U.S. House Attempts To Remove Basic Freedoms With The Equality Act: It has a great title, but what the Equality Act actually does is absolutely destroy the liberties we hold dear in America. This equality bill is actually only securing protection to one side, which is not equal at all. Tune in now to learn more!

Air Date: 04/30/2019

Guest: Emilie Kao

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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It”€™s Foundations of Freedom Thursday, a special day of the week where we get to answer questions from you, the listeners! Always answering your questions from constitutional principles! All right, David, Tim, interesting topic today.

The “€œInequality Act”€

We we always have legislation that tends to be named, shall we say, “€œIn a nice way that doesn’t exactly describe what it’s actually doing.”€ For instance, we have the Equality Act in Congress right now that is actually the “€œInequality Act”€ because it’s going to treat people in different ways; but, somebody got creative and said, “€œOoh, “€˜equality”€™ is a very popular word today. If we name a piece of legislation that, everybody will be for it;”€ and, unfortunately “€œeverybody”€ includes all the Democrats.


Yeah, there are several things we need to cover on this, Rick; but, let me backup first. This bill, the Equality Act, is HR5. What does “€œHR”€ mean?


House Resolution.


So, it’s coming from the House of Representatives. The number “€œ5″€ signifies something important in the sense that it is a low number, which means what?


There haven’t been many resolutions. No, I give up.


Rick, you should know this from your days in the Texas legislature. What do low-numbered bills indicate?


Important to the speaker.


That’s right. They’re important to the speaker. Generally the first 10 numbers or so are reserved for the speaker’s bills.

A High Priority for Democrats

So, if it comes from HR1 through HR10, this is something that the speaker of the House of Representatives wants and that the Democrats in the House feel is a signature-kind of piece for them that they have to get behind and do something with. So, the fact that it is HR5, means this is really, really high on their priority list. There’s not going to be a committee or a subcommittee that shuts it down. They’re going to have hearings and slam this thing forward.

And that happens for either side, whether it’s Republicans or Democrats. If it’s a low-numbered bill, either in the House or the Senate, it’s a leadership bill. So, the Equality Act.

Now, Rick you mentioned that it’s really more of the “€œinequality act;”€ but, this is where media, others, the way Twitter and Instagram, and all these things that are just in short little snippets. So, you don’t want to say, “€œthe inequality act.”€ I mean, my gosh, that would not be good.

The Equality Act: Do Your Research

Therefore, you say “€œthe Equality Act,”€ and people just assume that and don’t get into reading it. So, let me kind of throw out a similar scenario. If I go to the store, see something on the shelves that says “€œhealthy heart food”€ and get it because it’s healthy heart food, I get home, start reading and find it’s really high in sugar, cholesterol, fats and salts and etc.; do I stick with the label or go with the ingredients?

Obviously, you should go with the ingredients. Well, this is the problem with the Equality Bill. It has a great title, but what it does on the inside is absolutely destroy several centuries-old liberties that we’ve had in America.

Tolerant or Intolerant?


And, the question would be Equality for who? because it is equality in some people’s minds. But, it’s kind of like saying the idea that We promote tolerance. Well, what is your idea of tolerance?

Because if your idea of tolerance is to silence every voice that disagrees with you because Well, we shouldn’t tolerate intolerant people. Well, if you’re not tolerating people you disagree with, then you’re not actually tolerant. So, if we’re saying, “€œNo, we believe in equality, but only for those who do what we think they should do; and, those that disagree with us, we’re going to shut down.”€

Well, that doesn”€™t sound like equality, right? So, we really have changed the idea of some of these definitions. And, because we now have a culture where whatever side is communicating wants to say, “€œWell, this is what truth looks like: it’s my opinion, what I feel, how I think,”€ this is what’s happened with the Equality Bill. We’ve said, “€œWell, we think this is equality,”€ and it fundamentally is changing values that we’ve embraced not only Americans, but large civilizations, Christianity, and the Judeo-Christian ethic for a long time.

Also, people that hold a basic Judeo-Christian ethic are now people that are going to violate what should be–or, what one side views as equality. So again, it’s this idea of saying, “€œWell, no; we believe in tolerance unless you disagree with us, then we’re going to crush you.”€ That’s kind of what happens with this Equality Bill is We don’t believe all people are equal. We believe if you don’t treat our friends the way we want you to treat them then we will destroy you.


If you go back to Congress from Bob McEwen–and, Bob is such a great economist. We often have him on to cover economic issues because he brings it down to such simplicity. And, one of the pieces he’s done is called “€œPolitics: Easy as Pie,”€ an MP4 that we actually have on the website. It’s one of the best primers on how to actually understand economics.

But, in that, he talks about the fact that government can never create wealth. All it can do is redistribute wealth. It has no wealth creation power, only wealth redistribution.

Government Cannot Create Equality

That’s kind of what this bill is. It does not create equality; God’s already created equality. What this does is says, “€œWell, we’re going to redistribute it and take some from this group to add to this group over here.”€

And, that’s literally what the Equality Bill does is. It takes from some to give to others. That is not equality, especially when you don’t use the same weights and balances but actually have skewed weights and balances: Oh, if you’re this group, then the weight is heavier in your direction. If you’re this group, well, it’s the other way.

So, you have unjust weights and balances, which is the real problem here. And, it’s not based on any tangible right. It’s based on perceptions as to what the government thinks is a right at that point in time.

And, what they’re calling “€œrights”€ right now was not a right 10 years ago. Further, it probably won’t be a right 10 years from now. What we’ve had is inalienable rights which came from God and were rights 10 years ago,  10,000 years ago,  and will be rights 10,000 years from.

So, it’s a really different thing; the government is redistributing rights. That”€™s what this Equality Bill amounts to. And, there’s lady over at the Heritage Foundation, Emilie Kao, who did a great piece analyzing this and pointing out these weaknesses.

So, we thought she’d be a great one to kind of do a primer on this and really, what’s wrong with this bill.


Emilie is the director of the Devos Center for Religion and Civil Society. We’ll be right back on WallBuilders Live!

Moment From American History

This is Tim Barton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history.

The Reverend James Caldwell was a famous minister during the American War for Independence. His sermons taught liberty and God’s opposition to tyranny.

The British hated him and tried to kill him. So for his own protection he would actually take loaded pistols with him into the pulpit and lay them beside his Bible as he preached. In the 1780 Battle of Springfield, the Americans ran out of wadding for their guns which was like having no ammunition.

Pastor Caldwell ran inside a nearby church and returned with an armload of Watt Hymnals, the pages of which would provide the much needed wadding. He took this great Bible based hymnal, raised in the air, and shouted to the troops,”€Now put to watts into them, boys!”€  This pastor’s ingenuity saved the day for the Americans.

For more information or Pastor James Caldwell and other Colonial Patriots go to WallBuilders.com


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live! Thanks for staying with us today. From the Heritage Foundation, Emilie Kao, who is with us.

Thanks for coming on, Emilie.


Thank you.


I appreciate your time and also your article on the Equality Act because just the title of the legislation often those people off. And, we’ve been trying to figure out what the Equality Act actually does. I don’t think we can legislate equality or make people equal, but we can certainly protect them constitutionally.

Your take on it is somewhat the same. You’re saying, “€œHey, this actually will create inequality.”€

Does the Equality Act Really Create Inequality?


Right. So, I think we agree on the basic principle that every human being is equal in dignity and should be treated with dignity and respect. But, what this bill does is take away freedom from some people, like people who believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, or that sex is based on biology and is not something one can change, but that we”€™re either born male or female.


So, what is their pitch? Like, what do they claim, the other side that’s that’s pushing for this legislation? What do they claim this legislation will help to do or save people from?


Well, they are trying to co-opt what the Civil Rights Act did. They are saying that sexual orientation and gender identity need to be elevated to the level of protected classes in the 1964 Civil Rights law. But, even on its face, you can tell that those categories are different than race or sex or even religion, because sexual orientation is inherently about a person’s conduct, and gender identity is entirely based on a person’s self identity, their self understanding.

Not Immutable Characteristics

And, these are not immutable characteristic, but are actually ideas or ideologies. We’ve never elevated ideologies, a particular ideology or a particular viewpoint, to the level of a protected class. So, these categories that are being talked about right now are fundamentally different than the categories that were included in the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

And, as we all know, the history of the Civil Rights Act is the history of the civil-rights movement. The reason why we needed a coercive law is because market and cultural forces were in favor of racial segregation and discrimination against African-Americans. So, they needed the power of the federal government to shield them from discrimination based on their race, which was immoral.

But, now the LGBT movement is trying to wield that incredible power of the federal government to coerce people into agreeing that sex is based on ideology and can be fluid; that you can be a man one day, a woman the next day, then  something else the next day; or that  homosexuality is on par, is the same or equal to heterosexuality; or, that same-sex marriage is the same, equal to marriage between a man and a woman. And, those are those are opinions or viewpoints.

The federal government should not be involved in elevating one viewpoint to be a cultural orthodoxy and then punishing people who hold a different viewpoint.

Putting Women and Girls in Danger


And, by using the federal government to elevate an idea and enforce an idea on everyone, the practical result of that is real harm. You make the argument in your article that actually, by passing the “€œEquality”€ Act, it’s actually going to punish some people and put some, in a very specific case, put women in danger and girls in danger. We get calls and have had multiple programs over the fact that middle-school girls and high-school girls are being forced to allow guys into their locker rooms and showers in our schools just because the guy claims to be a girl that day.


That’s right. Tragically, there have already been cases of sexual assaults after a transgender-bathroom policy was implemented. There is a ongoing investigation into a school in Decatur, Georgia where a transgender-bathroom policy was implemented without any notification to the parents, and a kindergarten girl was sexually assaulted in the bathroom.

And, we also see homeless shelters facing lawsuits from men who identify as women  wanting access to shared sleeping facilities and showers with women who’ve been sexually assaulted, who’ve gone through domestic violence or even been trafficked.

All these women have every right to a safe and private space to shower in and to sleep in. And so, what’s being ignored by the Democrats who are supporting this bill and even some Republicans, is the rights of other people in society: the rights of women and girls, or the rights of people who believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, or the rights of female athletes to compete against other females.



Common Sense Being Ignored


Even something that common sense is being completely ignored. That debate is being completely shut down.


I have a hard–I keep asking, Emilie, and I know you’re asking this too: Where are the feminist on this thing? I mean, how can they not be just going crazy at this point and saying, “€œNo, first of all, guys, you have your own sports and all these other advantages we’ve talked about for years;”€ how are they not say “€œno”€ to this supposed Equality Act and the fact that this actually allows men to come over and take over female sports or come over and invade women’s privacy?

They should be the first ones to stand up. Are you seeing that at all?


Yes and no. So, on the institutional level, when you look at the national organizations like Planned Parenthood, the Women’s March, and the National Women’s Legal Center; they are fully on board with the transgender ideology. In fact, last week in the judiciary hearing on the Equality Act, they had a representative from the National Women’s Legal Center who kept on saying, “€œTtrans women are women; trans women are women; trans women are women.”€

And, by that, she meant a biological male who thinks he’s a woman is a woman. And, they’ll keep on repeating that phrase over and over again, trying to convince people to believe something that is actually an impossibility. So, I think what you’re seeing at the institutional level is a lot of the fruits of identity politics and intersectionality, that these groups will move in lockstep with whatever group is furthest to the left.

Erasing Women As a Recognizable Category

But, on a grassroots level, you are seeing a very, very different fight developing, which is that you are seeing feminists who are opposed to the gender-identity ideology because they recognize it will completely erase women as a recognizable category, a definable category in the law. So, what happens to Title IX with women’s athletics and women’s academic opportunities? That was supposed to be a huge victory of the feminist movement; but, it’s going to be completely rendered irrelevant if a man can simply identify as a woman and then get on to any women’s sports game. Or,  a man can identify as woman and take away a woman’s scholarship.

So, I think on a grassroots level–we work with groups like the Women’s Liberation Front and Hands Across the Aisle. There are grassroots feminists who are speaking out against this because they see the incredible damage that’s already being done to women and girls in the states. And, they see that elevating this ideology into federal law would  multiply that across the whole country.

But, there’s there’s a huge difference right now between what you’re seeing in the grassroots and the organized institutions that are national, and in some cases international.

National Organizations Choosing to Side With Men


Is it accurate for me to say that for the national organizations at least, for these elites that are making these decisions, that by choosing to side with men who have a fantasy of being a woman, they have to be deciding against women themselves and protecting women. I mean, these are major organizations, well-funded, and they have a lot of power to influence legislation like this. And, you got to pick one side or the other here; you can’t be for both.

They’re choosing to side with men that are that have a fantasy of being a woman, and it’s against regular women and their safety. Is that is that an accurate understanding of this?


Yes, it’s true. It’s that they’re siding with men and they’re not siding with the women and girls. I mean, there have been so many examples in the media that the Democratic Congress women and men are fully aware of what’s happening in their states.

The case that I mentioned, Pascha Thomas, happened in Georgia; the case of the downtown Hope Center happened in Anchorage, Alaska; Selina Soule, the high-school runner in Connecticut who lost track and field meet to two boys who identify now as girls, even after running track and field as boys for several seasons.

You know, she’s from Glastonbury, Connecticut; and, you see politicians in the Democrat Party from all of these states supporting the Equality Act. You even see Republicans from states where this is happening also supporting the Equality Act, like in Pennsylvania where there are currently two lawsuits from high school girls against their school districts because they allow boys into the girls”€™ locker room. And, you see members of Congress who are Republicans even supporting the Equality Act, from Pennsylvania.

Will It Pass With Democrats in Control?


Hey, Emilie, before I let you go, just kind of your political, crystal ball for a second here. This probably passes the House with the Democrats in control; what do you think? And, hopefully stopped in the Senate? I mean, where do you think this thing goes


Well, they do have the support of every member of the Democrat Party in the House of Representatives already and two members of the Republican Party.


Wow, every member. I mean, that’s shocking to me. I can’t–I’m sorry; go ahead. So, they they’ve got the votes, then, if they can get it to the floor.


That’s right. But,  in the Senate, one Democrat has decided not to sign onto the Equality Act, and that’s Joe Manchin from West Virginia, because he listened to the concerns of parents and educators about the bathroom policies in schools. And, hopefully there will be more like him who have the courage to listen to all of their constituents, because know the impact of the Equality Act, I don’t think is really that well understood by the American people.

It Would Affect Every Area of Life

It would affect every area of life. One of the major ways that it could affect a lot of Americans is through curriculum that would be introduced in the schools, LGBT curriculum into public schools: from elementary school, middle school, high school. That’s what we saw after the 1964 Civil Rights Act passed. And, I think that is very much what the LGBT movement about is about, trying to get curriculum into schools.


No doubt. I mean, they already have a lot of headway in schools across the country on that, and this would give them a tremendous boost in doing that. Emilie, I’m out of time. I sure appreciate your time; thank you so much for coming on the program.

We appreciate the article. It’s amazing to me, just the name “€œEquality.”€ They picked the name well because a lot of people will say, “€œWe’re for it,”€ just because the name sounds good; but, man, this is dangerous, dangerous stuff.

Emilie, appreciate your time. Thanks for coming on today.


Thank you.


That’s Emilie Kao, director of the DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society over at the Heritage Foundation. Stay with us, folks. Be right back with David and Tim Barton.

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Thanks for staying with us here at WallBuilders Live! We”€™re back now with David and Tim Barton. Thanks to Emilie Kao for joining us from the DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society at the Heritage Foundation.

David, Tim?

Churches Losing Tax Exemption


What you’ve got here–and, I have to point out, because we’ve talked to Supreme Court attorneys in last couple of weeks over this very bill. And, they point out that if you don’t understand what she’s talking about when there’s no conscience protection and religious folks will lose their rights, here’s what it means. If this bill passes and in your church you have two bathrooms rather than one, a bathroom for each gender, you will lose your tax exemption.

If in your church, a homosexual comes to you and says, “€œI want to be your youth director or run your nursery,”€ whatever, and you say, “€œNo, by our church”€™s religious beliefs, you can’t do that,”€ you will lose your tax exemption. And, the same thing if you’re an attorney or professional of any kind. This, having a self identity become the equivalent of race, you lose all civil rights if you do not bow down to the 90 perceived genders.

And, by the way, it’s 90 right now; and, three years ago, it was down around 30. So, what’s it going to be three years from now? Whatever I identify for is now going to be able to to cause me to take away your church tax exemption or are your professional license.

This is really, really serious stuff. And, that”€™s why it”€™s not the “€œEquality Act;”€ it’s the inequality act. But, it definitely targets people who have any kind of a religious conscience or religious beliefs and biblical values; they will be the first ones in the crosshairs. And, that’s what it’s designed for.

LGBT Curriculum in Schools


So, she mentioned even curriculum is going to change. Of course, we’ve had multiple programs about how they’re already trying to get a lot of this into the classrooms. If this passes, it’s an open door–a floodgate, not an open door–for that type of curriculum.


Yeah, and, guys, one of the things that we’ve talked about on this program even recently, is this is one of the reasons why we’re trying to help do things to train the next generation. It”€™s why years ago we started Patriot Academy and our Leadership Training Program. And, both have have grown almost exponentially, where, Rick, are you guys in six states this summer with Patriot Academy?




And, our Leadership Training Program now has gone to several sessions.


And, let me say that it’s not six states; it”€™s six regions, because people come from states all around that region.


That’s true; it’s a host state.




But, you have kids–and, you try to do it right in the different regions so the Northeast, the Northwest, the Central, and the South and things where you can have kids from more local states so they don’t have to go from California to Texas, or from Maine to Texas. No, there’s going to be something closer to them.

Intentionally Engage in Training the Next Generation.

But, the point is, this is why we recognized several years ago that we had to intentionally engage in training the next generation. And, we’ve been doing that now for years and are seeing incredible results, where we’re helping challenge kids to be more than just learners, to be critical thinkers and problem solvers and use the brain that God gave them, the gifts and abilities God gave them to make a difference in the culture.

But, part of how we do that is equipping them with the tools to recognize when you see stuff like this to ask, “€œWhere are the flaws? Is it good and Biblical? Historically accurate and constitutional?”€

And so, by helping giving the training and equipping they need, this is where we’re helping train a future generation that really can make a difference. And, guys, we’ve talked about this before that for leadership training program, it is generally 18 to 25 year-olds. Fr Patriot Academy, it’s generally 15 to 25 year-olds; although, there is an adult track for those that say, “€œHey, wait a second; I don’t want to just send my kids but  want to come learn how to make a difference in my state.”€

Help Keep the House from Removing Basic Freedoms With “Equality” Acts

There’s something for everybody to be able to get involved and make a difference. You can find out more about this on our websites. But, definitely something we can do, and this is what we’re doing at WallBuilders to make a difference in the next generation.


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Thanks so much for listening. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live!