t know most Democrats knew what the Constitution was, at least they don’t seem to follow it until they think it’ll help their position. But to simply say, because you support a suit at the US Supreme Court, you should not be a member of Congress because I disagree with that suit, you know, Rick, that goes back to what we talked about a couple weeks ago, when the Democrats tried to bring a sanction against all the attorneys who are handling Trump lawsuits saying they should be debarred, they should be taken out of the Bar Association for simply defending the client… I mean, this is just crazy stuff.

And so I mean, I cannot even imagine that you got Democrats, if there ever Republican who supports Trump in a lawsuit should be thrown out of Congress. It’s crazy stuff. I guess this is what we can look forward to with the cooperation that we’re going to get from Democrats going forward in the Congress. Like this sets the tone for what’s out there.


Well, you set it at the beginning of the program, you know, the difference between them, thinking it’s a democracy instead of a republic and the difference between rule of law or just finger to the wind, whatever feels good at the time. And clearly that’s what they would prefer, is just you get angry, you throw somebody out completely for what they did versus working to uphold the rule of law and play by the rules. That’s the big difference.

And upholding the rule of law is what all of these election challenges are about and that’s why we’re going to keep covering it. So Monday, we’ll get you caught up on some of these other things happening across the country. Have a great weekend. Thanks so much for listening to WallBuilders Live.