Values Voter Summit Interview With Gary Bauer & Tony Perkins: Tony Perkins is the President of the Family Research Council. Gary Lee Bauer is an American politician and served in President Ronald Reagan’s administration. It was an honor to interview these incredible men on what is going on in America today. This is an episode you won’t want to miss!

Air Date: 10/29/2019

Guest: Gary Bauer & Tony Perkins

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith And The Culture 


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. This is WallBuilders Live! Where we”€™re talking about today”€™s hottest topics on policy, faith, and the culture, always doing that from a biblical, historical, and constitutional perspective.

We’re here with David Barton, America’s premier historian and the founder of WallBuilders. Also, Tim Barton, national speaker and President of WallBuilders, and my name is Rick Green, I’m a former Texas state legislator, national speaker, and author. We love having you here listening to WallBuilders Live because it gives us a chance to dive into the foundational principles that made America great, to talk about what we can do to be salt and light in the community, and to actually influence what’s happening around us in our local communities, and our state, and our nation. 

It’s just a great opportunity to be an answer to the problems out there, not just to complain about what’s happening, but to bring the answers. The good news is that God’s word is not only right, it works best. It’s the instruction manual for life. So when we say biblical, historical, and constitutional perspective, it’s because that biblical perspective gives you the right answer on every issue out there. We so look forward to sharing that with you today. 

Interviews from Values Voter Summit

David, Tim, we’re going to have a couple of guests on the program today that we had a chance to interview out at Values Voter Summit. If you missed last week, we had three programs from Values Voter Summit, and we got to interview Dennis Prager, Caleb Dalton, we had Good News Friday program from there, and today we’ve got Gary Bauer and Tony Perkins, both of whom are going to be with us later in the program. They were out at Values Voter Summit—of course, Family Research Council puts it on—so Tony Perkins was there.


Yeah. Tony Perkins has been the president at Family Research Council. Guys, you would have a better guess, for 15 years? 18 years? Probably 15 years at least. He’s well established. Family Research Council has a lot of really good things they’ve tried to get, in all 50 states, a different kind of policy that work in the states to to help promote traditional family, biblical principles and values inside the state. 

And Tony—Dad, you knew him from years ago when he was in Louisiana. He was a state legislator in Louisiana. He would have been a part of the process, he’s been engaged in a lot of stuff going on. But one of the things that the Family Research Council does every year is host the Values Voter Summit, where they’ll bring in leaders from all across the nation to speak to a variety of issues that relate to biblical or traditional values that, as conservatives, we are trying to help conserve and preserve and also promote those principles. 

Mountain Rendezvous

This is a lot of what you would expect to see from the speakers that are there. We had a chance to go up and, over a couple of days, we got to interview a lot of these people, and many of them are friends of the program, or they’re personal friends that we’ve known each other for many many years, or we’ve done a lot of stuff with a lot of these individuals. So it was great to connect with them and then have a chance to interview some of them as well.


These things are a lot like, if I can use a historical analogy, what was called The Mountain Rendezvous. 

In the Mountain Rendezvous were where you had guys out on the frontier who were breaking ground tough areas where there wasn”€™t much support, and they were having to fight, and fight grizzly bears, or fight enemies, or whatever it was. 

Once a year they would get together they would get resupplied, they’d get rejuvenated, they would see their friends they haven’t seen in a long while, they would say, “€œHere’s what I explored. You need to know about this.”€Â 

They would share information with each other, and that’s a lot of what the summit is is. These are people who”€™ve been out on the frontlines for the last year, they get together once a year, they get resupplied, and they say, “€œHere’s what we’ve seen. Here’s the intelligence we’ve gathered. There”€™s a new tactic the enemy has. Here’s what we’ve been able to conquer in the last year. Here’s here’s great thing some victories we’ve had.”€Â 

Today Tim will Interview Tony Perkins and Gary Bauer

So it really is a good time when they get together in the sense that it helps them going forward. They see what the battles are that are coming, they join arms together, they get rejuvenated and refreshed, and they hear good reports. This really is a remarkable meeting that happens once a year, and that’s why it”€™s so good for us to be there, because there are so many of the generals on the frontlines, and we get to hear what’s going on and get a perspective from them. That’s really what we started sharing last week. That’s what we’ll share this week as well.


Values Voters Summit happened just a couple weeks ago. We grabbed a lot of great interviews and had a chance to visit with a lot of folks. We’re gonna keep bringing them to you. We shared a few with you last week. Today we’re gonna be sharing Tony Perkins and Gary Bauer. When we come back from break Tim Barton will be interviewing Tony Perkins, and then later in the program Gary Bauer, and then David and I will be back with you at the end of the program.

We’ve also got Dana Lesh, John Hostettler, Matt Staver, Eric Metaxas—tons of great interviews. Make sure you don’t miss any programs over the next couple of weeks. Stay with us. We’ll be right back on WallBuilders Live.

America’s Hidden History


Hi, this is David Barton.


And, this is Tim Barton, and we want to let you know about a series that’s happening right now on TBN on Thursday night. TBN is the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Every Thursday night, there’s a series that we’ve filmed called America’s Hidden History.

And, this season is called “€œAmerica’s Hidden Heroes.”€ The reason is, we highlight heroes from American history. For years we’ve been focusing on the forgotten history and heros of the nation.

And now, we have a TV show just highlighting some of those heroes.


These are inspiring stories about some of the greatest people maybe you’ve never heard about. We go on location to the sites and show you where the events happened. It’s the stories of folks like Bronco Charlie, Stagecoach Mary, Jedediah Smith, Robert Smalls, and so many inspiring folks.


Now, this happens every Thursday night, and the time is gonna be different based on where you live. Either way, we think this is something that will so encourage and inspire you in learning some of these great stories from America’s Hidden History.

Family Research Council


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. This is Tim Barton, and we are joined by the President of the Family Research Council, Tony Perkins. Tony, we’ve had you on before.

You are a hero in culture for what you are helping do, changing and shifting the narrative in America, and with the Values Voter Summit what you’ve done recently, helping assemble so many great minds and voices to speak truth. Tony, thanks so much for being with us today.


Well, Tim, thank you. I’m grateful that WallBuilders was here at the Values Voter Summit.


Well, it’s such a pleasure for us to be here. We have watched on the social media many, many times, and often thought we wish we could be there, and you understand the nature of schedules. 




It can be ridiculous sometimes. So it’s such an honor to be here and be able to hear some of the speakers and connect with them. 


It makes a difference being present. You can watch, you can read, and you can observe from afar. But when you’re actually here, and you”€™re interacting with people, that’s a big part of this is being able to interact with like minded conservatives who love this country, and are committed to defending the core values that made this country great, and to be equipped for that battle because it is a battle.


You’re mentioning being in the room in the same place. One of the things that’s so encouraging in the atmosphere is now you”€™re with this many like minded people, you realize, “€œI’m not alone.”€



We”€™re Not Alone in this Battle


So often it’s easy to feel isolated and overwhelmed by the problems, but no. God is raising up people all over the nation, we’re not alone in this battle.


We know that it’s the same is true in our spiritual walk. That’s why we’re told not to forsake the gathering of ourselves together, so that we can realize that those things that go on in our minds. The enemy of our soul wants us to feel isolated, to feel out of touch, and we have to be intentional about having those relationships, about communicating and realizing that, “€œYou know, there’s nothing new under the sun. We’re not the only ones that experience this. We’re not the only generation that has experienced this. There have been others throughout time that have been tested when it comes to whether or not they would stand for truth and whether or not they would exercise their rights and their freedoms.”€Â 

Of course, we”€™re unique in that sense, Tim. And you know this because WallBuilders is all about this, that America is a unique experiment, and that not very many people on the face of the Earth have had the opportunity to enjoy the freedoms that we have.


How can we Fight Back Against this Anti God Spirit in America?

And one of the things that, unfortunately, is true is most people even living in America don’t recognize how special those freedoms are, which is why we see people embracing ideologies that are art anti those very freedoms, with so many movement socialism and whatever else we’re seeing in culture right now. So what are the things—obviously Family Research Council, you guys are on the forefront of helping battle, some of these things what you’re doing are in all 50 states—but the conferences you do that the connections you have worked with, what are the things that we can do to battle back against some of this anti God, anti Christian religious liberty spirit?


That”€™s a good question, Tim, because I was just thinking about this. There are organizations that have risen to the demands of the hour, WallBuilders being one of them. You’re kind of the ammunition depot in many ways. You’re providing—and I hope people don”€™t get offended about using military terms, but Paul used them, my background’s military, and so I’m going to use them. 

The fact is that you guys equipped. You equip, you’ve got the history, you show that this is what America is all about.

I read one time from a historian who said, “€œIt’s not so important what our history was as to what we think it was in determining who we will be.”€Â 

Set the Record Straight

So that’s why it’s important that you set the record straight at WallBuilders by going back to the source documents and showing Americans who we are. Most Americans do not know that. So what you do is you provide the intellectual ammunition. What we do is that we engage in the policies to shape those policies based upon that truth, and then increasing—like what’s happened in the last decade I’ve been here at the Family Research Council, almost two decades—is that we are building a community of men, and women, and young people of courage that will stand up and defend that truth, because the truth is under assault. 


Yes, it is. 


So what I would say is the greatest need in America is for men and women of conviction to stand uncompromisingly for the truth, because the fires of opposition are only going to grow more intense. We have to count the cost and be committed to stand for truth. What we do—and this is not just a political thing—what we do as believers, in this hour, really echoes into eternity. Because whether or not we stand for truth, or we capitulate and we surrender the truth, makes a big difference. 

Jesus said, “€œYou’ll know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”€Â 

When we have a culture that’s denied truth, the only way truth is gonna be set free, or into the culture, released into the culture, is by people of God. And if we hide it, if we’re afraid to tell it nobody, nobody”€™s gonna hear it.

Christians Have to Stand Up and Start Speaking Truth


Christians have to stand up and start speaking truth. And you guys the Family Research Council have been doing that, as you mentioned now, for decades. We are so grateful for what you’ve done. Tony, thanks for being with us today. 


Absolutely. Thank you, Tim.

Share a veteran’s story

We Want To Hear Your Vet Story


Hey friends! If you have been listening to WallBuilders Live for very long at all, you know how much we respect our veterans and how appreciative we are of the sacrifice they make to make our freedoms possible. One of the ways that we love to honor those veterans is to tell their stories here on WallBuilders Live.  Once in awhile, we get an opportunity to interview veterans that have served on those front lines that have made incredible sacrifices have amazing stories that we want to share with the American people. 

One of the very special things we get to do is interview World War II veterans. You’ve heard those interviews here on WallBuilders Live, from folks that were in the Band of Brothers, to folks like Edgar Harrell that survived the Indianapolis to so many other great stories you heard on WallBuilders Live. 

You have friends and family that also served.  If you have World War II veterans in your family that you would like to have their story shared here on WallBuilders Live, please e-mail us at [email protected]  Give us a brief summary of the story and we’ll set up an interview. Thanks so much for sharing here on WallBuilders Live!

Gary Bauer


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live! This is Tim Barton. We are joined with a special guest, Gary Bauer, who is that President, CEO, All Encompassing Overseer of American Values. I don’t know the official title other than American Values, and I know you’ve been doing that for years.


I have been doing that for years. I’m also the Washington representative of Christians United for Israel, and I’ve got a political action committee called Campaign for Working Families. I”€™m doing a lot of stuff, but they’re all things that I use to stay in the battle that we’re all in for the country, and fighting for Family, Faith, and Freedom.


And Gary, you are somebody I know my dad, Rick, and I have been such fans and are appreciative of what you’ve done for years. We heard you recently talking about kind of a battle for the soul of America, and where a lot of people just don’t see America from a historical perspective or a biblical perspective, and you got into some of that. What do you think is, first of all, that area map we’re looking at? What’s the battlefield we’re dealing with? Also, what’s the solution for some of the problems we’re seeing now?


The big question is—look, let’s begin with the obvious. The research shows that the rising generation in the United States right now is the least patriotic generation in the history of the United States. 

Why is that? 

Youth are Taught that America is Evil

The reason is from the very beginning of the time they walk into the schoolroom at the first and second grade, until they graduate from one of our great universities, they are being taught that this country—which has provided more liberty and more opportunity for more people than any country in the history of the world—that this country is evil. It was evil at its birth and it was built on genocide and slavery. 

So we are teaching not only not American history, we’re teaching anti-American history, sadly, and in some ways it’s very scary. At the same time, that’s happening halfway around the world. The country of China the biggest violator of human rights in the world, a country that is massively strengthening economically militarily, is teaching its young people that the future belongs to them, that China will guide the world, and that China is the future. 

So in the next 50 years the great competition in the world will be between a Chinese model of authoritarian communism, and the American model of freedom. They’re empowering their children to love authoritarian copyrights, and we’re failing to get our children to love ordered liberty under God.


Gary, I know this isn’t necessarily the solution we’re looking for, however in the midst of your identifying the problem in America—we’re really teaching our kids to hate America, China’s teaching their kids to love China—even as I’m hearing this though, it makes me think how grateful I am for President Trump, who is somebody who is saying, “€œAmerica is a good nation who is standing up to China and many of the areas where they are wrong.”€Â 

How do We Solve This?

So in the midst of asking the question, “€œWhat do we do?”€ or “€œHow do we solve this?”€ Certainly I want to acknowledge how grateful we are to have a president like this in this moment. But beyond us saying we need to get engaged and get people to consider who they’re going to vote for in this next election as the direction of the nation, what do we do to help solve these problems?


Well, it’s a big issue. Obviously people get overwhelmed even thinking about it. We have always said that parents are the first and most important teachers that a child has. Absolutely. 

I know many Christian parents who are doing the best they can. But I would urge not only to deal with moral issues like the proper role of sex for marriage and issues like that, but to specifically talk to your children at the youngest ages possible about how fortunate they are to live in a free country. Teach them our history. Go back and get the old textbooks that used to be used, the little pamphlets teach him about George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, and explain to them that the world is not America and that the freedom of America is not the natural state of the world. 

Be very careful as parents not to work hard all your life, and scrimp, and save your money, only to send your children to, quote unquote, “€œThe finest universities in the country,”€ where they will be taught to hate and despise everything you tried to teach them. So there are things we can do in our own homes, and it’s imperative that we do those things.

Everybody Needs to Do Their Part!


I appreciate you pointed out the solution is not, “€œGovernment has to step in here.”€Â 

It’s not something beyond us. If everybody just takes care of where they are, if you have a family, work in your family, because one of the things that you’ve brought up, and we absolutely believe in, is strong families help make strong communities and help make strong government. 

If our Government’s in trouble, the families are really in place to look into. Especially if we talk about how to present truth. It’s got to start with the family. We can’t count on education or somebody else to present truth that our kids need.


You’re absolutely right. And by the way, there are a lot of tools out there that you can use, the kind of stuff that WallBuilders has put out for decades, and really paved the way on this. There’s books that have been written by the former education secretary, Bill Bennett, who I served is under when he was Secretary of Education during the Reagan years. He’s written books for both little kids and also for young adults about our history and our values. 

There’s things out there, but it’s going to require you as a parent. You can’t assume that your child—just because you know say, “€œI love America,”€ That’s not enough. I get letters every day from parents that are heartbroken because their child is just come back from one year university and they don’t even recognize their son or daughter anymore because the son or daughter has been told that everything they’ve been taught has been a lie. 

Parents Need to Take This On

So parents really need to take this on. Churches need to step up about it. Yes, teach people in the congregation how fortunate we are to live in a country built on the idea that liberty comes from God, not from government.


Gary, you are somebody who’s been a champion of this for so long. We are so grateful for what you have done, and we continue to pray for how God is going to use you in the future. We appreciate you so much. Thanks for being on with us tonight. 


My pleasure. Looking forward to working with you just like I worked with your dad over the years. 


Sounds good. Thank you.

A Moment From American History 

This is Tim Barton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history. Too often today history education excludes great black heroes from the American founding. Such as Lemuel Haynes. 

Haynes, though abandoned as a baby, pioneered churches across upper New England. He became the first black American to pastor a white congregation, to receive an honorary master’s degree, and to be ordained by a mainstream Christian denomination, The Congregationalist. 

He was a soldier during the American Revolution and in his churches on George Washington’s birthday he regularly preached sermons honoring George Washington. Even late in his life he expressed his willingness to go back to battle if necessary to protect America, which he called, “€œa sacred ark.”€

American history is filled with numerous examples of black heroes who are largely ignored by mainstream education today. For more information about Pastor Lemuel Haynes and other colonial Patriots go to

Teach the Things that Make America Special


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live! Thanks for staying with us. So far today we’ve had Tony Perkins and Gary Bauer on at the Values Voter Summit.

Tim, great interviews, man. That was pretty cool to get to interview these guys that are so immersed in the frontlines of the culture, and just to get to visit with a lot of grassroots folks across the nation while we were there as well.


Yeah. It’s fun to connect the guys who we have have done a lot of work with over the years, and certainly guys who, very much the kind of things that we see, the kind of areas where we try to engage in the cultural battles, they are people doing that. One of the things that I thought was interesting was both these guys highlighted how little value the next generation in America, and American principles, founding father principles, things that have made America unique and special. 

Guys, certainly we know this. It’s a lot of the reason we do what we do, because we’re very familiar with the fact that the next generation is being indoctrinated with very anti-American sentiment. But I thought it was interesting that one of the things that Gary Bauer pointed out is, while we are telling American students how bad America is, over in China, the Chinese government is telling their kids how wonderful China is, and China is going to solve all the world’s problems, and totalitarian governments or regimes are the best. 

It’s good for you that you have a dictator, right? That you are in a communist system because we will take care of you.”€Â 

China vs America 

The indoctrination is happening in both places. But the indoctrination on one level is telling Americans we’re bad, and therefore in the future you can anticipate there’s probably going to be some American leaders and politicians of the next generation, of millennials and genzers when they get there, who are going to try to suppress and make America less in the midst of that when communist regimes are are in a position where they are being elevated, and we are deflating our own nation. 

It is a kind of a scary thought of where the world might be. I say scary outside of the fact that we still believe in God, and God’s sovereignty, and God’s grace, and mercy, and protection. But this is this is certainly not a good thing. 

But both Tony and Gary pointed out how some of the problem we’re seeing is what is happening education with kids learning that America is not great, which then lends to the fact of, “€œThis is why you should encourage your friends your family check out and learn some of the history of the nation, and about some of these great heroes,”€ who certainly none of them were perfect. We believe there is only one perfect person who’s ever lived that was Jesus Christ. But there were certainly a lot of people that God used in great ways in our our our history, such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, or John Hancock, or Sam Adams… we can go down the list, as we do in many places, but this is nonetheless something that was interesting.

Teach the Truth


Gary pointed out that, from the time, they walk in the classroom they’re taught the evil of America. Then you had Tony point out that it’s not so much what history was, as it”€™s what you believe history was that affects your behavior. 

This past weekend, in Michigan, I got to be with the crowd about a thousand folks talking to business leaders, and the overwhelming majority were millennials, and they had a very, very bad view of America. 

And because we deal with a lot of this in the summer with leadership training program, I knew what a lot of that was. So I was able to start presenting information they had never heard about guys they thought were real villains. Then you start presenting different information, and they just lit up! I was getting all these contacts afterwards, “€œI want to hear more about this!”€Â 

“€œI never knew that!”€Â 

“€œNobody ever told me that!”€Â 

And really what’s happening in the classroom will have great and dire impact if we don’t get it turned around and changed to the right direction. That’s part of what happens at the Values Voter Summit, is you get information and you’re able to go back and see what’s happening. You’re able to start implementing programs that will make a difference in the classroom and elsewhere.

You can be a Part of the WallBuilders Family


Well folks, we are out of time for today. What a power packed program. Both Tony Perkins and Gary Bauer are with us today out at the Values Voter Summit. We’re gonna do more interviews like that throughout the next week or so. We had a chance to sit down with a lot of great folks as well. Matt Staver, Eric Metaxas, Todd Starnes, General Jerry Boykin, just a lot of cool stuff tomorrow. Dana Loesch will be with us. It’s been really cool to get to meet a lot of these folks who we’ve had on radio before. Some of them lifelong friends, some of them we’ve interviewed a lot—or at least in my case I never actually met them in person. It was really cool to be out there at the Values Voter Summit. We’re gonna bring as much of that to you our listeners as we can. 

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