Air Date: 08/04/2011

Summary: Lisa Abler tells us all about Vacation Liberty School. With a similar concept to Vacation Bible School, it introduces fun learning to kids, instructing them on how to uphold and recognize their liberties. – “Our goal in creating and sharing Vacation Liberty School is to equip and encourage our nation’s citizens to carry out this responsibility. Vacation Liberty School (VLS) is a 5 day program for 2 and a half hours a day designed to implant the principles of liberty as discovered and implemented by the founders of our country into young Americans ages 10-15 years old. The program can be presented by any passionate and motivated group of citizens to the children in their community. The planning and curriculum guide leads the group through the planning and execution stages of VLS while providing detailed activities, lessons, background information, and references, for those doing the presenting.”

Guests: Lisa Abler

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