Jesus Is The Focus Of NCAA Winning Team And Much More – Tune in today for some good news!  NCAA’s winning team, the Baylor Bears, attributes their success to Jesus, battles won for religious liberty and more!

Air Date: 04/16/2021

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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My name is Rick Green. I’m a former Texas legislator and America’s Constitution coach. And I’m here with David Barton. He’s America’s premier historian, our founder here at WallBuilders. And Tim Barton is a national speaker and pastor and president of WallBuilders. And guys, is Good News Friday, so I’m looking forward to getting some good news from you. But first, let’s point out, there’s lots of good news at the website,, jump into that archive section, tons of great programming over the last few weeks and months.

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Yeah. And Rick, it’s a really great point that when we look back to the founding of the nation, and we often talk about lives, fortunes, and sacred honors, we don’t often realize how much the Founders paid to get to the place where they were. You know, we think of cancel culture today and some of the opposition today and the political differences today and the frustrations. And even when we can look and see some of these cities out there, there’s maybe even a shooting, which of course, is horrific when people’s lives are lost, or people’s lives are taken from them. And then there’s rioting and destruction of property. And there’s so much of a really political, but even spiritual conflict happening in America.

And if we look back to the founding era, a lot of the battles we’re going through are similar in many respect to things they went through, that they had their face to reality, that they stood up for what they believe, they might be cancel, there was going to be opposition. And so they said, look, we’re going to put it online, this is the hill we’re going to die on.

And so often even the thought of Christianity, we wanted so much live at peace with other people that we don’t often think about there comes a point, and we know this in relationships, right for us on the show, we’re all married and we know that there’s a lot of battles that are not worth having with your spouse, that are not worth having with your kids. But there are some battles that are worth fighting. There are some places you say this is the hill I’m going to die on. And for the Founding Fathers, that’s literally what they did. They said, look, this is important enough to us to future generations. This is the hill we are willing to die on.

And I feel like we are at a very similar place in our nation today that there’s a lot of cultural battles, a lot of spiritual battles that are happening. And for many of these battles, these are hills that probably are worth us dying on in many regards when it comes to protecting gender or protecting the next generation. And we can go down the list of things that are under attack in our nation, protecting the fact that females are an actual thing, right, that male and female do exist. And we need to be protecting and defending the fact that females are an actual thing. It’s a biological truth. There are certain hills that are worth dying on.

In the midst of thinking about the Founding Fathers giving their lives, their fortune, their sacred honor, these are things that for many listeners, they want to be more active, they want to be more involved. And one way, and Rick, you already mentioned that people can become more active and involved in supporting the voices who are out there promoting the truth of what the Word of God says, the truth of American history, of the US Constitution, these are things that we are promoting.

And so people can come alongside and partner to help get this truth out to more people. This is part of how we can be a part of the lives, fortunes, and sacred honors, where the Founding Fathers said, this is the hill that we’re going to die on, that’s really a place we are in America today. There are some things that are worth defending, and this is a hill worth dying on in many cases.


Unlike them, in many cases, had to give everything. We can give a little bit of our time, a little bit of our money, a little bit of that willingness to speak truth to a culture that sometimes doesn’t want to hear, but everybody can play a part. And our part today is to share some good news with the folks at home as well. You guys have been collecting these good news stories over the last few weeks and months. So let’s get one quick one in before the break. David, you got our first piece of good news?


I do. And it relates to something that just happened with the US Supreme Court. The US Supreme Court again has ruled in favor of religious liberties against the attacks of governors and mayors and others that are trying to shut it down. And clearly, one of the lead states in the nation attacking religious liberty has been California, and very onerous, oppressive orders they’ve had.

And it’s interesting that when you look at what’s happening with the church in America, we’ve seen a lot of things happening just in the last two to three years. We’re starting to see a lot more courage with a lot of passion. I was just in Washington DC couple days ago with a number of courageous pastors who said, look, this is the time we have to stand up, a time for the church to be seen and heard. We’ve coasted for too long. We’ve taken too many things for granted. It’s got to change.

And so there’s a change going in the thinking of the church. But at the same time, there was a change that started a few years ago in the culture of the church, in the sense that when you have these big mega churches, and we’ve got about 2,500 mega churches across the country now, with a mega church, man, if you got a church of 70,000 people, or whatever it is, I don’t really have to do anything, because somebody is going to do it if there’s 70,000. But if I’m part of a church with 23, people, I need to do some things because I can’t rely on everybody else to do it.

So what we saw starting, I don’t know, 5, 7, 8 years ago was a real trend in home churches are growth in the movement of home churches, where they’re saying, look, this is the way it was in the book of Acts. In the book of Acts, they met from home to home. And it was fellowships of believers who got together and community after community. And that was really the growth of the early church. They didn’t have big church buildings in the book of Acts. They didn’t have all the stuff that we’ve gotten into. And they said, we think is more biblical to have a home church.

And so California is one of those places that has a bunch of home churches. And the governor said, well, we’re going to limit what you do at home, and how many people you can have in your house, and what you can use your house for during COVID, and wouldn’t put that same kind of restrictions on a lot of the businesses, but it was on homes. And so these home churches sued and said, no, you can’t do that. You’re telling us we can have less people at our home than what we can have in businesses and other places. And you’re singling out religion, and telling us how many people can meet in a home church. And that’s just not right.

And so the US Supreme Court came down with decision said that’s exactly right. You don’t have the right to regulate home churches or churches, period. And so I don’t know, is this, maybe three times already the Supreme Court has ruled in California. Maybe this is the fourth time the Supreme Court in the last six months has had a California specific ruling. But it affects the whole nation clearly. I mean, this is for all the country.

And so for the governors that are still pretty onerous, and I saw listening the other day of the states that have opened up and the states that are still the most closed down. And I’m not surprised only the states have opened up are all red and the states that are most closed down are all blue. So there is a political, philosophical difference in the way they see churches, in the way they see freedom.

But nonetheless, big win from the US Supreme Court. And then that went at the Supreme Court, it was a 5-4 decision and the 5 that voted for religious liberty, they really took on the Ninth Circuit out there, because it was a case that had gone to the Ninth Circuit and the Ninth Circuit just kind of let it go and let it ride and didn’t stand up for constitutional freedoms. And so the Supreme Court really spanked him pretty good verbally in this decision taken on the Ninth Circuit, which hopefully that’ll make a difference in the way they rule going out, we’ll see.

But nonetheless, this is a big, big decision coming down from the Supreme Court, and it does have national ramifications. And it’s really good that once again the court recognizes there is the Constitution, it does guarantee the free exercise of religion and the right of assembly. And they upheld that right in California where that right is definitely under attack.


Good news out of the Supreme Court to start our Good News Friday. Quick break, we’ll be right back with more good news. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.



This is Tim Barton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history. The year after the American war for independence ended, we begin addressing the issue of Muslim terrorists in North Africa, who were attacking American ships and killing and enslaving American seamen. Congress dispatched John Adams and Thomas Jefferson to negotiate peace. And when they asked the Muslim ambassador the reason for the unprovoked attacks, he told them that it was written in their Quran that it was their right and duty to make war upon them whenever they can be found.

16 years of negotiations failed. And in 1801, America sent its military to crush the terrorists. When that war ended in 1805, the first American edition of the Quran was published urging Americans to read the Quran to see for themselves that this teachings were incompatible with the safety and peace of non-Muslims.

To see the first American Qur’an, and to get more information about America’s first war on Islamic terror, go to


We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. It’s Good News Friday. Tim Barton’s got our next piece of good news. Tim, let’s dive in.


Alright, guys, this is something that in spite of the woke culture happening inside of sports right now, just in the last couple of weeks, there was a significant sporting event known as the NCAA Tournament March Madness, is something that especially before sports got very woke, this was one of the most watched things in all of America. Because when you see these college students playing with so much passion and energy for their school, it’s just some of the most fun basketball that you’re going to see all year long. So this is incredibly viewed and people do the bracket challenge is to try to guess what team’s going to win.

Well, for those who paid attention, the Baylor Bears with Coach Scott Drew won the first national championship for Baylor. They haven’t been in the final four since 1950. And so bringing this championship in, you know, and who knows how many years and I’m sure somebody knows the years, I haven’t done all the research to look through all the years of what Baylor’s past history has been.

But what was really cool and stood out to me is something that’s article highlights, which is part of why I pulled this article out for Good News Friday. The title is “Culture of ‘Jesus, Others, Yourself’ leads to Baylor winning 1st men’s national championship.” Now it for anybody that really paid attention the tournament, Baylor and Gonzaga were the two top teams that really people thought they’re going to go really far.

Gonzaga was undefeated going into the national championship game. They had 31 wins and zero losses. They were a very good team, very well coached. They really, until the final four, I mean, really, they looked very dominant in almost every game they played. With that being said, Baylor jumps out to an early lead. Baylor looks remarkable pretty much the entire game. Gonzaga has a runner too to try to get back in it, but Baylor’s is way out ahead.

So Baylor finally ends up winning the championship. It’s a big celebration. And the news media doesn’t always do a good job. You know, some of these stations carrying sports, they don’t always do a good job of highlighting what all the team does after the game, especially when a team like Baylor, as soon as the game’s over, they all met it at center court, and they all knelt down to prayed together.


Now wait a minute. Can you give any other examples where the media hasn’t covered that? No, no, this…


I mean, only a couple dozen in the last decade. Yes. Yes. If it seems like it’s religious, a lot of times, these different outlets will cut away from that programming because they don’t want to promote religion, so to speak…


Which is the weird thing too because it happens so often, but we’re not aware it happens because they do cut away at such a regular basis. And then you get reports like you’re covering here. And it’s like, people who watch the game didn’t have any clue what happened.


So yeah, normally, it’s or many occasions at least, it is somebody who had a phone going and ends up being a viral video on whatever social media outlet there is. Somebody reports on and they have a video, but it’s not always covered by some of the major stations that carry these sporting events.

With that being said, one of the cool things at the end of the game is Jim Nantz who is the kind of commentator for CBS was interviewing Scott Drew. When he asked about the team success, and Scott Drew, said, “First of all and foremost, I want to thank God for blessing us with the opportunity tonight. I know the guys worked really hard, and so happy to get a chance to celebrate now.” And he continued. He said “A lot of joy in the locker room for sure. But our J.O.Y. is Jesus, Others, Yourself.” Which for those paying attention, right, the beginning of Jesus, Others, Yourself, that spells J.O.Y.

He says “It’s so tough to put other people in front of you and teams that do that are obviously more successful. Our guys, their love for each other [is] because they spend so much time working on their craft together, and they put in the time.” Well, as the interviews go on, the most outstanding player for the tournament was a junior guard from Baylor, his last name was Butler, Jared Butler’s his name. But when Butler was interviewed, and he’s asked kind of about what’s going on, and being the most outstanding player, now on his list of achievements, he’s a national championship winner. And here’s his response as he’s being interviewed. He says, “Man, I’m not trying to preach a prosperity gospel, but our Lord and Savior, I say it all the time: He gets us through everything, Jesus Christ, man, He’s the truth. He was with us tonight, He was with us all season, He’s with us wherever we go. He just sustained us. He brought us together. He brought this team together — transfers, people from overseas. It’s just tremendous how it just comes and it comes all full circle.”


Now the reason I point this out, is because it’s really cool when you have the national championship team, when the coach comes out and says okay, here’s our focus this year, Jesus, Others, Yourself, where you are third on that totem pole. This is a really awesome thing. This is a national championship coach on national news saying that we put Jesus first, we put others first and then we focus on ourselves after those two things happen. Then you have your most outstanding player nationally recognized coming out talking about Jesus.

Well, in the midst of this, one of the cool things that happened is Scott Drew went through many interviews. And during one of these interviews, he was asked about how he decided to come to Baylor. Because he was hired at Baylor back in 2003 and Baylor was a terrible program. When he came to take Baylor over, they had all kinds…


They essentially with the death penalty, I mean what had happened at Baylor.


They had lots of disciplinary issues from a lot of bad behavior from guys in the team. And so, Scott Drew was asked why would you come to a program this bad when you came back in 2003? He said, were you skeptical about taking the job? And here was Scott Drew’s answer. He said, “No, I prayed about it. I felt led to come here. I really believed in the vision of the school, from the president and the administrators during that time and what they wanted Baylor to continue to grow and become,” and I supported that.

And the fact that you have a coach at this level of saying he was praying and asking about where God want him to go and then he goes, because he supports the vision and his vision is Jesus, Others, Yourself, guys, this is so cool that not only do you have a collegiate sport team at this level that is prioritizing the right things, that they got national attention, and in front of national media, we’re able to highlight those things. That’s a really cool story and a fun piece of good news.


At a time when sometimes we feel like oh, the culture is just lost, and it’s all negative, and everything’s falling apart. And then you get this bright spot. It’s just really, really good news to see the testimony that was given there and you know, see that the good guys do win, right? I mean, we’re always hearing good guys finish last and all that stuff. This is just a great, great story to tell the exact opposite. Really good news for today. Quick break, guys, we’ll be right back. We’ll get more good news in a moment. Stay with us, folks, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


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We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us on Good News Friday. Next piece of good news coming from David Barton… And only David Barton would choose Christmas music in April.


Wait! What’s wrong with Christmas in April?


No, it’s totally appropriate when it’s 70 something degrees outside. It’s great. There’s nothing wrong with this.


Thank you.


  1. 70. How about 90?


My point it’s irrelevant what the weather is. It’s great. And so obviously there is good news about…


The Partridge in the tree die from the heat. I sound like a Scrooge, don’t I? I do. Yeah.


Well, that comes out every time I do a Christmas things. There’s nothing new about that, Rick. So the good news is that even though it is this time of the year, court has upheld that in Fulton County, Indiana, they get to keep the Nativity scene that they’ve had. They’ve been doing this for decades and decades and decades. And so finally, the court just got tired of waiting on the case, because the case was filed by guy who does not live in the state and hasn’t even probably even personally seen that nativity scene. But he talks about how unconstitutional he was.

And so the court said, so how’s that affected you? How’s this negatively impacted your life? Where did you see it? And he can’t answer any of that because he hadn’t been there. And so the court essentially said, look, this has been going on for two years. You’re not even from in state, you don’t even live here. We’re not going to let you just complain about something to stop it because you don’t like it. So the federal courts actually upheld the display of the Nativity scene, which is really, really good news for Indiana and hence the Christmas music. So we kind of get this type of news all year long when it comes to the legal side. But that leads to something else.

And there was a study done recently about the US Supreme Court and where they on religious liberties. This was published in what’s called the Supreme Court Review, which is a periodical that looks at what’s going on in the court and court issues. And they looked at how the courts have dealt with religious liberty since back in the day of Chief Justice Earl Warren.

And Earl Warren, back in the day, he’s the guy that said we’re doing things different, religion’s got to go. That’s when we saw voluntary prayer taken out of schools, voluntary Bible reading. I mean, that started the whole thing back in 62/63. And so they went through and said, alright, we’ve had Chief Justice Earl Warren, we’ve had Chief Justice Warren Burger, Chief Justice William Rehnquist, and now we have Chief Justice John Roberts. And so they looked at all the religious liberty cases they came up with and the tenure of those Chief Justices, and found that under Chief Justice Earl Warren, only 46% of religious liberty cases were won. So it should have been 100%, because it’s, come on, the Constitution is really clear on this. But again, you had Earl Warren who ignored, that’s a 46% of the time and his tenure, religious liberty won.

With Chief Justice Warren Burger, and that’s the 60s, 70s, and 80s, it was up to 51%. And then under Chief Justice Rehnquist, who is placed a Chief Justice by President Reagan, and he was there till 2005 when he passed away, it was up to 58% of wins. And now under Chief Justice John Roberts, it is actually up to 81% of religious liberty cases are won at the court. So that’s the highest it’s been, I mean, coming up on the better part of a century, which is really good to see that happen.

You know, you can point to Justices like Clarence Thomas, and justice is like Samuel Alito. You had Justices like Scalia. You’ve got justice now like Gorsuch, and Cavanaugh, and even Robertson. And so now with Amy Coney Barrett, it should even go higher. So, good news is that we’re winning more religious liberty cases currently under the John Roberts Supreme Court than we’ve won since back in the 40s, 50s, and 60s.


Very good news. You’re on a roll today, David, from the courts, lots of good news from the courts today. Let’s take a quick break, we got time for one more segment of good news. Stay with us, folks, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


Hey, guys, we want to let you know about a new resource we have at WallBuilders called The American Story. For so many years, people have asked us to do a history book to help tell more of the story that’s just not known or not told today. And we would say very providentially in the midst of all of the new attacks coming out against America, whether it be from things like the 1619 project that say America is evil.

And everything in America was built off slavery, which is certainly not true or things like even the Black Lives Matter movement, the organization itself, not out the statement, Black Lives Matter. But the organization that says we’re against everything that America was built on, and this is part of the Marxist ideology. There’s so many things attacking America.

Well, is America worth defending? What is the true story of America? We actually have written and told that story starting with Christopher Columbus, going roughly through Abraham Lincoln, we tell the story of America not as the story of a perfect nation of a perfect people. But the story of how God used these imperfect people and did great things through this nation. It’s a story you want to check out, The American Story.


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live, final segment of Good News today. And Tim Barton gets to wrap it up for us. What’s our last piece of good news, Tim?


Guys, this was from Iowa and is dealing with a Second Amendment. The governor of Iowa Kim Reynolds signed a piece of law that allows residents to buy and carry guns without permits. Now, on its face value, there are people that get nervous when you say that pretty much anybody can own a gun. There are some restrictions in this law, which we will get to.

But this is something that even as we look back to the Founding Fathers intent, their idea was that everybody who was a peaceable citizen should be trained and own a firearm. Now, that’s actually kind of an important sequence, because they weren’t in favor of arming everybody who didn’t know how to use a dangerous weapon. This was something that most people growing up, were being trained and taught on some level, how to use weapons. And it’s something that, guys, we’ve advocated for years, if not decades.

And Rick, I know that you and your family started taking groups out to Front Sight to help do training for people to know how to responsibly use and carry firearms. Our family’s gone with you guys in many times. We love those Front Sight trips. Because even though we support really all states going to what would be considered a constitutional carry, we would moreso even encourage that before everybody starts carrying their gun, they get trained to know how to use that gun.


Yeah, that’s right, Tim, I mean, and we go about once a month. So all of our WallBuilders Live listeners, we’d love for you to join us. Check it out at, it’s a great time of intellectual ammunition and training on the Constitution, but then, of course, really learning how to properly and safely and effectively carry that firearm. You’re right, Tim, is not enough just to buy the gun, we need to be responsible and get trained on how to use it effectively.


Well, and with all this being said, so we definitely support people being trained and then getting a firearm so you can defend your family, your property, all those things. Great. So in Iowa, part of the law, it does say that you still have to follow federal laws which, right, novel concept. We’re not saying that now you can arbitrarily take your gun and just start firing it at will randomly where you want to. No, follow federal laws. You still have to go through a background check if you’re purchasing from a store wherever the case might be.

And in the midst of this, it also has part of the law it says it will become a felony if a person sells rents or loans a firearm to someone that the seller knows or reasonably should know isn’t legally allowed to get a gun or is intoxicated. So if you’re loaning your gun to a drunk buddy, yeah, you’re going to be in trouble for that. So there are still some parameters around the law.

But one of the things that the governor said and it takes greater steps to inform law enforcement about individual’s mental illness. And she said, we will never be able to outlaw prevent every single bad actor from getting a gun. But what we can do is ensure a law abiding citizens have full access to their constitutional rights. And this is one of the fundamental points that we make so often, is that you can’t make sure bad guys don’t have guns. People that don’t follow laws aren’t going to follow even the news laws you put in place.

What we can do is make sure that all of the good guys, all of the law abiding citizens do have guns are trained and know how to defend themselves and the situations, which Rick, as you mentioned, is why Front Sight becomes so important. But this is a piece of good news that in Iowa, in the midst of some of these gun debates and Second Amendment debates and executive orders coming out from the president, in Iowa, they said, we’re going to protect our citizens, we’re going to make sure that they have the right to carry firearms with them. So that is good news.


Good news, a lot of good news today. Out of time for more good news, but we’ll definitely have some next week for you. And there’s more at our website And don’t forget, as we talked about the beginning of the program, that’s a great place to go and make that one-time or monthly contribution. Thank you for all your support from all of you across the country. And be sure and share the program as well. It’s one of the great ways to be a force multiplier, get this good news and this information in the hands of as many people as possible, and of course, make that contribution and that allows us to add stations, train more pastors, train more legislators, young people, all of those things and you get to be a part of it. Check it out today at We appreciate your listening to WallBuilders Live.