What Can You Do About Election Integrity, Part 2 – With John Graves Of Million Voices: Is there anything you can do to help ensure election integrity? How can we make our elections more secure? What state laws were changed by Democrats that violate the Constitution? How much did “Zuckerboxes” and shadow banning affect the elections? Have you heard about the evidence of voter fraud in Georgia? What states need to do full audits to find out the truth of the 2020 elections? Is this only about Trump, or is it truly about the future of our democratic republic? Tune in to hear John Graves explain why your voice matters and exactly how you can use it!

Air Date: 02/02/2022

Guest: John Graves

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith and the Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. This is WallBuilders Live, where we take on the hot topics of the day from a biblical, historical, and constitutional perspective. I’m Rick Green, America’s Constitution coach and a former Texas legislator. Normally here with David Barton, America’s premier historian, and also Tim Barton, national speaker and pastor, but those two guys kind of have the day off and frankly, I really do too because all I’m doing is this quick intro.

And then we’re going to take you right out to the ProFamily Legislators Conference to pick up where we left off yesterday with John Graves speaking on election integrity, what the legislators can do, and then what we want you to get from today and yesterday’s program, is what you can do as a citizen to be engaged in this as well and to help push the state legislators to get us some voter integrity. 

This has got to be done through state statutes, and you can be a part of that solution. So we’re going to jump right back in. Here’s where we left off with John Graves at the ProFamily Legislators Conference.

ProFamily Legislators Conference


If you can’t trace the ballot, and you can’t trace the voter, and anybody can drop it in, anybody can mail it, anybody can go traffic at a nursing home, or whatever, it is not traceable. We do this in finances, don’t we? We do it in every other realm. 

You should be able to trace that’s a citizen. It’s not a felon. It’s not a minor. We have very specific rules of who should vote. But if you can’t trace who it is to a real human being, and know and verify that it holds up to the state law, then it’s not there, it’s never going to get there.

And then, I’m going to get into practical stuff later with the drop boxes, the mail-in and all that kind of stuff. Some of it’s common sense, but some of it will shock you. Okay? If you’re going to do drop boxes, you need videos. And then the final thing is it needs to be secure. It needs to be secured digitally, but it also needs to be secured, personally. Alright. 

And so this is where I’m saying if somebody is adjudicating and there’s no accountability, there needs to be eyes on everybody. If you could write down if you want to remember, the two top things that are at the core of all of these issues are dirty rolls, if you got dirty input, you’re going to get dirty output.

Now, I’m a big data guy. I got accounting degree, law degree. I understand this from a lot of different worlds, okay. Some people see one thing that’s off and go see there, that proves it all, that proves it all, see right there. And I’m like, actually, it just proves government incompetence. It’s a quality control issue. 

Now it needs to be addressed. But it’s a quality control issue. That’s not a fraud issue. I’m not saying quality control doesn’t increase fraud, because it does. That’s what I’m trying to say right here. I’m just saying it needs to be secured digitally and it needs to be secured down to the person. This is a big threat.

And I had a lot of people, actually before the April Supreme Court opinion, I kept trying to tell them there was an opinion in 2013 where the Court gutted the Voter Rights Act. No one’s talking about this. And I think this is going to be a massive issue for the 10 year census redistricting. 13 States no longer have to be overseen by the federal judiciary. People aren’t talking about this. We’re going to have new lines for all the State House Senate and Federal House races.

But this is fragile, because the Constitution technically can allow this. And where one, maybe two people that could be persuaded and all the sudden all federal elections are now federalized with the COVID 2020 rules, right? Mansion, if he folds on the filibuster over this issue, cinema, perhaps she’s not as forceful, they fold on filibuster, this is over an HR-1 or the John Lewis watered down HR-1 get through, I think we’re safe now. 

And then the backup plan is I think we would be safe if a state does something at the Supreme Court. But if the federal government goes ahead and deals with the federal elections, it’s going to be very difficult to do that. You just have to undo it in the next cycle.

So I’m going to go through these quickly. I’ve already touched on this. These are some of the state laws that got changed by Democrat state office holders or Democrat state courts. This happened in Wisconsin, this happened in Pennsylvania, we’re going to count the votes late. They’re literally violating the Constitution and the law of the state. Someone needs to fight on this.

One of the problems that happen, and again, I hope I’m not stepping on anybody’s toes because I know some of the really smart guys who were involved in some of the litigation, there was a lot of drop balls. It was really poorly handled, but because it was a very chaotic crisis time. And I still believe had that 20+, 26, whatever states that joined in with original jurisdiction to challenge this very issue right here, had that been filed two weeks earlier, I think there was a chance they would have heard that. 

The minute the electoral college began to issue final opinions, the Supreme Court wasn’t about to come in and tearing all that apart. It was unrealistic to expect them to. I don’t know that they would have done it.

But this has been big. This Supreme Court opinion, I want to drill this into you because people, they get bored by it unless they’re lawyers and then they just move on. They don’t think about it. That case was massive because it dealt with a state law on voter integrity issue. 

And it was a reinforcement now, not 5-4, but now 6-3, that the court saying no, there’s all kinds of limitations you can put on voting, and that is safe. That is part of it. A lidos, there’s a lot of really, really good language. And then these are some of the problems I’ve touched on, and I want to get to the retail fraud before we run out of time.

But the universal mailing in, the trafficking that they call harvesting, stop letting people call it harvesting stop, calling it harvesting with them, it’s trafficking, when they’re mailing it in, these are things that are ripe for fraud. It doesn’t mean it is fraud. It means you’re just begging for it. When you open the border up and you have a policy for people to come in, you didn’t commit the crime of illegally coming into this country. 

But what you did is you made it really, really easy for a lot of people to commit crimes. You see what I’m saying? And then here’s the reason they do this is because now you can’t be blamed for it. I didn’t come across the border, somebody else did. I just happen to have a policy that I think I can spin one way or another way for you.


This is Tim Barton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history. America is a special and unique nation. The average length for a Constitution in other countries is only 17 years. But we’ve had ours for over two centuries. And our 4% of the world’s population produces 24% of the world’s gross domestic product. And every year, we produce more inventions and technology than the other 96% of the world combined.

In 1831, Alexis de Tocqueville of France came to America, travelled the country, and in his famous book, “Democracy in America” reported, “The position of the Americans is therefore quite exceptional, and it may be believed that no democratic people will ever be placed in a similar one. 

This is the origin of the phrase ‘American Exceptionalism’ and affirms that America is unique because of the distinctive ideas on which we had been based, including inalienable rights, individualism, limited government, and the importance of religion and morality.”

For more information about American Exceptionalism, go to wallbuilders.com.


We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. We’re going to go right back to John Graves at the ProFamily Legislators Conference.

ProFamily Legislators Conference


The drop boxes and Zuck Bucks, this is massive. I don’t think this is going away. I’m glad this has finally come out to this Foundations that we know of $419.5 million. A couple years ago, the presidential campaigns weren’t half a billion dollars. This is one guy put half a billion in, and that doesn’t talk about the billions that he suppressed conservative messages. He put some of that stuff down. 

And don’t fool yourself: if they can deplatform the President of the United States, why do you think they can’t do it to you? They’re already shadow banning people, shutting people off, and they’re picking and choosing what it is. It may be COVID today. If you say a word, I can’t tell you how many times I just talked about what I think is very common sense, things like I’m talking about right now. But if this was on YouTube, I’d be shut down again, okay, if I just talk about it. You can’t even have a free speech exercise conversation.

Now, this is the good news. Alright. Those are some of the challenges, some of the problems we got to deal with. This is the good news and I want you to keep this in mind. There are 19 states that have passed 33 laws, five of them are critical in the Senate this next cycle in less than 12 months that have already strengthened voter integrity. Now, some of them are not as strong as other. None of them are as strong as I would wish if I was king for a day in that state, and could make them really, really safe and secure and all the things we just talked about.

But here’s what I want to show you. This is you. These red states represent the 31 states that are in this room right now. The E that is on there, if you can see it in yellow means your state has already taken a step. Think of all the big epic battles of history. Slavery wasn’t fixed in one election cycle with one candidate. Life has been a 50 year battle on the precipice of ready to knock down Roe v Wade, 50 year battle. And people want to forget that.

There’s a lot of people that sweat blood and tears over that that aren’t even with us alive on the earth anymore that fought for that and they’re not going to get to see the victory. Now we got marriage problems, gender confusion, problems, religious freedom. We got all kinds of other problems. But these are worth fighting for. Just because we have 19 states in less than a year with 33 doesn’t mean next year we can’t have 33 more laws. And then after a huge wave in 22 at the state level with new lands redistrict for the next 10 years, we can have another whole wave. I predict you’re going to do this, if people will be strategic and wise with how they approach this.

I don’t want to spend too much time on this one because I want to get into the retail fraud stuff on the end. But some of you know about the Arizona thing. A lot of people kind of took a passive approach going, hey, what are they going to do there? What are they going to do with it? The good news is it found a whole lot of stuff. The bad news is we’re waiting on the attorney general and those are slow processes, and we don’t know.

Now, some of the stuff I’m going to share with you today I have to be very, very, very careful, because they’re ongoing, some of them are civil, some of them are not disclosable right now, and some of them are criminal. And it gets really, really messy. And nobody knows who to trust. So even people in this when you can take James O’Keefe, the guy who’s exposed a lot of people and you take all this private stuff, and within a day or two, you leak into the New York Times–

We live in a world where it’s pretty easy not to trust even the law enforcement. Right? Hello, NSA, FBI, everybody who’s listening in on us right now. I talk as if they’re listening, because you don’t know what’s going on, you don’t know who to trust.

I personally believe that there are Marxist in all of these agencies. And I believe there are patriots, God loving country, loving patriots. And then frankly, I believe there’s a lot of bureaucrats that just want their pension, they want their paycheck, agnostic about all this stuff. So, don’t lump a ball in this ditch or this ditch, right. Don’t trust them all, or mistrust them all.

Jesus said be shrewd as a serpent, innocent as a dove. We have to be shrewd, and a lot of people don’t think through that. The Left, the evil forces in the world can be shrewd in their methods and shrewd in their motives. We can’t. We need and we’re told, and we’re command to be shrewd in our methods, but we must maintain innocence and purity in our motives of what is the real… Our hope is not in a Party. 

Our hope is not in a candidate. The parties can come and go. Our hope is in God. And to the extent we align with Him is the only pure motive that we can have in anything that we do. Okay.

Now, Wisconsin is ongoing. I don’t know how much you’ve seen that or fall that, but it’s a battle. Okay. Because in Georgia and Arizona, you’re fighting, let me see how to what careful language I can use here, “Never Trumper” or establishment type that want to just move on. And let’s not keep talking about this. And part of it is a reasonable, we’re going to lose 10-15% of our vote and you can have a reasonable conversation. I keep telling people because they tend to make that conclusion and that’s a legitimate conclusion in a lot of things.

And they’ll get really, really angry at McConnell or really, really angry at Conor said, can I explain something to you? The greatest things that get accomplished are when people like that who have alliances get things done. Think about the greatest things that were done in the last four years. It was when those two guys got along on the courts, right. It was when they got along on something, right.

Constantly, because I also get frustrated and I get really upset with people not doing the right thing, and God continues to speak to me about William Wallace, William Wilberforce, Winston Churchill. Churchill hated communism. He hated the Soviet Union Russia. He hated that whole deal. But when Hitler arose, he formed an alliance with his enemy to defeat him and then went back into a Cold War.

Wilberforce learned to work with the establishment, right, Robert the Bruce to overcome long shanks. You can’t fight these things, William Wallace. William Wilberforce did the same thing. He’s fighting for slavery. He had to work with people he wouldn’t have gotten along with on anything else. Right? We have to learn to do that, like the apostle Paul and Jesus did all the way through the Scripture.

Now I’m going to shift gears. I think Texas is going to be there, Wisconsin going to be there. You’re going to hear more stuff. And I’m about to share with you a little bit about some of these states. But I need to preface it with this comment. So part of what we do is we micro target people. So our company, we have Fortune 100 clients, and we can get down to their home WiFi and it’s very, very complicated. 

Some of you know you’re being tracked everywhere, know you’re being pinged and your devices are all sending out signals. But every app you’ve downloaded, every terms and conditions you’ve agreed to, they know within a foot and a half of where you stand right now.


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We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. We’re going to go right back to John Graves at the ProFamily Legislators Conference.

ProFamily Legislators Conference


The problem is the Left is using this and use it all the time to kick our tails. And the people on the right, too many of them hopefully not many of you in this room, are still doing the same thing they’ve been doing for 30 years and then wondering why this is getting harder and harder and harder and we keep losing and losing and losing.

This is a sample of one of the counties that’s underway in Wisconsin of 70% of the Democrat ballots that only voted for the top four races and didn’t vote for anything else. So you can dismiss that and say, well, there wasn’t a lot of Democrat candidates there, but it’s highly unusual. So sometimes you’re investigating something.

I took auditing when I was getting my accounting undergrad degree. And when you find a red flag, what do you do? You dig a little deeper when it doesn’t pass the smell test and something looks a little funny. 

So we don’t just create the heat maps I showed you in Pennsylvania. We can create these dot maps. These are all the first time voters in Wisconsin. 

And so when we began to take those voters and say, well, this person’s never voted before, they show up in the state. But why did they all the sudden for the first time ever go and vote? Or did they? 

And there’s ways to begin to find that out. How was your experience voting this cycle? You know, it was hard, but I was able to do it. It was really easy and I enjoyed it. I was like, oh, I didn’t vote. Well, that’s odd, because the Secretary of State thinks you voted. What if somebody else voted for you?

So there are ways to back into this stuff. But what ought to be happening is both sides just say, hey, let’s all do an audit. Because if we’re the winner, we want to be vindicated. But if we’re the loser, what we would like to be is for everybody to go you lost fair and square. This is the GEO tracking stuff. 

We began to build this because we’ve been working with churches all over the country to find out your church attendance. So the way this works in commercial applications is Burger King buys the pains of everybody, they GEO-fence every McDonald’s. And everybody who drives through the McDonald’s drive through or goes in the store, then gets a coupon for buy one get one free Whopper. 

It’s not rocket science. It’s being pinged everybody is like no, it’s not as scary. It’s like, well, you agreed to it on every term, so it’s actually not even they’re tracking you. When you hit that terms and conditions, you’re bound by, according to the Supreme Court.

So without giving you all that, that’s how we got into this. So let’s assume hypothetically, that you start doing what the Left has been doing all these years, and then you start finding faith voters and measuring empirically how many are turning out, and it’s an astronomical empirical increase along these lines and then you have this voter integrity problem. Now, again, I might offend some of you. 

When the President loses, but some down ticket people win, that should be a red flag that maybe it wasn’t total fraud. Or when Virginia, if they can just like many of my friends have been telling me for a year oh, I’m never going to vote, never going to give, it doesn’t matter, they can just control everything. Well, then why did they lose? Are they so restrained that they let themselves lose in Virginia? No.

I think you have to overcome the margin of cheat. They can cheat, they are cheating. And I’m about to show you some of the ways they are cheating. And that’s what election integrity does, is get rid of the fraud, get rid of the cheating, get rid of the whether it’s criminal or silver or anything else. So let’s say hypothetically, and this has now been done. You buy 1.2 million trains in the Atlanta, six county area. 

And let’s say that you put the latitude longitude of the 309 drop boxes that happened in Atlanta, and let’s say that you also build a conversion zone instead of around a church around all of the nonprofits that were funded by Zuckerberg, and let’s say you then say, out of the 1.2 million, in Georgia, it is a law with one exception for disability of a family member that you can’t vote for someone else. Oh, that’s a felony.

But let’s say you see a phone cellular device go to a nonprofit and then this Dropbox and then that Dropbox and then that Dropbox and that Dropbox, and that Dropbox, on and on and on, and let’s say that most of them start at midnight and finish at 5am, would you then be suspicious of what might be going on here? 

Well, that’s work that’s been undertaken. Some of this you can go to True The Vote and go look at a little statement on this. And I would encourage you to sign up for forthcoming, not anytime soon, but in the coming 12 months you can sign up to get more evidence as this stuff continues to get uncovered. And I wish so badly I could show you videos because many of these Dropbox has had videos on them. But it’s not time yet.

And I wish so badly that I can show you how many of these people were. And I’m going to show you just one sample here in a minute. The average of many of these people, over 242 of them went to multiple nonprofits in over 20 different drop boxes. Remember, there’s no reason for you to ever go to another Dropbox after you get your ballot. In fact, it’s a felony to possess the ballot.

And then when you have video, hypothetically, of people stuffing things in the dropboxes where they’re only allowed to do one, and it’s happening over and over and over. And this is just Georgia. The same pattern happened in Arizona. The same pattern happened in Wisconsin. There’s several other states being investigated right now. Sadly, I wish I could tell you the FBI is investigating them.

 But they’re not. Sadly, I wish all the states were investigating going you know what, we say this is the most secure election history. We want to prove it. There’s an easy way to prove it. Be careful, because it’s fraud. I don’t know if it’s 3%, 5%, 10%. But 44,000 votes, over 150 million decided who our president was. In the last election, 77,000 votes decided who our president in three states both times.


This is Tim Barton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history. Many today assert that religion is something private, that it has no place in the public square, and that it is incompatible with government. But the Founding Fathers believed exactly the opposite. They held that religion was absolutely necessary in order to maintain our free system of government.

For example, John Adams declared “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion.” And signer of the Declaration, Benjamin Rush, similarly affirmed “Without religion, there can be no virtue, and without virtue, there can be no liberty, and liberty is the object and life of all Republican governments.” The Founding Fathers understood that limited government required public morality from the people and that public morality was produced by the Christian religion.

For more information about the Founding Fathers views on religion and public life, go to wallbuilders.com


We’re going to go right back to John Graves at the ProFamily Legislators Conference.

ProFamily Legislators Conference


10,000, 12,000 20,000, Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, if just those three states would do a full audit, and here’s my thing, if there’s no fraud there, Trump is great at turning out his votes. It’s not about Trump. Let’s say Trump dies tomorrow, everything I’m saying here still matters. Right? 

He trained people how to fight. I think that’s one of his great gifts to the Republican Party, is like you need to fight about some of this stuff. Right? And yet, it doesn’t mean that everything is fraud, and everything is controlled and nothing is secure. So be careful when you see some truth that you don’t go too far and overcorrect the car.

This is one more sample of a chain of custody document where 24 devices came within 100 foot on a single day, 24 devices. Nothing else got close to that drop box. This Marcus Scott fills out 24. And you see it gets scratched out. It gets handed at 11:30 about two hours later to another person. It looks like Ashton, I don’t know. And all of a sudden the 24 scratched out and 2,000 people showed up to vote that day. Somebody needs to do an investigation on that.

Now of all the people going, there was 1.2 trillion devices that were targeted. There were literally 242 people who were doing these over and over and over. Here is a sample path of one person on one night. 

The red circles are the nonprofits and all the blue lines attached to all the red dots. The red dots are the dropboxes. Do you see that? And I want to put this as a focusing piece of what we’re trying to do here. 

We’re not saying the whole thing was stolen and nobody can do anything about it. Let’s go wring our hands. And we’re not saying hey, that was a big old mess, but we just need to win by the margin of cheating, get on with our business because we can’t do it.

Now, here’s the practical side for those of you in this room. Some of you have state legislatures that actually will do something. Please, please, please, if you get one cut at it, don’t stop and get on to something else. That’s what you do with life. What you’re able to do in this session, get it done. 

What Can You Do About Election Integrity, Part 2 – With John Graves Of Million Voices

But whatever you’re able to do in the next session, get it done. And whatever you do in the next session, get it… Just keep eating the elephant one bite at a time, if you can’t get it all done what some other state gets to do right now because you’re going to get vetoed, or you don’t have the votes or you’re not on the committee. But I believe many of you in this room, this is now going to be a main issue, it already is a main issue and we need to do something strategic about it…


Alright, friends, that was John Graves speaking at the ProFamily Legislators Conference on voter integrity and what you can do about it,. I want to really encourage you to go to millionvoices.org, that’s millionvoices.org, get signed up. Do your part from your local community. But make sure you’re introducing your legislator to these bills, to these ideas, what we can do to have trust and faith in our elections once again.

So, thankful for John Graves being with us, so thankful for Million Voices. We encourage you as our listeners to be a part of the solution as well. And at the same time, we obviously want to encourage you to continue to do your constitution classes, hosting biblical citizenship classes in your home or at your church or wherever you’ve been doing those classes. 

Thank you to all of you that have done that. We get 11,000 coaches now across the country. You can be one of those that as a catalyst for a restoration of biblical values and constitutional principles in your community. And we’re teaming up with millionvoices.org to get these tools to you to make it easier and easier for you to let your voice be heard and to influence your legislators. 

So get involved, folks, there’s so much we can do. You get to be a part of the solution. Thanks for doing that.

And thanks for listening today to WallBuilders Live.