Two Million Baby Lives Saved By One Man: We call it, “Good News Friday” because it’s a chance for David and Tim to share some good news from across the nation and around the world. We don”€™t often hear good news from major media, however, here on WallBuilders Live, we love sharing news worthy of celebration! Tune in now to learn more!

Air Date: 11/22/2019

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith And The Culture 


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. This is WallBuilders Live! Where we”€™re talking about today”€™s hottest topics on policy, faith, and the culture, always doing that from a biblical, historical, and constitutional perspective.

We’re here with David Barton, America’s premier historian and the founder of WallBuilders. Also, Tim Barton, national speaker and President of WallBuilders, and my name is Rick Green, I’m a former Texas state legislator, national speaker, and author.  Today is Good News Friday! So, good news is—well, it’s good news! I enjoy getting to see where we win. You often hear about where we’re losing in the culture, but the good news is we’re winning in many, many areas of the culture. So we’re going to highlight some of those things today with David and Tim. They’ll get through as many of those good news stories as they can. 

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The Man with the Golden Arm

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Looking forward to some good news! I think David’s going to start our first piece of good, David?


I’m actually going to start with what I consider a feel-good story. I really liked this story. It comes out of Australia, actually—it’s not American—but I like the human nature side of this. I just think it’s a great wholesome story. There’s a guy in Australia known as The Man With The Golden Arm.

Now, are you old enough to remember a movie about that one? 


Well, I remember there was a Man with the Golden Gun. 


That”€™s James Bond. 


Golden Eye. Wait, is that James Bond too? 


The Man with the Golden Arm was a baseball story. 


Rick, how do you not know that? Come on! 


Baseball from Australia? 


There’s only one sport you know anything about, and it’s baseball. Come on! 


The story’s out of Australia, but the baseball example”€™s from America, it’s about American movies. That’s what I was talking to. I’ll get back to Australia. But yeah, it was an American movie. You missed that one. How did you not see that baseball movie?


I got some homework to do after today’s show.

Australian Man Saves Millions


So this guy”€™s in Australia, has his name is James Harrison, he’s 81 years old, he’s been working for 60 years. He retired after 60 years, and he is somewhat unique in that once a week for 60 years, without missing an occasion, he donated blood once every week for 60 years. He has in his blood—I don’t know, it”€™s an antigen maybe?—but he has something that works against the RH Negative/Rh positive factors that go with children. So if a child has those those Rh negative/positive factors, that come in inherited from the father and the mother, then the blood actually starts destroying the baby in the womb. The blood becomes like a foreign attack, and cells fight the blood, and just so many kids end up dying as a result of this. 

So this guy has this antigen in his blood, and as a result the Australian Red Cross says that the blood he has given has resulted in 2.4 million lives being saved in Australia. 

One guy saved 2.4 million because of what they take out of his blood. 

So that’s that’s pretty cool. 

Christian Heritage Week in Nebraska

I thought that was a great story for one guy having that much effect on the world. 

The other one I’ll throw one real quick comes from Nebraska. The governor of Nebraska declared Christian Heritage Week in Nebraska, which is a really cool deal. Everybody, just write your governor asking him or her to declare a Christian Heritage Week sometime in the year. This great opportunity to be able to educate, even in public schools, about Christian heritage. 

There’s five lessons on the WallBuilders website that will go through each day that you can use at public schools, private schools, wherever, but you have Nebraska. There’s been over 700 governors declared Christian Heritage Week, a great idea for you to use with your governor.

You got to for Christian Heritage Week, and give examples from your state and ask your governor to do that. 


Alright fellas. Quick break, we’ll come back. Tim’s got some good news to share with us. You”€™re listening to WallBuilders Live.

Moment From American History

This is Tim Barton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history. Many today assert that religion is something private, that has no place in the public square, and that it is incompatible with government. 

The Founding Fathers believed exactly the opposite. They held that religion was absolutely necessary in order to maintain our free system of government. For example, John Adams declared, “€œWe have no government armed with power, capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion.”€Â 

And, signer of the declaration, Benjamin Rush, similarly affirmed, “€œWithout religion there can be no virtue and without virtue there can be no liberty and liberty is the object and life of all Republican governments.”€ The Founding Fathers understood that limited government required public morality from the people. And, that public morality was produced by the Christian religion. For more information about the Founding Fathers views on religion in public life go to

Iranian Revival


We’re back WallBuilders Live! It’s gGood News Friday today, and Tim Barton’s got the next piece of good news. Tim, where we headed?


This article is dealing with something going on in Iran, and we know Iran for a lot of controversy, for some bad deals that were made, for money that was sent, for persecution of Christians, but this is something very different. The article headline says A great Revival is Sweeping Through Iran as Hundreds of Thousands Come to Jesus Christ. Reading the article, one of the things that stands out is that there are many accounts of people in Iran who have had dreams and/or visions—they might differ as to whether it was a dream or vision—but what they see as a shining man dressed in white who is calling to them and drawing them—which is Jesus—who they end up seeing or having a vision about, and what it has resulted in is them pursuing to find out who this person was, and find out more about Him. 

So the fastest growing church in the world, or at least one of the fastest growing churches in the world is in Iran despite the fact that Christianity is outlawed in Iran, which is an Islamic Republic.

What happens is they have home churches, and so the fastest growing house church movement in the world is in Iran. If you look at the statistics of Iran and the persecution and percentage of Christians back in the 90s, they estimated there were 100,000 believers in Iran.

Over 3 Million Believers in Iran!

Now the estimates are there are more than 3 million Christian believers in Iran, and then there was a guy who was interviewed who had been in Iran and had to flee because of the fact that he converted to Christianity and because churches are banned. 

He said that one of the things that believers in Iran are doing is they’re using the Internet to connect to churches, the United States, Canada, Germany, and Malaysia all via Skype. So they can watch via Skype. 

These online services are part of how they’re learning more about Jesus, and part of how they’re growing.”€Â 

He said that, in his own life, he had attended a church—and guys, see if you remember this name—led by a pastor Saeed Abedini, who was the guy who then got thrown in prison in Iran for being a Christian pastor.

So this was a guy saying he actually had gone to his church. But it’s something that, certainly, we don’t hear a lot about this on the news, and with all of the unrest instability happening in Iran, one of the things that even in America, we can look at and think, “€œThe more secular we become, the more problems we deal with in America.”€Â 

One of the reasons that we encourage that we need the Bible in every single school in America, it’s not simply that we want people to believe in Jesus—although certainly we would love for people to believe in Jesus—it’s because the Bible teaches a standard of morality, a system of living life of interaction with other people both on a social level but also in the political, cultural, and a governmental level. 

Kanye West

Whatever it is we want to talk about, the Bible helps us know how to guide our behavior, our speech, and our actions in the midst of all that’s going on. The more secular our nations become, the more problems we have had. So we would pray that our nation would turn back to God, but this is something we’d pray for every nation.

It’s amazing to see that in Iran of all places, where there’s been so much Christian persecution, there’s been so much terrorism, there’s been so many negative things, that yet in the midst of this God is doing something over in Iran, as indicated by the hundreds of thousands of people that are coming to Jesus Christ. 

So as we, every Friday we have Good News Friday, and we want to celebrate some of these things, this is something that”€™s a major celebration of what is happening over and around the world. 

Speaking of God moving and doing things. I have several articles in front of me that deal with the name of a person that I never would have guessed we would be talking about on a Good News Friday, and it is Kanye West. 

We are probably amiss for not highlighting some of this sooner, but just the nature of the stack of the good news is we just take the next one on top, and it just so happened that today I’ve found several of these articles that were on top. 

There’s been a lot of hesitation from a lot of Christians initially about Kanye”€™s conversion. Is it sincere? Is he doing it for money? 

If it was sincere, certainly he’s a young believer. There are so many questions surrounding him, but he’s now been doing some really amazing things. 

Worship Night in a Prison

He went to a prison in Texas, and he did a service in Texas, and some of the people who were there said it wasn’t really a show. It was a worship night as a ministry. People’s lives are being changed, and you can see even some of the pictures the videos people are raising their hands, there were several moments he’s gone and spoken in churches, and one in a Louisiana Sunday service, where a thousand people it was reported gave their lives to Christ. 

And I could go on and on about some of the things we’ve seen with Konye West, but one of the articles I have talks about that his conversion could be a cultural wrecking ball—and this is where it becomes interesting—where it could really change culture because we’ve seen a couple of things from this that, first of all, every single song on his album has made it the top 100, which is a significant thing saying that a lot of people are going to this album. 

There’s a Facebook group that I’m a part of that is involving a lot of young ministers, and one of the things that somebody posted on there was, “€œI don’t know what you think about Kanye West or not, or if you buy into what is happening, but here’s something that did happen to my church today that has made me think differently about it.”€Â 

Young Man Returns to Church Because of Kanye West

And it was a note she got—or that this lady was showing, that somebody got—anyway, she was posting this on Facebook, but the note was a mom and said, “€œI don’t even know who Kanye West is, but I want to thank them because my son just came back to church for the first time since he was a kid because of Kanye West and his album.”€Â 

So, in the midst of Good News Friday there are several articles, and we could get into more detail with them, but the point is that it does seem like God is doing something, and when you look at some of the people that God is now using, Kanye West is certainly someone that we would look at and go, “€œOK, that dude? No way!”€

But there was a time when there was this guy in the Bible named Saul, who was about as far from being a Christian as you could be, then had this dramatic conversion and God used him in incredible ways. 

So certainly we are now praying for Kanye, that God would help him, that God would use him, and it seems like he’s got some great people around him that are helping counsel him. Nonetheless, this is something really cool, as we”€™re talking about seeing God moving places, God moving in Iran, hundreds of thousands coming to The Lord, it looks like God’s moving now in some pretty cool ways in America, as evidenced by Kanye West and some of what’s happening in his life.

Is This Genuine?


I agree with you. I admit I was skeptical, I kind of sat back and watched this thing for a little while, and my kids were watching it—and they’d never been Kanye West fans—and it was like, “€œOK, is this genuine?”€Â 

The fruit is there, and you watch the interviews and the things that are coming out of his mouth, it is really, really fun to watch. 

And the left doesn’t know what to do. 

These media folks that are interviewing him, they’re like, “€œOK, this is a guy that we used to really celebrated. Now he’s saying all this stuff that’s not actually what we believe?”€ Man, he seemed so genuine, and I don’t know… I’m enjoying it bro I think that article about cultural wrecking ball is 100% right. It’s a great witness, and it could be a culture game changer if it continues, and everything I’ve seen—it looks real the pastor that’s been ministering to him, and the whole story of how he ended up at that church and started flying this guy in to do Bible studies every week wherever he was.

Everything I’m reading about that pastor and church, it’s solid, solid biblical foundations that are being poured into Kanye”€™s life, and I think we’re seeing the results. It’s really cool. I’m glad you brought it up. It’s a really good, good Friday piece, and you’re right, we probably would have mentioned it a couple of weeks ago, but just glad to be able to talk about it today. 

All right guys. We’ll be right back. We got a lot more good news coming from David and Tim Barton. Stay with us here on WallBuilders Live!

America’s Hidden History


Hi, this is David Barton.


And, this is Tim Barton, and we want to let you know about a series that’s happening right now on TBN on Thursday night. TBN is the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Every Thursday night, there’s a series that we’ve filmed called America’s Hidden History.

And, this season is called “€œAmerica’s Hidden Heroes.”€ The reason is, we highlight heroes from American history. For years we’ve been focusing on the forgotten history and heros of the nation.

And now, we have a TV show just highlighting some of those heroes.


These are inspiring stories about some of the greatest people maybe you’ve never heard about. We go on location to the sites and show you where the events happened. It’s the stories of folks like Bronco Charlie, Stagecoach Mary, Jedediah Smith, Robert Smalls, and so many inspiring folks.


Now, this happens every Thursday night, and the time is gonna be different based on where you live. Either way, we think this is something that will so encourage and inspire you in learning some of these great stories from America’s Hidden History.

Roe v. Wade


Welcome back!  Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live. It”€™s Good News Friday today, and I have no idea where we’re headed next! David”€™ up. So, where are we traveling for our next piece of good news? 


We’re going to talk about Roe v. Wade for a minute, and by the way, tell me what Roe v. Wade is. 


The Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion at the federal level so that states couldn”€™t outlaw it anymore.


Going back to 1973. 


Really good, guys! Only 35% of Americans knows what Roe v Wade is, which is really amazing. So, with all the life debate—


I”€™ve always considered myself the top 35% of Americans, so it’s good to know. 


You”€™re the upper one third!


It’s hard to believe that it”€™s almost 50 years, guys.


Yeah, it is. And by the way, here’s a commentary for you. Look how many things have shifted in the culture with marriage, with respect for the flag, with abortion on demand, with so many things—LGBTQ—and they all resulted from the Supreme Court striking down Texas laws. 

It was an 1854 law the Supreme Court struck down that banned abortion in Texas, and that was Roe v. Wade.. The Doe v. Bolton case, also related to abortion, came out of Texas. The Birkenfeld decision to strike down the state constitutional amendments and provisions provided for marriage based on one man and one woman went back to Texas Supreme Court decision that issued back in the 80s on that, and they reversed themselves on it. The first time you could disrespect the flag, you could actually burn the flag, was the decision striking down a Texas law.

Defederalization of Abortion?

So this shift the culture had to go after Texas a whole lot, and Texas had all the stuff that the people were saying, “€œHey, we want to go back to some of this stuff.”€Â 

And the Supreme Court had to get rid of that years ago to get the culture where it is today. 

So having said that, you’re right. Roe v. Wade is about the federalization of the abortion issue.

If you repeal Roe v. Wade, you do not end abortions. You only give it back to the states, which is why the states have been moving to pass abortion laws or anti-abortion laws depending which if the court reverses Roe v. Wade. 

New York has passed the law that said, “€œWe will have abortion on demand all the way through nine months. Right to the point of birth.”€Â 

Texas passed the law says, “€œWe’re going back to what we were in 1854. We’re not having abortion.”€Â 

So all it does is it defederalize the issue, and puts it back in the hands of the states. Now, having said that, only a third knew that, we started asking questions. 

“€œOK. If you could choose a candidate who opposed abortion once a heartbeat has been detected,”€ let’s just take the heartbeat law, “€œIf you have someone running for office and they say they would stop abortion at that point of heartbeat or they would not?”€Â 

It’s pretty interesting, 51% say, “€œYeah, we’ll vote for someone who will not allow abortion once there”€™s a heartbeat.”€Â 

The Rise of Pro Life in America

That’s 51%, only 27% would choose a candidate who supports abortions after a heartbeat. So that’s a two to one margin, which is really good in the pro-life direction. Then if you say, “€œOK, how about a live birth? This is the infant born alive protection act. It says if a child is born alive in the midst of an abortion, you have to care for that child and protect that child.”€Â 

When asked the question, “€œWould you vote for someone, if a live birth occurs during abortion procedure, would you vote for someone who thinks doctors shouldn’t be required to care for that child?”€Â 

Only 6 percent of Americans would vote for someone who would say, “€œDon’t care for a child after it’s born in the midst of an abortion.”€Â 

Well, guess what? 100% of Democratic candidates are supporting that 6% position, which is pretty amazing. 

On the other side, 69% of voters said, “€œI will not vote for someone who supports abortion past that point.”€Â 

So the numbers are really, really high in the direction of pro-life, and the polling continues to move that way. Only 8% think that there should be abortion in the third trimester. 

So there’s really a lot of good, hopeful stuff here. Now, the trick is you get in a presidential race and abortion is not the issue that is focused on by the media or many others as well. So you’re going to hear everything from impeachment, to climate change, to Iran, to North Korea, to whatever. 

If you could get people’s attention focused on the abortion issue, the American people would very strongly choose pro-life candidates from dogcatcher the President of the United States, if you could just keep that issue out front. 

Keeping the Abortion Issue Up Front

But that’s always the problem with that presidential or any other campaign: is keeping issues out front. A lot of times your opponent tries to define those issues. So we’ll see if Trump is able to keep the extremity of the Democrats and Democratic candidates on abortion out in front. That’ll probably pick up a lot of votes. 

By the way, when Democrats started going so wild on abortion support, it threw everything up through even killing child after it was born if it was done in abortion. It’s interesting that the Democrat Party actually shifted from being 20% pro-life to 34% pro-life, and young people actually shifted 17% point shift toward pro-life. So if you can get the message out, people are with us. It’s just a matter of getting the message out. But the polling numbers are good.


Well, it’s interesting too, when you when you really get down to those bills, which have been controversial in legislatures and then the media, but it sounds like, from the data you’re given, not controversial with most Americans. They are there with us. They’re on the right side of the life issue.

So we need candidates to make that an issue when they’re on the floor on the campaign trail. Quick break guys. We’ve got time for one more piece of good news. We’ll be right back with more WallBuilders Live.

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Ronald Reagan Celebrated in Europe


We’re back with WallBuilders Live! Final piece of good news is going to come from Tim Barton. Tim?


Alright, guys. A quick trivia for you, as we are wrapping up Good News Friday, who famously said, “€œMr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall”€?


I think I have the speech memorized, because he first said, “€œOpen this gate, Mr. Gorbachev,”€ the Brandenburg Gate. Then he said, “€œTear down this wall!”€Â 

Well, that would be the one to name one of my kids after: Reagan.


Interesting that, looking back over the past several decades it has been, Saturday of roughly a month ago back in November it was the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Mike Pompeo was over in Germany, and out in front of the U.S. Embassy they erected a statue of Reagan. 

Here’s what’s interesting: they didn’t necessarily want the statue of Reagan, at least reports go, they didn’t want a statue of Reagan initially to be in front of the embassy, but Germany did not want Reagan to be there. 

In fact, the German foreign minister, when he gave a speech in recognition, he was heavily criticized for failing to mention Ronald Reagan once during his speech of the Wall coming down and Germany becoming the nation. 

Not only did he not mention Reagan, he didn’t mention the influence of America or any other American in the involvement in it. So he got slammed really bad. 

Two Million Babies Saved and More on Good News Friday

So the statue ends up going in front of the U.S. embassy, and the good news is that Reagan is remembered and celebrated in Europe, and people put a lot of pressure on the German foreign minister for ignoring Reagan, because he then came out and he said he’d like to come meet with Mike Pompeo, and they can do some things together. 

In that speech he said, “€œWe’re so grateful! We couldn’t have done any of this without the Americans or without Reagan! Etc. etc..”€Â 

So the good news is that Reagan did finally get recognized for some of his role, and influence, and this famous speech, “€œMr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”€Â 

If you go to Germany, you can go to the U.S. embassy and you can find the statue of Reagan out in front of the U.S. embassy.


Love it!

Love ending our Good News Friday on President Reagan. We hope you’ve enjoyed this Good News Friday as much as we have, and if you want more good news again visit that website and click on the archives to go into some of those previous Friday programs where you get more good news. 

That’s also the place where you can click on that contribute button and make that one time or monthly contribution. Come alongside us, help us to spread the good news and to equip more citizens. The more people out there we get equipped with how to be a good citizen, how to live out our freedom, and how to participate in the process, the better chance we have of saving this constitutional republic. You get to be a part of that solution. We sure appreciate your listening today. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.