Air Date: 03/01/2012

Summary: Everyone knows someone who has been affected by crime. The prison population continues to grow; crime continues to be a problem. Sin in man’s heart is the root of crime. Knowing the cause of crime, we can address what we can do to combat it. In the Bible, the victim of a crime requires restitution. And at that, something of greater value, to reinforce the notion that crime does not pay, and to compensate the victim of time and effort lost. Today in America, crime does pay. Criminals are not required to repay the full value of that which was taken, when caught. And when their crime does have sufficient severity, they are locked away and are unable to be productive. Criminals have access to three meals a day, entertainment, and government funded education. The victim pays twice: once when his property is stolen, and then again to the government to provide for the criminal. The average inmate cost the government $30,000 each year.

Guests: Stephen McDowell, Providence Foundation

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